by raritypie

Constant Thoughts

It's been one year since our ultimate party. I just can't get her off my mind... I plopped my head into my pillow and wondered.

"Does she even think about me? Ugh... probably not. After the way I treated her? There's no way she likes me." I sat in a solemn silence as I stared at the ceiling of my hotel room.

"I was such a jerk...."Boneless 2 ! Do you think I'm a meanie?" I waited for a reply but none was given. "I guess so." I then began to pace.

"Even if she wants to see me...How could we? I'm in Manehattan! A gazillion miles away from her. I guess I'll focus on making this party as epic as any party could be."

I went to the desk to start my plans.

"Okey Dokey! This party is a wedding party, for one of Equestria's hottest couples. Starstruck and Magnolia." Starstruck was a famous, world renowned singer and Magnolia was a painter."

"Where do I even begin? Decorations, of course! " I thought long and hard about it. How can something so simple be SO hard! Ugh. I started to doodle. Cupcakes,balloons, hearts...Pinkie's poofy mane... wait what? Okay back on task Cheese!

"I guess on to the catering and I'll work my way up! Hmmmm. Starstruck likes anything with apples. Magnolia likes sweets. Hmm.... I stared at my notepad until I figured it all out. "wait.... Pinkie ! " Thanks to the doodles, I remembered. Pinkie is a baker and a party planner! I could get help from her... It's a good excuse to see her. I just hope she wants to see me.

I tore a page out and began to write a letter.

"Dear Pinkie Pie, I am in need of your assistance. I'm planning a party in Manehattan and I am in desperate need of your party skills. I would love for us to cooperate with each other once more. I'll be back in Ponyville soon to pick up supplies. Your friend, Cheese Sandwich."

Anxiously, I put the letter in a envelope. I then put the letter in a mailbox within the hotel lobby. I really hope she answers. Eventually I returned to my room and was welcomed with darkness. I laid on the bed and tried to rid myself of those thoughts.

"Does she care? Will she care? Does she like me as much as I like her?"

I guess I'll find out the answers. If she reads my letter. I guess a good night's rest will help. I closed my eyes and hoped to wake up to a better day.