Back to school for Lulu!

by Evilhumour

Chapter eight

With a click, the door was locked. Twilight Sparkle looked at her brother, wondering what else she could do for the Princess in her house who was drinking hot cocoa from one her mugs, laughing with her number one assistant.

Twilight looked at her for a moment. She seemed smaller then when she and her friends had defeated Nightmare Moon and brought her back to Equestria. It took her a second to realize that it was due to the fact she wasn’t wearing her royal garments. She knew that Princess Celestia always seemed a bit shorter, less dominating, less alicorny and more pony like when was she wasn’t wearing her regalia and Princess Luna was already smaller than Princess Celestia.

Luna really looks like an average pony, Twilight realized. Ignore the horn and wings and the very distinctive cutie mark, and she could pass for a slightly overgrown earth pony teen, maybe on the cusp of proper marehood.

It wasn’t the fact that she’s an alicorn she was so tall, Twilight thought as she looked over princess, who turned to face her and started to giggle with the dragon. It was due to the fact she had amplified earth pony magic in her that made her bigger, taller, and possibly stronger than everypony else.

“Well, that’s Twily for you, Luna,” Shiny laughed, patting her on the back, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Huh, whut?” she blinked confused, causing the other three to laugh again, with Princess Luna placing a hoof over her mouth to try and hold back her growing giggles. Even though it was certainly a joke on herself, just hearing the Princess laugh made her feel better. Maybe it was because Luna used to have Laughter as one of her Elements? The other two were Loyalty and Honesty, if her research was correct. Maybe there was something more to making ponies happy with just laughing-

“Twily?” Shining waved a hoof in her face, starling her again. “You ok? You zoned out again.”

“Yes, yes,” she blushed as she spoke, shaking her head, not really caring what everypony was laughing at. “How are you feeling Princess?” Even though she said she didn’t have the title anymore, it would still be rude to call her Luna justlikeherbrotherwasdoing, she thought to herself. Whywashedoingthat, her racing mind questioned, trying to figure out why her stupid brother was doing this.

“B –better, loyal subj-” Luna stamped her hoof on the floor, looking annoyed for a moment, her brother letting out an amused snort. “Twilight,” she forced herself to cough, glaring at Shining Armor like Twilight would do when he was being an annoying big brother. “You brew a fine drink, youngling.” She smiled softly at Spike, who beamed at the praise. “I dare say that we shall partake in this,” she blinked, biting her tongue a bit, “cocoa?” she waited for a nod, which she got. “In the future. Far superior to tea.” She sipped again, eyes closing in contentment.

“Well, I don’t think you can take it in your normal cask manner.” Shining teased, causing the mare to blush and snort, holding a hoof to her face as a bit of cocoa shot of her nostrils.


“He’s right Princess,” said Spike as he elbowed her, smirking as he spoke. “I don’t think you can store cocoa in a cask.”

“True, little one, but you could pour the contents into one…” she rubbed her chin with her fetlock, apparently actually thinking about this.

“Great Spike,” Shining groaned playfully, rolling his eyes. “Now we’re going to have to deal with massive cocoa drinks.” Spike stuck out his tongue at the stallion, with Princess Luna laughing more, putting down her mug as she was starting to hold her barrel. Twilight herself had to bite back a light chuckle, caught up in the laughter as she did not really understand what the joke was.

Shining Armor let out a yawn, shaking his head. “Twily, it’s a bit late and we should be getting to sleep.”

“Maybe you need to rest, but I do not require additional slumber,” Princess Luna said as she brought herself upright, shaking her blue mane. Folding her wings flush to her body, she stared at Shining Armor.

He held the look for a moment before putting a small, knowing smirk on his face. “Do you remember what Princess Celestia asked?”

That startled the alicorn for a second; her eyes widening, feathers shuffling and a slight scuffle of hooves on the floor. “Yes, we do remember what she said,” she replied before raising the mug to her mouth and drinking it all in one shot. Biting back a yawn, the Princess handed over the mug to Spike. “Twilight Sparkle, can you lead U- us,” as she spoke, she looked at Shining Armor for confirmation, and then watched as he nodded his head. “Can you lead Shining Armor and I to a place to rest?”

“Sure, Spike has got the guest beds set for you two.” She smiled pointing to the more private wing of the library, where the sole guest room was. “Sorry, but there’s not that much room here.” She blushed, opening the door for Shining. “I hope you don’t mind sleeping with me your Highness.” She chuckled, rubbing a hoof across her neck. Shining groaned, slapping his hoof across his face.

“Twily, that’s not ok,” he groaned, looking at the floor. He glanced at the room; it was small with one entrance, a window far too small for anypony to sneak in and he could cast a simple protection spell to enforce it enough to prevent any attack, enchanting it enough to give him some time to get Luna out of there and deal with whatever came through. “Just let me go over the window with a spell and then you can go back to sleep, ok?” He watched the Princess nod her head, and stepped past his flabbergasted sister. Performing the protection spell, he looked over the room to make sure it was truly empty. Seeing that it was, he nodded the Princess into the room. She slipped under the blankets quickly, already yawning and starting to doze off as her head touched the pillow. She wished them all a goodnight as Shining closed the door.

Shining Armor bit back his own yawn, desperately wanting to rest his own hooves, but that would wait until he searched the rest of the house. He took a step before Twily placed a hoof into his chest, glaring at him

“We need to talk, now,” she said as she pointed to kitchen, her horn glowing. “And I don’t want to wake up Pr-”

“Twily, it’s bucking late,” he grumbled as he frowned at her and then stepped around her. “I need to do a sweep of the house, and I still need to get some sleep before going to that meeting.” Groaning, he shook his head, trying to make sure he was alert enough to do a proper search but not enough to prevent sleep later on.

With an undignified meep, he found himself yanked by his tail and dragged into the kitchen by his sister’s magic.

Oh no, he was not going to deal with this.

“Look Shining, I know it’s your duty to protect Princess Luna, but it’s not right to address her so informally.” She tsked at him, placing him on the floor. “And I don’t think you need to be so rigid; I’m sure Princess Luna would have loved to sleep upstairs, maybe even enjoy looking at the stars and-”

His snort cut her off. “Twily, first you say you know it’s my duty to protect Luna and now you’re trying to tell me how to do my job?” He raised an eyebrow at her, watching her sputter. “In case you didn’t hear, I don’t know anything about this town or the ponies. Maybe if you sent letters to me about your adventures, I could trust a few of them but I can’t,” she glared at him for using her limited social knowledge against her. “Secondly, I think I know how to deal with my charge and friend a bit better than you.” He frowned at her, getting off the floor. “Now it’s late and I really want to make sure this place is secure so I can sleep as I’ve been up since yesterday.” He turned around with a military perfect step, and walked out of the kitchen. He went to the front door, ensuring it was locked and sealed with a proper spell. Repeating the same spell for Luna’s window, he covered the ground floor’s windows. He was putting a hoof on the staircase when Twilight placed a hoof on his shoulder.

“You don’t need to do my room Shiny,” she said. He started to protest again when Twilight stuck her hoof into his mouth. “I’ve already got my own protection spell to prevent it being opened.” Her horn glowed for a moment, and the sound of windows closing was heard.


For once, Shining Armor was glad his sister could out do his own area of magical expertise with ease. It was embarrassing to have his little sister able to do better protection spells than him, with Cadence teasing him to ask her for lessons!

A guy had to have some pride with his magic aura was a girly shade of magenta!

With a tight hug, he nuzzled his sister before going back down to the couch. Closer to Luna, closer to the ground floor and there was no way he was going to sleep in the same room with his little sister!

Shuddering, and uttering “eeeew” several times, he finally unleashed a mighty pent up yawn, dropped the very heavy saddlebags, he curled up on the sofa and smiled as his sister floated down a pillow and nice quilt blanket for him and was quickly asleep.

Soon, the only sound that was heard was thesnores of three little ponies and the groans of one poor dragon.