by Dreamscape

Chapter 6

As she pushed her way through the colorful and noisy sea of ponies making their way down the hall towards the exit, Rainbow Dash jolted at the sudden sensation of a hoof falling down upon her back. She let out a sigh of relief as she turned to see a familiar and comforting face.

“Great job today, I almost thought you had us beat,” Soarin’ said with a grin. “I would’ve come over and sat with you and your friends afterwards like you asked…but Spitfire had other plans. I’m sorta trying to, I guess you could say, sneak away from them right now.”

“Sneak away?” Rainbow repeated with a smirk, motioning for the stallion to follow as she began to move forward once more, realizing they were actually aiding in slowing the flow of ponies.

“Yeah…I wanted to make up for last night. It was pretty bad for a first date. I was gonna make tonight more official if you’re up for it. My team’s having a celebration later which is great and all, but right now, you’re more important. I mean, unless you want to go to the celebration with me?”

Rainbow gulped inaudibly as she came upon the exit and trotted out into the warm, glaring sun. She hated herself for what she was about to do, but knew, or at least hoped it was the right decision. She had always followed her dreams, and this could be no exception. The happy hum of thousands of ponies along with the subtle background music of songbirds did little to calm her nerves.

“Don’t worry about last night. That was all on me. I guess I got nervous. Weird for somepony like me, right?” Dash asked with a chuckle. “You don’t have to take me out to a fancy dinner or anything like that to please me. I thought you would’ve figured that one out by now. So yeah, if you wanna go celebrate, then let’s do it.”

“Sweet! We’ve still got a while till the party starts, so if there’s anything you wanna do to pass the time until then?” Soarin’ asked nearly jumping with joy.

“Yeah, something I shoulda done last night,” she said, quickly latching a hoof around his own and dragging him away from the rapid torrent of the crowd towards the side of a few tents which had been set up to sell merchandise.

Soarin’ gazed down at the pony expectantly, sure he knew exactly what she meant. “Bet you never would’ve guessed, but I’ve dreamt about going out a date with you for ages,” she said with an air of complete confidence as she wrapped a hoof around his neck, drawing nearer to his muzzle.

“Whoa, really? I’ve had a crush on you for a really long time too; I mean, who couldn’t?” As Soarin’ spoke, Rainbow could feel his heartbeat quicken, its heavy pulses creating a miniature shockwave which traveled throughout his entire body.

“I’ll admit it, okay?” she said cutely, gently stroking her hoof up and down the fur of his neck. “You’re my dream stallion.”

“I…am?” he asked curiously, examining the pony’s every move. For him being her dream pony, she certainly didn’t seem to be portraying any displays of head over hooves love for him. Something seemed rather off about this moment between them, but he quickly shrugged it off as she spoke once more.

“Yep. So, are you gonna kiss me, or not?” Dash asked in a smug tone. Soarin’ gave a quick nod of his head, closed his eyes, and eagerly puckered his lips as he leaned in. He was rather intrigued as the mare’s lips wrapped around his own with full force, but soon realized that this too was off. He gladly kissed back with an equally excited manner, but it felt as if Rainbow was trying too hard. It was as if she didn’t appreciate the kiss, but wanted him to feel as though she did. Feeling her tongue pushing forcefully at his lips, again caused him to shrug off such a notion. Widening his mouth slightly, he met her tongue with his own and blushed deeply as they fought back and forth.

Twilight had been searching for Rainbow Dash for quite some time now, and grew worried when she discovered that she, along with her friends, hadn’t seen her once the games had come to a close for the day. She had simply disappeared. She was sure Rainbow understood how urgently she needed to speak with her, but where was she?

Twilight let out a gracious gasp of relief as she noticed the end of Rainbow’s unmistakably bright tail jutting out from behind one of the busy souvenir tents. “There you are, Rainbow! I’ve been looking all-” her words came to a sudden halt as she turned around the corner and froze with complete and utter shock at the sight before her. Considering how infatuated with the heated kiss both Soarin’ and Rainbow seemed to be, Twilight found it rather unexpected that they had even noticed her presence.

“Twilight!” Rainbow gasped with shame as she broke the kiss and quickly pushed herself away from the stallion.

The princess who she referred to gave little response, and perhaps hadn’t noticed the gasp at all. Still frozen in place, her jaw slowly lowered in the form of a gape. All of the silly notions that she had convinced herself to be false, suddenly exploded in her face with full force, showing her that her worries were, in fact, real.

“I-” Dash muttered quickly, but it was too late. As tears began to stream down the dejected pony’s face, she once again made her escape in the form of a bright explosion of light as she cast her well used teleportation spell.

Rainbow grasped onto her chest painfully with her hoof as the image of her miserable friend imprinted itself upon her mind. She had single-hoofedly caused the pony the most pain she had ever seen her in for the entire time the two had known each other. To make matters worse, a new sensation poured over her. Even though she had only seen Twilight for a few short seconds, the feeling of love for her actually instilled a tingling and somewhat nauseous sensation within her.

These feelings for her friend were both real and true, unlike the false sense of love she shared with Soarin’. It was in this moment that she realized the path she had chosen was wrong, and the one which she was meant to follow shone more brightly than ever. The choice which was so utterly confusing just moments ago, the choice which had even instilled fear within her, was now not even a choice at all. Though this singular path which she was so determined to follow was now, perhaps, a dead end, all because of her mistake. It simply meant she had to pave the way herself.

Letting out a sigh as she turned back to a rather confused looking Soarin’, she spoke with pure resolve. “You’re a really great stallion and all, Soarin’, but things change and dreams aren’t always true. You’re not the one for me. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of other mares out there. Like I said, you were my dream stallion, and I’m pretty sure a lot of others feel the same way I did. Just remember something, sometimes real life is even better than your dreams.”

“It’s fine,” Soarin’ responded with a defeated sigh. “I knew something was up. You’ve been acting really off around me. If doing this makes you happy and you know she’s the one, then go get her.” For a few short seconds, his deep frown turned into a soft and confident smile. “I’m sure I’ll find somepony else someday, but for now I’ve got my pies.”

“Jeez…didn’t have to go make it so depressing at the end there,” Dash said with a silent shake of her head.

“I was just kidding, get out of her already and find your princess,” he said, shooing her with his hoof.

“Find my princess,” she repeated with a soft chuckle before she disappeared into the air with a prismatic streak.