Aurora: The End of Beginnings.

by WinterLune

Chapter 9 - Time Holds Grudges, Forever

Aurora: The End of Beginnings
Chapter 9
Time Holds Grudges, Forever.

Honestly, I was a little surprised that Twilight had known it was me right off the bat being the last time she had seen me was when I was still gray in color (my guess behind the color before was that it was an extra effect from being sealed away for so long that the colors had faded from the drawing). But again I was in a good deal of trouble not only for running away from school and now showing up again for a whole day and a half but also for, not breaking as Twilight told me, but for dislocating Diamond Tiaras leg and it twisting around causing damage to the muscle around the joint.

Thankfully it didn’t seem like Derpy had to pay any medical bills for her, Diamond Tiaras father, Filthy Rich, ended up paying for everything himself saying something on the lines of. ”I’m not going to have that ditsy mare pay for such a thing, besides I’m sure she would most likely lose the money just taking it to the bank to have it transferred.” The only reason I even knew that was because Twilight had escorted me home just a few minutes after giving me a harsh scolding and we both ended up hearing the rather one sided argument about what happened.

Of course, though, I ended up being banned from school for the week so things would cool off and told to stay home for a while. Naturally I figured out a slight way around that, as I made sure to ask Derpy If I could go visit the library every so often; she was hesitant as first but let me go once I reminded her about my memory problems and that the more I know about Equestria the better off I was, though I didn’t tell her that I had my memories back learning more about the time I was in would still be of some use to me.

So then we some to now, with me lazily sitting on a chair in Twilights library kitchen with another one of those lollipops that was in her refrigerator while reading a book on the more recent histories of Equestria. Amazing how much had changed in the thousands of years since the war with Jashiin, though not surprisingly I hadn’t found a single record of that war in her library.

I did however reluctantly ask Twilight if she had ever read anything about a war that happened in the distant past but the only thing she told me was about a draconequus named Discord that had been turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony but since then had been “reformed” and befriended by Fluttershy. Naturally I asked if there was any way to learn about things that happened even farther back into the past, though, her answer was a bit perplexing.

“Any information about the past dating that far back would be kept at the library in Canterlot Castle, in fact I’ve even asked the Princesses about it myself but they always tell me it’s best that I don’t know. But I guess if you really want to know that badly I guess I could always ask Spike to send a letter with my regards though don’t expect a miracle.”

I gave an equally perplexing answer, “That would be great, though I would rather write the letter myself without your name on it.”

She gave me a confused look but brought an ink quill and paper just the same, “Once you’re ready to send it just ask for Spike, he’s in the kitchen at the moment making lunch.” She then walked out of the room leaving me with the things she gave me.

It didn’t take all that long to figure out what I needed to say to get what I needed, because if I remembered correctly both Princess Luna and Celestia both know me already. A slight bit of irony also popped into my mind; I was almost as old as they were by all respects, I had just been sealed away for all those years much like Luna had been sent to the moon, in fact they were the ones that had sealed me to begin with along with my mother Aurora.

I quickly glanced around the room to make sure I was alone to use my magic, then levitated it up and went to work writing down what I needed to say.

“Dear Princesses Luna and Celestia, this is going to sound a bit strange but I need to speak with the both of you as soon as possible about the war with Jashiin that happened several thousand years ago regarding my mother and your friend Aurora.

Your old friend, Vail Aurora Esprit.”
I knew this alone wouldn’t get their attention alone as they would most likely think it just a prank from someone with knowledge they shouldn’t have so I grabbed the “Seal Drawing” from my pack and rolled it up with the letter as proof of who I was then put it in my pack so I wouldn’t need to use my magic to carry it then went into the kitchen to find spike rummaging through the refrigerator like he was looking for something.

I asked the obvious, “Are you looking for something Spike?”

“Yeah I’m trying to find that gemstone lollipop I saved for myself today, not like anyone else aside me could eat such a thing.” He remarked.

I only then remembered about the lollipop I still had in my mouth then grabbed the stick and held it out, “This wouldn't happen to be yours would it?”

He took his head out of the refrigerator to look at what I was holding then looked back at me in slight shock at what he was looking at, “You do realize that only dragons eat gemstones right?”

I shook my head then put the lollipop back into my mouth and crunched down onto it biting a rather good sized chunk off of it. “Tastes like purple.”

Spike just looked at me dumbfounded by the absurdity of something other than a dragon was eating a gemstone lollipop right in front of him, and in fact also knew what flavor that gem was as well.

I just shrugged mentally then took the letter out from my bag and held it in front of him,” Anyways, I need you to send this letter to Luna for me.”

Spike was still staring at me so I lightly taped the letter onto his head to get his attention, “Huh what? Oh right letter to send.” He then took the letter out of my hoof and held it into the air and took a deep breath then breathed out a light green fire onto the letter; I half expected it to burst out into flames but in fact the letter still remained in his claws, slightly shimmering. “That’s odd; it normally sends the first time I do that.” He tried a second time; the same thing happened again the letter just lightly shimmering.

“Well that’s weird; maybe my spell fire just isn’t working today.” He said, tapping the letter on his chin in thought.

“Spell fire?” I asked, interested in the spell part.

“Yeah it’s something I use specially as a Mage Dragon since I was hatched by a Unicorn, well hatched by Twilight actually, I can’t normally breath fire like other dragons so I made myself a spell to breath it instead. Twilight doesn’t know that part though so, um, if you could not tell her that part I would appreciate it.” Spike said, reminding me that I also had something about myself different then most any-pony else as well; my own hidden magic I hadn’t shown to any-pony or dragon.

I sat on the floor in front of spike thinking about spell fire, it sounded cool and hot at the same time, the kind of fire that could be controlled by the amount of magic you put into it and changed in nature to suit the user to do a wide verity of things; like sending letters quickly as example.

“Have you ever seen a unicorn use something like it before?” I asked my curiosity rising to a high point.

“Not yet I haven’t so far I think I’m the only one that can use it. I’m not sure I could teach it either even if it’s rather simple to use.” Spike mentioned, I was glad he said simple to use. I was tempted to give it a shot myself.

“How much magic do you normally put into the spell anyway, out of curiosity?” I asked, still wondering about the spell.

“I’m not sure actually, though I think Twilight may have a machine in the basement that could tell us if you’re that interested in knowing.” Spike then pointed out a door in the main library room; I nodded and said that would be cool. We both when down into the basement not a moment later; spike also yelled upstairs to Twilight where we were going and she just said, “Just don’t break anything!” The letter had also been put back into my bag

The basement was filled with all sorts of interesting machines, chemistry sets, and mathematical boards of equations that would confuse almost any-pony at all. We stopped at a large transparent screen with a machine next to it that read –magical test waiting- as well as names and numbers below, one of them being Twilight herself with a number next to it reading –Mana 237-.

“Guess this is it then.” Spike announced while looking at the data on the screen. I was looking at the board next to it reading on how to use the machine.

“Apparently you have to type your name onto the keys and then place your hoof or claws onto the screen, then it reads your mana amount and you can cast spells onto it and it will tell you how much mana you used to use it; heck helpful machine she made.” I stated out loud; spike typed his name into the machine then placed his claws onto the screen.

The screen showed his mana not a moment later for a total of about 63, after that he used his spell fire on the screen. Surprisingly enough the screen flickered up a number and showed he had only used one point of his mana.

“I didn’t think that my spell worked that well but I guess I did a pretty good job making it!” Spike exclaimed obviously happy with the result, but then again I was also wondering about myself; the only problem was that I would have to tell spike I could use magic.

“Hey Spike, you can keep a secret right? It’s kind of important.” I asked while typing my own actual name into the machine. I had a feeling that I may have figured out his spell fire spell when I watch him do it for a third time.

“No reason why not. What’s up?” He asked.

I placed my hoof onto the screen. “I can use magic too.”

The machine started to make a weird sound the second I put my hoof onto the screen but after a minute or two it showed something that perplexed me, nothing but question marks sat next to my name.

“What do you mean you can use magic? I thought only Alicorns and Unicorns and a few other creatures could?” Spike questioned confused by what I said.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure I know either.” I stated, “But I do know I need that letter sent more than anything else right now, even if I have to send it myself.” With that said I flared up my magic and stood back from the screen a ways before taking a deep breath laced with magic and my will to cast the spell then blew out as hard as I could.

Before I had even a chance to know what I saw in front of me a gigantic blue fireball smashed into the screen at full force, the machine next to it started smoking and making a loud noise as if It couldn't comprehend what it was trying to read; Twilight came galloping down the basement stares not a moment after the loud noise started. Remnants of the fireball could still be seen on the screen by the time she got down to where the both of us were standing.

“What the heck just happened down here?!” Twilight exclaimed while looking at the both of us and then back to the screen, looking shaken from the noise that she heard coming from the machine as it tried to process my magic. She then looked back to me and started to stare.

“Sorry about the machine. But why are you staring at me like that?” I said, staring back her.

“Take a look for yourself.” She said, pointing at my flank.

I took a quick glance back at where she pointed to find a new mark on my flank of a blue and white burning heart that looked almost like it was flickering slightly, like it was happy to find its home. I looked back at Twilight to see her smiling at me.

“Apparently you just got your cutie mark for something, though what I’m confused about is what it represents though I’m guessing it has something to do with why my machine decided to overload.” She said, still looking at me like I had something to say.

“Well I guess the cat is out of the bag now, so I guess I should start with the fact I can use magic and apparently breathe fireballs.” I said after a little while; I would have rather not told Twilight that but explaining why her equipment just burned out would have been near impossible if I didn't.

“That can’t be right, only Unicorns and Alicorn can use magic, and you are obviously a Pegasus it’s physically impossible that you would be able to use magic aside for walking on clouds.” Twilight said still looking at me with question.

“You’re just going to have to believe me on this one Twilight, that’s also the reason I needed to send that letter to the princesses about the past before Discord. What I can do falls under that at the moment.” I took a quick glance to my bag to take out the letter only to find it was gone; maybe a bit of the fireball I casted got caught onto it and sent the letter? Only time could tell I guess.

“And believe her you should Twilight, and I should say it is pleasing to see you again Vail.” A voice said from the shadows, only to show none other than Princess Luna walk into the room from seemingly nowhere.

“Princess Luna!” Twilight and Spike exclaimed, bowing their heads in respect; I simply nodded, I somewhat expected one of the Princesses to show up after the letter was sent but I didn’t expect it to be so soon after.

“Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon, your greetings are welcome, as is yours
Vail it has indeed been a very long time. Or at least, a few days since we last spoke.” Luna remarked while gesturing to follower upstairs; I followed along with Twilight and Spike.

“You will be coming with us to Canterlot Castle with post haste, we have much to discuss and less time to discuss then I had thought. For you see, time always holds a grudge on those that go against it.”

“He is waking up.”