A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

A Dragon's Only Wish

The day shone brightly, especially for Sevron. Today was not only just any day, it was Sevron birthday. After having spent his birthdays alone for the past 10 years, Sevron was glad that he had someone to celebrate with. So, Sevron, Celestia, Twilight, Luna, and Cadance all went out for a picnic. It was anything too special, but it could suffice. It was nice that someone would be willing to take time out of their day for him, it was, different than what he had experienced before. Either way, Sevron was actually happy that he was able to not have to worry about the war for at least a day.
As they flew to their destination, up in the mountains, it dawned on Sevron, that the ponies actually adapted to other beings fairly quickly. Unlike the nature of most species, they didn’t call war upon them immediately. But, in doing so would leave them vulnerable, at least until they began to fight. The ponies however, were somehow able to maintain peace for extended periods of time. Which in turn, would mean that they have some sort of coping mechanism for adapting to other species. But what? It could be something so simple as learning about them, and pointing out things they had in common and coming up with plans for their differences, or keeping them under the influence that they could destroy them at any moment. Although it wasn't a likely scenario, it was still possible. But still, Sevron didn't feel threatened. In fact, he felt more at home than ever. But, Sevron could not dwell on such things, for they tended to leave him even more confused, and also eventually destroy his day. So, Sevron began to think about his surroundings. A beautiful range of mountains, sped past him as he flew, a cool breeze blew over his body, suppressing the heat of Summer. A river snaked around the mountains foothills. The day was actually going very well. Surprisingly, nothing had really come between Sevron, and him trying to make the best of his birthday. Sevron looked to the distance, their destination was not yet in sight, so they still had a while of a fly. Sevron dozed off and set his mind to auto-flying, a sort of power that he had learned while messing around with some of his Dragon friends back when he was still at his home. He could set his mind to make his body continue to go where it was destined to go, but also allowed him to mentally go other places. So, he wouldn't even realize that he was still flying until he snapped back to reality.

Finally, after about 10 more minutes of flying they stopped, on a flatland along the rim of a mountain base. Twilight lifted a fairly large and heavy basket which held some hay sandwiches, for each of the Princesses, and large plate that lie on the bottom of the basket with a bigger hay sandwich, some gems (Complimentary of Spike), and a small keg of Apple Cider. Apple Cider seemed to have no effect on Sevron, than a pony drinking a single mug of it. Twilight gave everyone what they ordered and they began to eat.

“So… Sevron, how old are you now?” Twilight asked.

“I-I don’t know, I haven’t really cared to keep track.” Sevron replied. He thought about the for a moment and the last time he remembered his own age was when he was 50 years old, and was still fairly young for a Drake.

“Celestia, how long have you and Luna ruled over Equestria?” Sevron began to dig into his earlier thoughts.

“I don’t know, almost all of our lives I suppose. Me and Luna have had a very long period of rule.” Celestia answered. A bit of thought coveted Celestia’s thought’s also.

“Then answer me this, how do you adapt so quickly to other beings? You were at peace with the Griffons for a long period of time before they began the war, correct?” Sevron began.

“Yes, we were. And as for us adapting so quickly, I guess it is our peaceful nature. The Elements of Harmony have always had a peaceful feeling that sort of gets radiated on us, it’s just natural that we at least attempt to make peace.” Celestia finished Sevron’s thoughts. It may have been one of the only times some of his thought’s could have at least been fairly explained, instead of leaving it off as cliff-hanger. So, Sevron couldn't have been happier with the answer. Cadance finally spoke and asked Sevron,

“So, what did you wish for?”

“Well, my only wish was going to be having a day without any worries, but, I guess that’s already happened.” Sevron replied. Everyone smiled, it was true, they had no worries for the war in that moment. But that was the power of Dragon’s only Wish.