Badger, the Hippogriff

by Solar Eclipse


Lets do this

Okay, lets start this off with me saying this: Hippogriff's. Half horse (or Pony), half griffon. Hooves instead of lion paws and the such. Only 3,000 left. Not alot huh? Its okay, Celestia only let that many live because the rest of my kind followed Nightmare Moon. Also a little bit about us: we're about two feet taller then normal griffons, as well as a tad stronger and buffer. The only downside, is it takes more for us to move. We're not fast, but we can gain speed over time. In a fight, we're like tanks, we can take damage, but we're slow to deal it. To make up for the past, all of us volunteer to join the Royal Army when we are old enough. I have currently served four years in LSO (Lunar Spec Ops). Granted be, military is not great pay, but I get by. I was chosen at the ripe young age of seven to be trained as a solider. I am now around twenty.

These are 99.99% of the time my thoughts

As I walked down the street I yawned loudly, stretching a little before the climax of said yawn. It is WAY to early to be awake, why do they have to have school so early? Why can't it be an hour later or something? Celestia hasn't even risen the sun yet... I sighed, ruffling my wings a bit. I stopped and Looked to the wide assortment of buildings in front of me. I could already see ponies waking up. Must be mares.. No way in hell is a colt or griffon awake at this time of morning.

The sound of wings and a down-burst of air made me look up, as another griffon landed, right next to me and purposesfully hit me with its wing. "Watch it bub!" The griffon said, obviously female. Nope. Mistaken. ALL females are awake at this time.

"Or what?" I replied, myself easily being two heads taller then she was.

"Or I'll take your beak right off your-" she turned looking to me, "face and shove it up your-" She noticed she was talking to my chest, and looked up, taking into notice my black feathers. She took a step back, surprise on her face. "Holy hell you're a hippogriff!"

I smiled (the best I could with a beak, its hard but noticeable) "Yes I am"

"So where do you come from?


"Good to know that. Sheesh, you sound like a loser, just saying a few words and not going into details. Lets try this again. Where are you from?"

"North, in the higher mountains in the Dominion"

"Good. What is your name?"

"Badger. And you?"

"pfft! Badger!! That's a stupid name!"

"It's because I don't give a shit. Whats your name?"

"I'm Gilda. Get it memorized."

"When you leave an impression, I might."

"Yeah, what ever. By any chance are you the new guy? You seem older then the usual's here."

"I am the 'new guy' and yes, I'm about four years older then any of the students here. And before you ask, I was in the Equestrian Royal Army."

"Thought so. Now shut up and follow me, or get left behind in my dust. Got it?"

"Ladies first."

She flared out her wings, and took off, the down draft forcing dirt into my face. "Yeah.. Fuck you too..." I mumbled under my breath

She lead me to a huge amount of clouds, three gigantic ones surrounded by dozens of others. Hovering next to her she pointed to two of the three main clouds. "Dorms. The one over there is for pegasi, and the one over there is for Griffons." Pointing to the nicer of the two first. "The big one in the middle is where the cafeteria is, and all the smaller ones are where the flight classes take place, as well as some wing-ball fields, and normal classes like history and all that."
She took off again, and I followed. "Over there is a 'no-griffon zone' . The pegasi don't want us over there. Something about 'griffons tend to beak shit and cause problems.' GAH!" The sudden outburst caught me offgaurd and I looked to her expecting her to be raging in anger. Instead a tear fell from her eyes. "I hate ponies..."

"Are you... Crying?" I asked dumbly.

"No! Just some sand or something got in my eye."She replied, rubbing her eye softly. "Whats it to you!?" She turned to me, attitude back.

"Absolutely nothing, but it stirs curiosity as to why a griffon is crying. It takes a lot to make your kind cry."

"Ponies. Thats why. And thats all you're going to find out."

"As you wish, fine with me. Keep calm, and carry on." I said, motioning for her to continue with the tour.

We made our way to the cafeteria, passing a group of three griffons. When we landed outside of it, she stopped me. "What is in here, you will never untaste. The rules may say no hunting, but you're always welcome to hunt instead of having to buy the meat itself."

"Where do the ponies eat?"

"In the ground cafeteria. The griffon upstairs thought it would be best to keep griffons and ponies as separate as possible. I like the idea personally. The next time I see a cyan pony, it'll be to soon..."

"I do too... Now about that hunting?"

"Yeah, we can hunt, as long as ponies don't see. They don't take kindly to us in the first place because we eat meat, but watching us hunt can get you expelled."

"Okay. So now what?"

"Now breakfast."


I walked straight into the 'pull' door with a loud bang, my size knocking it off its hinges and making it fall off the cloud.


A/N: Tell me what you all think! I would love to see how you all react to this and such. This is my second fanfic, and I hope to be updating it regularly. If you have any idea's on future chapters, I would be happy to look over then and put them in (yes I will give you credit in the A/N of said chapter). I will be looking for Oc's to enter and play a role in this fanfic, from major to minor. I just ask you send me a PM with info on said OC and their personality (prefer pony OC, but Griffon OC's are welcome as well), for subject of the PM say "OC for Badger" or something along those lines...

Keep calm and read on.
-Solar / Badger