In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Song: All Are Welcome

Welcome, welcome all around,
We're just around the bend,
All are welcome, welcome,
We're across the sea,
Waiting to be friends.

All are welcome to my land,
I Welcome, welcome every heart,
To hear my word,
To witness my song,

We have food you never heard of like cherries, oranges, pears, and pies,
Flowers to adorn you with from vivid, vibrant, bloomed and shy.

Let our hearts welcome you in,
If you're setting sail from home,
Please do not let the name deter you,
If you're feeling bold.

Equestria is for all kind,
From feathered, finned and clawed.
We hold dear the teachings of The Tree,
Let us show you all.

Our honesty and loyalty, will glisten in the night.
As you make your way across the sea.
And when you arrive,
You will find kindness in kind,
With our generous minds.

From our singing do we spread or joy,
That all may feel our laughter,
And from our heart to yours,
You'll see our magic in store.

Friendship is what I decree,
What I prescribe,
What I shall trade.

If you so desire change,
I smile to thee,
And I say.

Welcome, welcome to my land,
We're just around the bend,
Across the sea,
Waiting to be your friends!