by raritypie

Together at Last

"Pound Cake drop IT!"

"Nuh uh!" Pound Cake flew around the room with a spatula in his mouth.

"NOW mister! Get down."

Pound Cake continued to fly until he crashed into a bag of flour. He started to cry and Pumpkin laughed at the mess he had made.

"Aww don't cry. I know it hurts but you learned your lesson right?"

Pound Cake nodded and stopped crying.

"Okay guys. It's time to nap! No fits okay? Your parents will be home soon and I'd like them to come home to some well rested foals!"

I carried the babies upstairs in the nursery and tucked them in for their afternoon nap. I went back downstairs to clean the mess Pound had caused, when I was greeted with a familiar face.

"Hello Pinkie."

I looked and gasped. It was really him! He was in his mysterious outfit and everything!

"CHEESE! " I jumped off the stairs and hugged him tightly. I didn't know I missed him that much.

"Haha. I missed you too." He squeezed back and we stopped hugging.

"Soooo! Welcome back to Ponyville! Is there anything I can do for you?

"Oh..uh YES! Remember I told you about the party I was planning? I uh... needed some help. Your help specifically." He began to blush in embarrassment.

"Awww of course I'll help. Let's talk about it over chimicherry changas and Gummy's punch."

"What's that?"

"You'll see it when I bring it out."

I went to the kitchen, and brought out a tray of the chimicherry changas. Gummy laid in the punch I made. "Hehehe that's enough Gummy." Gummy latched onto my mane and I brought out two cups of punch and the tray of chimicherry changas.

"Ta Da! Here's the chimicherry changas. I put extra cherries and just a drop of hot sauce. "

"Oh! It makes the sweetness pop!"

"That's right! Hey... How did you know that?"

"My mother put hot sauce in everything sweet. Chocolate Milk, desserts, fruits, Peanut Butter and Jelly, you name it she put hot sauce in it."

"I never thought about that. That sounds delicious."

"It sure was." Cheese bit into his first changa and gave me a surprise look.

"This is incredible!" He continued to eat the tray of chimicherry changas until the plate was empty.

"If you're thirsty have some Gummy Punch!"

"Hm.... this is amazing! It's sweet yet sour. How did you do this?"

"Oh gummy relaxes in the punch."

"Really? How cool! I never knew alligator scales could be so helpful.

It was at that moment I realized how amazing he was. Nobody ever likes the punch Gummy and I make. He didn't even spit it out! He also loves my chimicherry changas. None of my friends cared for it but he did. I could honestly say now that I really like Cheese.

"Okay so tell me about the party."

"Well I'm planning a wedding for a famous couple. Do you know Starstruck and Magnolia?"

"Yeah! The singer and the painter. All of Equestria knows about it."

"Well I'm the planner and I was hoping.....""Yes?" I didn't know what would ask. Perhaps for more changas?

"T-that you'd host this one with me."

I spat out my drink in surprise. It got all over Cheese and he smirked.

"Hehehehehe *snort* I'm sorry Cheese. Let me wipe it off! "

"Sure? On second thought I'm fine. So will you help me?

"Of course I will! I hope you don't think I was laughing at you. I was caught by surprise by your proposal."

"It's fine. I'm glad we can work together."

"So tell me more about the couple."

"Well we had a meeting on Sunday morning. Magnolia likes sweets and Starstruck likes apples. They can't decide on food or what kind of cake to have."

"Hmmmm that's a doozy of a problem. However we can easily fix it. My friend Applejack runs the local farm which specializes in apples and its baked goods. I'm sure if we ask her it'll be no problem!"

"Awesome. They also don't know what type of wedding to have. Starstruck wants a big wedding. Magnolia wants a quiet and simple wedding.

"Oh my. That's really hard."

"Also I have an appointment with them next week. The meeting didn't go so well so I'll have to go to Manehattan again next week."


"Don't worry Pinkie! Remember you're helping with this! You should come too."


"Of course. You'll need to meet the couple too."

"It sounds like fun! I can't wait to meet them."

A few minutes later, the twins started to cry.

"Hold on Cheese. I have to get the foals."

"Um okay. Wait what?!"

I galloped up the stairs to get the babies. "Come on guys time to get up!" Pumpkin teleported downstairs and Pound flew.

"Um Pinkie? Are these foals yours?"

Pumpkin and Pound Cake held tightly onto Cheese's legs.

"Hehehe no silly! They're my bosses kids. I'm just watching them until they get back. Which should be in about an hour."

"Oh okay then! Do you know of any hotels in the area?"

"There's the hay and stay across the road. It's a really nice hotel and plus its only a few steps from Sugarcube Corner!"

"That sounds perfect. Thanks. I'm quite tired from today's events so I'll see you tomorrow.

"Bye Cheese!"

"Bye Pinkie!"

We waved until we couldn't see each other anymore. A few minutes later, the Cakes arrived.

"Um Pinkie who was that stallion who just walked out?" Asked Mrs.Cake. Mr. Cake went to clean Pound's flour mess.

"Just a friend Mrs.Cake."

"A coltfriend perhaps?"


But I wish he was.