*Insert Apple Pun*

by Crescent Wrench

Chapter 3

*Insert Apple Pun*


Applejack didn't want to admit it to herself, but the fact still stood that they were... well, they were-

“We're busted,” Big Mac said loudly, finishing what was on AJ's mind.

“Looks like it,” she sighed. She let a hoof dangle down from the balcony as she tried to brainstorm a way to explain this to Apple Bloom.

“How're we gon' explain this here to 'er?” Applejack thought aloud. Big Macintosh rolled over so he laid next to her. His sister leaned against his warm coat, relishing his touch.

“Ah don't rightly know,” he admitted.

Applejack sighed, lost in her own mind. So many decisions she now faced, all because her little sister had to walk in at the wrong time.

“Gosh darn it, Bloom, why'd ya have ta jus' walk on in here when ya did?” she mumbled aloud. “Well, the least we can do is pray she don't tell-”

“APPLEJACK! BIG MACINTOSH!” Granny Smith practically bellowed from her rocking chair outside of the Apple family home.

Big Macintosh shot Applejack a look. Applejack blushed before rapping lightly against the wood of the loft.

“Suppose ah should've done that befor' sayin somethin, huh?”

“GET OUT HERE! NOW!” Granny Smith added, loudly.

AJ and Mac groaned as they made their way out of the loft. Their coats were still damp with each others sweat, reminiscent of their play time.

“How much trouble d'ya think we're in fer this?” Macintosh asked his sister. Applejack shrugged.

“No clue.”

Together, the two rounded the corner of the barn, expecting to see their granny riled up and angry. Instead, they found quite the interesting situation.

“Ah, there ya two youngins are!” Granny Smith groaned from where she lay, slung over the railing. Apple Bloom was laying unconscious at the foot of the stairs to the home.

“G-Granny?” Applejack exclaimed as she rushed over to her grandmother, helping her off the railing as Big Mac rushed to Apple Bloom, helping her up into a sitting position. He checked her over only to confirm that she was out cold, but otherwise unhurt.

“What happened?” AJ asked her grandmother.

“Why, that youngin down there told me some int'restin news, and was gon' flap her yap all o'er town too!”

AJ felt her stomach pit.

“What... interestin' news?” she asked.

Granny Smith rolled her eyes at her grand-daughter.

“Now ah know ah'm old, but do you two youngin's honesty think ah couldn't hear what y'all were getting' into in ma barn?” she asked coldly.

The pit in AJ's stomach churned.

“So yer mad?” she asked, motioning towards Apple Bloom. Granny's eyes went wide.

“What- no, no child. Yer sister slipped and fell try'na run up these steps. I tried to get up maself, but tripped as well!”

Applejack nodded, but she was still confused.

“Wait, so... yer not mad?”

Granny laughed. “Of course not, dear, I had a favourite cousin when I was your age too, dear!”

The pit relinquished, only to return when she realized what her Granny's words meant.

“Too much info there, Granny.”