In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Ch. 7: Eyes of Jaiet (v.1)

The wind wrapped to me like silk sheets, engulfing my throat and forcing my eyes shut. This was another forced dream. Yet it was not of my own, but of the one that held me... little Luna. She was a foal when my father and I first met King Solstice, Celest' was just weaning in her filly years as I was reaching my first year as a billy.

Whenever I received visions in my sleep, they always became real. I didn't blame them, Celestia knew little about ali-horned goats as I suspected. She didn't know the trouble I was in being asleep within my dream state, nor did poor Luna. How she crashed and ebbed with such sorrow... I can't imagine how she still finds the strength to stand, even smile. It is then that I prayed to the endless air in my throat to stay, as it rushed out of me like fleeting sparrows.

Not a moment passed before the bitter chill of water swallowed me whole, the salt of the water stinged my gums and I was blinded once more. There's a pattern growing, she does not feel able to speak. There is always something or someone blinding her eyes. Muting her tongue...

I thought about her dream's elements, air... water? Each are what I assumed a Princess of the moon to suspect the night sky is like. But is she being figurative with her symbols? What if Luna is repressing a bad dream... I shudder to think if the Guardian of nightmares is holding back her own. In my thoughts I had believed that the cold was from the water, and that I was still sinking, but as I opened my eyes in curiosity I saw that I was resting on an engorged grey cloud.

Merely noticing that I was sitting on a cloud without wings was enough for my rationality to trigger the stormcloud into quicksand. My body left the comfort of the cloud, and I succumbed again to the smothering air. It was then that I had witnessed something that I had never before, though now in reflection it made sense.

Luna had swooped below me, saving me from her endless cycle of falling, suffocating and shutting her eyes. I was in her dream, but she was the guardian of dreams... I wondered if she knew about the mental sensitivities of my ancestors, how I had made it into her thoughts. With the dream-bearer with me, I could finally unlock from her dream, and hastily I did.

As I came too, I gripped at my sides tightly as my usual meal in Parnce greeted my tongue bitterly. It washed out of my mouth, and I quivered in its exit. I must have been in that dream for an hour or so. From leaving the unicorn's hex, to greeting Celestia at the gardens at sunrise, it was lunch time by the time we made it to...

To the throne room. What happened back there? I felt such hatred that I've never felt before. It was ancient... darkness in its truest form. Then the two spoke of dark magic around me? This all felt like a well planned trap, or maybe my father's sickness was finally reaching me. In his final days he had become crazed from horrors in his dreams, dreams that drove him into madness.

Under his breath I could hear him speak sour truths, he became unsociable and shut himself from the world. On his death bed I can remember him telling me something rather odd, the same line that the Unicorn from the alley spoke; Is one forced to follow what thee know, and never grow?

I didn't need my visions to see that something dark was toying with me. With Luna by my side, I was but honey to the flies.

"You have awakened." Luna said, shaking me from my thought.

"Yes. Thank you Luna."

" 'Twas nothing... are you alright?" She asked.

I chuckled softly. "As good as I can be. You can speak plainly with me Luna. There are no ears but ours out here." She had flown me to the Evergreen forest. Crickets and frogs droned out in the distance withe the canopy of the towering evergreens they couldn't tell that sunset was mere hours away.

She glanced at me, as she thought on my words with disregard. "Doth you remember what happened at the castle?"

"Yes thy does dear Luna, Thy also requests thoust speakest plainly..."

She gasped at my sour tact, a petty form of dark humor. Maybe it was the soil... In Parnce I never remembered feeling such glee from spitefulness. I closed my eyes and drew in a calming sigh. Within my exhale I smelled something so foul I choked. I flung back my head, as I watch Luna tilt hers bewilderingly, then she too winced to the horrid odor. The forest grew silent.

"Night's stars... What is that smell!" she cried.

"Nothing to take perrsSsonally Selene!" A dry voice hissed. Her body hunched as her neck slowly slumped forward. "Alone at last! Look at how you have grown!" I searched frantically for a body to the voice, and in my tension he teleported in a cloud of dark mist.

"You... Do you have any idea who you're addressing?" I asked in fervor.

"The King of Balance... Lord of Equal Punishment, and son to King Par, founder of Parnce... Your mother-" His eyes narrowed to me.

"It appears you do know about me... but do you know me?" I rebutted.

"You shamed your mother from the throne... You feel incomplete without full control, and most of all..." He paused to cough a chuckle my way. "You Long to rule everyone." He grinned.

"What?!" I spat.

"You might not believe it now... nor realize it when you do, but you're always judging others... Always peering into their psyche, assuming their life is but a page to turn. You read others, without question or thought. Like Selene here."

"But, this is Princess Luna." I grinned.

"Oh." He cackled darkly. "I couldn't tell... they both taste the same. Now that you mention it though, Selene did have a richer fear then this Luna does." He inhaled, sighing in blissfulness. "You can sense it... can't you?" He asked mockingly as he roped an hoof around me.

"I know she's in mental duress ."

"Duress! You baffle me Lord Pareil!" He wheezed uncontrollably.

"Par was my father." I said plainly.

"Oh- Right you are, Normace of Parnce. Say is it awkward having to rule a country named after your father?" He joked darkly.

"My father's name stands for his goals, He lived and breathed for equality! Of course not!"

"Equality... Sounds like you want everyone to be the same, do you want to change everyone to your vision, your perfect world?"

"Everyone is welcome to be who they are!"

"As long as they are void of any animate feeling... Is a goat able to laugh without crying afterward? That would be an equal emotion-"

"Parnce's Law of Equality is only for judicial practices, never is it entailed as a way of life."

"And isn't that what separates you from the uncouth creatures... Being able to distinguish rules as lines in the sand, not as walls to divide. " He squeezed me tighter. Look at the time, if we sat here gawking about your kinds virtues we'd be keeping half the planet from their shut eye. I'm not here to keep the sun from turning, merely wanted to probe an old friend's prodigy." He flung me into Luna. "Ta ta you two!" He's dark cackle echoed in his smoky exit.

"Norm!" Luna cried as she hugged me tightly.

"Princess?" I asked, only for her hold to increase. Violet smoke-like ribbons seeped out of her. As the smoke reached me, I knew what the Unicorn meant. Her fear was somehow now visible to me, and the air around her was saturated in fear and doubt. A gift from the dark unicorn? I started to ponder why he was invested in my father and I . I was startled by little Luna's ever hastening sobs. I tried my best to coddle her tears, and bring the princess back to her senses, but she was lost in her tears...

When I looked to her eyes, I found the problem. The Unicorn had hexed her as well. There was no time for second opinions, I placed my forehead to hers, and kissed her.

The air around me grew frigid as I held my lips to Luna's. Her thoughts and emotions clashed to battle within my own.

What if I get overthrown, what if my people abandon me?

What if I can't protect them...

Why did you leave me mother... How is this fair?

I've worked too hard just to be alone.

Why did I come here? My father could've have done this better.

I doubt I can stay here, I doubt I can make a change...

I don't need others to tell me my place! I am a king, I can rule my own land, care for my own kind!

I just want to be heard.

"They don't understand my pain, she can't feel the same as I!" We both cried. Our eyes opened, Luna was blushing. Her eyes had returned to normal. "Are you alright Luna?"

"Better now that I know I'm not alone." She smiled and cuddled my chest tufts. I smiled back, even though she couldn't see.