I Want To Take You Flyin'

by MintyJoy

The First Birthaversary Party

Chapter 2

The First Birthaversary Party

Dash clung to the side of the carriage, slightly squashed by the bags and suitcases around her. On the floor of the carriage she spotted the Wonderbolt doll that her friend from Cloudsdale, Fluttershy, had hoof-stitched herself. Leaning over, she picked up the doll with her teeth and brought it onto her lap, grasping it tightly with her hooves. She was too old for dolls, exactly twelve years old that very day, but today was a stressful day, and squeezing the tiny plush doll made her feel a little better. But her heart sank deeper when she heard her father’s voice from the front of the carriage.

“We’re here, Dash.”

She didn’t want to be here, though. She watched blankly as her dad pulled the carriage around the front of the new cloud house. It was tall, with a rainbow fountain running down the side and pooling in the front. There was a tiny window on the top floor. That was where her bedroom was; she got to be inside it when they had first checked out the house. The walls were all white and there was no furniture inside. She had felt like she was in some kind of alien hospital. She didn’t know how she could live in there.

“This is our new home,” sighed Dad with relief.

Maybe it was his new home, but Dash knew her home was in Cloudsdale. Her bedroom was now being explored by strangers with hungry eyes wanting to steal what was rightfully hers. If it hadn't been for Dad losing his job at the weather factory, and a weather pony job conveniently opening up in Ponyville two weeks later, she wouldn't be in this stupid position. She should be grateful, but she didn't want to be grateful that she was leaving her beautiful and exciting home for this lame town.

“Yep” was all Dash could manage as she hopped out of the carriage onto the cloud porch. Dad looked over and saw the disappointment on her face. Moving sucks, especially when you move on your own birthday, and this was clearly shown in Dash’s attitude. She gave Dad a scowl, and sat down. Dad’s gaze went downward, only to be suddenly lit up with an excitement and mischievousness in his eyes.

“You know,” said he, “I heard there’s a bakery here in Ponyville.”

“Who cares?” said Dash, letting the doll slump beside her as she unfolded her hooves.

Dad rolled his eyes and approached Dash, lifting her hoof and placing some bits in it.

“Here,” he smirked, “Go get yourself something sweet.”

“I don’t even know where this stupid bakery is!” objected the filly.

“You can see it from here,” observed the patient father. “Right down the street that way. Go on, the moving carriage isn’t here yet anyway, so this will give you something to do.”

“Fine,” huffed Dash. “But only because I could really use a milkshake right now.”

With that, Rainbow Dash lifted off the porch, leaving the doll and her Dad behind, the bits in hoof. She began to fly over the dreary town, at a slow and reluctant pace, mulling over all the upsetting feelings in her tiny body. It seemed unfair that of all the days of the year, her birthday was the one they had to move on. She already had her birthday party with all her old friends, but she still was completely refusing to make new friends. She had to stay loyal to each of them--she didn’t want to replace them. Nopony could replace them. No pony could replace Gilda. Gilda was the only one who could fly with her (and keep up), challenge her, and push her limits. No common Ponyville pony could fill that hole in Dash’s torn heart. Gilda was her best friend, and Dash was there for her every wingbeat along the way. How was she supposed to survive in this lame town with a bunch of dweebs?

Before she knew it, she had arrived at the bakery. Still lost in thought, she landed on the front steps, placed the bits between her teeth, and pushed open the door. With her eyes glued to the hardwood floor, she slowly looked forward just in time to be met by a bouncing pink blur.

“SURPRISE!!” screamed a chorus of joyful voices as streamers and balloons caressed the newly arrived Dash who then dropped her bits.

Dash recognized something in the confusion, and looked around for a familiar white pegasus with yellow hair, but saw none. Instead, a lively young, pink earth pony bounced into her personal space.

“WELCOME to Ponyville!! I’m Pinkie Pie!” giggled the pink filly.

“Um, hi,” said Dash, slightly annoyed by the sudden energy in the other pony. She took an awkward step back against the door. “I’m--”

“Rainbow Dash!! I know because I know everypony in Ponyville, and I heard you were moving here!!” interrupted Pinkie Pie.

“How convenient,” grumbled Dash under her breath.

“AND,” the hyperactive filly continued, “I heard that today is your BIRTHDAY! So I thought there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a PARTY!! Especially a surprise party!! Were you surprised?? Wereya? Wereya? Huhhuhhuh???”

“Very surprised,” snapped Dash grumpily. “You made me drop all my bits!”

“Oh, you won’t need any of those! Since it’s your party, everything is free, silly!” Pinkie Pie snorted. “Here, there is a reserved seat for you at this table!!”

Against her will, Dash was dragged to a table in the center of the room. At it was a white unicorn with a carefully curled purple mane, and an orange filly with a stetson hat.

“I’ll get you something!!” squealed Pinkie Pie. “What would you like? We have cookies, cupcakes, apple fritters, apple cider, cream puffs, punch, sarsaparilla...”

“I’ll have a milkshake,” interjected Rainbow. She had not forgotten her original purpose of being at this stupid sugarhouse.
“Oki doki loki!” giggled Pinkie brightly, “What flavor? We have--”

Dash quickly shoved her hoof at the pony’s mouth, not wanting to hear another stinking word from the annoying filly.

“Surprise me.” Rainbow raised an eyebrow, looking into the filly’s bright blue eyes. She then let go of her.

Pinkie sprang into the air and whirled around towards the kitchen. “Ooh! I LOVE surprises!!”

Taking a deep breath of relief, she sat down at the table. Her eyes then looked up at the other ponies at the table. The white one gave a gentle smile and small encouraging wave. The orange one, on the other hoof, just stared suspiciously at her. That’s when it clicked.
It had nearly been thirty moons since they had last seen each other, but Dash could recognize the orange pony as the image of a scratched up orange filly with a bad temper came to mind.

“Well if it isn’t Apple Smack,” taunted Rainbow with a sneer.

The white unicorn raised an eyebrow. “You two...know each other?”

“That’s where Ah remember you,” ignored Applejack. “Yer that little intruder Ah got into a pickle with several moons back.”

“I wasn’t intruding,” laughed Dash sardonically. “Just pullin’ your tail a little.”

“If by ‘pullin’ mah tail’ you mean breakin’ mah muzzle, then yeah, I guess ya pulled on mah tail a little.” Applejack sat back in her seat, folding her hooves.

The white unicorn fidgeted slightly, unsure what to do in the current situation. “Well it’s lo--”

“Well at least I didn’t break somepony’s wing!” Dash raised her voice, and leaned over the table towards Applejack. “Or made her feel unwanted in this dorky town!!”

Applejack now stood, pressing her forehead against Rainbow’s. “You WERE unwanted! You were screwing around on private property!!”


A sky blue glow encircled them both and placed them carefully back into their seats. The white unicorn, from whom the magic had originated, cleared her throat and spoke.

“It looks like you two have had quite the history,” she said, eyeing Applejack to keep from interrupting. “But if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to introduce myself. I am Rarity. And you must be Rainbow Dash.”

“The One and Only!” beamed Rainbow proudly.

“And thank Celestia that’s the case,” murmured Applejack under her breath.

“Hey! I heard that!!” Dash whirled her head back in Applejack’s direction, sticking out her lip.

“Applejack, please,” scolded Rarity. “We are here to welcome Rainbow Dash to Ponyville, remember?” She turned back to Dash. “So how old are you turning my dear?”

“She’s not tellin’,” snickered Applejack.

Rainbow’s ears flattened, and she growled and gritted her teeth. She knew she shouldn’t attack Applejack in the middle of the party, but she sure wanted to.

“Twelve.” She answered through her clenched teeth.

Rarity’s face plastered on an over-exaggerated smile at the response. “Twelve?! What a great year, if I do say so myself! Pinkie threw a party for my twelfth birthday this year as well! That was several moons ago, but I do still remember how much fun it was. Pinkie Pie can sure throw a party!”

“Ah have to agree,” said Applejack with a smile. That was the first time, Dash realized, she had ever seen Applejack smile. It was the kind of smile where the left side of her mouth lifted higher than the right, and her green eyes glossed over as she remembered the wonderful time she had. It made something inside Dash tingle, just at the tips of her ears and the tips of her hooves. It was just after that sensation, however, that she realized she had zoned-out.

“Huh?” Dash tilted her head, then shook it to clear it.

“Git out of the clouds, Rainbow Splash,” teased Applejack. “The party’s down here.”

Dash’s face felt hot with embarrassment. She had no idea what had gotten into her, and now it had gotten her the wrong kind of attention. She darted her eyes away from Applejack to Rarity, who was giving her a questioning look. There was no way to get out of this situation without making it worse. She had to bail.

“Well, then...” Dash struggled to find the right words, “Then if this lame thing is what you call a party here in this lame town, then I’m leaving!!”

“What?” Rarity’s eyes widened in confusion with the sudden change of subject.

“I said, I’m tired with hanging around you dorks!” shouted Rainbow Dash, gathering more confidence.

Just then, Pinkie Pie returned with a rainbow shake on a waitress platter.

“Hey Dashie! I brought your surprise milkshake! It’s--”

“Yeah, dorks!” Dash began to hover, ignoring the shake. “All of you in your little dork town!! I can’t stand it!”

All of her anger about moving, about being embarrassed, losing Gilda, and everything else broke through her seams, and Rainbow Dash let out one final scream:


She turned and burst through the swinging doors, the frantic cries of Pinkie Pie calling after her:

“Don’t forget your milkshake!!”

"Ah had felt so bad after you left, it had seemed to be all mah fault."

"In a way, you were the reason I bailed. But just not in the way you thought."

"Ah also didn't realize you moved THAT DAY. I should have been nicer."

"AJ, chill. The story's not over yet."

"Oh. Right."

Dash plopped herself on the empty bedroom floor with a thud. She was so angry at everything in the whole world. She walked over to her tiny window, where she saw the dull town that was now supposed to be her home. She saw all the cottages, the bakery, and what looked like a farm in the distance. Dash gritted her teeth.

She was angry with Applejack. If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have left the party. If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have been embarrassed. If it weren’t for her, she would be sipping that delicious-looking rainbow milkshake. As if on cue, Dash’s stomach growled. She face planted the window sill.

A soft knock came from the bedroom door.

“Go away,” Dash grumbled through the window sill.

The door opened, and Dad’s soft voice filled the empty room.

“Did somepony order room service?”

Dash lifted her head, and turned towards the doorway. There stood Dad, his wing balancing a gleaming rainbow milkshake.

“So...” Applejack’s gaze fell. “Is that when it started?”

“Maybe a little, but I still kinda hated your guts.” Rainbow Dash smirked a little.

“Well thanks,” said Applejack, returning the smirk. “What’s next?”

“The day I napped in your orchard.” Rainbow’s smirk grew to a playful smile.

“You were always one fer intrudin’,” Applejack chuckled.