What Am I Doing Here?

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

What Am I Doing Here?

“What am I Doing Here?”

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Spike awoke from his slumber. He felt rather rested yet something began nagging at him. A feeling from the back of his mind seemed to make him feel uneasy. Looking around the darkened room, he got the feeling that something was wrong…dreadfully wrong. He felt around looking for a torch or something to give off light. As he clawed around the darkness he noticed something was way off with his arms and claws. His reach seemed like it had increased more than tenfold. Then he remembered. He was a dragon. Opening his mouth he breathed a mighty green flame. It lit up the room revealing it to be a cave. By chance his breath reached across the room and engulfed a torch mounted on the wall. It began burning giving off a fairly decent light illuminating the room, which he now knew was actually a cave. It wasn’t a small cave either. From floor to ceiling it must have been nearly thirty feet or more in height.

The dragon sat back for a moment trying to make sense of this. As he leaned back he bumped his wings into the back wall. Then it hit him…wings?! Since when did he have wings? For that matter why did this large cave seem small to him. There was room for him to grow bigger, but why was he bigger in the first place. Not to mention his home wasn’t inside a cave. Studying the cavern before him he noticed it was somewhat furnished. There was a very large pile of gemstones in the far right jagged corner. To his left was a large wooden crate with what appeared to be random objects strewn about it. “Where am I?” asked Spike aloud to himself. He heard his voice and quickly covered his mouth. The voice echoing over his tongue did not match the one still fresh in his memory. This new one was deep and very mature sounding. “What’s going on here?” He asked growing steadily more agitated.

Last Spike could recall he had been hanging out with his pony friends. They enjoyed a picnic outside near Fluttershy’s cottage. He clearly remembered all the talking they did, the games they played, and most of all, the dragon remembered the joy of spending time with his friends. He even got to spend a fair amount of time with Rarity. After searching his memories he couldn’t even recall falling asleep. He scratched the back of his head still trying to make sense of his new size and setting. From within the cave he couldn’t even tell if it was morning, noon or night.

Moving around cautiously, Spike decided to exit the cave and figure out what time of day it was and if maybe he could find his friends and shed some light on this mystery. Carefully he rose to his LARGE feet? Looking down Spike was amazed at the shear size of his feet. Shaking his head he did his best to focus. He tucked his wings at his side being more cautious of their presence. Little by little he made his way out of the cave. Though he couldn’t clearly remember it, he seemed to know his way around it. This only augmented his confusion. Finally he emerged at the exit to the cave. There he was met by the gentle glow of sunlight. It warmed him as it poured over his purple scales. Looking back at the cave Spike was able to determine that he had somehow grown to over 13 feet in height. To him that size was enormous.

He took a long look around and discovered quite an unusual vista. Getting his bearings, Spike discovered his cave was located within the Everfree forest. He blinked profusely as he continued taking in his surroundings. Gazing off in the distance he did see the familiar sight of Ponyville. Though it somehow seemed like it too had grown. There were more houses than he recalled and even more surprisingly a fairly large castle stood along the northern edge of town. He gently rubbed his eyes as he took another look at the now sizable metropolis.

Spike wanted to go there. But he quickly noticed his larger size in the sunlight. He didn’t want to frighten anypony. He knew all too well that most dragons were nothing like him. They were mean, vicious and always hoarded treasures and any item in general that would be of interest to them. Still he wanted badly to go to Ponyville and see his friends. Maybe they could tell him why he’d gotten so large and was now living in a cave located amid the Everfree forest.

Placing his hand on the chin of his now larger face, Spike determined what would be the best way to travel. Should he walk or fly? Though he never had wings in the past he somehow seemed to know how to use them. Still his options seemed to lead to the same result. If he walked to town, his thunderous footsteps would probably scare the ponies and might do a lot of damage along the way. Flying would still stir up a fair bit of fear, but at the same time he could land in a safe place and do little or no damage. Nodding his head he figured he’d fly. Opening his large adolescent dragon wings he began beating them. Slowly he rose into the air. Finally he was airborne. Spike was amazed that he knew how to use these wings. Nevertheless he flew on to Ponyville. He hoped desperately that his friends could help him.

Looking around the small slice of Equestria that past him, Spike felt exhilarated. He finally understood why Rainbow Dash always enjoyed flying. Everything seemed so different from high up in the sky. His shadow blanketed the areas he passed over temporarily blotting out the direct rays of the sun. After looking around a bit he noticed his destination approached quickly. He began flying over the outlying houses. There were quite a few ponies out walking and going about their daily routine. Several of them looked up at him, but none of them seemed to be afraid of his presence. This puzzled Spike. He thought back to the time he got carried away hoarding things. It caused him to reach a massive size much larger than this one. The only difference was that everypony was afraid of him then. That was except for Rarity. She stood up to him and helped he come to senses. Though based on the emptiness of his cave, Spike concluded that his size wasn’t the result of hoarding. Still the lack of fear from the ponies only added to his puzzlement.

Spike figured he’d start at the most likely place of all, Twilight’s library. It was after all his home and she was his oldest and dearest friend. Finding a choice spot to land, Spike deftly came in for a landing gradually slowing his wing beats until his feet softly touched to the ground. He brushed his green spikes and let out a sigh of relief – the dragon succeeded at not destroying anything.

He craned his now long neck downward so he could get a better look at Twilight’s home. Before he could knock, the door opened. A lavender unicorn stepped outside. For a moment Spike thought it was Twilight. Then he looked at her more closely. It wasn’t Twilight. She looked similar but there were quite a few different features. This unicorn had pink and yellow hair, not pink and purple like Twilight. Though the hairstyle was the same. This pony’s eyes were blue not purple, and her cutie mark was very different. It was of the sun beaming over the morning horizon accompanied by two white clouds. Spike blinked at her trying to figure out why there was a stranger in Twilight’s library. The unicorn looked up at the tall dragon and waved her hoof. "Hello honored guardian! How are you today?” She asked in a sweet considerate voice.

“I’ve been better,” he answered. Her jubilant expression shifted to one slowly building with concern. “Do I know you?” He asked unable to recall her.

“Spike, who are you kidding? You know its me…Horizon Sparkle,” she remarked wondering what kind of game the dragon was playing.

“Horizon Sparkle?” He questioned giving her a dumbfounded look. “Where is Twilight Sparkle?”

The unicorn looked at him even funnier than before. “What game are you playing today Spike? You know my grandmother Twilight passed away over twenty years ago. She died at the age of 221. Don’t tell me you forgot?” Horizon Sparkle asked giving him big eyes hoping he really hadn’t forgotten.

“Twilight’s dead?!” He shouted filling with a number of conflicting emotions. “How can that be. We just had a picnic the other day. We were all together having fun!” He cried out in frustration.

Horizon looked at him curiously. Something seemed quite off with her dragon friend today. This began to worry her greatly. “I remember that story. Grandma told me that one many times. But you have to know that picnic happened nearly 220 years ago.”

Spikes eyes nearly jumped out of his head. He placed his hands over his ears and closed his eyes. Shaking his head he whimpered, “I’m not hearing this. There is no way that picnic happened 220 years ago. There is no way Twilight is dead. This must be a crazy nightmare. And I’m ready to wake up now!”

“Spike it’s no dream. Are you feeling all right?” She asked her concern more noticeable than before.

Just then another pony came bouncing along on all four hooves. Spike got a good look at her. She was a pink earth pony with curly bright pink hair, and she had a cutie mark made up of three balloons. It had to be none other than Pinkie Pie. Finally the dragon felt a slight sense of relief. A familiar face at last. He looked over at her and said, “Pinkie Pie is that you?”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Yep Spike it’s me. Good old Pinkie Pie…the third!” The pony remarked to his horror.

The third! He thought carefully sitting down. He began to feel faint. Again he held his head and shook it back and forth. “No, no, no this is all wrong,” he muttered to himself.

Pinkie Pie looked at her unicorn friend and asked, “Horizon, what’s the matter with Spike? He seems out of sorts today.”

“I don’t believe he is feeling well Pinkie. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna walk him home. Maybe I can help jog his memory or at least give him some peace of mind.” Explained Horizon to her friend. The pink pony nodded and bounced away much as her ancestor had once done. The lavender unicorn walked up to the large dragon. “Spike, let me take you home. I may be able to help jog your memory once we get to your cave,” she announced confidently. Horizon was Twilight’s grandchild all right. She even seemed to form plans like his dearest friend.

Smiling for the first time since he awoke, Spike said, “Okay. Let’s go. Only why don’t we fly.” He hunkered down and motioned for her to climb on his back. She trotted over to him and carefully climbed aboard. The adolescent dragon rose to his hind feet making sure not to lose his passenger. He still couldn’t believe his size. It still felt like yesterday to him that he was the one riding on Twilight’s back. He prayed this world would soon start making sense, because he began to feel like he was nearing his wit’s end. “Now hold on tight Horizon. I don’t want you to fall. And don’t worry I have tough scales, so cling as hard as you like.”

“Okay Spike!” She declared gripping her hooves around his tough neck tightly.

Once again he beat his large wings returning to the sky. He soared with the new unicorn on his back. They passed over Sweet Apple Acres. It too like Ponyville was still there. Only as Spike flew overhead, he didn’t see any familiar faces. They must have all been new members of the Apple family. He sighed to himself as he continued toward the Everfree forest. Arriving at his cave, he safely landed with his passenger. She hopped down off his back. The two entered his home. Now feeling more adapted, he lit other torches. The light now properly illuminated the dragon’s home. Though it didn’t reveal anything he hadn’t noticed before. “So Horizon Sparkle. How are you going to help me jog my memory?” He asked in a hopeful voice.

“Well there are plenty of keepsakes and treasures you saved from your friends. Who I am so sorry to say have all passed on. Those should help. Do you have any specific questions?” Horizon asked unable to believe she had to ask him such a thing. Not two days ago Spike had seemed perfectly normal. A mere 48 hours later he seemed almost like a stranger to her.

He wanted to check out the mementos. But then he remembered her greeting. Then he replied, “Yes I have one question. Why did you call me “honored guardian”?”

This was a question she was happy to answer. Though Horizon Sparkle was quite disturbed that he needed to ask it. Still she was eager to help. “As you may recall, after reaching your adolescent size, you became a great asset to the ruling Princesses. During the shadow demon wars you became and still are guardian of Ponyville. During the battle of Canterlot you saved many ponies, and Princess Luna. Alas you were unable to save Princess Celestia. She was turned to stone as she cast the final spell defeating Grimnight. To this day we have been unsuccessful at restoring her,” Horizon explained a bittersweet tone in her voice.

Spike noticed a distinctive spear hanging along the one wall of the cave and what almost looked like a suit of shoulder mail. “I am a guardian dragon?” He asked examining the items along the walls with his dragon hands.

“Yes Spike you are. Twilight recommended you to Celestia personally. She knew you were unlike other dragons and would be loyal to all the ponies. And to this day you have been. Following the battle of Canterlot, Princess Luna knighted you making you a true defender of the kingdom,” she remarked proud that she knew him.

Spike smiled, but the nagging feeling that he wasn’t where he should be continued to gnaw at him. Then he remembered the keepsakes. “Thank you for answering that. Now where are these treasures?” he asked the helpful unicorn.

She pointed her hoof over at the side of the crate. Spike looked at her curiously and then at the crate. Unlike before he discovered a small door on it. Reaching over he opened it. Inside was a huge chest, well huge to a pony anyway. He picked up the chest. It was only closed with a simple latch along the front. Opening it he noticed a number of items and what looked like letters. He reached in and examined a distinct necklace. It was gold and had the most familiar looking gem at its core. In an instant the dragon recognized it. It was the fire ruby he gave Rarity what was now so many years ago. “Why is this here?” He asked feeling reasonably confused.

“Oh, Rarity gave it back to you just before she passed away. It’s suppose to remind you of the love you two once shared,” Horizon replied noticing the dragon’s demeanor grow more and more melancholy as he rummaged through the chest.

He discovered a bunch of letters. “What are these letters?” Spike asked with interest.

“Oh those,” she replied hunkering down a bit. “Many years ago grandmother and all your friends agreed to write you farewell letters so you could always have a way to remember them. They knew that dragons live for thousands of years, so that’s why they decided on this. I think you should read them. It just may help put things into perspective for you,” the lavender unicorn remarked. The dragon nodded affirmatively. “I’ll just wait in the entrance and give you some privacy.”

“Okay. Stay close to the cave,” he called as she departed leaving him with the final words of his dear friends.

Spike noticed that each letter had the name of which pony it was from on it. He pulled Twilight and Rarity’s letters aside to save them for last. In the meantime he read through Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash’s letters. They were all filled of meaningful words and conveyed a wide range of emotions. Then came the time to read the last two letters. He both looked forward to them and dreaded them. Spike had all ready shed a few tears, but knew these next two would be a doozie. He decided to start with Twilight’s. Unfolding the letter, its contents read:

My Dearest Friend and Assistant Spike,

Sadly if you are reading this letter it means I have passed on to the next life. Alas ponies only live a fraction of what dragons do. Still I want you to always remember how you enriched my life with your friendship. I hope you’ve known how much it’s meant to me all these years.

As I write this letter I am filled with a wide range of feelings. It’s partly in fact due to you. It was you who were so insistent that I follow Princess Celestia’s orders and make some friends. If not for you Spike I might have gone my whole life without experiencing moments like these.

I can still remember back when you were nothing more than a green and purple egg. Once you hatched it was the happiest day of my life. You were and always shall be my first friend. And I could have searched all over Equestria and never found a better assistant. Whenever I needed help finding a book or needed someone to aid me with my checklists you were always there. It pains me that I cannot return the favor and always be there for you. But please Spike don’t be sad. Remember the good times. Like the picnic we all shared together that one sunny afternoon. We all had so much fun! It’s times like that, which help us through these sad ones.

Now I’d best close this letter my dear friend. My tears are starting to make the ink run all over the page. Just please never forget you are and always shall be…my friend! Take care of yourself Spike and remember me! I love you Spike!

With the Warmest Regards and Yours always,

Twilight Sparkle

Spike had to set the letter down. Tears had now stained his eyes and they weren’t done trailing down his broad face. He sniffled as he thought about his dear friend Twilight. His dragon’s heart ached with every beat. But he knew he was not done yet. There was still Rarity’s letter to read.

Wiping his eyes, Spike picked up the letter from the unicorn he loved so dearly even at that moment. Opening the letter, he took a deep breath and read:

To My True Love Spikey Wikey,

I can’t believe the time has come that we must part ways my beloved. It seems like our time together was so short. Though don’t you think for one measly second that I didn’t love spending every moment of it with you! There was a time I asked Princess Celestia why I couldn’t find a noble stallion to call my own. Now I know it wasn’t a stallion I was waiting for, but a kind and caring dragon like you!

I still can remember the day we first met. It’s somewhat embarrassing. You fell for me right away but I didn’t even notice you. I guess love can be puzzling at times my darling. Still after you so generously gave me that fire ruby, I think I started to know there was something more to you that meets the eye. In fact after your little rampage I found you did indeed have a crush on little old me.

It pains me that it took several additional years after that for us to become a couple. You did finally ask me out and things went well, but it wasn’t until I looked upon the fire ruby again that I knew for sure…you were the one Spike! Those have been some of the happiest days of my life. And unlike someponies, our love was real. I’ll never forget all those jewels we hunted together and how you used to spend hours with me as I worked on new fashions. You were my inspiration you know.

Even now that you are growing up and our relationship nears its end. I want you to know that you’ll always be my little dragon and that your place in my heart will be there forever. That is why I want you to have the fire ruby necklace my love. Keep it as an eternal sign of our love and to always remember me by. I’m so sorry we must be parted! But even as my eyes well up with tears…you’ll always be in my heart! I love you my sweet dragon… My Spikey Wikey!

Love forever and always,


Spike set the letter back with the others before he could lose his grip. Tears continued to roll down his cheeks dripping along his large feet. He still couldn’t believe any of this was real. It had to be a lie. His eyes glanced over and noticed a cherished item resting atop the crate. He reached over and picked it up. Bringing it close to his eyes, he saw it was a picture of Twilight and his friends. Even Rarity was in it. The six of them were there together smiling warmly as they always did. Spike then remembered taking that picture of them. Turing over the picture he found writing. It was a note from his friends, which read:

Dear Spike,

We hope this photo of our loving and smiling faces helps you to never forget us, and always makes us seem less far away if we should ever be parted! We all love you Spike!


Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, & Rainbow Dash

More tears began to crowd Spike’s eyes pushing older ones out and down his already moistened face. Turning the picture over again he looked at it intently. Tears kept streaming down his face. It was true his friends were gone and he was all alone, stuck in this nightmare of a world. He clutched the photo to his heart and let out an agonizing wail. His heart felt like it had broken into a million pieces or more.

Horizon Sparkle heard the wails of the mourning dragon. She came back to him now that he was done sifting through his memory chest. “Spike,” she uttered softly looking up at him. He heard her voice and looked at her through tear stained eyes. He could see tears pooling in her once sparkling blue eyes. He carefully set down the picture. She leaned up and offered him a hug. He accepted it and placed his arms gently around the kind unicorn lifting her up delicately. “It’s okay Spike,” she said now crying with him.

A good ten minutes passed before Spike finally stopped shedding tears. “Thank you Horizon. You so remind me of your grandmother,” he said still whisking away some lingering tears.

“Oh so do you have your memory back?” She asked hopeful.

“In a way, but I still don’t accept this is real. I’m not sure how to explain this to you, but I can’t possibly belong here. There must be some way I can return to the Equestria I once knew and the age I once was.” He asserted continuing to defy the reality of this new world. “The only problem is that your grandmother Twilight is the kind of pony I used to turn to for help in matters like this,” Spike noted casting down his head.

Horizon thought for a moment. A smile formed on her face as she moved her eyes to meet the dragon’s eyes. “I’ve got an idea Spike! Why don’t you go visit Princess Luna in Canterlot?” Suggested the helpful unicorn.

That seemed like a brilliant idea to the dragon. He knew that like Princess Celestia, Princess Luna was quite wise and powerful as well. Perhaps she could help shed some light on his conundrum. “Good thinking Horizon. Boy you keep reminding me more and more of Twilight!” He declared happy that she was so like her ancestor. “Oh, but will you go with me?” The dragon looked at her with sincere eyes.

She smiled at her troubled dragon friend and responded, “Of course I will Spike. I’ve helped you this far. I’m not about to abandon you now.”

The dragon felt a strong sensation in his heart. It was the same one he felt whenever he was with Twilight. He remembered it was the feeling that comes with friendship. This feeling was a warming sensation that’s worth more than anything in the world. He smiled. Even if he had forgotten Horizon, the feeling of friendship forming between them was something he still knew very well. “Are you ready to go?” Spike asked. She nodded affirmatively. The dragon hunkered down and like before the lavender unicorn hopped onto his back, wrapping her hooves around his neck.

“I’m ready if you are!” She announced. Turning back he winked and made his way out of the cave. Once he was clear of the entrance, Spike unfolded his wings and rose to the sky. Looking off to the northeast he saw Canterlot was still in its proper location overlooking the valley where Ponyville lied. He pummeled the air with his mighty wings eager to see the princess. Horizon turned her head about enjoying the scenery as they sailed through the skies of Equestria. “I have to say one thing Spike,” Horizon began.

“And what’s that?” The dragon asked full of wonder.

“I can hardly remember the last time you and I spent some much time together. Though you are grown compared to when grandma first met you, I think I understand now why she was so fond of you!” Horizon expressed full of delight.

He looked back at her and smiled. Spike returned his eyes to their destination, which began drawing nearer to them. Though one thing suddenly dawned on him. Even if his being in this strange future or other world was real. If he left it and returned to his own…what would happen to Horizon and ponies living here? Sadly it wasn’t helping his overall predicament. Getting back had to remain his primary objective. He hoped that if he could find away back that he could fulfill a new promise to himself. And the first was to always cherish his friends and the second was to confess his true feelings to Rarity so their time together could last even longer. Though it would still mean he would one day end up in a world much like this one, he didn’t care. He then began to wonder if maybe there was a way to fix that. Perhaps Twilight could learn a spell to give ponies a longer life or something. Either way, he felt robbed of his past and wanted it back. Horizon could almost sense a conflict from within her ailing friend. She rubbed her one hoof on his back offering up her moral support. Spike felt it and for a moment became choked up. At least he had one friend in this new world.

The two arrived at Canterlot Castle. While flying over the town below, ponies actually waved to Spike and called out his name. Apparently he was a renowned guardian of the ponies. Though it meant little if the ponies that mattered most to him weren’t there. A look of determination flared across his face as he spied a good place to land in the castle courtyard. He touched down carefully making sure to keep an eye on Horizon. She hopped down once they had landed.

The dragon had put them in the main castle courtyard. Spike looked around. It was as well kept as always. Lush green grasses, properly trimmed hedges…and a statue of Princess Celestia in the center? Then he recalled the story Horizon Sparkle had told him. A villain named Grimnight had turned the princess to stone. He walked up to the statue. Spike was a little more than twice its size. He remembered how Princess Celestia used to always seem so big compared to him. It seemed ironic that now he was the tall one. Though seeing her like this only stirred the aching in his dragon’s heart. He wept a few tears for his lost friend. For it was Celestia that brought Twilight and him together in the first place. The sad dragon forced a smile for the petrified princess. He reached out his long arms and gently embraced his old friend. The pain of her loss suddenly began hurting him more than he expected. Tears once again ran down his face.

While Spike had been scoping the courtyard, the studious Horizon had already gone to get Princess Luna. The princess entered the grassy landscape accompanied by the lavender unicorn. The now lone rule of Equestria felt her own heart grow heavy at the site of the crying Spike codling the stone Celestia. “Oh Spike,” she muttered feeling for the poor dragon. “I take it, he’s not having a good day?” The princess asked Horizon.

She shook her head. “No he’s been out of sorts since he visited me in Ponyville this morning. At first I thought he was playing some sort of game. But no one in their right mind would put themselves through this much heartache just to make a point. Besides you and I both know Spike doesn’t suffer from a lack of attention,” Horizon replied at length.

“I’d tend to agree with you my young pony,” remarked Luna, her long elegant mane danced lightly in the breeze, while the starry field in her mane flowed like water in a river.

Then as Luna moved closer to the mourning dragon, she heard Spike say between sobs, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you princess! Please forgive me!”

The heartbroken dragon felt a new hoof touch him from the side. “She already has Spike.” He heard a soothing familiar voice speak. Turning back he saw Princess Luna through his teary eyes. He sniffed and wiped the tears from his eyes. Luna spread her feathery dark blue wings and flew up to the dragon’s head. Extending a hoof she caught his last falling tear. “Princess Luna,” he gasped lightly.

“You have always been such a dear sweet dragon Spike. It’s clear why Rarity and Twilight and the others all loved you so much. Only you could care so much after all these years and still cry,” she said returning to the ground by his feet. “Now Horizon tells me you’ve having memory issues and seem to think you don’t belong here.”

He nodded several times before answering, “That’s right princess. The last thing I remember is going on a picnic with Twilight and the others. Then I can only remember waking up here. Horizon claims the picnic happened over 200 years ago. How can I have forgotten two centuries of my life if this is truly where I belong?”

Luna placed a quizzical hoof to her chin. “I must agree with you Spike. It certainly is rare for someone to lose that much memory. And you aren’t even an adult dragon yet. If you were several millennia old then maybe you might start losing bits of your memory, but this seems quite odd and most disturbing,” she replied gazing upon the dragon with eyes teaming with concern and sympathy. “Never fear. As one of my loyal subjects I will do whatever I can to assist you.” She reached out her hooves offering the dragon a hug. He deftly reached down and picked her up. Bringing Luna close he let her place her hooves around his neck, while he cautiously returned her hug.

“Thank you Luna!” He whimpered still sniffing back a few lingering tears. He placed the ruling alicorn gently back on the grassy ground.

A thought came to her as she once again looked up at the dragon. Horizon Sparkle looked to the dragon then to the princess. “Do you have a plan your highness?” She asked.

Luna nodded a smile adorning her delicate face. “I do. Spike,” she called. He looked at her with eyes full of intrigue. “Being a long lived alicorn I have a spell I learned many years ago that may help. It will allow me to check your mystical essence. Should the spell indicate any imbalances it may let us know if you are really from another reality. Though such an occurrence is extremely rare. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up,” Luna explained cautioning her friend.

“Do it Princess Luna…please! Even if there is a remote chance that I am from another realm, I’ve got to be sure,” responded the dragon his voice echoing with determination.

Nodding again Luna replied solemnly, “Very well. Stay perfectly still please.”

Horizon Sparkle looked on in awe. She could hardly fathom what was going on. Could Spike really belong to another reality? And if so where was their Spike? How could such a thing happen if this even was the case? The questions continued to mount in her unicorn mind.

The princess’s horn had begun pulsing with magical power. A gentle beam surrounded the adolescent dragon. At first his mystical essence seemed to be glowing the proper blue color, which Luna knew was normal for her reality. Then after a good thirty seconds passed, the alicorn noticed the color shifted to a strange shade of green. According to the spell, this clearly indicated an anomalous imbalance in his essence. Luna ceased casting now that she had discovered what she needed to know.

“What did you find out?” Asked Spike eager for her reply.

Luna sighed for a moment then she said, “It would seem you are correct Spike. You are from another Equestria. Your mystic essence is out of sink with the rest of ours.”

“What does that mean?” Horizon asked hungry for knowledge much like her grandmother Twilight.

“It means we must devise a way to send him back. It’s clear that he doesn’t belong here,” Luna replied conclusively.

“How did he get here and how can we send him back? And where is our Spike?” Horizon asked assaulting Luna with questions.

The princess did her best to take in the queries and conclude answers for her young subject. “Well how he got here is a mystery in and of itself. So to be honest I’m not entirely sure. Our Spike is most likely in his reality right now undergoing the same displacement this Spike has experienced. Though I can’t be certain how to send him back,” she replied.

“Does that mean I’m stuck here?” Spike asked feeling a momentary rush of panic.

“Not necessarily. I…” Luna’s voice dropped off. Very near where Spike was standing a large circular green portal appeared to be opening. Though it seemed to be weak.

“What is that?” Asked Horizon examining it curiously.

“It almost looks like some sort of gateway,” Remarked Spike staring curiously at the pulsing portal.

After finally recognizing it, Luna remembered something from her past. “Of course. I know the spell that will help. It looks like Celestia and I from your world are using that very spell to bridge the dimensional gap. But if this spell is to work, we need to supply magical power on this side otherwise the portal will fail,” explained Luna.

Princess Luna aimed her long horn at the portal and began channeling her own magical power into it. The portal began to stabilize and started to grow larger. The princess felt a drain on her. Keeping the portal open was not an easy task. Horizon noticed Luna struggling and asked, “Can I help princess?”

“Yes, Horizon! Channel your magic into the portal. We have to keep it open till it’s large enough for Spike to pass through,” replied Luna grunting from the strain of keeping the portal open.

“Right!” Horizon Sparkle trained her horn at the portal and began channeling her own magic to it. The gateway began to stabilize and grew even larger. Though it began taking its toll on the young unicorn.

“Come on Horizon! That’s it you can do it!” Shouted Luna.

“That’s right Horizon keep it up! I believe in you”! Called Spike encouragingly.

Horizon smiled. For the first time since this day began he finally sounded like the Spike she knew. Though she didn’t know where she’d pull more magic from, it didn’t matter either. The lavender unicorn dug as deep as she could and mustered all the magic power she could harness pouring it all into the portal. With the combined magic of Princess Luna and Horizon Sparkle, the gateway finally stabilized. “Princess it worked!” Proudly exclaimed the unicorn.

“Well done! Now Spike, go on through. We won’t be able to keep the way open for long!” Luna declared straining to keep her magic flowing toward the rift.

“Right. Princess, Horizon…thank you both!” Spike graciously replied moving toward the gateway.

Princess Luna looked over at Spike while doing her best to keep up the flow of magic. “Spike do me a favor,” called the princess. He glanced back at the alicorn. “Please tell Celestia, “Hi,” for me. And tell her if she should ever find herself turned to stone…that her little sister will never give up until she is changed back!”

The dragon smiled at the regal pony. Nodding affirmatively, Spike simply said, “I will, I promise!” He quickly took one last look at Horizon Sparkle. The dragon only knew her for a very short time. Though it comforted him to know that Twilight’s granddaughter was just as wonderful as she was. “Farewell Horizon Sparkle!” He said entering the portal.

“Good-bye Spike! I’m glad I could help you!” She called as the unicorn saw his tail pull into the rift.

Spike was now inside what seemed to be a dark space. He almost felt like he was flying. As he moved toward the exit of the rift, he noticed something pass him. For a moment he could swear he saw…himself. Only it defied logic. The other Spike first appeared as a baby and then changed to an adolescent. He waved to Spike as he sailed toward the opposite end of the void. The dragon returned his gaze forward and saw the exit coming into view. He entered. A bright luminescent flash of green light obscured his vision. Had he made it home?

For a moment Spike was unable to determine where he was or even if he still existed. All he could see was a bright white blur. Then he noticed a distinct sound. It became more and more vivid. Finally he recognized it as a voice. Not just any voice. This was the voice of his dear friend Twilight Sparkle. He heard her say, “Spike…Spike are you okay?”

He slowly opened his eyes. The sun was glaring overhead partially blocking his vision. A dark figured stood before him. The figure seemed all too familiar to him. “T…Twilight?” He muttered a little uncertain.

The bright light of the sun gradually faded as his vision cleared up. It was indeed Twilight. She leaned over smiling at her dragon friend. “Spike,” she said still smiling.

His eyes widened with delight. It really was her. “TWILIGHT!” He shouted with joy. Spike sat up and threw his arms around her neck. “Is it really you…you’re not dead?”

“No Spike. It’s me and I am very much alive,” she replied hugging him back. “You gave us all quite a scare.”

Spike looked around and noticed that everyone was there: Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia who was not turned to stone. A quick rush of anxiety hit him, but then as he looked just past the others he saw her. Standing in a pool of sunlight was the lovely Rarity. She stood elegant as always to his adoring eyes. His smile grew. Twilight looked over her shoulder and saw what he was looking at. She turned to him and smiled. He looked back at her and said, “You’re all really here! I’m so happy! But what happened?”

Applejack walked over to him and replied, “It’s a long story Spike.”

“In a nutshell you ended up switching places with your future self from nearly 300 years from now,” explained Twilight.

“So that’s what happened. The future was a scary place!” He remarked still cringing from those horrible memories. He hugged Twilight again. “I missed you so much Twilight. It was terrible being in a world without my friends.”

“Aww Spike, it’s okay we’re all here now,” replied Twilight.

That made him very happy. Finally he felt at ease. The joy of being reunited with his friends overwhelmed the baby dragon. Tears began to form in his eyes. For a time he actually thought the place he’d been was reality and that his friends were really gone forever. He sighed and between sobs said, “Twilight I’m glad you and others are here.”

“Me too Spike,” she said patting his head. She let go of him and knew what needed to happen next. A smile formed on her face.

Spike was no longer going to hold back. He also knew what he truly longed to do. Even if it would be shocking to anypony it didn’t matter. He quickly walked over to Rarity. The lovely white unicorn looked at him smiling. Unable to restrain himself, Spike threw his arms around her neck and wailed, “Rarity! I missed you most of all!” Even more tears began rolling down his little cheeks.

Rarity placed her hooves around him. She felt herself become teary-eyed. “Aww Spike you sweet little dragon,” she sniffed. “You’re going to make me cry too.” And she did. Though they didn’t have an official love. The two did share an unspoken love. Even for the time being if it wasn’t a true love or romance, Spike didn’t care. He was back with his friends and especially Rarity. There was time for dreams to come true and time for him to live it up with his friends.

“I love you Rarity,” he said not caring how she interpreted it. He just wanted to say those words before something happened to prevent him from ever saying them.

“Aww my little Spikey Wikey…I love you too,” she professed softly. Spike didn’t know which kind of love she was referring to, but the fact that she said it back for now was good enough for him. He just tightened his grip around her and Rarity responded in kind. The others joined them forming one massive group hug. Tears of joy rained down everypony’s cheeks. They knew they had their Spike back.

Princess Celestia went on and explained that Spike’s future self from nearly 300 years in the future became lonely for his friends. After searching the Canterlot Archives, he found one of Starswirl the Bearded’s time spells. The one he found allowed an individual to journey back in time, but in order to maintain the balance of time and keep that person from being in two places at once, there had to be an exchange. So when the future Spike came back, past Spike ended up switching places with him. Once they got his future counterpart to explain that Luna and Celestia knew how to get him back using a counter spell that Starswirl had devised in case something like that ever happened. That was why magic needed to be used from both time periods to open a portal linking the times together.

Spike told them all the events he experienced and heard about in the future. Twilight was surprised to hear about her granddaughter, but was happy the future would still have a talented lavender unicorn practicing magic. The dragon also passed the future Princess Luna’s greetings onto Princess Celestia. The princess shed a tear for her sibling in the future. Grateful that she and her sister had reconciled in the here and now she simply gave Luna a big hug. The others were touched by his story and were still so glad to have their Spike back.

That evening, the baby dragon stood on the library balcony of Twilight’s home. Still something bothered Spike. Someday he would outlive the ponies and they would die leaving him alone. He wondered how he could face that kind of sorrow again. Standing there the answers seemed to escape him. Still he wondered if there might be a way to change things. One thing was for certain. He wasn’t going to take his time with his friends or Rarity for that matter for granted.

A familiar hoof lightly touched his shoulder. Turning back he saw it was Twilight. “Oh hi, Twilight,” he uttered smiling.

The unicorn looked at him thoughtfully. “A bit for your thoughts my friend,” she spoke knowing there must be something big weighing on his mind.

“Just thinking about the future and wondering if it’s possible to change things,” Spike replied leaning on he balcony rail.

Twilight walked up beside him. “Well there isn’t a spell to stop the flow of time, but what you do with the time you have…that’s what really counts,” she explained.

“Yeah, I know Twilight. And I vow to never take any of you…my wonderful friends for granted,” he declared sincerely.

Twilight hugged him. He felt a rush of emotion hit him as he returned her hug. “I know you will Spike,” she replied letting him go. “Now what do you say we go on over to Pinkie’s. She’s throwing you a “Welcome back to the past” party. Everypony’s going to be there, including Rarity!”

Spike placed a hand on her side and smiled responding, “I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world!” The two left the balcony and made their way to the party. As they walked Spike knew he was going to spend the time he had with his friends to the fullest. This also meant he wasn’t going to hold back with Rarity. Somehow he was going to bring them together so they could have a long meaningful relationship sooner rather than later. He figured it was just a matter of time…

The Story will continue in, “Anything for Lady Rarity”