Back to school for Lulu!

by Evilhumour

Chapter one

Chapter One

Luna looked at the ponies in her sister’s private office. While she did wish she could simply just banish all tests for eternity, she knew what she must do.

“While We do not think going to that education level is truly necessary, We do think there is merit in this notion.” Both Cadance and Captain Shining Armor were still laughing, but Celestia was looking at her with some confusion. “Would it not be prudent to show that We art willing to follow thy laws to our little ponies?”

“Lul-” Her sister had the tendency to cough to cover up her silly nickname, wiping away a tear with a wing and moving to get into a more dignified position. “Luna, you don’t have to do this. A simple make-up test and some time to study this time, and you’ll pass.”

“Nay, sister.” Luna moved closer, staring up at her sister. An ear flicked, annoyed that she was this small again. It was undignified, embarrassing, and a royal pain in the Royal Neck to have to look up at such an awkward angle to be able to look her sister in the face while this close. “This is but one of many new laws that all art expected to obey. How it would be seen if We art to simply flaunt one that is in conflict with Our position on thy throne?” She shook her blue mane and smiled. “Nay dear sister. We must do this for the betterment of all our ponies!” She stood as tall as she could, wings proudly open.

“But sister, you simply cannot just spend the next ten years or so in the whole education system!” Celestia protested, trying to get Luna to see reason! Luna could be very stubborn at times, and she would need to nip this in the bud before it got out of hoof!

“Um, Princess Celestia?” Fine Print, the mare trembling with fear, meekly raised her head. “Pr-Princess Luna wouldn’t need to do the whole education process.” She paused, gathering more confidence. “Maybe a week or two, and then simply do an exit equivalency exam.”

“Ye-yes!” The stallion next to her smiled, standing taller. Filling out forms and paperwork, and going through the whole procedure made sense to the two bureaucrats, and thus it gave them confidence to talk to the Princesses. “I think it will take her just a few months, maybe two or three at most. Four being an extreme to which the student would need to be failing horribly to war-rent th-that…” He gulped, looking at the royally annoyed Royal Pony Sister of Equestria of the Night.

“Or,” Fine Print stepped forwards, gaining more confidence and saving her partner from a one way trip to the moon. “Princess Luna could take the time to learn more about the changes and advances that have occurred in the thou-” She meeped softly, looking at the raised eyebrow of Princess Luna.

“We art not a filly, We art aware that We were absent for a thousand year period and why it was so.” Her glare faltered after a moment, eyes darting to the floor. “But We do appreciate thy gentle approach in these matters.”

Luna.” Celestia tried to get her sister’s attention, this situation rapidly spinning out of control. She simply could not leave everything because of some simple law-

“Nay, sister, but ‘tis it not thee that called Us to go out and experience this new Equestria, and learn how thou,” she winced, shaking her head softly. “Our ponies now think in this new day? ‘Tis it not thee that urged Us to leave thy chambers and make new acquaintances?” She leaned up to nuzzle her sister’s neck, just reaching the base of it as her sister was so much bucking taller than her! How was that fair? Although, at least her flanks were still supple and slim unlike her sister’s widening white flanks… “‘Tis not all that which you call for and more?” She smiled deeply inside as her sister lowered her head to nuzzle her own neck, wrapping a white wing around her frame.

“Yes, little sister, but-”

“And least Us remind thee that it is Our choice, not thou’s.” She huffed her cheeks out, smiling as her sister rolled her eyes, showing that Luna had won this battle against her sister, that the Moon had won against the Sun.

Luna made a mental note to do the Royal Victory Dance later in private, and to make sure that her sister did not catch her this time.

“Yes, Lulu, it is.” Celestia frowned, scrunching her nose as she no doubt smelt the wine and mead still on Luna’s breath and body, prompting the younger mare to wrinkle her own nose in response. Captain Shining Armor had truly proven his worth as a drinking companion last night by not only getting her truly drunk last night but had also presented a fine abode to both sleep and wash off in the morning, despite Cadance using some choice words that were far too loud. She made another mental note to make his position as her preferred alcohol companion official, but only if Cadance had not already claimed him for that spot for herself, which she thought might be the case if any of his stories of the young alicorn were true.

Celestia let her go, and turned her attention to the two bureaucrats. “I trust that you two can make all the necessary arrangements to have my sister enrolled in Canterlot’s magical ki-?”

“Dear sister, two matters that We need to address.” Luna frowned, flapping her wings in an angry manner. “First, We shall choose where We shall receive Our education and secondly, Weartnotgoingtomagicalkindergarten!” She glared at her sister, who was giving her the most pathetic look possible.

“But Lulu…” she whined, and thus Luna knew she’d lost to this face. The Sun triumphed over the Moon and it was sending her back to kindergarten with its mighty and - how did Captain Shining Armor call it? Oh yes - cheap blow.

“We shall not dismiss the notion entirely…” Luna said with a pout, looking to the side, hoping to retain some dignity after all this was done with.

That idea was put into serious doubt when her sister squealed and scooped her up into her forelimbs, holding Luna close to her chest as the elder alicorn rocked back and forth with unrestrained joy.