by raritypie

The Concert

Pinkie and I spent the morning playing with Cherry. I have never had a pet before. I find Cherry to be an inquisitive little kitty. She is a tiny ball of fluff and is really clingy. I don't mind it. I think it's cute that she follows me around the hotel and lays in my mane.

Pinkie reminded me that Magnolia invited us to Starstruck's concert this evening. Sadly we couldn't bring Cherry with us, in fear that she'd get lost or hurt we left her in the hotel. Pinkie and I left the hotel and headed to Central Park.

"I'm gonna miss her Cheesy."

"Don't worry Pinkie. She'll be there when we get back."

"But what if she isn't?"

"Pinkie. We have had her for about 14 hours. I'm sure she'll want to stay. We spent all morning playing with her."

"...I guess."

"She's not going to leave us. I promise."

"...Okay Cheesy. I keep wondering how Gummy will react to her..."

"I'm sure he'll love her just as much as we do."

"Yeah but I've never had TWO pets before! Gummy could get jealous! Or run away!..."

"Why would you think Gummy would do that? He's your pet. He loves you."

"Yeah! But wouldn't you be jealous and furious if I went to Baltimare and came back with a new coltfriend?"

"....Point Taken."

"See! I feel Gummy would feel jealous with Cherry."

"Hmm..." I couldn't really make a rebuttal. I didn't know Gummy too well. He is a nonchalant baby alligator that loves Pinkie and her treats. I doubt that a baby alligator would be jealous of a kitten.

"Pinkie this may be a weird question but..."


"Would Gummy eat Cherry?"

"No!! Never! Gummy does not like meat. I know that he's an alligator and he'll grow to be a huge thing but he really hates meat. I've had him since he was just an egg. I've tried all sorts things. He really just eats sweets, fruit and anything that isn't meat."

"Hmmmm... That's curious. A alligator who doesn't crave flesh."

"Yeah and I love him for it. I wonder how he's doing with the Cakes."

"I hope he's doing well."

"Me too."

"...We'll have to go back to Ponyville soon. We need to finish the planning there. It would be awesome if Star and Maggie could come."

"Yeah! It would make it alot easier and we could stay until the wedding."


"Cloudsdale is above Ponyville isn't it?"

" just a few miles."

Pinkie kinda drooped her head. Maybe she was thinking about her friends again?

"Is everything alright Pinkie?"

"Everything is fine... I'm just thinking."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Maybe things will be alright. Maybe we'll all be friends again...I hope you and Maggie were right."

"I hope so too."

We soon arrived at the Central Park Amphitheatre. It was quite empty with the exception of the occasional stage pony.

"Are we here too early?"

"I guess so. I hope we didn't miss the show!"

"Hehehe! That would be kinda sad and funny. I like being fashionably late to some events."

"That's a habit that should be broken. As a party planner we should be the earliest."

"Hehe! Maybe for you Cheesy, but I've only been early to two events in my entire life."

"Which would be?"

"My birth and Twilight' s welcome to Ponyville party."

I burst out in laughter. "How was that possible?"

"Being early to my own birth? Hehe. I caught my mommy by surprise. I was a month early."


"I'm glad I can make you smile."

"I am too. You're so silly Pinkie."

"Awww thanks. "

"Hey Pinks!" A familiar voice yelled however we couldn't find its source.

"Pinks! Cheese! I'm up here."

We looked up to see Magnolia flying above us.

"Maggie! What are you doing?"

"I was helping them set up. You two are kinda early."

"Really? I guess that makes three times."

I burst out in laughter once more.How is that possible?

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing really. Just an inside joke. Where is Star?"

"Oh I see... He's in the back of the stage practicing."

"Hmm... If I recall correctly Star isn't like a rock star or anything is he?" I asked.

"No..kinda...You'll have to watch and see for yourselves."

Magnolia flew down and walked with Pinkie. She pulled her to the side and whispered.

"Ooh really?... I have lots to tell you too... No way!....Awesome. No I didn't...Really? That's cool."

I was curious to know what they were talking about. I guess this is how Pinkie feels when I spoke to Starstruck.They stopped whispering and walked ahead of me.

"Hey Magnolia?"


"Pinkie and I were wondering if you and Starstruck could come to Ponyville with us."

"Ooh that would be perfect. I could paint my Magnolias and tour the sounds glamorous!"

"I guess we could do that as well but we need to finish the arrangements there and we'd like you both to meet the ponies who will be helping."

"Sounds good! I'll have to run it by Starry. I guess now would be a better time to tell him. I'll be backstage if you need me!"

Magnolia flew off and headed towards the stage. Pinkie and I had a long way to go to the stage.

"I wonder how he sounds. Have you ever listened to his music?"

"Yeah. They play his songs in the Ponyville Spa."

"Oh... I think I heard it when I was getting a treatment."


"Yeah. I kept falling asleep."

Pinkie giggled. "He isn't that soft of a singer."

"He has a really smooth dulcet voice."

"Yeah but boy can he sing! He's really talented. One moment it's nice and soft like a lullaby. The next he can be piercing loud or really smooth. That's why only adults are allowed unless he isn't doing a potpourri performance. That's what he calls them."

"Do you think today is a Potpourri performance?"

"No. It's usually in a closed place like an arena if it's Potpourri."

"Hmmm...Why do you think he does this?"

"He has double the fans any pony else has. He sings two different types of music and unites both fans under one roof. It's amazing!"

"That's awesome!"

"Yeah! I'm excited to see it."

"Me too!"

We finally made it to the stage. Magnolia was giving the stage ponies directions.

"Uh...Put the guitar...There behind that!"

"Hey Maggie!"

"Hey Pinks! And Cheese!"

"Hi again."

"It took you two long enough! We're starting soon."

"Yay!! Where do we go?"

"You guys get to stand backstage with me!"

"Yay!! I'm sooo excited!"


"Oh I told Starry about your idea about going to Ponyville."

"Annnnddd What did he say?"

"He'd love to go. He wants to meet every pony who is helping."


"I'm glad he wants to go."

"We'll have to talk a little more about the wedding later. I've gotta help Starry relax. He gets nervous when a concert begins. Head to the backstage and I'll see you two later."

Magnolia flew to a little building close to the stage.

"Awww poor Star. He has stage fright."

"Yeah.... I hope he gets over them."

"It's not really something you can get over its something you have to overcome."

"I've never had stage fright."


"Nope! Everypony is my friend in Ponyville. There's no reason to be shy if you're talking to friends!"

"Makes sense..."

Please make your way to your designated seat. The show is scheduled to begin in three minutes.

The PA caught everyone off guard and Pinkie and I waited backstage.

"Do you think Maggie is here now?"

"She might be. Starstruck should be here by now."

"Maggie....Oh Magggieeeee!"

"....Over here Pinkie."

We turned around and Magnolia was flittering about.

"Is everything okay Maggie?"

"Yeah things are okay. Actually pretty good..."

"I can tell that you're lying. What's up?"

"Between the three of us...Starry said this is going to be his last performance for a while."

"What?!"screamed Cheese and I.

"Yeah. I really love watching him sing. I didn't want him to end his tour."


"Hey Magnolia. I'm sure he's doing this as a break. You two are getting married next Thursday and he'd probably love to spend every minute with you."

"Yeah! He does! Maybee..."

Magnolia muttered under her breath and flew to a different part of the stage.

"I'll be back."

"I wonder what's up with Maggie. She's been acting a little weird."

"I wonder that too. Maybe it's pre wedding jitters?"


We shrugged it off. I guess Magnolia is just dealing with some things. She flew back to us and the concert began.

"What happened Maggie?"

"Nothing. Just a personal matter I had to take care of."


"The concert is starting!"

We stood behind the curtains and watched the stage. Starstruck was not there and there were thousands ready to watch him perform. Where was he?

"Maggie...where's Star?"

"He's trying something new. Just watch and see."

We stared at the stage and suddenly a bright yellow flash appeared. What was it? When we glanced back to the stage, Starstruck was there by the microphone. The fans cheered.

"Did he..."

"Yeah! He teleported on stage!"

"That's so cool!"

"I'm proud of him. He says he doesn't think he's good with magic. He's amazing. Usually he just levitates objects and luminates but he's been practicing bigger spells."

"That's great! I'm glad he can try it out in front of his fans."

We continued to watch the concert. Starstruck sang in his amazing velvet voice,nearly making fall asleep. He sang several songs. Some in English and some in other languages that I didn't understand. The concert lasted about an hour and a half. The sun began to set and Starstruck teleported away from the stage.

"Where did he go Magnolia?"

"Back to his dressing room. We can go see him if you'd like."


"I'd love to know how he does this."

Magnolia flew overhead while Pinkie and I walked down the hill to the dressing room.

"What did you think about the performance Cheesy?"

"I thought it was incredible! I think that it's cool he sang in a different language."

"Did you know the language he sang?"

"Not really."

"Awwwww I thought you would know. I wanted to know what he was saying."

"Maybe you could ask?"

"I guess."

We arrived at the dressing room. Magnolia was talking to Starstruck. They turned their heads and greeted us once more.

"Hey guys! Did you enjoy the show? Asked Starstruck

"It was amazing! I didn't expect it to sound so... enchanting!"

"Thanks Pinkie. What did you think Cheese?"

"It was incredible!"


"Was it hard for you to teleport this time Starry?"

"Not at all! Thanks to your support and my diligence I was able to do it!"


"Also, Maggie told me about going to Ponyville. I would love to go but we'd have to go tomorrow afternoon. I'm free tomorrow until Thursday. We have those days to finish planning."

"That sounds good."

"So we all meet at the train station tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yup!"'the three of us said in unison.

"Maggie and I have to go. We have to finish up some things back home. We'll see you both tomorrow!"

"Bye!"said Pinkie and I.

A bright yellow flash appeared and Magnolia and Starstruck disappeared.

"I guess we should go too Pinkie."

"Yeah. We should start packing."

We began the walk back to the hotel.

"Hey Cheese, what will you do when all of this is over?"

"I guess I'll head to my next party. I go where my cheesy sense takes me."


"Hey. We'll still be together. Don't worry about it. Yeah I may have to go to another city but we'll still be a couple won't we?"

"Yeah! I'll write you every day."

"And I will too, but for now let's enjoy the days we have together."

I kissed her on the cheek. It's sweet for her to worry about us but it's something I don't really want to worry about at the moment. I want to enjoy every single moment we have together.