Walking Through Fire

by SPark


“I didn't know you liked curry,” said Twilight, smiling across the table at Celestia.

“I quite enjoy it. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you love it,” replied Celestia with a wink, “given your affinity for heat.”

Twilight grinned broadly. “I do like it spicy. You though, how can you possibly have ordered the mildest thing on the menu? I would think that you'd like it spicy as well!”

“I don't think I need to add any more heat to my life,” said Celestia wryly.

“Hm. Yes...” Twilight broke into a grin, “You're already more than hot enough.” She punctuated her declaration by wiggling her eyebrows at Celestia.

Celestia let out an involuntary snort of laughter at the ridiculous expression on Twilight's face. Twilight giggled in delight. It it felt amazing to stop automatically stomping on thoughts like that, and even better to let them free.

They laughed and flirted and chatted until their food came, after which both alicorns devoted themselves to appreciating the meal.

When they had cleaned their plates, Twilight sat back with a replete sigh. Celestia echoed it. “That was quite delicious.”

The waitress trotted up to their table and offered the pair a smile. She'd been a consummate professional about having a pair of princesses turn up at a curry joint of no particular fame in the lower part of Canterlot. “Can I interest you in dessert?” she asked.

Celestia straightened just a bit. “I do believe you can. I'll have the mango sorbet.”

“I believe I'll have the kheer,” said Twilight.

“I'll be right back with those,” said the waitress, who trotted off, leaving the pair alone again.

“This has been a truly wonderful evening,” said Celestia.

Twilight nodded. Spending time with Celestia was even better now, it seemed. Twilight thought about what Celestia had said all those months ago, about love, and slow-growing flowers. It seemed like the seedling she'd found back then was already growing strong and tall.

“Yes, it's been nice.” With an impish smile, Twilight added, “And we haven't even gotten to the goodnight kiss yet.”

“You'll have to wait a bit for that,” said Celestia. “I am quite certain that this table is flammable.”

Twilight laughed. “Yeah.”

Just then the desserts arrived. Twilight lifted a spoonful of her kheer, which was a sort of thin rice pudding. She half-closed her eyes in delight and made a little noise of appreciation as she ate; it was very good. When she opened them to take the next bite, she noticed that Celestia was looking at her with her spoon half way to her mouth, hovering in her golden magical field. Twilight smiled and lifted the next spoonful. This time she ate it very slowly, licking at the spoon as she did. She let her tongue caress the spoon teasingly for far longer than necessary to get every trace of kheer from it. Celestia licked her lips, then seemed to notice the spoonful of sorbet floating in front of her. She ate it hastily.

Twilight winked at Celestia and ate another bite, closing her lips over the spoon and drawing it slowly out of her mouth before sensuously licking the spoon's bowl and handle clean.

Celestia set the table on fire.

“Eep!” yelped Celestia, her own flames immediately going out again, but the fire on the table continued to burn. Twilight swiftly lit her horn and cast a spell. The flames went out, snuffed instantly and expertly.

Celestia stared at her. So did the waitress.

“Early Warning's Expert Extinguisher! I practiced until I could cast it in less than a second.” Twilight grinned triumphantly. “I told you I'd thought this through!”