In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Ch. 8: Faith (v.1)

I knew she was the princess of the moon. Yet her very touch left me warm. This was not to be, me and her, her and I. Granted she was nearly the same age as Celestia, and granted my heart quicken around both in a frantic flurry... but I had convinced a part of me that this flutter of heat and hastened beat was nothing but a fever of the moment. We both had witnessed something vile, and I had pulled from my regal mind the oldest trick known to Earth.

Love cures evil. There was no doubt that Unicorn was a fledgling to a darker force, one that had twisted even my father's mind. How easily he had taken Luna's will away. She had whispered to me as I embraced her fragile elegance. She heard nothing but her own thoughts whilst the Unicorn had questioned me, all that she could remember was the rancid odor from before and waking to my kiss, like an old tale her mother would read to her. Selene... What a mother she was.

Even my father was entranced by her compassion and grace. Her coat mimicked the azure sky so perfectly no creature could doubt her affinity to the night. Even more, she balanced her love with her daughters, and later even me so well that I can't imagine why Luna is more reserved than Celestia. The night was a secretive thing for sure, but it wouldn't help Luna overcome her nightmares if she forced herself to battle these fears alone. She had the honor of having a sister of the sun to call to. Then it resonated within me like a large bell ringing the midday, she wanted to prove her strength. Little Luna...

Why do we try so hard to look strong? There is no weakness in tears, yet it is only alone... with me, does Luna cry. My chest was damp from her emotional release. I won't lie... I cried softly with her too. In Par Castle I never once mourned for my father, and I took this brevity of sorrow as a sign. When her breath had calmed I alerted Luna to the still setting sun, and she turned her head in a blush and raised her alabaster orb without a second thought. I waited a moment after then I asked her curiously.

"So why did you pick the forest?"

She scrunched her lips cutely. "To be honest... I don't know. I felt my instincts tell me too." Her eyes looked to me longingly. "Norm... What were you crying about?"

"Many things... but mostly, for my father." I confessed.

"It's been five years since his passing... Yet I am, excuse me for saying so. I am glad that you still miss him. It makes me feel better about missing my own parents." Luna admitted.

"Tears are not a sign of weakness Luna. If anything they prove you are strong enough to show your feelings." I assured her.

"I-I used to, but in weeks past a Griffon emissary witness me crying and mocked my ability to lead. Only when Celestia told him I was still in mourning did he bow and give his apologies. He commended Celestia's strength given her loss..."

"My words still hold true Luna. Gryphos is a young country and still hasn't weeded out their nomadic philosophies yet." I hugged her. "Have faith in yourself Luna. Many look up to you, and much rests on your shoulders. You're blessed to rule alongside another-"

Her head sank as I reminded her of Celestia. "I suppose."

My heart sank deep to my gut, as I witnessed her second of bitterness. "Would you mind if we headed back for Canterlot's harbor?" I asked, hoping to divert her thoughts.

"Certainly Norm. Heading home so soon?"

"There's no reason for me to stay here Luna..." I sighed. "You two made it quite clear-"

"Norm." Luna huffed. "Your hearing was dismissed because we decided to revisit the whole treaty, not just the part that affected you."

My eyes grew, I felt like they could have lit up the dark air around us. "The whole treaty." I repeated.

"Celestia believed it would be best to not only Parnce but to our new allies of Gryphos and the Crystal Empire."

"Crystal... Empire?" I said whimsically.