Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter 7

After Celestia had gotten Angelina cleaned up, they headed back towards the children's room. During the short walk, Angelina talked about what Seth had told her and how much fun they had making the cake. As they entered the room they saw Jesse and Rebekah setting the children down for a nap.

"C'mon guys!" pleaded Jesse, chasing Dominic around the room, "You gotta lie down! You have school tomorrow!" Jesse scooped the small boy up and set him under the covers

"But we're not tired!" protested Genievieve as Rebekah set her down in the bed

Rebekah smiled as she pulled Genievieve's covers up, "You are, you just don't know it yet."

Celestia put Angelina in the bed before taking Jamie's hand and leading him to his bed, "You'll fall asleep before you know it."

"But we're not tired!" chorused Genievieve, Dominic, and Jamie, sitting up.

"But what about our promise to Ms. Shieldheart?" asked Angelina, turning on her side to face the other children, "We said we'd listen and be respectful to Princes- Auntie Celestia and any other adults who are over us."

Jamie, Genevieve, and Dominic laid back down as Celestia, Rebekah, and Jesse tucked them in again. Celestia looked over at Ryan's bed to see him with his eyes closed and breathing softly.

Rebekah followed her gaze before smiling softly, "He fell asleep as soon as he got in here. He tried to stay awake for when Angelina came back."

Rebekah, Jesse, and Princess Celestia walked out of the children's room, wishing them goodnight and pleasant dreams as Celestia turned off the light and Jesse closed the door. The room was silent with the exception of Ryan's heavy breathing and occasional snores. Angelina soon fell asleep as the events of the past day caught up with her, leaving Jamie, Genny, and Dominic wide awake.

Carefully, Genievive slipped out from under her covers and set her feet on the floor. Slowly, she took steps to the door, making sure not to bump into anything on her way. As soon as her fingertips brushed the metal of the door knob Dominic sat up. Genieveive turned around quickly, nearly causing her to fall.

"Where are you going?" whispered Dominic, pushing his hair from his eyes

"Adventuring." replied Genievieve, turning back towards the door

"Why? We're supposed to go to sleep."

"I'm not tired, 'sides if this is our new home I think we should explore it."

Dominic slid out of bed and scampered over to his sister, his feet making a soft pitter patter sound on the marble floor tiles. As Genievive opened the door, Jamie sat up. Grabbing his glasses, he too slid out of bed and ran over to Genievieve and Dominic. Right before he was right behind Dominic he tripped and fell onto the older boy. Dominic closed his eyes as he fell forward. After a few moments he realized he wasn't falling, Dominic opened his left eye to see his sister glaring at him, tapping her right foot softly. Dominic blushed before chuckling nervously and seeing Jamie hovering a few inches above the ground.

"C'mon." whispered Genievieve as she walked out the door, followed by Jamie and Dominic

Closing the door softly, the trio ran down the hall. They passed a few guards who looked at them before looking straight ahead. Once they got far enough away from there room, the trio leaned against the wall to catch there breath.

"So now what?" asked Dominic, scratching his head

"Yeah, whuddo we do now Vee?" agreed Jamie, copying Dominic

"We go to the kitchen! Earlier I smelled cake, but there wasn't any at dinner!" replied Genievieve, as the trio began to walk the halls

The halls were long and wide, with a small end table or two in every hallway. There were doors on every side, some of them had titles, while most did not. When they reached a room with a giant sun insignia they comically tip-toed by, to the amusement of the guards standing watch. Everytime they heard, someone coming down the halls, or talking, they ducked into the room closest to them. Finally the reached a door that said "Royal Kitchen". Jamie, being the youngest and not able to read yet, just nodded and acted like he knew what the sign said when Genievieve said that it was the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen they saw Daniel prepping things for the next day, as well as GraceLynn and Grant, who were playing a card game on the table.

"Do you have any three's?" said Grant, looking at his cards before looking at GraceLynn

"Um.." said GraceLynn, looking through her cards, "Go fish!"

Grant muttered something before grabbing another card off of the deck. Looking to the side he saw the trio standing at the door. Smiling, he beckoned them over. Genievieve, Dominic and Jamie walked over to the table, Genievieve and Dominic's eyes barely coming over the edge of the table. Grant set Jamie on the table, before looking at his cards again.

"Do you have any Ace's?" GraceLynn said, before focusing her attention on the children, "Aren't you three supposed to be in bed?"

"Go fish, barney." said Grant, before smirking at GraceLynn's flustered expression as he used an old nickname

"Buzz off." muttered GraceLynn, grabbing a card off of the deck.

"Yes." said Genievieve, pushing a stool over, "But I'm not tired. And Nic isn't too."

"Me too!" chirped Jamie

"Uh huh." Grant set his cards face down on the table, before stretching his arms over his head. Picking up his cards he looked at Daniel, who was biting on the eraser of a pencil, "Got any sixes?"

GraceLynn handed over a six to Grant before pushing her bangs out of her eyes, "Doesn't matter, you guys have school tomorrow and need your sleep. You three are what? Four, five years old? You got any three's Paco?" GraceLynn grinned as Grant tossed a three in her direction, angrily.

"We're Five and a half!" yelled Genievieve and Dominic

"And I'm four and a quarter! And I don't go to school." said Jamie, swinging his legs off the edge of the table.

"Well you're not twenty, and your still in school. You three need your sleep, like GraceLynn said. When we were your age we had bed times. Well, I didn't, but I'm sure GraceLynn did. Right Lynn?" Grant looked at his friend, "Oh do you have any ones?"

"Go fish, and I did have a bed time. I hated it when I was your age but I did go to bed when my parents told me to. As you get older you'll get to stay up later. Besides, tomorrow's Friday, which means you should be able to stay up later, cause the next day is Saturday. No school and what not." said GraceLynn glancing between her cards, the children, and Grant, "Got any jokers?"

"Go fish." Grant looked at Daniel, "Anything else you wanna add Danny boy?"

"I told you never to call me that." said Daniel, glaring at Grant, who shrugged, "And no, you guys are covering everything."

"But we aren't tired!" whined the trio, looking at the three adults.

"How about this," said Daniel, walking over to the refrigerator and opening it, "If you three go to bed as soon as we're done talking, I'll put something extra in your lunch."

"Yeah," said Dominic, folding his arms, "An apple."

Daniel chuckled, "No, not an apple. I was thinking an extra slice of cake, or a cookie. Something sweet."

"Like an Oreo Cookie Pie?" said Genievieve, leaning forward on her stool, "We love Oreo Cookie Pies."

Daniel glanced back at her, "Sure. If your positive you want a slice of Oreo cookie pie in your lunch, I'll put it in your lunch bag."

"Yes, please!" said the children collectively.

Daniel closed the refrigerator, before leaning up against it, "Do you promise to go to bed?"


"Are you sure?" Daniel raised an eyebrow skeptically.


"Well then, get going to bed!"

The children hopped off of the stools and table before running out the kitchen door. As their pounding feet grew silent, Daniel walked back to the stool he had been sitting on and sat down. GraceLynn and Grant, having finished there game, stacked the cards neatly and set them in the drawer of Daniel's desk.

"Seriously Daniel? Pie?" said GraceLynn, standing in front of Daniel.

"Yes pie. When your parents bribed you as a child, they used something you liked or wanted. I did the same thing. It just happened to be with pie." Daniel stuck the eraser of his pencil in his mouth again before biting down on it.

GraceLynn and Grant walked out the back door of the Kitchen, talking about a game that Grant was interested in buying. As they left Daniel got up and opened the refrigerator again. Sighing, he shut it and sat back down.

"I forgot to ask. How do you make an Oreo cookie pie." Daniel pulled items out of the cabinets and pantry before attempting to make an Oreo cookie pie.