My Darling

by ArmyOfOne1112


        Pinkie smiled as she walked down the stairs. Formaldehyde masked the scents of which the room would have reeked from. Nevertheless, Pinkie enjoyed the smell as she walked passed the room’s ‘party decorations’.

        “You like it?” Pinkie asked to no one in particular. “I was going to write something else, but I ran out of blood. I guess ‘life is a party’ is going to have to do.” Oh, I finished my party dress, too! I’ll show you later.”

        She went into the back of a room and pulled out a bowl full of small pieces of paper.

        “So, who’s it going to be today?”

        She reached into the bowl and shuffled them around a bit before pulling out a piece.

        Rainbow Dash

        Pinkie smiled. This was going to be fun.