Gravity of the Situation

by DJSkywalker

Shifting Attitudes

Have you ever just had one of those days? Well, I’m having one right now, and believe me, it is just freakin’ messed up! Let’s start where my day began, shall we? Okay, so after returning to my castle (yes ‘mine’; if Celestia wants it she has to come and take it!), I retired to my new bedroom, collapsing on the bed asleep almost immediately. After what felt like ten seconds of amazing sleep, I start getting attacked. No, not by nevi (oh, how I would have loved for it to have been nevi). No, just a bunch of random junk falling out of a portal above my bed! So much crap fell on my head, felt like I was in a freakin’ hail storm with baseballs! Okay, so it wasn’t all that much, but it freakin’ hurt!
Now fully awake, I decided to go through my new treasures. Picking one up, I got a similar sensation that I had not too long ago. Then it clicked, these were the summoning items of the other, oh what was it that that alchemist called them? Ah, Displaced, that’s right! So many others. Since I had no place for them, I decided to make a trophy shelf near my bed for all of them. There was the coin Auric gave me, a bronze coin with some angel on the front and the back reading the ‘king of angels’ (which is weird), a black token, a book, a chain (why do I feel I should hide that one in a closet?), a soapstone, and a weird ice cube. Strange collection that’s for sure.
And then there was this tube. I was truly curious as it didn’t give off an aura like the others. I opened it up to find a folder inside and a note written by… oh joy, it was Mr. Fulcrum himself. Apparently it’s an instruction book for either sending me home or to keep me here for all eternity. While going home is completely off the table, making sure nothing else invades this planet could be handy later on. So, I did what most eighteen year olds do with important documents, shove it in a drawer and hope you remember where you put it when ya need it. Okay, so technically I’m not eighteen anymore, but I’m crazy; sue me!
Shaking off my headache from having objects dropped on me in the middle of the night, I figured that I need to come up with some sort of plan for what to do now. I kinda wanted to go see where some of those items came from, just to satisfy my curiosity, but there was a couple other pressing matters that needed to be attended to. One was that there was still a gravitational disturbance above my bed that could still have potential summons coming my way. I need to find a way to move it or contain it so it stops waking me up. And the second and most important thing on that list was that I needed some new clothes! Those blasted nevi went put tears and holes in my outfit! I haven’t had tears this bad since I got into a scuffle with a griffin butcher that had been drafted for the war. Yeesh, I know now what it feels like to be a cow on the slaughter line! That dude was bucking crazy!
What? Yeah, I said ‘bucking’, it’s a pony term, so what? You wanna fight about it? Nah, just joking, but I did pick up on some of the vernacular after living with them for nearly two hundred and fifty years. Certain things just stick, like curse words. They’re fun! Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right, new clothes. I really hope that pony tailors have gotten better over the years. The only thing they could do way back when was repair this stupid outfit time after time. They even got lazy doing that and just used a duplication spell on it so they wouldn’t have to keep repairing the same one! Only one problem, though. I have no idea how to take care of any of that.
Hmm, maybe that ‘Ponyville’ place could be of some help? I wasn’t really sure because of the way I had left. I did act kinda bitchy towards those ponies, even though they were just trying to be nice. Maybe if I go back and apologize, they’ll help me out? That might work, though it would probably better to not do it with them in a group. Going one by one outta work out better in my favor, right? I sure as hell hoped so.
Well, after getting in a few more hours of sleep, being woken up by the sun of all things (damn that floating fireball!), I decided to get crackin’ on a few things. Mainly on better modes of transportation. I have always flown everywhere, and I still enjoy it, really, it’s just that it takes forever! I need to master this new way I came up with. I call it the ‘Worm Hole’. Means exactly how it sounds. I will attempt to bend gravity to the point where I can literally walk to where I need to be. The problem is that it is extremely difficult and only theoretical at this point. Whelp, no time like the present. I put both my hands flat out in front of me and concentrated. I focused on the location that I wanted to go and tried to tear my way through to it using gravity manipulation. I reached out grabbed…something and began to pull and stretch. Next thing I know, I am flat on face on a wood floor. I got up, rubbing my bruised nose, and looked around to find myself in some place familiar. It was that library I was in the other night. Twilight’s house.
I did a quick little celebratory dance where I stood. The library was exactly where I had wanted to go. The worm hole worked! Oh man was I happy! Now I just needed to work on that landing and we’d be good to go. Work, work, work, it’s all I do. Le sigh. Now to find the owner of this fair establishment. Now you may be wondering why I came to the library. Well, I knew immediately that Twilight was a scholar of some kind, being Celestia’s student was a dead giveaway, and most scholars focused mainly on magical theories and applications. So who else would I come to figure out how to contain a portal to other universe? Yes, I know the princesses could probably help with, but we’ve been over why I can’t do that, now haven’t we?
Back to reality (man do I need to stop talking to myself; this can’t be healthy), I started to rummage through some of the books. Mainly just skimming over the titles, looking for something interesting until the owner came down from her bedroom. The sun was only just beginning to rise above the horizon, so she had to still be asleep. I found one book that interested me called Daring Do. Based on the description, she seemed like a cross between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Sounded interesting enough, so I made myself comfy in the back on the library and began to read.

*****Twilight’s POV*****

Today was going to be a good day, I could feel it. After a blissful sleep, I was awakened this morning by my teacher’s beautiful sun, its rays shining through the blinds on my window. I arose and looked around my room, noticing a certain little dragon still sound asleep in his basket. I giggled a little as I watched him for a moment; he’s cute when he’s sleeping. After taking a quick shower, making sure Spike had enough hot water, I began to head down stairs for a nice breakfast.
It was usually Spike’s job for breakfast, but it’s good to make one’s own food every now and again. It also gave me some time for my thoughts. They focused mainly on Kat Shifter. I can understand her anger, I truly can. If anypony were to take Spike from me forever, I might be tempted to following in her footsteps, but there has to be another way. I let out a sigh, wanting very much to help the poor girl, even when she could be quite cruel when she wanted to be. After Celestia told us that Kat was a goddess to the dragons, I had decided to conduct some more research on the mysterious ‘Gravity’. Unfortunately, all I could dig up was mere rumors, legends, and speculations about her. Only Kat herself would be able to approve or disprove any of them, but I highly doubt she would ever come back here.
Suddenly, I heard a strange sound coming from deep within my library. It was the sound of a gasp. That meant only one thing: somepony was in the library! Maybe it’s a burglar! Or maybe a…uh….uh, *gulp* I can’t even say the word. Crime is extremely low in Equestria, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Cautiously and with my horn lit, I walked the aisles of my home/work, looking for who had broken in. I heard another sound, but I couldn’t make this one out. It came from just around the corner, so I edged myself closer and closer to the turn. I just peeked my head out around the corner and nearly had my jaw fall on the floor.
Stretched out on the floor of my library was none other than the elusive human herself. In front of her lay a book, but I couldn’t make out which one it was. That is, until she started talking aloud.
“Come on Daring, you can do it!” Kat said in a loud whisper, her eyes glued to the book. “Yes! Take that you stupide overgrown cat! You got nothing on this girl, Ahuizotl!”
I, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The great being who was threatening her mentor and the princesses of her country, was laying right in front her, engrossed in a Daring Do. That happy smile on her face as she read, the gasps she was making as Daring kept getting into trouble. If I didn’t know any better, I would say I was watching a young filly. It was just so strange seeing Kat like this that it actually made me giggle, quite loudly in fact. Kat looked up from her book to see me giggling at her and I stopped as soon as I noticed her staring. We stared at each other for what felt like hours, neither of us knowing what to say. That was until Kat smiled sheepishly and waved at me.
“Hi again, Miss Sparkle.”

*****Kat’s POV*****


“’Hi again, Miss Sparkle’? That was really the best I could come up with?! Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Well, I may have just ruined my chances here. I wasn’t expecting that book to be so thrilling. Finally ponies made books interesting! Took ‘em long enough, but I digress. Need to focus on the scholarly unicorn in front of me, the one whose house I broke into.
“Sorry for, you know, coming in without notice,” I said shyly. It was more out of being embarrassed about being caught so easily then actually being shy, though. Her earlier giggling also didn’t help keep the red blush from my face, either.
“N-no it’s okay,” Twilight responded the same way. Though, I suspect it was more out of fear than anything else. After another few moments of awkward silence, she spoke again. “So, um, why are you here? I you don’t mind me asking?”
That caught me off guard. I was actually expecting her to start panicking or something. Wait, what was I here for again? . . . Oh! I remember now! Stupid book, made me all scatterbrained! I’m kidding, Daring, I love you! Okay, enough fangirling, need to focus. “Oh, um, I was wondering if maybe you could help me out, Miss Sparkle. I could really use some help.”
“What kind of help?” Twilight asked suspiciously.
“Well, one, I need help in moving a magic portal and I was hoping you would know a little bit about how to do that. And the more important number two being that I could really use a tailor.”
Twilight looked at me aghast. Why? No idea. “How are clothes more important than magical research!?” she screeched at me. So that’s why. “What kind of portal is it? Where does it lead? How does it work? Tell. Me. Everything!”
Okay, I think I just walked on to the set of a mad scientist’s TV show. “Um, I thought that maybe you could just point me to a book on the subject or—“
“No! This my field of expertise!” Twilight pulls out a notebook and quill with her magic and sits down in front of me. “Now tell me about this ‘portal’.”
There are no words with how strange this is for me. Aw, to heck with it. “Okay, um, well it’s a portal that is connected to the void between the worlds. Last night it dropped a bunch of crap on me, as it somehow positioned itself above my bed.”
“Now when you say it’s connected to other worlds, you mean…”
“Yeah, others like me. Auric called us Displaced, which kinda fits.”
“Now were you wanting to close it?”
“No, I want to move it so that it’s not over my bed. I need some way to either move it or contain it. Any suggestions?”
“Well, I have a few books that speaks about the theories of the multiverse and other worlds, but I would need to see the portal before giving a proper diagnosis.”
I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Wow, you seem really on top of this.”
She smiled at my praise. “My special talent is magic, after all. I need to be versed in all manner of magical theories and practices.”
“Cool!” “Maybe she could help me master a few of my new tricks? As long as I don’t buck this up, that is.
I think Twilight suddenly realized who she was talking to as she began to shake. “Um, can I get y-you anything, Miss Shifter?”
“Ugh, Miss Sparkle?”
“There is no reason for you to fear me. I have defended ponies since I came to Equestria, and I am not going to stop just because of two of your species. Look, I’m really sorry for how I acted the other day. It wasn’t very becoming of me and it was highly rude. That’s not how you treat friends.”
“Y-you think of us as friends?” she asked with bewilderment.
I smiled. “Well, I’d like to. If you’ll have me.”
“B-but you want to kill my teacher! How could we--.” I interrupted her by putting up my hand.
“Twilight, I have rescinded that decision. I am no longer going to kill the Princesses. It would be disastrous for this country if I did and I can’t put others at risk because of my revenge.” She didn’t have to know that wasn’t entirely true, so let’s keep that a secret for now.
“R-really!” she beamed happily at me. “Oh this is so great, Kat! I can’t wait to tell the Princesses that you—“
“Actually, Twilight, I’m not quite ready to meet them again. Not yet, okay?”
Twilight deflated a little, but still gave me a small smile. “Okay Kat. But will you at least tell the others?”
“I don’t think that’s a bad idea,” I answered with a small smile of my own. “But, back to the more pressing matter, I really need new clothes,” I said while displaying my ripped and torn outfit.
“How is that the more pressing matter?” Twilight asked confused. Ah right, ponies don’t understand the human need for clothing. They only need it for being fancy or for winter wear.
“Well, um, humans need clothing, unlike ponies. My kind are a little more ‘exposed’ to the elements as it were. Clothing rectifies this.”
“Intimately exposed,” I corrected myself. Twilight suddenly blushed at what I was implying.
“Oh, oh wow. That’s, um, well that’s something alright.” I think I may have broken her through embarrassment. Is that possible? “My friend Rarity is a dress maker. The best in Ponyville, she should be able to help you, I think.” Suddenly both our stomachs grumbled, causing us to both blush. “After breakfast that is.”
“Sounds like a plan!” I jumped up and followed Twilight to the kitchen, where a certain purple dragon was already cooking.
“There you are Twilight! I thought you would already…what is she doing here?” Spike asked angrily while pointing a spoon at me.
“Spike, enough. Kat is here to apologize and I have already forgiven her. Isn’t that right?”
“Mm hmm,” I nod. Sniffing the air, I swear I almost started drooling. “Mmm, what is that delicious smell?”
“Pancakes, of course,” Spike said, still with his arms crossed. Got give him an ‘A’ for effort, at least. I couldn’t have cared about his attitude, though, once he mentioned the greatest breakfast imaginable.
“Pancakes? You guys have pancakes!?” I think I did drool because now they were extremely weary of me.
“Yes?” Twilight asked hesitantly. “Is that a bad thing?”
“Not in the least. I haven’t had pancakes since before I came to Equestria! Oh, please let me have some, Mr. Spike. I didn’t mean what I said, I swears it!” I was on my knees begging this hatchling for food. Was this really necessary? For pancakes, I would destroy this very planet. That’s how serious this is!
“You really love pancakes don’t you?” Twilight giggled to me as I stood back up.
“You have no idea,” I smiled in return. After an amazingly delicious breakfast, Twilight thought it was time to sneak me over to Rarity’s. Spike wanted to come to, and for some reason there were hearts in his eyes. I tried gravity sense and had to shut it down almost immediately. There is such a things as too much love, dude. And I thought the alchemist had it bad, yeesh! I didn’t want to sneak, but my worm hole only works if I know the place I’m going to or at least a general location and since I hadn’t been to this ‘Carousel Boutique’, I had to be stealthy.
Once we were out the door, I powered up and floated, on my stomach, close to the ground. I now know what it is like to be a fish. I bobbed and weaved around, though there were very few ponies out, being this early in the morning. Took about ten minutes, and a few falls into some alleys, but we finally made it to the boutique. Even looks like it belongs at a carnival! The place was tall, had prancing ponies up top and was all around girly. I think I’m gonna be sick, girly is not my style. I need power, poise, and style. This ain’t it.
I still found myself dragged into the shop anyways, a bell going off as soon as we were through the door. Inside was a bunch of pony mannequins that were wearing dresses of intricate design. I may not be a dress kind of girl, but even I know when to appreciate talent. Rarity certainly had plenty of that.
“Welcome to Carousel Boutique!” came a posh voice from up the stairs. The purple maned unicorn comes trotting down the stairs, looking as regal as ever. “Where everything is chic, unique, and…oh Twilight and Spike! Good to see you come by and with…Kat?! Whatever are you doing here?!”
“Calm down, Rarity,” Twilight urged. “Kat came back to apologize and she has a favor to ask of you.”
“Really?” Rarity asks.
“Yeah,” I reply with a sheepish smile. “I am really sorry for how I acted the other night and I was hoping you could do a big thing for me.”
“And what would that be darling?”
I got down on one knee and bowed my head to her. “Madam Rarity, I humbly request the creation of new garments for mine self to wear.” Everyone seemed taken aback by my little speech. I smirked a little at that, but kept it hidden; Luna taught me well.
“You want me to make you a new outfit?” Rarity asked, a small glimmer of light in her eyes. She was intrigued by the prospect, I just know it.
“Why yes, Madam Rarity. As you can plainly see my current wear has been dreadfully ruined and I am in the need of a new attire. If you are wondering why I don't just simply remove them, well it’s because humans require themselves to be clothed constantly. It’s a cultural thing.” That’s not technically a lie. Rarity’s eyes grew wide and they shined like freshly polished diamonds.
“Oh my goodness!” She leapt towards me, causing me to stand upright again as she began to circle around me like a bird of prey. She narrowed her eyes at certain points, muttering to herself, and examined and scrutinized every inch of my being. Rarity once again found herself right in front of me, with a hoof on her chin in thought. Then she gasped loudly and yelled, “IDEEEAAA!!!”
I felt myself pulled forward by her magic and placed onto a circular platform in the middle of the store. Rarity magicked up a long measuring tape and began to wrap it everywhere around my body. “Now tell me, darling,” Rarity said making conversation, “what is your personal style?”
“Well, I’m what some might call a tomboy. Not really one for being prim and proper like yourself. I need to look awesome, powerful, and cool. Something that just screams to the world around me that I can kick some butt!” I was smiling proudly, but Rarity just seemed a little disappointed.
“I see. That is something I could do, but you would look so much lovelier in a nice, white sundress. Are you certain about what you want?” She was almost pleading with me.
“Yes, I’m certain. But, if I am pleased with it, I may just come back sometime for that sundress.” Rarity perked right up and clapped her hooves.
“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! I have such great ideas for you Kat, such great ideas!” She started pulling down fabrics and color swatches, levitating them around me with finesse. I have to admit, her levitation skills are to be admired. Maybe I should come to her when I choose to focus more on training my stasis field. Who knows how much more I could be able to do with it after learning from this master?
It was about another hour later before Rarity had finished making me a new outfit and it couldn’t have been better. I was staring in awe at what the fashion mare had created. It was just so awesome! I put it on almost as soon as she said I could. When I walked back out of the changing room, I once again felt like me. That costume was cute, but I need to show the power inside me and this definitely did the trick. I had on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of grey jeans, with the best part being the faux leather jacket. The jacket was the same black color as the old costume with gold bands going down either side of the zipper on the front and back as well as around the cuffs. Just as awesome was the matching boots she made for me which I knew were gonna make my kicks even more powerful, plus I no longer had to worry about heels. I looked just plain awesome!
“Rarity! This has to be the greatest outfit I have ever seen, let alone worn! I feel like such a powerhouse! Oh yeah, those nevi are gonna fear me now!” I admired myself in the mirror making all kinds of poses, while the others looked at me weird.
“Nevi? What are those?” asked Twilight.
“These strange creatures that have been popping up in certain places. They appear from gravity storms and attack anything and everything. Nasty little buggers.” Then I felt it, another disturbance far away. Another gravity storm. “Well, I hate to just run out on you girls, but I just felt another storm appear. I’ll be back as soon as I can!” I covered myself in my aura and began to tear another worm hole.
“What are you doing!?” Twilight cried in a panic.
“Teleporting, Shifter style!” I called back. Once again, I fell through without even noticing, only this time I was above a city that looked extremely familiar. I was in Manehattan, and it was under attack by nevi! I smiled, knowing this would be the perfect start to my plan. “Well Manehattan, prepare to meet the Gravity Queen!” I flew forward into the city, prepared to do some damage.