by raritypie

Life Debts

After Star's concert we went to the hotel and began packing. I was a little sad because this would be my last time in Manehattan for a while.

I really anxious to get back home. I wanted to apologize for everything I said to Twilight... I really hope the others can forgive me. Except Fluttershy. I want to know why she told... No pony should break a Pinkie Promise. Oh well I guess I'll figure it all out soon...

It was about 8AM. I anxiously awoke and found Cherry prowling around. Cheese was still asleep.

"Oh you silly kitty!"



I pet Cherry and she climbed on my mane. I sat by the window. The hotel overlooked most of Manehattan and I saw the sights I've come to love. The Mare of Liberty, Central Park,the restaurant that we had the double date in, and some more I just can't remember. I loved this city but Ponyville was my home. It's where all my friends are and its where I lived ever since I was a filly. I wonder how Gummy would like it here. He'd probably love it.

Cherry bounced off my mane and walked off. She began playing with my book of ideas.


"No Cherry! Don't do that!"

I took her off the book and sat her on my bed.

"Now you stay right here! Okay?"


I went back to the book and began looking over the Sky Wedding.

"Let's see... The wedding can be anywhere in the clouds, just as long as there is enough support for all the guests. This wedding is ideal for Pegasus Ponies. In the event that there are earth or unicorn ponies who wish to attend, use a Cloud Walking spell. Entertainment can range to light and lovely or super loud. Foods should be graceful and small. Ideal decor consists of Flower Arrangments, banners, and anything else nice and delicate. Because of the clouds which can not hold as many ponies, the party should be about 20 ponies at the maximum. Be sure to party on a large cloud or sets of clouds. Have fun!"

"Hmmm... 20 ponies? I hope we can fit that many. Giving that Star and Maggie are a famous couple there should be a ton of guests."

I wondered about the guest list and who they invited. Hopefully 20 ponies and under.

I heard Cheese yawn.

" *yawn* Morning Pinkie."

"Morning Cheesy! Ready to leave Manehattan?

"Yeah! I'm sad to leave it, but we have to finish wedding planning."

"I guess. We only have a few hours here."

"What should we do to pass the time?"

"Hmmmm....I guess we wait... "

"Ugh!! Booorring! Maybe we should tour the city one more time? Just the three of us."

"I guess we could. Cherry what do you think?"


"She says yes Cheesy! Let's go!"


I took Cherry off of the bed and sat her in my mane. Cheese and I walked out of the hotel and began our tour again.

"Where do you want to start Pinkie?"

"Hmmm... let's go back to Central Park."

I loved the park. It had vast open spaces, the grass always shimmered with morning dew, and the decor was beautiful. There were statues of famous ponies, fountains and lots of flowers. Some were roses,lillies,daisies and some I didn't know. Ponyville Park was small and didn't have as many decorations.

We soon passed the large fountain. It was where I saw that pony who was crying. Her words were cold but she told the truth. I had hurt ponies that I loved and loved me. They went through great lengths to show me that and I didn't care. In my time in Manehattan I've learned one thing. Friends are important. I've learned the lessons quite a few times but I did not learn it's true meaning until the last few weeks. Friends help you up when you're down, and they are ponies that we have decided to place our trust into and care about. Destroying that can change everything.

I still feel like a jerk for treating them so cruelly but I really hope they forgive me. I sat on the fountain to think for a minute.

"Something wrong Pinkie?"

"No...not really. I'm just thinking about some things that all."

"Wanna tell me what you're thinking?"

"I'm remembering when we saw that mare crying on the fountain."


"Yeah. Her words were harsh but true."

"Pinkie. I think that sometimes we have to hurt the ones we love. A little pain makes us stronger. Doesn't it? If your friendship can overcome this mere obstacle then it's proof that your relationship with your friends is stronger than ever."

"You're right. We've been through many a trial and we're still friends... So what's a little argument compared to our past obstacles?"


I felt much better after Cheese's reassurance.

"Thanks Cheesy. You always make me feel better." I kissed him.

"Come on. Let's finish sight seeing Cheesy."

"Okey Doke."

The next one we passed was the amphitheater where Star's concert was held. There were a few remnants from it. A few banners, some paraphernalia and flowers.

"This is kinda odd. Why would they leave so many things?"

"I guess they were in a rush. Still...some pony has to clean this."

"Maybe someone will come?"

"Let's hope."

"Did you like the concert yesterday Cheesy?"

"It was magnificent. I haven't been to a concert before but I hope every concert is like that one."

"Some are. Some are loud and some are quiet."

"I like both... I guess that's why every pony likes Starstruck. He appeals to almost every type of music genre. That's pretty cool."


We walked out of Central Park and began to walk to our last destination. The Mare of Liberty. Cheese and I stood under the monument and stared at its beauty.

"WOW!!! It's gorgeous!!"

"Indeed! Wanna go to the top? It's rumored only awesome ponies can make it to the top!"

"Let's do this!!"

We ran up the spiralling stairs. It felt like forever. Cherry nearly fell off my mane and I helped her back on. Eventually, the three of us arrived to the top of the Mare of Liberty. It overlooked the city of Manehattan and we could see all of the sights. The hotel in the east, the afternoon Sun, the buildings, the bridge... Wait! The afternoon Sun! We were supposed to go to Ponyville this afternoon!

"Cheesy! We've gotta go! It's-"

"Pinkie... where's Cherry?"


We both frantically searched until we found her nearly bouncing off the banister.

"CHERRY!!" We screamed.

I leaped to save her. Cherry fell off and I managed to catch her... I held onto a bar with my fore leg.



I heard a cracking sound. "Please. Oh please don't be what I think it it is..." I thought.

The bar my fore leg was on breaking and I prayed to Celestia that some pony would help me. Where was Cheese?

The bar cracked once more but this time it broke. Sending me and Cherry into the air....

"PINKIE! CHERRY! Grab onto the rope!"

We kept falling and a long rope fell. I grabbed Cherry and bit the rope.

I looked up and saw Cheese tugging the rope towards him.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I disappeared. I went to find help but it looked like no pony was around. There was an emergency kit in a room below... I hope you can forgive me..."

Tears swelled in his emerald green eyes. Of course I forgave him. He saved two lives today..

Cheese soon was able to bring Cherry and I back to the balcony.

"Of course I forgive you.You saved my life and Cherry's." My eyes filled with tears of joy and I kissed Cheese.

"I love you so much Cheese.Thank you for saving me."

"I-I love you too Pinkie. You're quite welcome"

"Now we have to go. We're going to be late for the train ride to Ponyville."