A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

And so it Begins...

As Sevron glided through the sky, he took a brief moment to capture his surroundings. A beautiful string of mountains stood to his right. He was able to make out faint outlines of rivers and lakes, it was truly a beautiful sight. But, in that moment, the memories of recent days flooded back into his mind and his optimistic feeling as washed away. Soon, the camp where Pinkie, Twilight, Applejack, Etc. came into view along the horizon. He floated a moment above them to get a good look at the base that Celestia said, the Griffons planned on attacking. Again, the beautiful sight of setting sun along the horizon humbled Sevron. After a moment, he descended down to the lush field where all 9 ponies waited.

"Good afternoon." Sevron said, as he landed. He felt the grass settle under his claws. He looked toward the base, hundreds of ponies milled around in a scurry to get nowhere. Each of them settled in as they all lay, in wait of the Griffon attack. Roughly an hour later, a barely visible group of scouting Griffons almost escaped Sevron enhanced hunting skills. Soon after, a giant barrage of Griffons was easily seen as they cascaded over the horizon. Sevron alerted the group, and Twilight light a sort of firework, she called, a flare. Sevron heard the clopping of hooves behind him. Hundreds of soldiers were poised and ready for the attack. Hundreds of Pegasi flew above them, each holding some type of weapon holstered to their sides. When all was still, and the Griffons were upon the base Celestia gave the final order:

"Charge!" Everypony sprinted in sync in rows toward the base, the Griffons, still oblivious to where anyone was. When they got close and Sevron was preparing to attack, he bellowed a great roar, a roar of courage ferocity that was felt throughout the army. This got the Griffons attention, and suddenly they were face to face with their enemy. Sevron could feel the terror in the Griffons eyes as they attacked, a fully grown Drake, the last of his kind, was now their enemy. Left and right he took down scores of Griffons, all that was heard were their screams of pain and tearing of skin and the breaking of bones. Blood was spattered everywhere in an abstract array on the grass below. Sevron was the most intimidating, he stood larger than any of the Griffons ever expected. Sevron perched upon a tower and blew flames in various directions towards the Griffons, incinerating them instantly. The screams and fighting could have been heard a mile away, but all of it happened so quickly, like a flash of a memory. But this memory would not be a good one, this memory would only be one of many.

After every last Griffon was dead, everypony took a sigh of relief, thankful that they were still alive. Sevron, unlike the others who were chanting and celebrating, took this time to abolish the idea that he had actually killed live, sentient creatures. He may have been a hunter, but the animals where he lived were destined to be killed and eaten, on top of that, they weren't sentient. The very thought that he actually killed so many, made him want to go back to his cave and cry. Drakes had never been known for cowardice, but this was different. He actually killed creatures who could have evolved, and actually amount to something. Again, more thoughts and memories filled his head, but not of the dead Griffons around him, but the Death of his entire race. One thought came into mind that was clear and obvious: So, it begins...