Discord's Good Deeds

by powerpony

The Surprise Visit

It was lunchtime at Fluttershy’s cottage and the yellow Pegasus was busy feeding her animals. She filled her birdfeeder with fresh seeds, gave some acorns to her squirrels and chipmunks and gave a fresh fish to her bear.
When she was done with that, Fluttershy went inside her home to find her pet rabbit Angel sitting next to a small table with a napkin around his neck and impatiently banging the table with a fork and knife.
“Don’t worry, Angel. I didn’t forget about you,” Fluttershy said.
She then went into her kitchen and came out seconds later, holding onto a bowl of salad that was topped with whipped cream, asparagus, tomatoes and orange slices. Fluttershy then placed the salad on the table next to Angel.
“And this time, I didn’t forget the cherry,” she said as she placed the said fruit on top of the salad.
Angel licked his lips as he eyed his lunch. He then grabbed the bowl and devoured the salad in just a matter of seconds. When he was finished, the small rabbit gently dabbed his mouth with his napkin. He then let out a small burp which caused him to hold his mouth with his paw and blush.
“You’re excused,” Fluttershy said with a chuckle.
At that very moment, there was a knock at the door. This confused Fluttershy since she wasn’t expecting anyone. She opened the door and saw a huge box wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a yellow ribbon on top sitting on her doorstep.
“I wonder where this came from,” Fluttershy said to herself. “It’s not my birthday.”
Fluttershy went up to the giant present and slowly removed the ribbon. Just then, the present burst open and out came a certain mixed matched creature that Fluttershy knew all too well.
“Hello, my dear Fluttershy,” said Discord as he picked up Fluttershy and embraced her in a big hug. “And how is my favorite yellow Pegasus today?”
“Just fine,” said a confused Fluttershy as Discord put her down. “What brings you here?”
“What? Is stopping by uninvited a bad way of being a good friend,” asked Discord.
“Oh, not at all,” said Fluttershy. “Please, come on inside.”
Discord followed Fluttershy into her cottage. When Angel saw him, he quickly jumped onto the couch and snarled.
“Relax, my little puffball,” said Discord as he patted Angel on the head. “I brought my own seat.”
Discord then snapped his fingers and in a flash of light, he was sitting in a blue lounge chair with his feet on a small red footstool.
“So what brings you…” Fluttershy started, but before she could finish her sentence, her stomach began to growl.
“Somepony’s hungry,” Discord said in a sing-song voice.
“Guess I am,” said Fluttershy. “I’ve been so busy feeding my animals that I forgot to make my own lunch.”
“Allow me,” said Discord.
He then got up off his chair, which then grew a pair of wings and flew out the front door. Then his footstool came to life and started barking like a dog before running out the same door.
Discord snapped his fingers again and after another flash of light, Fluttershy found herself sitting in front of a table with a white silk table cloth covering it, along with a lit candle and a wine glass on top of it. Another flash of light appeared on Fluttershy’s left side and in its place was a pony wearing a tux and playing soft music on a violin. Discord then walked up to Fluttershy, wearing a fancy waiter outfit and holding onto a silver platter dish with a lid on top of it. He placed the plate on the table in front of Fluttershy and lifted the lid. On the plate was a daisy sandwich with hay fires and a small salad on the side. Discord snapped his fingers again and a bottle of apple juice appeared in his hand. He popped the cork and poured the juice into Fluttershy’s wine glass.
“Bon Appetit,” said Discord in a fake French accent.
Fluttershy picked up the sandwich and took a small nibble of it. Discord could tell by the way Fluttershy’s eyes widen and her jaw dropped that she enjoyed it. Fluttershy wolfed down her sandwich in a matter of seconds.
“You really were hungry,” said Discord with a chuckle.
“That was the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten,” said Flutershy. “Thank you.”
“It’s the least I could do,” said Discord. “After all the trouble I caused.”
Fluttershy was a bit confused at what Discord just said. She then looked up at her friend and saw that his signature smile was gone. Instead, Discord had a big frown on his face and his ears had drooped.
“What are you talking about?” she asked.
“You know. The whole Tirek incident,” said Discord.
Fluttershy let out a small gasp as the thoughts of that unfaithful day returned to her mind. It was the day that Tirek tricked Discord into betraying her and her friends by convincing him that they would rule Equestria together. But after Tirek drained the magic out of the ponies, he declared that he didn’t need Discord’s help anymore and drained his magic as well. Fluttershy then remembered how remorseful Discord was over the whole thing.
“It’s okay, Discord,” said Fluttershy as she walked up to him and gently rubbed his lion paw. “I already forgave you, remember?”
“No. It’s not okay,” said Discord as he gently pulled his paw away from Fluttershy. “You showed me nothing but kindness. You were the only one who considered me a friend and the only one who truly believed I had reformed, and how did I repay you? By turning my back on you and your friends all because I was stupid enough to believe Tirek’s lies. He had me believe that power was more important than friendship and it almost cost you, your friends and everypony in Equestria their magic.”
Small tears started to appear in Discord’s eyes. He quickly snapped his fingers and a tissue appeared in his hand, which he used to dab the tears away before he continued.
“In fact, that’s kind of the whole reason I came here. I wanted to come here and think of a way to apologize to you for throwing your friendship away like that.”
A small smile soon appeared on Fluttershy’s face as she went up to Discord and wrapped her front hooves around his waist.
“Oh, Discord, it’s okay,” she said. “I know you didn’t mean to betray me like that. And you already made it up to me and my friends when you gave Twilight that medallion. It was the final key we needed to open the harmony box and release the thing we needed to defeat Tirek. And we will always be grateful for what you did for us.”
Discord couldn’t help but smile at what his friend had told him. He still felt a bit guilty for what he did, but he knew that at least he was forgiven.
“But if you want, there is one way you can make it up to me,” said Fluttershy as she let go of Discord.
“Just name it,” he said.
“How would you like to spend the day with me?” Fluttershy asked. “I’m supposed to meet Rarity at the spa today and I would be honored if you would join me.”
“I would love that,” said Discord. “I could use a relaxing day at the spa.”
“Well then, let’s get going. Rarity would be pretty upset if we are late,” said Fluttershy as she and Discord walked out of the house.