by raritypie

Final Preparations

I barely slept. We had three days left until the wedding. There was still a few things that needed to be prepared. I guess later this morning we'd figure everything out.

It was still late at night. About 4am. My room was pitch black and a orangish hue peeked from the curtains. I looked out and the moon was a light orange and covered the town in a lovely Darkish orange color. I wondered did all of the cities look like this tonight?

I decided to sight see around the castle. I left my bedroom and to my surprise the corridor was still lit. I wandered around the hallway. There were about thirty bedrooms on each side of the hallway. I didn't look in each but I'm sure they look as lavish as the one I'm in. I wonder is Pinkie still asleep?

I left the bedroom corridor and went to the next floor. This one had three libraries, another conference room and a room for stargazing. I found Twilight in one of the libraries, deep in thought.

"Hey Twilight."

"Oh uh Hey Cheese!"

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"No. I enjoy staying up late at night to catch up on my studies. What about you?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Were the beds uncomfortable? Was it too loud? I'm sorry."

"Oh no. It was perfect. I'm just worried about the wedding."

"What's wrong?"

"We brought the couple here so they could see things for themselves... And it also looks like we'll be throwing it in the clouds."


"Yes. Pinkie came up with the idea of a Wedding in the Sky."

"That sounds wonderful... What types of ponies are they?"

"A Pegasus and a Unicorn."

"...So you'd need a princess?"


"I'd love to be the one who unites them. Really. But Cadence is the Princess of Love... Cases like these would have to be under her control."

"You couldn't do anything?"

"I'll have to try. I'll have Spike send a letter to her immediately."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. How did you enjoy Manehattan?"

"It was nice. I've traveled all over Equestria but that's the one place i can say is my home."

"Awwwww. That means you're quite well versed correct?"

"Yes, I'm fluent in many languages."

"Amazing! If you could go do a favor for me?"


"Take this letter to Pinkie at SugarCube Corner."

"I thought Pinkie stayed here?"

"Oh she did. She left about an hour ago. She was anxious to introduce Cherry to Gummy. I have no idea why it couldn't wait."

"Okay I'll go!"

"One last thing."


"You're very lucky to have some pony like Pinkie as a filly friend Cheese. Take care of her."

"I will."

I walked out of the library and exited out the castle. It took only a few minutes to reach the bakery. It seemed that Pinkie was the only awake. Her window was open and lit and the bakery was dark.

"Hey Pinkie...You awake?"



"Cheese?" Pinkie looked out the window and spoke to me.

"I need to give you something."

"Come on in. I'll have Gummy unlock the doors."

I waited until I heard the door's locks open. The door swung open and Gummy blinked at me. It's surprising that Pinkie trained him to do that.

"Good Gummy! Please lock them."

Gummy swung on the series of locks and posed at the end.

"Good Gummy! Here's a cupcake!"

Pinkie put a cupcake on his head and Gummy blinked.

"What's the letter for Cheesy?"

"I have no idea. Twilight wanted me to give it to you."

"Lets go upstairs. I think I may know what it is."

"Gummy!! Keep watch of things! Cherry! Keep being cute!"

Gummy blinked and Cherry mewed in response.

We went upstairs and Pinkie sat on her bed.

"May I see the letter?"


I gave her the letter and Pinkie nodded.

"Mm-hmm. This is exactly what I thought."

"What exactly is it?"

"It's my gift to the couple of course!"


"Star needed help with teleportation right? Who else is better to help him than Twilight Sparkle herself? Her letter says she'll give him lessons to improve his skills! Amazing isn't it?"

"It's very thoughtful!"

"Indeed. We're keeping it a surprise until the party."

"I should tell you what Twilight told me."

"What is It? Please don't be bad news."

"...Twilight may not be able to do the wedding."


"According to her, cases like these are under her supervision. "

".....What can we do? Cadence is far away in the Crystal Empire!"

"She said she would have a letter sent to her immediately."

"I guess that is good..."


"Why did you leave the castle Pinkie? I thought we would all come to SugarCube Corner together."

"I was really anxious to get back home. That's all. "

"Oh okay. How did Gummy react to Cherry?"

"It went better than I imagined! She sat on his head most of the night and chased each other around the bakery. They're going to be lifelong friends!"

"Awww that's sweet."


"Do the Cakes know you came back home early?"

"Not yet. It was super early when I came into the bakery. They'll be surprised though."

"It must be nice to have someone you can come back to. I don't really have a home. I've spent most of my life traveling but never found one place to call home."

"Awww Cheesy! Ponyville can be your home. It's where everything began for you right?"

"Hm..I guess it was."

"So you should always return to Ponyville! If you didn't... I'd miss you so much. Every pony else would miss you too."

I thought about it. I would miss Pinkie if I never returned. I would miss the amazing ponies I'd met in these last few weeks. I can't stay in one place though. I guess this conversation will have to wait for a better time.

"I'd really miss you too Pinkie. I think we should talk about this after the wedding."


I know it was bad for me to keep postponing this discussion with Pinkie. I didn't know how to explain my feelings. I want to stay but I also can't stay. Why must everything be so difficult?

"Cheese, I just you to know that I love you and I care about you. I will support any decision you make."

"I love you too Pinkie. Thank you."

Her baby blue eyes shimmered with hope. She gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. She then proceeded to a nearby closet.

"Pinkie? What are you doing?"

""Her voice was muffled. She sounded further and further away until she shouted "Found it!" And caught my attention once more. Shortly after, Pinkie hopped out of her closet carrying a familiar book. On closer inspection it was the Book of Party Ideas that Pinkie brought along to show Starstruck and Magnolia.

"I had an idea Cheese."


"I was reading the Sky Wedding entry and it seems,like it's lacking something you know?"

I read over the Sky Wedding entry. I didn't understand. What was the wedding missing?

"What's wrong with the wedding Pinkie?"

"It needs more...oomph!"


"Yeah! Oomph. It needs some excitement, some entertainment and something I just can't put my hoof on just yet..."

"Excitement huh? We were so hung up on Wedding Detail that we didn't really plan the Wedding Party...."

"You're right about that. I guess we should add that to our list of conversation topics at breakfast."

"Indeed we should."

A yellowish beam peeked through the curtains revealing the sunrise. We opened the windows. A lovely country breeze swayed through my mane and fully awoke me. In a daze I stared at the town, and was interrupted by a tap from Pinkie.

"Cheesy, Come with me!"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to check on the foals. I think I heard them."

I completely forgot that Pinkie watches the Cake's children.

"Oh! Well let's go then."

We walked down the hallway to next room. It was a blue and pink nursery. Pinkie and I looked around for the foals.

"Pumpkin...Pound...?" Pinkie whispered as low as she could and proceeded to the crib with caution. I followed behind her. She approached the crib and put her hoof inside. It was welcomed with two soft giggles.

"Pinkie!!"giggled the foals.

"Awww I missed you two sooo much!" They all giggled. I walked to the crib to see the foals.

"Eesy!"babbled Pumpkin.

She disappeared and I felt a bit of weight on my head.

"Hehe! Cheesy!" Pinkie pointed to my head and I saw little Pumpkin laying on my mane.

"Awww. Little Pumpkin? Can you please come down?"


She climbed off of my mane and back into the crib. Pound Cake looked at me curiously. He began to flutter and whispered something to Pinkie.

"Hehe! No you silly colt."

"What did he say?"

"Could he sit on your head too?"

I chuckled. "Sure." I picked up the colt and placed him on my head.

"Yay!" Giggled the creme colored colt. Pumpkin glared at him and glanced at Pinkie. She put the filly on her back and gave her a ride.

"Yay!!" The foals giggled in unison.

"Me now?"asked Pound. He flitted about curiously and stared at me.



He stopped flying and landed on my back. I began to slowly trot around the nursery. Then, I began to trot a little faster. I felt Pound bounce on my back and the began to blur. I warned Pound to hang on to me as I began to run faster. He giggled back to me. I was getting kind of tired. It was probably my fifth lap around the room and it was looking kind of blurry. I would past the crib, the changing table, the toy box and pink and orange blur that was Pinkie and Pumpkin. Seeing the same familiar blobs made me dizzy and I fainted onto the floor. I was tired from the little race but I felt pathetic that something so simple had made me faint. I awoke in a familiar room. Yes... the lobby of SugarCube Corner. The scent of a dish I have grown to love permeated through the air. A couple of voices overlapped in the kitchen and three familiar ponies walked out. I sat in a breakfast nook as the ponies approached me.

"Cheese you're okay!!"

The three flower sisters greeted me and gave me in a tight squeeze.

"Hey...girls!" I was constricted by their loving grip.

"Awww, we heard what happened and we came right away!" Said Rose.

"Yeah!! I was worried."Lily nodded in agreement.

"What happened to me? Where's Pinkie and the foals?"

"Oh...You fainted after playing with Pound Cake. We have no idea why..." Daisy pondered in thought. I wondered what made me faint so easily. It's not like me to get tired so easily. I sat in my seat and looked around. The surroundings were a bit different than it were a few hours ago. The pets didn't patrol the lobby, there was now a luscious scent floating through the air, the restaurant had a beautiful decor today but yet it was missing one thing.

"Girls..Where's Pinkie?"

"She's in the kitchen making breakfast for everypony!-"answered Daisy

"The foals are with their parents! They thought it would be best if they didn't interrupt today's meeting."interrupted Rose

"I guess that's okay?" I thought it was curious that the Cakes decided to leave the bakery.

Pinkie came out of the kitchen balancing of what smelled like Cherry Muffins. Rose, Daisy and Lily helped her balance the tray and set up plates. Eventually Cherry and Gummy came out of the kitchen and began to play. They were covered in sticky red goo and chased each other around the room until they were out of sight.

"Cheesy! Are you okay?!"

"Pinkie ran over to where I sat and leaped onto me. She smothered me in kisses.

"Please don't scare me like that again! Do we need to go to the hospital?"

"Haha I'm fine Pinkie really! Thanks for making sure."

".....Cheese. Are you super duper super dee super sure that you are okay?"


"You don't sound positive Cheese!"

"I am!"

"Pinkie Promise?"

I raised my eyebrow at the mention of "Pinkie Promise". I had no clue what one was. I remembered that her friend Fluttershy had broken one but luckily she had forgiven her. I was pulled to the side by Daisy and she whispered into my ear.

"Look Cheese. Be careful with Pinkie Promises. Like all promises you can't break them but you have to take it to the grave."

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that!"

"....Alright...Just say: Cross my heart,hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye;to make it official."

I nodded and approached Pinkie. "So Cheese, Are you okay?!"

"Yes Pinkie. I am fine. I will always be fine. Please do not worry."

"Good! I hope you are."'She skipped off to the tables leaving the four of us a little confused.

"You're lucky she didn't bound you to a promise."said Rose.

"Yeah! Because Celestia forbid that something actually happens to you...She'd probably go mad because you "broke" a promise."said Daisy.

The sisters walked off to the tables to help Pinkie set up for later, leaving me alone at the breakfast nook. Would Pinkie be mad if something happened that I couldn't control? If I were to get hurt, If I had to leave, if something worse were to happen?...No....She wouldn't. She loves me. She wouldn't do so ludicrous.

The door swung open revealing the fourth visitor. Applejack barged in and welcomed us.

"Hey y'all! Where's everypony?"

"They aren't here yet! You're early as always AJ!"

"Yup! I'm surprised Twilight wasn't here before though."

It was a little odd that Twilight Sparkle wasn't first. She is known for talent in magic and her punctuality...

"Have you seen the others?"

"We planned last night to all come together but I guess everyone is being fashionably late."

"Awww...They have to come. Help yourself to some muffins AJ you must be starving!"

"Thanks Pinkie!" Applejack sat next to me on the breakfast nook and quickly ate her muffin.

"Soo..How have y'all been?"

"...Good. How has things on the farm been?"

"Good. AppleBloom and her friends have been helping with the farm can get their cutie marks! Isn't that cute?"

"Yes.Oh and AppleBloom...." She continued to ramble about her family until two more ponies entered SugarCube Corner.

"Hey Everypony." Rainbow Dash and Rarity said together. Rarity flung her perfectly coiffed mane and Rainbow flew to grab a few muffins.

"Hey Cheese how ya doin'!" Rainbow greeted me from above. She landed on the table,shocking Applejack.

"Awesome how are you-"

"Rainbow Dash! Get off the table this instant!" Rarity screeched.

"Jeez! Yes Mom!" Rainbow flew off the table giving Rarity a look of discontent. "Happy now Rare?"

"Yes! Now just please have some manners for once."

Applejack snickered at the scene and patted me. "She usually tells me to have manners."

"Rarity sat with us and spoke. "Good Morning. How are you all?"

"Wonderful Rare how are you?"

"Perfect as always!"

"And you Mr.Sandwich?"

"Fine. Thank you."


Rainbow sat next to Rarity and ate her muffins. She spoke with her mouth full.

"Hfsy Gyys"

We all turned and looked at her. Rarity was appalled by her and dragged her out of her seat. She used her magic and grabbed a napkin to take the food out Dr her mouth. We were all appalled but Applejack couldn't stop laughing at the embarrassing scene.

"Now! Please just stop."

Rainbow blushed and sat in a corner farthest away from the table. Pinkie went to console her but it did little to help her.

A short while later, Fluttershy arrived and a small purple and green dragon.

"H-Hey everypony,Sorry we're late. I had to pick up Spike from Twilight's Castle."

"Where's Twilight?"asked Applejack

"Oh, she went to the Crystal Empire for a quick visit."

The dragon was interrupted by a gasp from Pinkie.

"Oh don't worry Pinkie! She'll send me a letter within the next few minutes regarding the visit."

"Phew! Crisis Avoided."

"Pinkie and Cheese who else are we waiting for?"asked Rarity

"Why the lucky couple of course! Where could they be..."

I really thought they would be the first come so they could meet everypony. However my thought was interrupted by the door opening and the entrance of Magnolia and Starstruck. It had only been about 13 hours since I had seen them both last seen them but they both seemed different. Magnolia's ivory coat was radiant and her blonde and pink mane was changed from its usual do. Her sky blue eyes shimmered with determination and she lost her will fly.Starstruck bursted with arrogance and confidence something he usually didn't have. What made them so different?

"Hey Maggie,Hey Star!"

"Hello Pinkie." Magnolia flipped her mane looked at me.

"Hello Mr.Sandwich."

"Hey Magnolia. Hey Starstruck."

"Hello all." Greeted Starstruck.

Rarity bounced out of her seat and got to the couple's hooves.

"I can not believe you two are in our presence! Mr.Star! Your voice is just so lovely. Ms. Magnolia! Your art is divine. Even when you weren't famous I went see your art shows every single year!"

The couple glanced at each other.

"Please get up Ms.Rarity. A lady such as yourself shouldn't bow down to ponies like us."said Starstruck.

Rarity's eyes sparkled as she listened to one of her idols. "Yes. I thank you for being a fan. I didn't even know I had such support from back then."

"Why of course. Your art is lovely. My favorite is the August Galaxy . It has such exquisite colors, why it inspired a few dresses of mine."



Tears swelled up in Magnolia's eyes. "My art was so unpopular as of a few years ago. But when I met Star that all changed. Ponies thought I loved him because of his reputation but that's not true at all. He's an amazing pony and I'm lucky to have him."

"Awwww." Awed Everypony.

The sweet moment was interrupted by a belch in the corner.

"Spike! Was that Twilight?"asked Pinkie


Pinkie and Spike read over Twilight's letter.

"Hm. That's good isn't it?"


"What happened Pinkie?"

Pinkie pulled me to the side.

"Twilight says Cadence gives her permission to do the wedding however she won't be here until late this evening. So we only have today to finish getting everything ready."

"I think we could accomplish that."

"We'd have to get most of the major things out of the way today."

"Like what?"

"Nothing dealing with clouds. Only Twilight knows the Cloud Walking Spell."

"I guess that would mean everything would be settled tomorrow then. Or tonight."


Spike told everypony about Twilight's message and fortunately no pony thought about the cloud walking spell.

"Star and Maggie. As your party planners we want what's best for you. Should we take you to see the caterers,the decor and possible entertainment?"

"I'd love that Cheese. What do you think Starry?"

"I would like to see everything as well."

Everypony cheered.

The flower sisters spoke to Magnolia and Starstruck.




"LUCK!" said the sisters.

The sisters pulled out a huge flower booth showcasing the flowers they sell. The booth had Daisies,Lillies,Roses,Daffodils,Magnolias,Tulips and many unidentifiable beautiful flora. Magnolia was stunned at their glorious display of flowers. Once again she cried. Starstruck comforted her but she seemed a little overwhelmed.

"What do you think Magnolia? Do you like it?"

"I-it's perfect thank you."

The sisters smiled. "Anything to make a pony happy!"

I'd love If all the flowers were in bouquets though."

"You got it!" Said Daisy!

She pushed the cart out and the sisters followed her out of SugarCube Corner.

"Let's head onto Sweet Apple Acres. You should meet the caterers."I said

"Oh yes, and this Applejack one of the caterers for the wedding and one of my best friends!"

"Yup! If it's no trouble I'd like to cook here. My family has been kinda busy as of late."

"Oh..okay! I'm eager to try what you make Ms.Applejack."said Starstruck

"While she's cooking let's talk about the entertainment. What did you want to do?"

"I would love something quiet and harps...or something of that nature...."

" excuse me?"


"If you wouldn't mind... I would love to have my birds perform for you. It's the least I could do."

"Aww! That would be extraordinary! What's your name?"


"Fluttershy? How beautiful. I am Magnolia. I look forward to hearing your birds."

"Thank you...."

Fluttershy nervously flitted out of SugarCube Corner. Rarity and Spike sat in a table having a deep conversation and Rainbow was still in the corner figuratively dying of embarrassment. I went over to talk to her.

"Hey Rainbow, How ya Doin'?

"Pretty Terrible."

"What's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong Cheese! Rarity embarrassed me! If any pony else did that to her she'd be at home stuffing herself with ice cream and whining."

"I don't really know Rarity all that well but I know that you shouldn't let stuff get you down. So what if it was embarrassing? It gives you something to learn. To never do it again. You didn't like that feeling did you?


"You will never repeat it. That's probably the best thing that could come out of this."

"....You're right Cheese. Thanks."

"No problem."

Rainbow finally regained her confidence and began to mingle once more.

"Thanks for helping my friend Cheesy. It's hard when gets down that."

"Aww it was no problem. I just wanted to make her happy that's all."

Pinkie kissed me on the lips. "Thanks. I'm glad you helped."

I gave her a smile. The smell of freshly baked pastries brought the room to a halt. Applejack came out of the kitchen carrying a couple of Apple Pastries. The scent was wonderful and was mouth watering.

"I hope y'all are ready for a bite! "

The couple stared at the desserts Applejack placed onto their table. Fritters,Pies,Eclairs,Cupcakes and so many more. I did not have a bite but I was full after taking a glance of Applejack's mountain of food.

If recalled correctly,Starstruck loves apples. He took one bite of a Apple fritter and a smirk appeared on his face.

"I-I...Th..I??I love it!!" He gobbled it up and continued to eat the desserts.

Magnolia loved sweets. She tried one bite of an eclair and said:"Mmm. This is amazing. Pardon my fiancee's manners." Magnolia said.

Starstruck looked at Applejack and apologized. His mouth was full and every word that came out of his mouth a chunk of Apple hurled out.

"I'm sorry Ms.Applejack." She did her best to dodge the chunks of apples. Rainbow Dash laughed at how poorly Starstruck spoke as he ate. The meal was soon over and the couple gave their critique.

"Oh it was magnificent. I'm glad to have you as our caterer."said Magnolia.

"Oh shucks." Applejack blushed a little.

"You really nailed it. I love apples but never in my life have I ever tasted a dessert so expertly crafted such as that. It was beautiful...a taste meant for a princess... I am anxious to have more."

"Why thank y'all. I'm honored."

Applejack took the plates and began to clean up.

"We're glad we took today to meet everypony but if you excuse us, we have a few more things that need to be done before tomorrow. I'd like to invite all of you! Come in your best formal wear."said Magnolia.

"Magnolia... if you'd like I could help with your mane and make-up tomorrow?"

"I'd love that Rarity! Thank you. Come by this house tomorrow morning okay?"

"Okay see you tomorrow!"

"Bye everyone!"

Once again Starstruck and Magnolia disappeared into a bright yellow flash. We were dizzy for a second but Rarity broke the brief silence.

"I'll get to work making everyone a outfit for tomorrow! I have everyone's measurements already so that should make everything somewhat easier..." Rarity began to mutter.

"I'll see you all in the morning darlings! Ta-ta!"She sang as she ran from the bakery.

Rainbow had her hooves on the table and she looked around the room.


"What's up Dashie? I thought you were about to leave?"

"No not yet Pinkie. I was going to leave with AJ. I was spending the night over there."

"Oooh sounds like fun. If Twilight was here we could all stay over at the castle."

"Oh but you could! I'm there!"


"Yeah!Just because Twilight isn't home doesn't mean anything."

"Uh yes it does Spike... Now you should you get home before it's past your bedtime." Taunted Rainbow.

Spike gave her an evil eye and walked out the door. "Was it really his bedtime?"asked Pinkie

"Don't know and I don't really care."

"Awww poor Spike. All alone in that gigantic castle. Oh well Twi will be back in a few hours."

"Huh. I guess. I'm gonna help Applejack clean. See you two later." Rainbow trotted into the kitchen and was welcomed by a cacophony of clanging dishes.


"It was worth it wasn't it Pinkie."

"What do you mean?"

"We've been through alot these last two weeks and things are finally getting ready to end."

"....You're right. We've been through alot of stuff Cheese. I've realized alot of things too. This may have been only two weeks but I have learned that I am lucky to have you. Not only as friend but as a co-worker. You are an amazing pony and I'm lucky to have you as a coltfriend. You're sweet, kind, wonderful and smart and amazing. I love that you are selfless and put others before yourself. Like those times when I got hurt. You could have left me but you helped me out..."'Tears formed in her eyes and I hugged her.

"I love you Pinkie."I whispered to her.

"I love you too Cheese."

We briefly kissed but were interrupted by awes and sobs.

"Applejack? Dashie? Is that you?"

"Haha...sorry....carry on. We were just leaving."said Applejack

"Yeah." Said Rainbow.

Rainbow flew out and Applejack trotted away.

"I think I'm going to head to bed. You should head back to the castle."

"Yes. Good Night Pinkie."

"Night Cheesy."

I galloped back to the castle,up the spiraling stairs,through the corridor and finally my given bedroom. It was untouched and my sheets remained the same as they were this morning. I plopped onto the velvet bed and let the softness engulf me... It was the first time in a while I fell asleep like a foal and dreamt such a peaceful dream. I'll have to thank Princess Luna more often for these blissful dreams. I dreamt that my life was finally perfect. I lived with Pinkie. I don't know where we lived but we were happy together. Could that really be us?