The Pen is Mightier

by Blood_rose_doll

Book signing

Aqua woke to somepony gently shaking her. She yawned and rolled onto her back to find Bon Bon smiling down at her.

"I've never seen you with your mane down," Bon Bon said. Aqua smiled up at her and yawned again.

"I never take it down unless I take a shower," Aqua replied.Aqua rolled back on her side and climbed out of bed. "Good morning by the way." Bon Bon giggled and walked towards the door.

"Good morning."

As Aqua walked over to her desk, her mane was being magically put up. Aqua looked at her ribbons and placed a hoof to her chin. Bon Bon walked over just as Aqua's mane was finished being placed in a bow shape.

"I like this one," Bon Bon said while pointing to the rainbow ribbon.

Aqua smiled and tied the ribbon to her right ear. She levitated her scarves out of the dresser and let them float in front of her face.

"Which one do you think?" She looked to Bon Bon and pointed to the scarves. Bon Bon examined the scarves and 'hmmed'.

"I like the pink. It doesn't match your mane but it matches your eyes." Aqua wrapped the pink scarf around her neck and placed the purple one back in the dresser. "Is the purple one special?" Bon Bon asked.

"My mother gave it to me before I left Canterlot."

"When did you leave?"

"When I was 16 I set off to see the world to inspire my writing. So five years now."

Bon Bon looked shocked and walked closer to Aqua. "And you never went home to visit?" Aqua shook her head and Bon Bon gasped. "Why not? Your parents must be worried about you." Aqua looked down at the ground and crossed her front hooves.

"I write to them, but I told them I'd be famous across Equestria before I came home. There are still places that don't know about me." Aqua looked up just in time to see Bon Bon give her a disapproving stare.

"A couple of the ponies in town are going to Canterlot in three days. I will get you a ticket on that train. You are going to visit your parents."

Aqua sighed at the pony in front of her. "If you insist, I'm sure my mom will be so happy she won't be able to stay on the ground."

"Your mom is a pegasus?"

Aqua nodded and then pointed to her horn. "I got this from my dad's side."

"What do your parents do?"

"Well, my mom is Graceful Flyer. She specializes in small time aerial shows. She's no Wonderbolt but she does much more intricate flying rather than speed flying. My dad is Jasper Stone, he's a jeweler. He owns a little shop in Canterlot. My dad was hoping I would take up being a jeweler, too, but it was never for me." Bon Bon walked over to the door and looked back to Aqua.

"I'm gonna run down to the station to get your ticket. The book signing is in a couple of hours... don't be late." With that she opened the door and walked out.

Aqua made sure her scarf was on properly and then followed her out the door. Aqua walked into the bathroom and checked on her mane. She had styled her mane plenty of times so it was in a perfect bow. She picked up a hair brush from the sink and brushed her tail back into an 'S' shape. When she was satisfied, she placed the brush down and exited the bathroom. She trotted down the stairs into the kitchen to find Lyra reading a book at the table. Lyra looked up and saw Aqua.

"Good morning."

Aqua nodded and walked over to the fridge. She opened it up and took out an apple. "What are you reading?" Lyra closed the book and Aqua saw it was Year of Fate. Aqua tried not to blush when she saw the title. "Why are you reading my book?"

"I was thinking about it and I had to go back to check a part. When I started reading it again I just couldn't put it back down," Lyra said, looking up from the book to smile at Aqua. "This one is my favorite."

"What were you thinking about?"

Lyra set the book down on the table and stood up. "I was thinking about when Prince Permafrost and Living Dream were trapped in that cave. I love that scene." Aqua took a bite of her apple and quickly chewed it.

"A lot of ponies do," Aqua said.

"It's a good scene. It shows how much Living Dream loves Prince Permafrost."

"It actually started out as the death scene of Living Dream," Aqua said. "But I decided that I would change it."

Lyra gasped and walked up close to Aqua. "You were gonna kill off Dream?"

Aqua nodded and took another bite of apple.

"It was my editor's idea. She thought the fans would be heartbroken and it would sell more books, but I told her it just wasn't the way the book was supposed to go. She caved after a while and agreed that it was my story to write. It turns out fans actually love that scene." Aqua took a few more bites of her apple while her words sunk into Lyra.

"Being a writer must be tough."

Aqua chuckled and waved a forehoof at Lyra. "Not for me. I don't try to please everyone like some writers, I just write what I want to. If fans don't like it that saddens me but I don't let it change how I work." Aqua finished off her apple and threw the core into the trash can. "I'm gonna go get the 'Daring Do' book so I can return it today."

As Aqua started to leave the room a green blur rushed past and suddenly Lyra was in front of her. "Wait!" Aqua looked behind herself into the kitchen and back to Lyra. How one pony could move so fast was beyond her. "Does that mean you have plans to kill off Living Dream later in the series!?"

"No." Lyra sighed and visually relaxed. "And if I did I couldn't discuss it with you."

"Is that a yes or no?"

Aqua shrugged and walked past Lyra and up the stairs. She heard a loud groan come from below her and she giggled. Aqua entered her room and levitated the saddlebags out of the dresser. She placed them on her back and put the 'Daring Do' book inside the left one. She set the reading glasses from the desk in the right side and dropped her bits in there as well. Finally she placed her set of pens in the right side and smiled. She trotted back out of the room. Aqua walked down the stairs and past a sad looking Lyra. Aqua smiled and left the house. She looked up and frowned at the sky above her. The clouds covered most of the sky and the sun was even hidden, the weather ponies said it would be a clear day. Aqua looked to the left and saw a familiar rainbow tail hanging off a low hanging cloud.

"Rainbow Dash!" Aqua called up to the cloud and a cyan head popped up on the other side of the cloud. Rainbow smiled down at her and flew down to the ground.

"Hey, Aqua!"

Aqua gave Rainbow Dash a disapproving stare that she was borrowing from Bon Bon. "The sky is awfully overcast."

Rainbow looked up like she just noticed it and shrugged. "I'll get around to it after I finish my nap." Rainbow looked back to Aqua and seemed to notice something. "Cool ribbon."

Aqua lifted a forehoof and let it brush over the ribbon on her ear. "Thank you but you really should clear the sky."

Rainbow sighed and sat on the ground. "Alright, alright, I'll get on it."

Aqua smiled and placed a hoof on Rainbow's shoulder. "You'll feel better when it's not looming over you, then you can enjoy your nap that much more."

Rainbow nodded and stood back up. "I'll get started then."

Rainbow took to the sky as Aqua waved after her. Again she felt the wonderful daydream of how amazing it would be to have wings like that. Aqua sighed wishfully and looked back at the ground. She took a second to try to remember where she was going. "Oh yes, I have to go see Rarity," she recalled.

With that Aqua was trotting off towards Carousel Boutique. It wasn't too long of a walk past the library and in ten minutes she was walking in the front door of the cute little boutique. A bell chime signaled her arrival and the door shut behind her. She was caught in wonder for the second time that day when she saw all the dresses and outfits. Rarity appeared from behind a curtain and smiled at Aqua. The unicorn herself was, as her clothes, a thing of beauty; Aqua wondered how she styled her mane.

"Oh darling how wonderful to see you again. What may I help you with?"

"Well, you see, I kind of need a dress."

"What do you mean 'kind of' dear?"

Aqua fiddled with the end of her scarf that dangled just below her chest. "Well, I have an invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala."

"Oh my, that's in a week!"

Aqua nodded and looked down to her hooves. "I didn't bring my dress from last year and plus it's frowned upon to wear the same thing two years in a row. So I was gonna have a dress delivered from my favorite designer like I always do, but then I saw your work. So I decided to commission you to make my dress this year." When Aqua looked up Rarity was beaming.

"You want me to make you a dress to hobnob with the rich and famous? You chose me over a well-known designer? I would be honored to do that for you! Luckily nopony in Ponyville is going to the gala this year so I have time to make it."

Aqua was taken back and it took her a second to process what Rarity had said. "Nopony in Ponyville is going to the gala? What about the princess?"

Rarity giggled at something before answering Aqua. "After the disaster from two years ago Celestia hasn't sent us an invitation. I guess that means Twilight doesn't have to attend. I don't think Cadence attends either." Rarity seemed to think about it for a minute and then shrugged. "Now about your dress."

Rarity levitated over several measuring tapes and let them float around Aqua. Aqua took off her scarf and saddlebags, standing up straight. Rarity levitated over a clipboard and pen while the measuring tapes went to work. With the practice of a master seamstress, Rarity measured out all of Aqua's body and wrote down the numbers on her clipboard. Rarity floated the measuring tapes away and placed them on a nearby shelf. Aqua smiled and lifted her saddlebags back on her back. She put her scarf on and turned to leave.

"Just a few questions before you you go, darling."

Aqua turned back to her a little surprised. "Questions?"

Rarity chuckled at something and nodded. "After my friends started wanting dresses made to their liking, I decided to ask some standard questions. What's your favorite color?"

Aqua stared at her perplexed for a second. No one had ever asked her that before. "It's lilac."

"Oh, just like that lovely scarf from the other day. That color looks good on you. How do you feel about gems on a dress?" Rarity wrote on her clipboard and looked up at Aqua expectantly.

"Um, I never had any gems on my dress before but I think it's pretty."

Again Rarity wrote something on her clipboard and then looked back up at Aqua. "Last question: do you have a favorite style of dress?"

"Not really, I'm just not a fan of super small dresses that don't even cover the whole body. I like the dress to cover that and more."

Rarity nodded and wrote something on her clipboard. "Would you like to wait for a sketch or do you have somewhere to go?"

Aqua played with her scarf again and Rarity cocked her head to the side. "Actually, I like for the dress to be a surprise... so if you could not tell me until it's ready that would be nice." Aqua continued to fiddle with her scarf and Rarity smiled.

"I can do that." Rarity floated her clipboard and pen over to a nearby desk. "Do you have any ideas for your dress?"

Aqua shook her head and smiled at Rarity. "As long as it's not bubblegum pink like last year no one will say I wore the same dress."

"That I can do."

"Good luck, then. How much do I owe you?"

Rarity thought it over for a second and then smiled. "Twenty bits." Aqua was surprised and took out the bits. "Plus," Rarity continued. "You have to go out with Spike and I the next time we go looking for gems."

Aqua chuckled and set the bits down on Rarity's desk. "You've got a deal."

"Rarity!" A small voice that Aqua recognized called from upstairs. The next second a little white filly ran up to Rarity. Sweetie Belle stopped and took in a deep breath. "It's time to go see Apple Bloom. Will you walk with me to the farm?" Rarity looked up at Aqua then back down at Sweetie.

"I just took on a big project. Sorry Sweetie, but I can't take you."

Aqua cleared her throat and smiled when both ponies turned to look at her. "I can take her. I have no plans until the book signing."

Sweetie smiled and trotted over to Aqua's side. Rarity looked at them and gave Aqua an uncertain look. "Are you sure?"

Aqua looked down at the filly next to her and nodded. "Positive." Rarity smiled at them and nodded as well.

"Well, then thank you very much Aqua."

With that Aqua and Sweetie exited the shop. As soon as they made it outside Sweetie took off toward the Apple farm. Aqua shook her head and then trotted off to keep up with the little filly. Aqua looked up at the sky to see Rainbow Dash had, in fact, cleared the clouds--and in record time, too. Aqua looked back down at Sweetie Belle trotting in front of her. After walking for ten minutes they made it to the edge of Ponyville. Aqua could see the farm on the top of the hill and figured it was another ten minute walk. Sweetie Belle glanced back to make sure Aqua was still there before starting up the hill. Aqua was close behind her and soon they had made it all the way to the farm. It had taken ten minutes just as Aqua had suspected. Aqua smiled at the farm as she walked through the archway that signaled the entrance to the farm house area. It was a cute barn and house (not that she had seen many in the cities). Just as they were walking up to the house, Big Mac walked out. He nodded to the mares and continued on towards the orchard. Just as he entered it Applejack walked out pulling a cart full of apples.

Applejack greeted the two. "Howdy Aqua... Sweetie. What brings y'all around?"

Sweetie ran up to Applejak before Aqua could respond. "I came to see Apple Bloom, we have a Cutie Mark Crusader meeting."

Applejack chuckled at the energetic filly. "She's in the house, go on in."

Sweetie Belle didn't need to be told anything else and ran inside. Aqua giggled at the silly filly and then looked to Applejack. "Were you out collecting apples?"

"I go out apple bucking every day of harvest season."

"Sounds fun."

"Would you like to give it a try?"

Aqua fiddled with her scarf before she responded. "I'm not an earth pony though."

Applejack chuckled and slid out of her harness. She walked over to Aqua and stood in front of her. "Twi and Rarity helped by using their magic once. I just thought you would like to try the old fashioned way first."

Aqua looked up at Applejack and finally nodded. "I would like that."

Applejack walked back over to the cart and slipped back into the harness. "Just let me drop this off at the barn and we'll get started." Applejack trotted off to the barn easily pulling a very heavy-looking cart. A minute later she returned with an empty cart and motioned with her head for Aqua to follow. Aqua followed silently into the orchard. After a couple of minutes they came across Big Mac bucking an apple tree. Aqua watched in amazement as the apples fell from the tree and landed in baskets set up around the base.

Aqua turned to see Applejack walking over to her brother. "Would you mind if Aqua gave apple bucking a shot?"

Big Mac acknowledged with a glance toward Aqua.


Applejack tipped her hat to her brother and walked over to a tree with baskets under it. She motioned Aqua over and smiled. Aqua trotted over to the tree and looked to Applejack. "Now all you need to do is give her a good kick with both back legs." As she said this she kicked her back legs up through the air.

"Will that hurt the tree?"

Applejack chuckled and patted the tree with a forehoof. "Not unless you can kick as hard as Big Mac here." Aqua glanced over at the powerful-looking stallion and shook her head. "Then you don't need to be worrying none."

Aqua nodded and turned her back to the tree. She raised one of her back hooves to the tree only to find she that was too far away. She backed up a couple of steps and then braced her front hooves on the ground. She reared up and kicked her back legs out as hard as she could. They connected with the tree and she placed them back on the ground. She turned to see half the apples had fallen from the tree and most had landed in the baskets.

Aqua let out a sigh and looked to Applejack. "How was that?"

Applejack chuckled and picked up one of the apples from the ground, placing it in one of the baskets. "You're a natural... for a unicorn."

Aqua picked up the rest of the apples off the ground and placed them in the baskets. She looked up at the tree and sighed at the apples still hanging there. "Could I give it another try?"

Applejack looked up at the branches and nodded. "One more time should get it done. Make sure you give it all you got."

Aqua nodded and turned away from the tree. She reared up and with all she had in her she slammed her back hooves into the tree. She heard the dull thuds as the apples landed and she turned to see that she had indeed knocked the rest of the apples down. Aqua smiled and looked to Applejack. Applejack returned the smile and walked over to Aqua She placed a hoof on Aqua's shoulder. "That was great."

"I can't believe I did it." Big Mac walked over and nodded to Aqua. "Thank you guys for letting me try it, it was fun." Aqua picked up the apples from the ground and placed them in the baskets.

Applejack looked at the apples in the basket and smiled. "You didn't bruise any of them, either. You sure you're not a farmer?"

Aqua chuckled and held a hoof to her face to hide her smile. "Quite sure."

Big Mac walked over to the empty cart and began to fill it with the fallen apples. Aqua lifted her baskets up and helped fill the cart. Big Mac smiled when he saw this and continued to fill the cart as well. When the cart was finally full, Big Mac put on the harness and walked out of the orchard with it.

Aqua glanced at the sun and let out a small gasp. "I have to go now, but thank you for letting me help today."

Applejack nodded and started to walk with Aqua out of the orchard. "Come around another time I'm sure Granny and Applebloom would love to see you."

Aqua nodded as they made it out of the orchard. Big Mac was walking back from the barn with a now empty cart. He nodded to Aqua and she waved to him. "Goodbye Applejack, see you soon."

Applejack tipped her hat to Aqua and walked back into the orchard. Aqua left the farm and headed into town. Soon she was standing in front of the library with half an hour to spare before the signing. Aqua smiled and opened the door with her magic. Inside Spike ran around frantically with books in his hands. The whole library floor was covered in books and the shelves were empty. Surprised, Aqua walked into the library.

Spike looked up and saw her. "Aqua you're early!"

"What happened here?"

Spike let out a nervous chuckle as he looked around the library. "Twilight was up late going over all the books and she forgot about the signing today."

Aqua looked around at all the books before looking back to Spike. "Do you want some help?"

Spike's face lit up at that. "You would do that!?"

Aqua nodded and Spike pointed to a stack of books next to him. "You can start there... just put them back where they belong."


For the next twenty-five minutes, Aqua and Spike put the books away until everything was back in its place. Finally Spike sat down on the ground and let out a sigh. "Thanks for the help Aqua, without it I don't think I would have finished in time."

Aqua giggled and looked around the now-clean library. "Happy to help! Now there's only one book left to put back." Aqua pulled out the 'Daring Do' book she borrowed and put it on the shelf in its place.

Just as Aqua let go of the book the library door opened and in walked Twilight. She looked around and smiled. "You guys put away all the books? I freaked out when I remembered the book signing." Twilight walked over to Aqua. "Thank you for helping Spike."

"I was happy to."

Twilight lifted a desk from against the wall and placed it on the opposite side from the door. "You can sit here to sign," Twilight said as she placed a stool behind the desk

Aqua took out her pens and placed them on the desk.

"What are those?" asked Twilight.

"They're my lucky set of pens. I thought it would be good to sign with." Aqua smiled and set her saddlebags on the ground by the stool. She walked over and sat on the stool. She looked over to Spike and then to Twilight. "I heard you aren't going to the gala."

Twilight looked taken aback and took a second before she responded. "Where did you hear that?"

"Rarity told me. I thought since I was going you might be going as well."

A look of confusion bloomed on Twilight's face. "You're going to the gala?"

"The invites come every year direct from the Princess... starting two years ago. The first came with a short letter that said she enjoys my books."

Twilight gasped and looked to Spike. "Celestia did that?"

Aqua's face broke out into the tiniest smirk--so tiny to the ponies who looked at her it appeared as if her face didn't move. "Never said it was Princess Celestia."

Twilight's head snapped back to look at Aqua. "Luna!?"

Aqua flinched at Twilight's sudden outburst and nodded.

"She actually reads your books?"

"Apparently." Aqua glanced down to find her tail was just barely touching the floor. She briefly wondered how clean the floor was then looked back up a Twilight. "Is there something wrong with that?"

Twilight who was looking at Spike shook her head and looked to Aqua. "Nothing wrong with it, I was just surprised."


"Luna isn't much of a reader."

Before Aqua could respond the door to the library opened and in walked the book vendor. She smiled when she saw Aqua and walked up to the desk. She held Aqua's other two books in her magic. She placed them on the desk and looked up expectantly at Aqua. Aqua picked up a purple pen and opened both book covers. She placed her graceful signature on both the books and closed them behind herself. The book vendor's face lit up at this and she took the books off the desk.

"Thank you ever so much, Miss Pen!"

Aqua chuckled at her enthusiasm and waved a hoof at her. "You're welcome... and please just call me Aqua."

The vendor's face broke out into a huge grin and she nodded rapidly. "I sure will, Aqua!" With that she practically skipped out of the library with her newly signed books in tow.

Aqua immediately looked to Twilight. "What do you mean Luna isn't a big reader?"

"Just what I said. Luna doesn't read as much as Celestia."

Aqua thought this over for a second and then smiled. "So she picked my books out of all the books out there to read? I feel honored."

Twilight nodded absentmindedly as she walked over to the stairs. Instead of taking the steps though she unfurled her wings and flew up them. This was the first time Aqua was able to see those princess wings in action; she held back a gasp. They were so much cooler than pegasi wings. They were bigger, and by the looks of them more powerful too. Aqua heard a door close and she snapped her attention back to the desk in front of her. On the desk now sat her three books with a grinning Lyra standing over them. Aqua shook her head slightly at the silly pony and signed them with an orange pen.

Lyra was dancing in place as Aqua signed the last one. "This is so cool. I can't believe I know someone famous across Equestria."

Aqua gave Lyra a strange look. "You know the princess though."

Lyra stopped dancing and seemed to think this over. "But it's just Twilight. I've known her for a couple of years before she became a princess. You've been famous longer then she has."

Aqua knew that was true but she also knew Twilight and her friends had saved Equestria a couple of times. Still, now that she was a princess, Aqua had not expected Twilight and her friends to still be here in Ponyville when she arrived. "Well, I'm not as famous as a princess and I'm certainly not known all throughout Equestria yet, but thank you."

"Of course we're friends now. I'll always have your back." When Lyra finished speaking the door to the library opened again and in poured a line of ponies. Lyra smiled when she saw this and picked the books up with her magic. "I better not block the line I'll see you at home."

Aqua nodded and Lyra headed out the door past the line of ponies. Aqua gave a small smile to the pony who walked up to the desk as she started to sign.

An hour later the line had thinned down and Granny Smith walked up to the desk with A Shift in Time sticking out of her saddlebags. She placed it on the desk and smiled at Aqua. "I must say I don't really like fiction but your book was intriguing."

Aqua smiled brightly at the older mare and nodded. "That's sort of what I was going for so thank you." Aqua flipped open the book cover and signed it with a pink pen. "I hope you read and enjoy the others as well." As Aqua looked back up at Granny Smith she smiled.

"I guess I could give 'em a try."

Aqua closed the book and placed it back in Granny's saddlebags. "That's all I can ask."

With a nod Granny turned and headed out the door. Aqua smiled after her, then turned back to the line.

Half an hour later the line had dwindled down to the last pony, Rainbow Dash.

"How was your nap?"

Rainbow smiled down at Aqua. She was currently flying two feet off the ground with her book between her front hooves. "It was awesome! I dreamed I was flying with the Wonderbolts."

"Oh you like the Wonderbolts?"

Rainbow Dash almost fell out of the air and looked at Aqua shocked. "They’re my idols!"

Aqua giggled and stood from the stool. "I'm sure Soarin would love to hear that, Spitfire is a little tougher to crack but I'll be sure to tell them."

This time Rainbow did fall out of the air, and landed with a thud. "You know the Wonderbolts!?"

"I do, I meet them every year at the gala. Plus Fleetfoot and Soarin like my books." Rainbow looked at Aqua dumbfounded and Aqua giggled again. "Would you like me to get you some autographs?"

Rainbow seemed to snap out of her trance and shook her head. "I already have their autographs."

Aqua was slightly taken aback by this but shrugged it off. "Do you still want mine?"

Rainbow looked at the book on the ground as if just remembering it. She picked it up and placed it on the desk. Aqua took out a blue pen and signed the book. As she looked up she saw Twilight had reappeared. Aqua didn't know how long she had been there. With a gentle smile Twilight placed her own copy of Aqua's book on the desk. Aqua picked out a green pen and signed Twilight's copy.

Twilight took the book back and opened her muzzle to speak. "You're just full of surprises. So you know the Wonderbolts?"

Aqua shrugged and looked to the side to see Spike had reappeared as well. "My mother is their competition, so it's only natural that I know them. We became sort of friends but we only really meet at the gala."

Twilight's face scrunched up in confusion. "Your mother?"

"Her name is Graceful Flyer. She does aerial shows as well."

Twilight's wings perked up at this. "I've heard of her but never seen a show before. You're from Canterlot?"

Aqua nodded and walked around the desk so it wasn't between them anymore. "I was born there but I left years ago to pursue my career. Of course, at Bon Bon's suggestion I'm going back in a couple of days."

Rainbow perked up at this. "Oh you mean with Derpy?"

Aqua shrugged her shoulders but Twilight nodded. "Octavia is going as well. She has to practice for the gala."

As Twilight talked she moved the desk and stool back into their original positions. Aqua stepped up so she was closer to Twilight before she spoke. "So I'll be riding on the train with them then?"

Twilight nodded and turned to look at Aqua square on. "So who is your father?"

Aqua gave Twilight a strange look. "Jasper Stone. He's a jeweler."

Twilight gasped and took off up the stairs to the upper level. Aqua stared after her in shock for a moment before turning back to Rainbow who shrugged. Twilight was back downstairs in a flash, holding gilded hoof slippers with pink sapphires in the shape of her cutie mark embedded in them. Twilight smiled brightly and held one closer to Aqua so she could inspect it.

Aqua could recognize her dad's handiwork. "My dad made these."

"You can tell that?"

Aqua looked to Spike and nodded.

"He taught me all he knows about jewelry and gems before I found my talent for writing. Are these your princess hoof slippers, Twilight?" Twilight nodded with the same bright smile. "Wow, my dad must be even more popular now. He always was amazing at his job but I never thought he would make hoof slippers for a princess."

Twilight set the hoof slippers down on the desk and then looked back to Aqua. "Your parents are amazing, Aqua."

Aqua blushed deeply and giggled. "I'm sure they would love to hear you say that."

"Why don't I tell them then? I'll go with you to Canterlot."

Aqua was taken aback by the suggestion and quickly shook her head. "You don't have to do that."

Twilight chuckled softly and waved a forehoof at Aqua. "I know that. I want to. Plus, it'll be nice to meet the stallion who made my hoof slippers."

Spike perked up at this and walked over next to Twilight. "Count me in as well."

Everypony turned to Rainbow who looked shocked for a second. "Oh, I can't go. The weather team needs me that day... but thanks for the offer." With that Rainbow picked up her newly signed book and flew from the library.

Aqua turned back to Twilight. "I'll ask everypony else as well but I think Rarity will be busy with your dress unless she has no other orders." Twilight put a forehoof to her chin and seemed to think something over. "I also don't know if Applejack will be up for a trip, but I'll ask."

While Twilight was talking Aqua glanced at the door to the library. "Do you have somewhere to be?"

Aqua snapped back to look at Twilight and shook her head. "Not really, I just wanted to get to know the town layout today."

Twilight giggled lightly and opened the library door.

"Go on, I'll let you know who's coming with us later."

Aqua nodded to Twilight and picked up her saddlebags from the floor. She walked out the open door and watched as it closed behind her. Off she went through town. In a few hours she had seen everything in town and could walk there, no problem. A half hour later she was walking into her shared cottage. Over a salad dinner, Aqua filled in Bon Bon and Lyra about her day. Then she climbed the stairs to her room and sat down at her desk. She put away all the things in her saddlebags and then put the bags away. Then she took out her manuscript and got to work. When she was happy with the work she had done she looked up to see night had fallen. Yawning quietly, she put her manuscript away and climbed into bed. She had no idea how hectic it would be when she woke up.