by raritypie

Cheesepie and MagStruck

It was about 12pm. Good thing I ordered some pony to bring our luggage to the train station. The train was scheduled to arrive in about 30 minutes and we were still waiting for Starstruck and Magnolia. Did they forget?

"Ooooooh.. Is that them? Is that them? Aww I just can't wait anymore Cheesy."

"Me either."

I can't wait to see how this wedding will be we only have four days left.

"Hey Cheesy! She's here!"

Magnolia gracefully flew through the air and landed next to Pinkie.

"Hey guys! Ready to go?"

"Hey Maggie! We sure are!"


"Magnolia,Where's Starstruck?"

"Oh he's practicing teleportation again. He'll be here."


"What's so funny Pinks?"

"How come he doesn't know it? It's simple magic?"

Pinkie laughed and snorted. I had to admit it was somewhat strange for a unicorn not to know such a basic spell.

"Hey! Don't laugh at Star! Just because he doesn't know simple magic doesn't mean anything"


Magnolia shrugged Pinkie off and trotted off to the ticket booth.

"Jeez what's her problem?"

Suddenly a familiar golden beam of light came down between Pinkie and I. The light faded, revealing Starstruck.

"She's just a little moody. Don't mind her."

"Hey Star!"

"Haha! Hey Pinks! Hey Cheese!"

"Was teleportation easier this time?"

"Much easier. I've been practicing alot more lately."

"That's awesome. You know Practice makes Perfect!"

"Indeed it does Cheese."

"Where's Maggie? Is she lost? I need to find to find her!"

"Whoa! Calm down Star! She just left to buy your train tickets..."


"Are you okay Star?"

"I'm just a little worried...That's all. I can't be worried about my fiancé?"


"Hey Cheese? Let's go buy the tickets." Pinkie winked at me and we left Starstuck.

"Don't you think they're acting funny?"

"Yeah just a little?"

"Not just a little. Alot."

"I've only known them a few days and something is up. Something big. Something so big I'm getting a combo!"

"A combo?"

"It's a bunch of random things happening to my body at random times that supposedly predict the future. This time it was tickly hoof,floppy ear,achey belly. I've never gotten two of those!"

"Hmm...I guess something is up. Maybe they'll tell us."

"Let's hope. I want these pinkie senses to go away!"

"Now let's buy these tickets so we can continue to Ponyville."

I bought the tickets. Pinkie and I walked over back to Starstruck and Magnolia.

"Hey guys!!"

"Uh oh hi Pinkie." Said Magnolia

"Hey Pinkie."

The trains whistle shocked us all. It arrived shortly.

"ALL ABOARD THE PONY EXPRESS!" shouted the conductor.

"Ready to Pinkie?"

"You bet?"

She bounced onto the train and I followed. Starstruck escorted Magnolia onto the train.

"Let's sit here!"

Pinkie sat in a seat with two seats. One in front of it and one next to it, so the four of us could all talk and see each other. I sat next to Pinkie and Magnolia was escorted to her chair. Starstruck sat next to her.

"We'll be there around 7:30."

"That's good."

"Hopefully I can get to Twilight's in time..."

I held Pinkie's hoof. "That will be our first order of business. We will go to Princess Twilight's Castle and tell her your feelings. We'll do it together. Okay?"

"Okay. Thanks Cheesy." She kissed me on the cheek.

" Hold on a minute!"

"How long have you've been dating?"

"A few days now. I didn't tell you Maggie?"


"Oh sorry!" Pinkie giggled and nuzzled me.

"I'm glad to see you took my advice. You two are so cute together."

"Thanks Maggie. I'm glad we did too."

The train began to move.

"So...uh how did you two meet?"



Neither of us knew how to answer the question. We meet twice. The party at the schoolyard and the birthday bash a while back.

"You don't know?"asked Magnolia.

"Well we do..."

"But..we don't know which one to say."

"Huh?!"said the couple.

"I first met Pinkie when I was a foal and she helped me get my cutie mark in party planning."

"Then I met Cheesy again a few weeks ago for a huge party."

"Ooooh!" Awed Starstruck and Magnolia.

"Tell us more about the party a few weeks ago."asked Starstruck

"It was my friend Rainbow Dash's birthday and anniversary of moving to Ponyville. I decided to throw her a party!"

"I had a feeling of Pinkie's party and I traveled there. I did the same for yours. "

"When Cheese came I felt jealous. I've never had a rival party planner so I challenged him to a goof off."

The couple looked at us weirdly. "What in Celestia's name is a goof off?"

"Exactly what the name implies."

"It's just a super silly contest."

"Oh... who won?"



"Cheese did by default."



"It was a fun party nonetheless and I promise this party will top it."

"It sure will."

" *yawn* Sorry guys... But I'm so sleepy.. Night Honey." Magnolia leaned on Stsrstruck's arms and fell asleep immediately.

"Well...She fell asleep fast."


"Sorry about that. She's been little weird lately."



"Why would you call her that?"

"She's just been acting funny."


"Yeah I can't figure it out... everytime I ask she kinda flits off or evades the question. "

"...Why do you think she's being secretive?"

"I don't know but I hope she tells me."

He turned awsy and stared out of the window.

"Poor Star. I wish there was a good way to cheer you up..."

Pinkie reached up and grabbed Cherry. She was silent due to her the close call this morning.

"Look Star!!"


Starstruck glanced at Cherry and bursted into a sneezing fit. He woke Magnolia up.

"Huh...Huh....Heyyyy!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!" he kept sneezing and Magnolia drowsily flittered.

Pinkie was surprised to see that Starstruck did not like Cherry and put her back inside her mane.

"I-i just wanted you to feel better."

"You made me feel worse! Wanna make me feel better? You and that thing get away from me."

His words caught the three of us off guard.


"If that's what you want. Let's go Cherry. "


Pinkie walked away and I called for her.

"I'll come with you Pinkie!"

"Sure I don't mind."

We sat in a seat a few rows from Starstruck and Magnolia.

"I'm really anxious to get this over with."

"Me too."

"I've been trying my best to just be myself but when I do it seems like no pony wants me to be myself."

"That's not true. I want you to be yourself. If you didn't... I wouldn't be who I am now. We wouldn't be with each other. You wouldn't be the most awesome super amazing party planner ever."

"Awww thanks Cheese. I think that title belongs to you though."

"Not really. You were the original party planner."

"Thanks." She smiled.

Magnolia approached us.

"Um... Hey guys..."

"...Hey Magnolia."

"I'm sorry for what Star said back there it was unacceptable."

"It's alright but why couldn't he come here?"

"He's not too good with cat fur and still is a little flustered. He'll come by a in a little while."


"Again...We're sorry.We shouldn't treat our party planners like that."

Magnolia walked back to Starstruck.


"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing."

Pinkie wondered for a few minutes and Starstruck walked to us.



"Is someone going to say something" I said.




"I'm sorry that you have such a filthy thing."

"EXCUSE ME?!' She's not filthy. She's an adorable little ball of fluff who saves me the time of cleaning her. She's not a thing she's a kitten!"

"Well whatever she is I don't want to see it or you again after this train ride."

"Good! Because I quit being YOUR PARTY PLANNER."

"You weren't ever our party planner. Cheese Sandwich was."

"We both were! Now go! Teleport or whatever. Oh wait I forgot you suck at doing something so simple."


"That's what I thought. Leave."

Starstruck left. I had no words for words for what happened. Was Pinkie fired or did she quit? Why would she do that? Didn't she want to work with me? Doesn't this put our relationship in danger?

"Pinkie...Why did you quit?

"I didn't quit. I never was his party planner. I was helping you. I still am."


"This will all be over soon won't it?"

"I guess."

It was silent for awhile. Until we heard a familiar voice shout:


It sounded like Magnolia was infuriated with Starstruck's actions. I was a little upset with Pinkie's as well,but as Pinkie said "this would all be over soon".

And boy was she right.