In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Ch. 4: Sowing The Seeds of... (v.1)

She was rather odd; the Harbormaster. She darted her eyes to us both and within moments of leaving, flung her papers to the desk. "Parnce. Three barrels of grass seed and cider."

As the dark gray "Prince" lips began to move, she rose from her desk and placed her hoof to his mouth. "All commerce matters must be handled by either a country's delegate, or the ship captain himself." Her glance was fixated on me as she spoke. "State your profession, time travelled to and from... and your boarding papers."

I, in the first time of my Princehood stood dumbfounded, void of thought. All my years of believing my inner strenght was my keen guile, and here I was mouth agape at Equestria's eccentric Harbormaster. I had become rather lax, I had always been able to get what I needed by regality alone, no one ever questioned my needs in Parnce.

"As I was going to say Sea Quill." Umbra cleared his throat. "This here is a very special goat, who spent his family's money and his time to travel here. He doesn't have time for the facts and papers. Just know that Parnce needs him back as soon as possible." As the stallion spoke I watched his eyes lock to hers, and when I finally figured out what he was doing, I looked down in disgust. "What a sickening use of power." I remember mumbling. The harbormaster's eyes watered as she swept the papers clean off her desk and started writing feverishly on a blank piece of parchment, and then gave a pound of her stamp. She became a bumbling mess, her sclera still green as she chanted her apologies to us. Umbra roped a forearm around me and pushed me along.

"Relax Prince. This might have been a change in plan, but this letter will give you a free pass to see them. Don't waste it." Umbra whispered to me. He was trying rather hard to hide his enjoyment after brainwashing that poor mare, Sea Quill. I was trying my hardest to forget what he had done to Sea Quill, soon my mind graced me with a new fixation; What purpose did Umbra have in helping me? He couldn't have cared about me or my country's needs. He seemed like the type to use those around him, and I was sure he had a plan for me that I didn't want any part of. In my thoughts I had all but forgotten that I had been aimlessly walking through Canterlot, and as I turned my head Umbra was gone. He was either lost in the sea of Pony faces or had gone his own way with or without telling me, either way I was alone now. I grasped my chest as my heart's beat hastened steadily. I scanned their faces, their eyes... Somepony was trying to read my thoughts.

I could feel their alien power digging into my core. It was thick like a ship's tar, and as bitter cold as a scorned lover's desires. I forced my eyes to stay open, for if they closed the intruder could have complete control of my mind. The pain was becoming unbearable. I forced all my power to my legs and ran, ran as fast as I could to the darkest parts of Canterlot's alleyways. The pain was receding, like the grasp at my thoughts and I sighed a breath of relief, I had outrun my intruder.