Discord's Good Deeds

by powerpony

The Offer

As Fluttershy and Discord continued on their walk, the young Pegasus looked up at her friend and saw that he had a frown on his face and his ears were drooped. She could tell that he was still upset about the other ponies saying all those awful things about him even after all the good deeds he did.
“Don’t let those ponies get to you, Discord,” she said. “I think all the things you did today were wonderful.”
That comment made Discord smile.
“Thanks, Fluttershy,” he said. “That means a lot.”
Finally, the two friends made it to their destination; Carousel Boutique. They were just about to go inside when suddenly, the door swung open and Sweetie Belle came out and ran right past them, crying her eyes out. Rarity then came out with a look of guilt on her face as she shouted to her little sister.
“Sweetie Belle, wait! Come back! I didn’t mean it!”
But Sweetie Belle had run so far away from the boutique that she didn’t hear her.
Rarity let out a small sigh as she looked at the ground in shame. She then looked up and saw Fluttershy and Discord looking very concerned and confused.
“Oh, Fluttershy, darling. What brings you here?” said Rarity quietly.
“I came here for our spa date,” said Fluttershy. “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought Discord to join us, if that’s okay with you.”
“Oh, of course. The more the merrier,” said Rarity. But she wasn’t really listening. She was too busy looking at the path where Sweetie Belle ran off.
“Did something happen between you and Sweetie Belle?” asked Fluttershy.
Rarity just slowly nodded her head.
“You might want to come in and see for yourself,” she said.
Fluttershy and Discord followed Rarity into the shop and she pointed to a nearby table. On top of it was a large piece of pink fabric and in the center of it was a big purple blotch. Discord looked at the blotch and sniffed it and he automatically recognized the smell.
“Is that grape juice?” he asked.
“Yes,” said Rarity. “Sweetie Belle had a glass of it with her when she was looking at the fabric and she accidentally knocked the glass over. When I saw it, I just lost my temper. I yelled at her about how grape juice can stain and then I said that she was nothing but trouble and that I can never have anything nice in this shop without her wrecking it. But then I saw the tears in her eyes and I just felt awful for what I said. I tried to apologize, but Sweetie Belle ran out the door before I had the chance to say anything.”
Discord continued to look at the stained fabric when an idea popped into his head.
“You know, I think I can make this stain good for the fabric,” he said.
Discord then touched the stain with the tip of his finger and it began to separate into many small blotches. Rarity watched in amazement as the blotches moved around onto different parts of the fabric and they all morphed into different shapes. Some were shaped as butterflies, while others were shaped as flowers.
“This looks simply marvelous,” said Rarity. “I must tell Sweetie Belle how her little mistake turned into something wonderful.”
Then the smile on Rarity’s face quickly disappeared.
“That is if she comes back.”
“I’m pretty sure she’ll be back,” said Fluttershy.
“But what if she doesn’t,” said Rarity. “What if she hates me?”
Fluttershy was shocked that Rarity would say something like that.
“Sweetie Belle could never hate you,” she said. “Have you forgotten how many times she’s called you the best big sister ever? She loves you more than anything. Just give her some time to cool off and I’m sure she’ll come back here.”
Rarity let out a small smile after hearing what her friend said. She was right. Sweetie Belle loved her more than life itself and always wanted to spend time with her.
“You’re right, Fluttershy,” Rarity said. “Let’s go to the spa and I’m quite sure that when we come back, Sweetie Belle will be here waiting and I’ll give her the biggest hug ever.”
“That’s the spirit,” said Fluttershy.
And with that, Rarity, Fluttershy and Discord left the shop and headed towards the spa.
Inside the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ clubhouse, Sweetie Belle was lying on the ground, covering her face with her front hooves as she let out small quiet sobs. The harsh words that Rarity had said echoed in her head.
“She hates me,” the young filly said to herself. “Rarity must think that I’m a terrible sister. She’ll probably never want to see me again.”
Sweetie Belle then lifted her head up and something quickly caught her eye. Stuck to the wall of the clubhouse was a framed photo of Sweetie Belle and Rarity together, both of them wearing identical green handkerchiefs around their necks. Sweetie Belle remembered that that photo was taken place on the day they attend the Sisterhooves Social. She remembered all the trouble Rarity went through to enter the Social just to make her happy.
Soon, more memories of Rarity entered Sweetie Belle’s mind. All the times Rarity came into Sweetie Belle’s room to comfort her on nights when she had a bad dream, and all the times when Rarity was ready to take care of Sweetie Belle if she was sick or if she hurt herself. She also remembered the play she made up and the nice dresses that Rarity designed for it. At first Sweetie Belle thought that Rarity was trying to steal her spotlight, but she soon realized that she did it because she knew how important the play was to her little sister.
Sweetie Belle quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled. All of these memories reminded her that even though Rarity did get upset with her sometimes, she still loved her. She decided to go back to the Boutique and talk to Rarity. She would apologize for ruining the fabric and hopefully Rarity would forgive her.
Sweetie Belle left the clubhouse and was on her way to Rarity’s shop when she heard some voices coming from behind a nearby bush.
“Keep digging!”
“What do you think I’m doing?”
“Still nothing.”
Sweetie Belle quietly walked towards the bush and gently pulled them back and saw where the voices were coming from. In a small field, three dog-like creatures were digging at the ground with their pig paws. Each dog was wearing a different colored vest. There was a small brown colored one wearing a black vest, a big grey one wearing a light grey vest and a black one wearing a red vest.
“It’s no use, Rover,” the big grey dog said to the red vested one. “We’ll never find any gems this way.”
“Stop complaining, Fido,” said Rover. “We’ll find gems even if it takes all day. Now go help Spot.”
Sweetie Belle leaned in to get a closer look when she pressed down on a branch with her front hoof, causing it to snap. Unfortunately, the dogs all looked up when they heard it. Sweetie Belle quickly turned around to try and run away, only to find two another dogs right in front of her. These two each wore armor on their chests, were both wearing metal helmets on their heads and were each holding onto a long spear. One of them picked up Sweetie Belle by her tail and showed her to the three main dogs.
“What have we got here?” said Rover.
“Looks like a spy,” said Spot.
“I’m no spy,” said Sweetie Belle. “I’m just a filly.”
“A very nosey filly,” said Rover. “No one interferes with the work of the Diamond Dogs.”
“Diamond Dogs?”
That named sounded all too familiar to Sweetie Belle. But she quickly remembered where she heard it before.
“Wait, I know who you are. You’re those creeps who kidnapped Rarity that one time and tried to force her to dig up gems for you.”
The dogs were all bugged eyed when they heard that name.
“How do you know Rarity?” asked Fido.
“She’s my sister,” said Sweetie Belle.
The dogs all shuddered as the memories of their time with Rarity and all the whining she did returned. But then, an idea popped into Rover’s head.
“I think I know how to solve our little gem problem,” he said.
Sweetie Belle then noticed that Rover had an evil grin on his face which made her feel a bit nervous.
At the Ponyville day spa, Fluttershy, Rarity and Discord were all enjoying their stay. Fluttershy was getting a massage, Rarity was relaxing on a chair with a mud mask on her face, and Discord was having one of the spa ponies file the nails of his eagle talon. When the pony was done, Discord admired her work on his nails.
“An excellent job, my good mare,” he said.
“Why thank you, Discord,” said the spa pony. “Now would you like me to file your toenails next? I have noticed they are quite long.”
“Oh, of course. Go right ahead,” said Discord, who sounded a bit nervous when he talked.
The spa pony then walked up to Discord’s lizard foot and starting scraping the file against his toenails. As she was filing, Discord started biting his lip and a few small snickers came out of him. Then all of a sudden, Discord burst out laughing and accidentally kicked the nail file out of the pony’s mouth, causing it to fly into the air and land on the ground.
“Oh, I am so sorry,” said Discord, still giggling a bit. “I should have warned you. I have a very ticklish lizard foot.”
“That’s okay,” said the spa pony. “You’re not the first one to come here and say that the nail file tickles. You should see Rainbow Dash when she comes in here. Just one touch from the file and she goes into a huge giggle fit.”
“So that’s why she doesn’t like anypony touching her hooves,” said Rarity as she got up off her chair and used her magic to levitate a towel towards her that she used to rub the mud off her face. “Anyway, we better get going. Sweetie Belle must be back at my shop by now.”
The three then thanked the spa ponies for their time and head out. But as soon as they stepped outside, they stopped dead in their tracks at what they saw. Standing right in front of them were the three Diamond Dogs, each of them with a sinister smile on their faces.
“Hello, Miss. Rarity,” said Rover. “So good to see you again.”
“What are you ruffians doing here?” Rarity said in an infuriating tone.
“You know these three furballs?” asked Discord.
“Sadly, yes,” said Rarity. “These fowl creatures are the Diamond Dogs. They once kidnapped me and forced me to find gems for them in their wretched caves. Luckily, I was able to escape by using my lady-like charms.”
“And by lady-like charms, she means that she whined and cried until we let her go,” said Spot.
“Good one,” Discord told Rarity who couldn’t help but smile at the compliment.
“Enough! We’re getting off topic here,” said Rover. “The reason we’re here is because we got a proposition for you, Rarity. You are going to gives us all of the gems you have.”
“What makes you think I would give my gems to a couple of filthy creatures like you?” asked Rarity.
Rover simply smiled evilly and pointed to his right. Rarity turned to where he was pointing and what she saw filled her with shock and terror. She saw one of the guard dogs holding onto a rusty old birdcage which had a terrified Sweetie Belle inside it. Rarity ran up to her sister, but the guard dog holding her pointed his spear right at Rarity, making her stop within a few feet away from him. Rarity then looked at Rover with an angry glare.
“Don’t you dare harm her,” she said.
“Relax. We’ll let her go,” said Rover. “For a price.”
Rarity didn’t like the sound of that. But she knew that she had to save Sweetie Belle. So she took a deep breath and asked the dogs what they wanted.
“We want you to give us exactly 2,000 gems,” said Spot.
“What?!” said a shocked Rarity. “I don’t even know if I have that many gems.”
“That’s our offer,” said Rover. “When you’re ready to give it to us, meet us at the edge of the Everfree forest. You know that area very well. And remember, it has to be exactly 2,000 gems. If you are just one gem short, then you will never see your little sister again.”
The Diamond Dogs then ran away from the others. Rarity could hear Sweetie Belle yelling her name as the dogs went farther and farther away.
“Don’t worry, Sweetie Belle,” Rarity called out. “I’ll find a way to save you. I promise.”
Rarity then quickly ran off back to her shop with Fluttershy and Discord right behind her. When they got there, Rarity tried to find as many gems as she could. She dumped out every gem box she had and used her magic to remove all of the gems from the dresses she made. Rarity then quickly counted them all up but was not too happy when she was finished.
“I only have 250 gems,” she told her friends. “That’s barley enough.”
At that moment, Rarity slumped down on the ground and started to cry.
“This is all my fault,” she said.
“Don’t say that, Rarity,” said Fluttershy as she walked up to her friend and tried to comfort her.
“But it is,” said Rarity. “If I hadn’t yelled at Sweetie Belle, she wouldn’t have run off. And now thanks to me, she’s in the clutches of those monsters.”
Discord watched as Rarity continued to cry as Fluttershy gently rubbed her back. He felt terrible seeing Rarity so upset and he couldn’t stop thinking about the terrified look that Sweetie Belle had while inside that cage. He knew that he had to help Rarity rescue her little sister and he thought up the perfect plan.
“Don’t worry, Rarity,” said Fluttershy. “We’ll think of something. Right, Discord?”
Fluttershy turned her head to where Discord was standing, only to see that he wasn’t there anymore. In its place, she saw a little piece of paper on the ground. Fluttershy picked it up and saw what it read:
“I wonder where he went off to.”