In The Company of The Sun

by PlumBuckeredOut

Ch. 2: Self Preservation (v.1)

In my attempts to rewrite the Treaty of Equality I kept careful notes. By talking with the captains at harbor, and having the lighthouse keepers along Parnce's borders follow the delegate's ships. With their information I charted a course. If Equestria wasn't going to bring me to their ports. I'd bring myself there. What I needed however was a reason to be accepted over there, if I just landed uninvited they might consider it an act of war, even sabotage. That's when my eyes opened, and I gave the most devious grin.

So I sent my response letter once more for a hearing to rewrite the treaty's particular wording involving Equestria's laws and policies of government in Parnce, then laid waiting for the next ship to arrive. This time however, the ship hadn't arrived as timely as it usually did. I hadn't treated the last delegate any differently than the others who had worn out my sympathies. Maybe the Royal Pony Sisters had finally given up, and assumed ignoring me would quiet my resolve?

It wouldn't. It was in those months waiting I felt my anger brood. My simple visit to Equestria became a vendetta against our "ally" that crashed onto our borders, restarted The Chaos War and insisted to overstay their self-assumed welcome until said disharmony was "under control". I hadn't notice in my solace that my bitterness became known throughout our country, it was then that the unrest finally spilled out..

"Prince Norm!" One of my loyal servants yelled. I turned to her, still groggy from my sleepless haze. She bowed in forgiveness, but I lifted her back up. As my hoof rose her chin I could feel worry seeping from her eyes.

"What's wrong Abby?" I asked calmly. I watched her cheeks blush in her pensiveness as she choked her thought out in a stutter.

"Th-the court needs you my Liege. Th-there's been a m-m-m... murder."

I made my way to the throne room at once, unconcerned with my mottled sleeping gown. As I sat on the throne I had to repeatedly command the townspeople to calm themselves as they spat and screamed at the accused. It was what I feared... A Pony had killed one of my citizens, though he claimed in self-defense. I felt the saliva in my throat slide down slow as I gulped. Which law should I follow? It was a Pony, which meant he followed the Equestria law. He believes he will be free because he only harmed out of self-defense...

"You are aware of Parnce's Laws, are you not?" I asked him.

"No. Prince de P-Parnce." I heard him lie. It sickened me how they would claim stupidity over accepting their fate. Every goat of Parnce is taught the Law of Equal Punishment, but I pitied him, and told him the law. You should have seen the size of his pupils when he finally understood what his situation was.

"Please, your highness... I am the Royal Sister's delegate. I was attacked before the ship made it to port!"

"You were assaulted and now you're claiming my townsfolk sunk your ship?" I asked bemusedly. I wondered how twisted his lies would spiral until he began blaming the ocean's violent current for his obvious fatigue or the new moon on his inability to see that he wasn't fooling me. Sure his clothes were damp, but any simpleton can jump into the bay and claim to be ship wrecked.

"I understand you will not believe me, I have no proof." He said. "But I implore you to check where my ship sank for survivors."

My brow widened and I leapt from my throne. "Put the stallion in the keep, his judgement will be resumed after we search the waters." But before my guard could touch him he rebutted.

"I'm sorry your highness, but I'm not telling you the coordinates. You're taking me with you." I grinned at him.

"Alright stallion, have it your way."