by raritypie

Hanging Out

I was awoken by a loud pop. Drowsily I followed the sound. It came from the hotel kitchen. I saw Pinkie cooking something.


"Good Morning Cheesy!"

"What are you doing? It's a little too early for this."

"I'm making Chimicherry Changas!"

Oh those! She made some on the first day of my visit. They were delicious and the craziest thing I have ever eaten.

"Sounds delicious!"

"Wanna help Cheesy? I'll teach you what I know!"

"Sure I'll help!"

I'm not really great at baking but I hope I can make decent changas. I don't know why I chose a room with a kitchen. I can barely cook...

"Okay Cheese. Get a bowl of cherries and mash them!"

"Okey Doke!" Sounds easily enough. I wouldn't have to cook. Not yet at least... I found a bowl and got cherries out of the refrigerator. I put them into a bowl and mashed them.

"All done Pinkie!"

She came other to where the bowl was.

"It's looking great!" She grabbed a bottle of hot sauce out of thin air and put 3 drops into the cherry mash.

"Oooooh! More hot sauce?"

"Yup! I want it to be really sweet and not too hot."

"And the sauce makes the sweetness pop!" We said in unison.

"Hehe! It's time for tortillas!"

She pulled tortillas out of a cabinet and gave a few to me and took the rest of them.

"Make sure to stuff the tortillas full of cherries and fold it when its ready."

"Okey Dokey!"

I began putting the mashed cherries into the tortillas. It was really hard to fold. The cherries fell out and made a mess.

"Oh Cheesy, It's time to fry them-"


Pinkie giggled when she saw the mess on the floor and on me. "Oh Cheesy you're so silly."

"....I am terrible at cooking. I thought I told you that."

"No pony is terrible at cooking. You just need some practice! We all make mistakes and they help to teach you not to fail again."

I thought her advice was wise and it inspired me to try again at folding,

"Don't worry you just need some practice. I'll even help you fold."

Pinkie came over and tried to teach me how to fold the tortilla.

"First you lay it out, put the cherries in, and wrap it tight. Next you make two triangles on the ends of the tortilla to close it. Annddd Ta Da!! Here's the changa! "

Pinkie wrapped the changa perfectly and sat it with the others she created.

"Now you try Cheesy! It's easy!"


I was nervous about wrapping another changa. What if Pinkie doesn't like it?

I tried wrapping once more.

"First the tortilla...then the cherries... then tightly wrap it..." I muttered under my breath.

"And Ta Da?"

My changa was different from Pinkie's. It was fat and stuffed full with cherries. Pinkie's changas were perfectly wrapped and not so full. I guess that's what years of baking experience can do...

"Awwww it's amazing!"


"Yeah! I think it's good that you stuffed with cherries."


"Time to put them in the fryer!"

Pinkie took my two changas and her's to the deep fryer.

"We have to wait about...three minutes. When we hear a pop, the changas will be ready!"

"So that's the pop that woke me up?"

"Yup! Sorry about it. I was experimenting with them."

"It's okay. I'm just glad I'm learning how to cook! I'm glad you're teaching me."

"I'm honored to be your cooking teacher."

"And I'm honored to be your coltfriend."

She turned a little red, I guess she wasn't expecting that.

" Hehe. I'm glad you are mine. I wouldn't want anypony else."

She nuzzled me. Soon we heard the changas pop.

"Yay it's finally ready!"

Pinkie ran to the fryer and put the changas on a plate.

"They have to cool down a little. Let's sit and wait!"

We sat in the dining area for a few moments and heard a knock on the door.

"Don't worry Cheesy. I got it!"

Pinkie bounced to the door and let out a squeal.

"Oh Hi Magnolia! Ready to look in the book?"

"I sure am!"

Pinkie let Magnolia in and she greeted me.

"Hi Cheese."

"Hello Magnolia."

"Maggie you're just in time! We were making chimicherry changas! You don't mind if I call you that do you?"

"Hehe! Sure, I don't mind. What's a chimicherry changa?"

"It's a tortilla stuffed with cherries and deep fried!"

"....Weird." It took her a moment to grasp the concept of fried cherries.

"Don't worry! It's delicious. Cheesy loves them."

"You do Mr.Sandwich?"

" I do. I thought they were weird when Pinkie first told me about them but they are incredible."

"Wanna try one?"

"I guess."

Pinkie went into the kitchen and brought out three plates with two changas each. I had both of the ones I made on my plate, The abnormally huge one and the sloppily made one." I bit the huge one. A explosion of flavor burst into my mouth. It was super sweet, and I enjoyed every bite."

"Mmm! This is amazing!"

"Thanks! I made the recipe myself."

"They are delicious Pinkie! You should sell these. You'd make a killing."

"Thanks Maggie! That's a good idea."

"I think Star would love these. He needs a break from all of those apples."

"Hehehe. Is there such a thing?"

"Yes! He's obsessed with apples. I think he loves apples more than me."

"That's not possible! Starstruck is head over heels in love with you! Besides he wouldn't marry an apple, that's just silly."

"Haha I guess."

I finished my changas and listened to Pinkie and Magnolia's conversations.

"Want another one Maggie? There's plenty in here."

"No thanks Pinkie. I'm trying to keep my figure for the dress."

"I completely forgot about your dress! Did we need to arrange for a fitting?"

"No you didn't. I bought my dress a few weeks ago after meeting Cheese the first time."

"Can we see the dress?"

"Sorry but no. It's a surprise."


"Hey where's Starstruck? He's usually with you." I asked.

"He's at practice. He has a concert tomorrow in Central Park."


" I'll be there to support him like always. Hey! Why don't you two come? I have two extra tickets. My best friends couldn't make it."

"Aww thank you! Of course we'll go. Right Cheesy?"

"Of Course! I'd love to see it."

"Great! I'm glad you two can go."

"Do you know what day you want the wedding?"

"Yeah! Next Thursday the 24th. "

"That's six days from now!"

"Indeed. That's why we need to finish this ASAP."

"Hmmmm..." Pinkie sat in thought for moment.

"Whatcha thinking about Pinkie?"

"Oh uh Cheesy. I was thinking about the Sky Wedding."

"What about it?"

"I would have to go to Ponyville soon and arrange things there."

"Oh... What exactly did you need to do?"

"Well we would need the sky walking spell from Twilight, The Apple's desserts, The Flower Sisters Magnolia arrangement."

"Hmmm... Magnolia you said you are from Cloudsdale correct?"

"Yup. Born and Raised!"

"Hmm... Why do pegasi get married down here? Is there something wrong with the clouds?"

" It's more traditional. They think that marrying on land is a way to celebrate your ancestry. Something weird. You do know pegasi are half bird and half pony right?"


"They just wanna celebrate the pony part of us by celebrating down on land because we didn't always have wings. In the past there were no unicorns or pegasi, every pony was a earth pony."


"So how would you get married in the sky? Who would make it official?"asked Pinkie.

"A princess. All four princesses are able to make it official because they have all of the traits of all three types of ponies."

"...!!" Pinkie realized that this was an easy problem to solve and I realized it as well.

"Maggie! Your problems are solved!"


"We know a princess!"


"Princess Twilight Sparkle! I'm sure she'd be happy to..." Pinkie drifted off into thought. I finished her statement.


"Indeed. Princess Twilight is one of Pinkie's dearest friends."


"What's wrong Pinkie?"


"She needs time to think. Some stuff happened with her and her friends a few days ago."

"Oh... I understand. I'm really surprised you two are friends with a princess!"

"I am too."

"....." Pinkie thought some more. Her silence was eerie and left Magnolia and I at the dining table. She laid on her bed.

"Awww poor Pinkie. I'm sure everything will be fine. I don't know what happened between you and your friends but I hope everything goes well."


"No problem Pinks! See you aren't the only one who can give nicknames!"

"'re silly."

"Thanks. I'm sorry Pinkie,but I need to go. I'm a little late for a doctor's appointment."

"...okay...Bye Maggie."

"Feel better Pinks." She patted Pinkie on the head and spoke to me.

"It was nice to see you all. Thanks for the changas. I'll bring some to Star! He'll love it."

"It was nice to see you too Magnolia. Tell Starstruck we said hello."

"Okay! And Pinkie make sure you show me the pictures later!"


"You better console her Cheese. Her friends aren't here and you're the only one to do so."

"I was going to."

"Good, I'll see you both tomorrow."

Magnolia walked out and I closed the door.

"Pinkie..." I sat on the bed with Pinkie.

"Everything will be fine."

"I was so mean...and now I have to beg for forgiveness and ask for their assistance..."

"Pinkie. They'll forgive you. You all are best friends, I don't see why they wouldn't.

"Because I'm a meanie......." She burst into tears. I hugged her tightly.

"Shhhh....It's okay. Please don't cry..."

She gently sobbed and she stayed in my arms.

"....Are you sure? I was so mean... I could only imagine how the others feel."

"They probably miss you like crazy! You're their best friend. They won't be upset at you."

"Th-Thanks Cheesy." She kissed me and I kissed her back. It lasted a little while but it was nice.

"Would you mind if I napped in your arms? I'm a little sleepy."

"I don't. I'm sleepy as well."

"Nighty night Cheesy..." she soon fell asleep.

"Good Night Pinkie." I wasn't too sleepy but I feel asleep anyway on Pinkie's soft mane. It was the most blissful sleep I have had in years. I dreamt about the wedding and how amazing it would be. We'd have everything arranged and the wedding went perfectly. I can't wait for it. However when it's over, would Pinkie return home?