Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

Episode 1 - "A Celebration to Remember"

Dragon Ball Pony Z

Episode 1:
“A Celebration to Remember”

It was a happy day for the ponies of Ponyville. Princess Celestia had arrived to join in a special ribbon cutting ceremony. A large fancy castle had just been completed on a spacious hill overlooking the town.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts!” The mayor began addressing the crowd. “We are gathered here today to open the new magnificent Celebration Castle. Now our beloved Princess Celestia and her sister Princess Luna can have a regal place to stay whenever they visit Ponyville. But this castle will be more than just a place for our princesses.” The mayor paused a moment to check her note cards. “You fine upstanding citizens can also use this place for weddings, parties and any other special celebrations you can think of!” A soon as her voice fell silent, the ponies all clapped their hooves together generating a thunderous applause of approval. The mayor held up her right hoof signaling the citizens to cease their hoof clapping. “May I present our dearly beloved Princess Celestia!”

The air filled once more with applause as her regal highness approached the podium. She smiled graciously at her adoring subjects waving to one and all. The crowded quickly silenced as Celestia said, “Greetings to you all! I am very touched by this wonderful new castle you have provided for my sister and me. Know that each time I stay here I will remember all the hard work you ponies put forth.”

The mayor approached the princess. “Well said your highness. Now without any further ado we’d be honored if you would cut the ribbon, officially opening Celebration Castle!” The mayor announced cheerfully offering the princess a giant pair of novelty scissors.

“It would be an honor dear mayor…but I must gracefully decline,” spoke Celestia. Numerous gasps could be heard from the crowd. A look of surprise covered the town leader’s face. “For you see I wish to pass this honor to my faithful student Twilight Sparkle and her wonderful friends. Come on up here girls!” Declared Celestia still sporting a very jubilant expression.

Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike all walked up on the platform and joined the mayor and princess at the podium. Twilight was thrilled smiling at her teacher and mentor. “Thank you princess!” The lavender unicorn asserted giddily.

“You are most welcome my little pony. You and your friends put a lot of time and effort into this grand plan of yours. It seems only fitting that you all share in the cutting of the ribbon,” Celestia replied closing her eyes contently.

“Here you are,” Said the mayor handing Twilight the oversized scissors.

“Thank you mayor!” Twilight replied happily using her unicorn magic to gently take the scissors. “So which of you wants the honors?”

Applejack looked directly at Twilight and said, “I know I speak for everypony when I say you do it sugar cube. If it weren’t for all your oragnizin’ skills, well we’d never have gotten done so fast. Land sakes!”

“She’s right there,” added Rainbow Dash winking.

“Go on Twilight. It’s your turn to shine in the limelight!” Shouted Pinkie Pie. The others nodded in agreement with Pinkie.

Twilight blushed slightly from their kind words. “Alright then. Here goes,” she announced. Using her magic Twilight moved the scissors to the ribbon and cut it. Thunderous joyful applause rolled up from crowd.

“Well done Twilight. Now would you and friends like to show me around this lovely new castle?” Celestia asked politely.

“We’d be delighted! Come on your highness!” Declared Twilight. They led the princess inside to begin the tour.

* * * *

Meanwhile deep within the Everfree Forest, a sinister tower stood surrounded by unnatural storm clouds. Bolts of vile lightning and chilling rumbles of thunder made the eerie edifice all the more foreboding. At the top of the tower a sinister being was plotting against the kind and happy citizens of not just Ponyville, but all of Equestria.

Four devious individuals were occupying the large command room at the tower’s summit. The leader of the group a slender yet intimidating man dressed in a black and dark maroon gothic magician’s attire walked toward the open window. There he gazed out across the Everfree Forest all the way to Ponyville, which lied off in the distance. The man let out a vile chuckle. “At long last after all these centuries…we can finally resume my plans to obtain the ultimate power!” The leader spoke in a sharp commanding voice.

“It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it…master Sarabrek,” remarked his second in command who was obscured by the shadows in the poorly lit room.

“Yes Beelzon, it has indeed been a long time coming,” the master spoke. Sarabrek continued looking out the window. He let out a throaty chuckle. “I wonder if you still remember me Celestia. It’s thanks to you and your younger sister that my plans have been delayed for nearly two millennia,” he groused now pacing over toward his other two henchmen. “Galyor, Omnus are you two ready?”

“Yes we are master,” replied Galyor. In the dim light he appeared the silhouette of an well-armored paladin wearing a long flowing cape.

“Hmmm,” growled Omnus. He too was well armored, but had a much more slender build than Galyor. And like his fellow henchman he had on a long cape as well. But his arms and feet were more feral than his humanoid companion’s.

“Well master I believe we’re all ready,” Beelzon announced stepping out of the shadows. His look could only be best described as a slender yet somewhat ripped demon adorned in what looked like black leather pants and a matching leather jacket. Beelzon’s face had a pointed and somewhat tapered snout and three red eyes stood clearly visible on his face. The henchman’s head was covered by short spiky white hair.

“Splendid!” Shouted Sarabrek. Coming more into the light his minions could see him clearly. His flesh was blue, and his eyes a deep magenta. Their master wore a strange magician’s helmet that split out forming a horn shape on both the left and right sides curving downward in the back. The center was adorned with two mystical aqua crystals. Sarabrek’s long black hair spilled out from under the helmet almost floating around him from the dark magical aura he gave off. Walking over to his throne he clutched his magic staff. It was made of a dark navy blue material highlighted with dark pink accents. The top formed what resembled a concave teardrop, which housed a large teal orb. “To think they are still most likely ignorant of what sleeps under their mundane town.”

Beelzon grinned. He knew what slumbered in the cavernous rocky bowels below Ponyville. “Yes master. To think it’s been lying there dormant all these centuries. Now it only needs you to awaken it. Heh-heh-heh!” Stated the demonic warrior chuckling at the irony.

“Yes, but don’t forget. I need to collect a large volume of magical energy in order to revive it. Thankfully the ponies of Equestria are rich with magical energy. Even if they themselves aren’t fully aware of it!” Mentioned Sarabrek.

“Have no fear master!” Declared Galyor. “We’ll get the energy you need.”

Sarabrek smiled deviously at the words of his faithful henchman. “Now my loyal minions…shall we go pay our pony friends a visit?” He snickered and smiled full of sinister joy.

“We thought you’d never ask!” Declared Beelzon holstering his two long barreled blood red demon handguns. Their master nodded holding aloft his staff. It shimmered with a bright purple energy transforming them into four small masses of light. They soared out the tower window heading right for Ponyville!

* * * *

The princess exited the castle escorted by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. The eight of them arrived back at the podium. There the mayor happily greeted them. “Welcome back. How did you like Celebration Castle?” She asked the princess.

“It was amazing. I see you all spared no expense in constructed such a lovely castle. I look forward to staying here,” Celestia spoke delightedly.

Twilight smiled feeling quite a sense of accomplishment and asserted, “Did you hear that guys! She really likes it!”

“Well of course she does. It had yours truly leading the decoration committee,” remarked Rarity batting her eyelashes.

“I have to agree, the décor is amazing,” Princess Celestia noted fondly.

“Then why don’t we…” But Twilight was cut off. A violent nearby explosion shattered the peaceful scene. The ponies all looked up and saw one of town’s houses had been destroyed. “Oh my gosh! What in the world is happening?”

Vile laughter filled the air. The vile Sarabrek appeared accompanied by his three loyal minions. “I would think that quite obvious…wouldn’t you?” Inquired the sinister warlock.

“Who in the world are you?” Asked Rainbow Dash demanding to know.

Princess Celestia got a good look at him and felt her heart sink. Though she was normally pearl white, somehow the princess turned even whiter with dread. Twilight noticed the troubled look in on her mentor’s face. “What’s the matter princess?” She inquired.

“It just can’t be?” Celestia replied half ignoring Twilight.

The warlock snickered at the princess. “Well now my dear Celestia. I see you do remember me,” he said clapping his hands together. “And to think I though you wouldn’t know who I was.”

“I can never forget you…Sarabrek!” Celestia shouted.

“What?!” Blurted Twilight. “Who is Sarabrek? Answers please!”

“I’m with Twilight! Just who is this varmint?” Questioned Applejack feeling a sense of loathing as she looked upon the vile being.

Celestia shook her head and sighed. “Sarabrek is an enemy from Luna’s and my past I thought we’d seen the last of centuries ago,” the princess explained grimly.

“Well 1,907 years to be exact. But then who’s counting,” he remarked placidly.

“But how? How did you and your henchmen escape? That dimensional prison should have held you for eternity!” She exclaimed dumbfounded by this shocking development.

Sarabrek chuckled at her. “Oh my. Back then I guess it would have seemed like it would be for an eternity. Nevertheless here I am. And to think I have you to partially thank for it,” he remarked with glee.

Celestia’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “How in Equestria did I help you escape?” She questioned stupefied.

“Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!! You should see the look on your face! It’s utterly priceless!” Sarabrek declared laughing mockingly at the gentle ruler. “But seriously you did. Now let me remind you of what you did too your little sister…or should I say Nightmare Moon. That’s right you banished her of all places…to the moon!”

“Get to the point! What does that have to do with this?” Celestia inquired growing steadily more impatient.

“Easy. It was together that you and Luna cast that vile spell of Starswirl the Bearded’s that trapped me in that cosmic prison!” He answered clenching his left fist. “But when you banished dear sweet Luna to the moon…well that weakened the spell holding me captive. I used what powers I had to open a rift in the dimensional fabric. My loyal followers were able to escape. Over the next millennia they aided me copiously in rebuilding my powers…till finally I was strong enough to free myself. And now here I am ready to exact my revenge on you!” He grinned with evil glee at his past nemesis.

Celestia closed her eyes and hung her head. “Oh will banishing Luna to the moon never stop haunting me?!” She yelled in extreme frustration.

“That’s really your problem isn’t it? Heh-heh,” Sarabrek snickered. “Well my loyal minions go ahead and waste this town and injure as many of these dreadfully happy ponies as you wish. All I ask is that you keep them alive, till I extract all their lovely magic that is! For now, I think I’m going to sit back and enjoy the sheer mayhem you cause. Ha-ha!” The warlock floated up into the air so he could get a good view of the impending carnage.

“Come back here Sarabrek!” Shouted Celestia.

“Oh in due time my dear Celestia. In due time!” He called down still mocking her.

“Worry about yourself your highness,” grinned Beelzon. “You’re about to have your own problems! Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Attack!” The three henchmen tore off through Ponyville beginning their rampage. Beelzon powered up energy blasts in his hands and began tossing them like tennis balls striking building after building. Explosions began to rock the town as buildings burst into flames and crumbled from their foundations. Galyor hovered around armed with his broad lance and round runic shield adorned with mystic symbols. He hacked his lance unleashing blue blades of energy that tore through the buildings adding to the chaos. Omnus was not to be left out. He joined the fray armed with his blue hand cannon and enchanted sword hacking and blasting buildings to pieces.

“Princess what are we going to do? They’re destroying Ponyville!” Exclaimed Twilight gripped with fear.

“I…” Princess Celestia was frozen from the disbelief that took hold of her. She had no idea such a ramification could have come about from banishing Luna to the moon. Sadly this left her in no shape to offer any advice let alone take command.

Twilight realized the princess was dealing with her own issues right now. She took a deep breath and looked at her friends. “Okay we have to form a defense. We can’t just let these creeps destroy our home!” She said addressing her friends.

“Okay what do we do first?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah, I reckon we have to do somethin’ like y’all just said,” Remarked Applejack.

“Indeed,” replied Twilight adding, “You, Rarity and Spike go alert as many ponies as you can. Get as many ponies out of town as you can!”

“You can count on us!” Said Applejack.

“We’ll do our best!” Remarked Rarity ducking an in coming energy blast that struck a good distance past them. “This is getting out of hand.”

“Tell me about! Stay close to me Rarity!” Called out Spike as the three of them took off preparing to evacuate the town.

“Okay what are we gonna do?” Asked Rainbow Dash eager to do her part.

“Simple! We’re gonna fight them!” Twilight remarked.

“Now you’re talking!” Replied the blue pegasus holding up her hooves punching the air.

“Rainbow would you get Fluttershy out from behind the podium please,” instructed Twilight.

“I’m on it!” She answered zipping over to the podium. She grabbed Fluttershy’s tail and pulled on it. “Come on out Fluttershy we need your help!”

Fluttershy clung onto the podium for dear life. Shaking her head she whimpered, “No way! It’s way to scary out there!”

“I know, but we’re all scared. We have to protect our home and our love ones. Do you want them to harm your animal friends?” She asked.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she flew out from behind the podium. “Hurt my little animal friends! THOSE BIG MEANIES!!!” She yelled suddenly full of rage.

“Aww yeah! That’s more like it!” Remarked Rainbow Dash. She and Fluttershy joined Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.

“Ready?” Asked Twilight. They all nodded. “Then Charge!” The four ponies galloped into certain doom not allowing fear to hinder them. Beelzon caught the sound of hoof beats on the ground and flew to intercept them. The ponies came face to face with Sarabrek’s second in command. “Found ya!” Twilight declared.

“Ha-ha-ha. So you did. Now what are you going to do to me?” He asked standing dominantly.

“Just this. I think it’s time you felt the sting of number 34!” Twilight remarked as her horn lit up. Closing her eyes she unleashed a powerful blast of lightning. It struck the demonic warrior forcing him down on one knee.

“Argh! That hurt! So you ponies aren’t as weak as I thought. But no matter! I am not weak either!” He said holding out his right hand. Beelzon snickered as he fired an energy blast at them.

“Scatter!” Yelled Twilight. She and Pinkie jumped for cover while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy took to the air.

“Go ahead and run. But there is no place you can hide from me!” Spoke Beelzon in a menacing voice. He held up his arm and formed a purple energy ball as he closed in on Twilight. “This is the end for you little one!” He cackled tossing the projectile.

“Oh no!” Cried Twilight as the attack soared right at her. There was no time for her to dodge either. Just when it came within ten feet of her, another blue orb of energy collided with it dispersing the attack. “Huh?” Uttered Twilight searching for her savior.

“So there’s another unicorn among us!” He declared.

All eyes met a lovely blue unicorn with an elegant white mane and tail. “Stay your ground fiend! No one harms the friends of the Great and Powerful Trixie!” Declared the unicorn boldly.

“Trixie it’s you!” Asserted Twilight happy to see her friend.

“That’s right Twilight!” Trixie replied galloping over to the lavender unicorn. “You didn’t think I’d desert my friends. Now we’d better get out of here. I think he’s stronger than all of us. That was just a lucky shot I got in,” Trixie remarked scowling at Beelzon.

“My, my such a hate-filled look. Not befitting a pretty pony like you. And you presume too much! There is no way I am letting any of you go anywhere!” The sinister Beelzon remarked to their despair.

Twilight Sparkle knew they had to do something. That’s when it dawned on her. “Trixie, I’ve got an idea. If we combine attacks we just might buy ourselves a window of escape,” the lavender unicorn suggested.

Trixie placed a hoof on her chin and considered the plan. “It just might work. But we’ll have use a lot of magic!” Explained Trixie. Twilight nodded. The two closed their eyes and channeled their power. Not fearing their elementary abilities, Beelzon just stood there with his arms crossed grinning. Power rippled across the two unicorns’ horns. A large orb of energy began to form. It crackled with magical energy as it grew in size. A sensation washed over Trixie. “Did you feel that Twilight?” She asked.

“I did,” she replied nodding. “The attack is ready!”

“Then let’s give it to him,” snickered Trixie. The two ponies yelled as they cast off their attack. Beelzon moved his arms up just as it impacted generating a fairly large explosion. The blast stirred up a massive cloud of dirt and dust. Not wasting a second the ponies made a break for it.

“Where are we going?” Asked Fluttershy.

“For now we’d best regroup out of town by the castle,” Suggested Twilight.

“Right,” added Rainbow Dash. Trixie and Pinkie Pie followed them closely as the group made their way out of war zone that once was Ponyville. They came to rest near Celebration Castle. There the ponies all quickly caught their breath. The situation was looking especially grim. What were they going to do now?

The area around the castle was deserted. All the attending ponies had scattered hoping to save loved ones and get to safety. The mayor had rounded up some ponies and aiding in the evacuation efforts.

Twilight could hardly believe what was happening. Sadly Princess Celestia was still dumbfounded and unable to help. The unicorn let out an exasperated sigh. “We have to think of something.”

“But what can we do?” Asked Fluttershy quietly.

“We have to do something,” asserted Rainbow Dash smacking her hooves together.

“Yay! Something!” Shouted Pinkie Pie random as always.

Twilight placed a hoof on her chin and thought as hard as she could. Trixie filled with concern. “Twilight?” She asked. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah. Fine...in fact I just got even better!” She announced confidently.

“Does this mean you have a plan?” Trixie spoke filling with hope.

“I do,” replied Twilight grinning with confidence.

“Okay then spill it. What’s the plan?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Easy. You remember our friends on Earth?” She inquired.

“Oh yeah, that Goku guy and the human…uh,” Rainbow Dash stammered trying to remember.

“You mean Jayden?!!” Asked Fluttershy nearly having a fluttergasm.

“Yes. And of course Gohan Krillin and Piccolo,” added Twilight. “Rainbow Dash, I need you Fluttershy and Pinkie to take the portal to Earth and ask for their help. They helped us once before. I’m sure they’ll help us again.” She declared.

Rainbow Dash saluted valiantly and said, “You can count on us. Wait, what…Pinkie Pie? Why are you sending her? She doesn’t have wings. And we need speed!”

“Did you forget all ready Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked. The blue pegasus looked at her funny. “They taught Pinkie Pie how to fly last time they were here.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “Oh wow I did forget. Well she doesn’t fly very often,” Dash replied looking at Pinkie Pie.

“Well no duh. It takes a lot of energy to fly without wings Rainbow Dash. But this is one time I’m happy to do it!” Pinkie replied.

Fluttershy walked over to Twilight Sparkle and asked, “Oh but what are you and Trixie going to do while we’re gone?”

“Simple,” Twilight answered looking at Trixie who gave her an affirmative nod. “We’re going to stay and fight as long as we can.”

Fluttershy felt her heart drop and he mouth dropped open. “Oh my, but you two could get hurt or worse,” said Fluttershy grimly.

“I think that’s inevitable now,” answered Twilight.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy. Twilight will be fine. After all you have the Great and Powerful Trixie on your side! We’ll give them one heck of a fight until you get back!” Avowed the blue unicorn fluffing her white hair. She then hunkered down her face quickly filling with determination. Fluttershy could see a spark of courage burn in her purple eyes.

“Okay then. Just promise you will be careful,” she remarked.

“Don’t worry Fluttershy we will!” Called Twilight as the three took to the air.

Rainbow Dash still couldn’t believe Pinkie was going airborne. A white energy glow surrounded her body as she joined the two pegasus ponies. “I’m still not used to you being able to fly,” Dash remarked.

“Yeah well neither am I!” Responded Pinkie following it quickly with a, “Whee! This is fun!”

Rainbow Dash waved farewell to her friends thinking to herself, ‘Don’t you two go dying on me.’ The three took off toward the gateway for Earth. Will they come back with help in time to save Ponyville? Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Next Episode Preview:

In the next episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie arrive on Earth near the home of the kind-hearted saiyan Goku. He and Jayden are training when they notice the ponies’ arrival. They share a brief reunion and are joined by Gohan and Krillin. Even Piccolo shows up willing to lend a hand! But wait! Will the arrival of Vegeta delay the ponies from getting help back to Equestria? Find out next time on “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

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