A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

The First One To Go

A sort of deja-vu feeling came over Sevron, a feeling that he did not get often. It was his sort of sixth sense, a sense that had grown on him from living alone. Something was going to happen, good, or bad. It was usually something bad, things never really took to being good for him. Something always got in the way. Whatever it was he had to put it off, there were more important things to do.
"Sevron, are y'all okay?" Applejack asked, the sense dread came over him again. It was strongly focused on her, a sign, something would happen to her, something horrible.
"I-I'm fine, just, zoned out." Sevron replied. Everyone turned their attention back to Celestia who was giving out assignments to everyone for the next attack.
"Alright, as I said, Sevron, you will be coming in last, as a surprise. Applejack, you will lead the frontal assault. Rainbow Dash, you will lead the battalions shortly after. Twilight, you will stay back, you will send signals for where, and when, the Air Force needs to attack. Does everyone understand?" Celestia said as she finished her orders, everyone nodded.
"Then you're dismissed." Everyone dispersed, preparing for the battle. Sevron left and glided to where he was to wait, it was atop a mountain, near the Griffon base. The attack wouldn't occur soon, so he sat there and took in his surroundings. A beautiful lake lay at the foot of the mountain, a small mountain range, created a circle around it. Trees grew up the sides of the mountains, a cool breeze washed over him, it made him forget that he was fighting a war, that what he was about to do, was unforgivable. Sevron lay down on a flat strip of land, and closed his eyes. And, he soon began to sleep.

Sevron was awoken by the roar of a thousand ponies, as they cascaded over the mountains, they soon came upon the base like a tsunami of living creatures. The Air Force soon came along, eliminating griffons by the dozens. Sevron waited a few moments, then let out a battle cry, a roar so fierce that it could be heard miles away. He flew upon the the little base, crushing griffons, arrows flew at him but his scales deflected them, a few tried to come up to him, but he swatted them like flies. Scores and scores of griffons were killed that Sevron didn't know they were being overrun, until their troops started dying. The screams of his allies enraged him, he blew fire, and took out flocks of griffons, their crisp burnt bodies painted the ground, Sevron was knee deep in bodies and blood. Yet another wave of Griffons came upon them, hundreds. Everypony fought to their last breath, screams of ponies and griffons alike, deafened the air, most coming from around Sevron. But a shrill cry from behind him caused him to look behind him. Applejack, Griffons surrounded her they overcame her, Sevron was too busy defending himself that he couldn't help. Five of them came from behind. They took her down on her back, and killed her. Rage, pure rage, and agony came smacked Sevron in the face. The world slowed down, and Sevron's body began to burn, rage. It transforms what things can become. Rage, it is the most powerful thing in the world. The world sped up again, and Sevron blew up, literally, blew up. The sheer power, sent the Griffons flying, but one thing was in the blast rage, focused on the Griffons. The force was so intense, that it killed the Griffons on contact. But, then as soon as the rage was there, it was gone. And then sadness, a yearning that churned his stomach. He had done nothing to help, but now, he was on the brink of crying. He crawled over to her and bent down to her face.
"Applejack, come on stay with me!" Sevron yelled
"Y'all will do fine, without me. Ah'm already dead. Goodbye." Those were Applejack's last words. Sevron roared in anger, he couldn't do anything, and now, he let his friend die in his hands. 'I should have done something, gah! Why am I so stupid?!' Sevron lay, and just stared. Her body, covered in blood, yet undisturbed, like she entered a deep sleep, and could not be woken up. He got up and flew away, tears welled up in his eyes. He wanted to get back to his den, his place of solitude, where he could be alone, and grieve. But more, even more tragic thoughts filled his mind. 'Applejack is only the first one to go.'