by raritypie

A New Friend

Cheese and I were still cuddling when I awoke. The room was dark and it was raining outside. It seemed it was about Midnight. The moon perfectly overshadowed the rain clouds leaving a whitish bluish aura in the clouds. It was kinda scary but really pretty. I wondered did Luna plan this or was it a accident.

I stood by the window and I heard a faint mewing.

"What is that..." I listened harder. The mewing was really faint but it sounded close.

Oh! A kitten... kittens meow but sound vastly different than adult cats. But where was it? I wondered. This poor kitty,was probably alone and had none to love it. I woke up Cheese. I needed some help getting the kitty.

"Cheeeeeese! Wake up!"


"There's a kitty but I don't know where it is! Help me!"

"A kitty huh..." He hopped out of the bed. "Where's the kitten?"

"I don't know. But if you listen reeeeeally close you can hear the rain pitter patter and a mewing sound"

"Hm..."Cheese and I put our ears to the window. The meeting became louder.

"Oh! What if it is inside the window?"

"How? That's silly. A window is made of glass!"

"No Pinkie. The sill is made of wood. It could be trapped there!"

"Oh! Hehe yeah."

"We'll have to outside and find the kitten."

"Awww..." I didn't want to go out in the rain but it was for the kitty. "Alrighty let's go Cheesy."

Cheese opened the window and allowed me to exit first. He walked out afterwards and left the window open.

"Alright! Let's listen to the mewing again."

The mewing wasn't as faint nor was it soft. The kitten sounded like he was hanging on for dear life inside the window.

"Its definitely in there..."

"How are we going to help it?!"

"Hmmm..." Cheese was deep in thought. It wasn't a time for long thoughts it was time to help this kitten!

".....!!" Cheese gave a look of fxclaim." I know what to do."


"Go get a hammer from one of the drawers so we can pull the nails out of the window."

"You're brilliant Cheese!"

I climbed back into the hotel room. I was soaking wet and water dripped from my body. I ran as fast as possible to the drawers. I needed to find this hammer... We have to save the kitten!

I pulled every drawer I could find and soon found a hammer in a dresser. What was it doing there?
I ran back out and gave the hammer to Cheese.

"Thanks Pinkie!"

"No problem! Now let's get this kitten!"

Cheese took the hammer and took out every single nail that was in the sill...until we found the kitten.

The kitten was soaking wet and shivered. Cheese took the kitten out and gave it to me.

"Go back inside Pinkie and help the kitten. I'll fix the window."

"Okay Cheese. Be safe."

Holding the kitty, I climbed back into the room. It was still shivering so I wrapped it in a towel.

"Awww you poor thing." I swaddled the kitten and held it like one would hold a newborn.

The kitten soon stopped shivering and open its eyes. It took me a little while to notice but the kitty was gorgeous. I believe the breed was a calico and it had two different colored eyes. One blue and one a goldish yellow. I kept holding the kitty until Cheese came back inside.

He was soaking wet and I thought It was adorable. His mane was down to his shoulders, his coat a different shade of yellow and his eyes still glimmered
with hope.

"I-is the kitty okay?"

"Yeah it's fine. You on the other hand don't look too okay..."

"I'm alright. I'm glad the kitten is okay."

"But you aren't. You're shivering. Try to dry off and get a little warmer."

"...O-okay P-Pinkie..."

Cheese went into the restroom to dry off and I kept holding the kitten. It slept peacefully in my arms and I continued to carry it.

Cheese soon came out of the restroom. He was dry but his mane was a little tangled.

"Is the kitty okay?"

"Yeah. Its fine."

"May I hold it?"

"Of course."

I gently handed Cheese the kitten. He looked awe at it.

"Awww. It's a Calico! Aww..."

The kitten woke up while Cheese held it. It struggled to get out of the towels. It was only asleep for a few moments and became lively.
The kitty escaped from the towels and climbed on Cheese' s head.

"Awww." He patted the kitten and it purred.

"It likes you!"

"I guess so. It's adorable. It must be tired after being inside the window for so long."


Cheese took the kitten and laid on his bed. He took it off his head and laid it next to him. The kitten purred on Cheese and fell asleep.

"Awww look at it!"

"It's so cute" He brought the kitten closer to him.

"Do you think we should keep it?"

"I guess so. This kitten doesn't seem to have a family."

"Yay! We'll be its family." I got on the bed. I laid next to the kitty. The kitten slept in the middle of us.

"This will be fun. Won't it?"

"Yeah! I think we should look for the owners. We can't just take some pony's kitten."

".....I guess you're right. Even though it's super duper cute..."

"I guess we should ask around town later."

"Indeed...I'm going to sleep for a little while. Good Night Pinkie."

"Nighty Night Cheesy."

Cheese soon fell asleep. It was about 2AM. I wasn't too tired so I stayed up the rest of the night making lost posters. Lost Kitten. A young calico kitten. Please help! If you are the owner please come to the Mane Suites on Clyde Boulevard.

All done! I made about forty signs and I couldn't wait to help find the owner of the kitty. Who would leave a poor helpless kitten to defend for themselves? I spent two hours working on the signs and felt the need to sleep.

*yawn* I hope we find the owner... I laid on the bed with Cheese and the kitten and fell asleep.

I was awoken by the kitten's paws. It scratched my face a little. The kitten laid on top of my mane.

"Hey... What are you doing? Silly kitty."

I pet it and wondered. Where did Cheesy go?

"Hey Kitty! Where's Cheese?"

"Mew!" The kitty meowed back but I had no idea what it was trying to say.

"Hehe! Maybe I'll just wait. What's your name kitty?"


"Mew? That's your name?"


The kitten seemed to understand me. It shook its head.

"No? Hmmmm maybe I'll name you..."


"....Hm. This going to take a little bit of thought. Unlike Gummy you don't really have a trait I can name you after."


"I guess I'll figure it out later..."


"Oh poor kitty! You've been here for a few hours and haven't eaten! Let's cook!


I put the kitty on my mane and began to cook.

"Hmmmm... want a Chimicherry Changa? They are super sweet!"


"You'll love it. Don't worry."


I began making changas for the three of us. I wondered where Cheese was off to. He didn't leave a note or anything. I was kinda worried. I finished the changas and sat in wait for the pop.

Thoughts plagued my mind. Where could he be? What if he's hurt? What if he ran away? What if he... "No! I must stop these wild fantasies. Cheese is fine. Right?" I asked the kitten.


"Good." The changas popped and I took them out of the fryer.

"All done!"

I gave the kitty a itty bitty changa.

"Here you go kitty! Enjoy!"

The kitty bit into it and loved the changa. It had cherries all over its tiny face.

"Awwww hehe!" There was a knock at the door. Anxiously, I bounced to the door and opened it.

"Cheesy! Where have you been!?/I'm so glad you're safe!" I gave him a tight squeeze.

"Hehe! Sorry for making you worry Pinkie. I've been out giving out these posters since the crack of dawn!"

"Oh it's okay. How did it go?"

"Well... No pony has ever seen this kitten or knows it exists."

"Soooo... we can keep it?!"

"I guess. I'd love to have a pet."

"I always thought Boneless was a pet."

"Oh no no no! Boneless is a friend. A very dear friend."

"Oh right..."

"What do you wanna name it?"

"Hmmmm... what's something we both love?"





The two of us looked down at the kitten. It was stuffing its little face in more changas.

"Oooh what about Cherry?"


"The kitty loves chimicherry changas and so do we!"

"Ooooh that does sound good!"

"So we can name it Cherry?"

"Of course!"

Cherry climbed on Cheese' s leg and mewed.


"Hehehe! Her face is covered in cherries."

We spent the rest of the morning playing with little Cherry and thinking up more ideas. We only have five days left. Every second counts. We were going to see Starstruck' s concert later and hoped we could do more there. It would be practically impossible to do more planning.