The Experiment, Attempting the Impossible.

by neokiva

Let sleeping gods lie

Little foal heed me well,
lest by folly ye be felled.
Wake not the sleeping gods of this realm,
A wrath which burns hot as the kiln.
your naivete will be cease to be,
and something worse than death be for ye

Wake not the sleeping gods,
Your life and sanity depend on it, oh pony born from sod.
Little foal hast thou hearkened well
to my warning, bold and fell.
Take heed of this, my warning

lest there be no tomorrow morning.


Luna was in a corridor outside of Celestia’s bedroom door, pacing from one side to the other. “Luna?” Celestia asked as she came upon the pacing princess of the night after finishing her duties of the day, “It’s nearly time to raise the moon, Luna.” Looking at the frantically pacing alicorn. “Dearest sister, we wish to converse with thou.” Celestia raised an eyebrow and then proceeded to her room. “Okay Luna, come inside, I’ll make some tea.”

Luna followed Celestia into her bedroom, it was a large room filled with furniture of many hues similar to her mane and tail, the walls were purest white bordered with gold. Celestia levitated a table and chairs wrought iron and painted white, upon it. She set out a tea set. which Celestia began to use to brew Luna and herself some tea, Celestia preferred to actually do things for herself, whenever possible. The servants always fussed over her every need. Leaving little to occupy her immortal mind at times when she had nothing else to do. “Come now sister, tell us what it is, this thing which is bothering you?” Celestia looked at Luna expectantly as she watched Luna sit upon a chair opposite Her.

“Sister, we art worried. We desirest to tell thou something.” Luna looked down at her hooves. Celestia took a sip of her tea, listening as Luna continued “ We art wishing to court thy student, Twilight Sparkle.” At hearing this shocking news, Celestia spat out her tea. “Luna, did I just hear you correctly, you wish to court Twilight Sparkle?” Luna puffed her chest up. “Indeed, why art thou shocked. We hath felt closer to Twilight Sparkle than anypony else.” Celestia grinned and retorted “Well you did sleep with her, dear Sister. You can not get closer than that.” Luna’s face heated, turning redder than the sun. “We wert drunk sister! We wert inhibited! Wert we stronger we wouldst have been more capable in resisting thy student’s beauty!” Celestia finally burst out laughing, causing Luna to pout “I wilt return, after a while. We need to raise the moon.”

Luna went to the castle observatory to raise the moon, and shortly thereafter returned to a still laughing Celestia, who had now rolled onto the floor with her hooves flailing in the air. Wiping a tear from her left eye, Celestia spoke with traces of laughter in her voice.

“Forgive me Luna, I haven’t heard Twilight described as a beauty. Before tonight!” Celestia fell into another laughing fit and began to slam her forehoof on the floor with tears still streaming down her face. "Oh Luna, stop you're killing me! Oww, my sides" Celestia's laughter echoed through the castle, anypony who might have heard it would wear a masque of one who hadn't been phased, however deep inside they felt a fear which few outside of the castle would know.

“Sister, wilt thou be serious, we wert not finished!” Celestia got up off her back and onto her hooves, She then returned to her seat. “Go on Luna. I will try to contain my mirth.” Luna shot her a disapproving look. “Sister, we art a stranger to this time, We knowest not what the courtship of this era is like. wouldst thou helpeth us?”


It was the next morning, Rose was awake and reading a book on the couch that was situated in the library, this morning was less hectic than the last.

“Rose, breakfast is ready!” Twilight called to the filly who promptly closed the book she was reading, 101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians. Rose trotted over to the kitchen to retrieve her breakfast, which was a simple salad of lettuce, daisies and tomatoes. Mummy’s cooking is always like this simple and easy to make. But Rose didn’t mind. Mummy’s trying her best.

Rose returned to her seat and started eating her breakfast, absent mindedly. Suddenly she was overtaken by a vision: Looking around, Rose was surrounded by large walls of white and gold, She was sitting at a varnished oak table in the middle of a large garden filled with flowers of many colors and types, more than she had seen before. She was seated at the table reading a book, before her somepony levitated a plate of salad in front of her, which consisted of daisies, tomatoes and lettuce as she looked up to see which pony had given her food. All she saw was a large pony standing there, but it was faded and covered with static.

Rose was back inside the treehouse library, which she now called home, What was that? Who was that pony? Where was that place? Rose thought to herself, suddenly Rose head started throbbing. Rose brought a hoof up to her head and started rubbing with the fetlock of her right hoof to try and reduce the pain, however the throbbing didn’t stop. in fact it was increasing. What was a small throbbing sensation, had now become a full blown headache.

As these events transpired, Twilight had finished making her own food, and came upon Rose as she was wincing and asked her “Rose are you okay?” Rose shook her head from side to side “I have a headache Mommy.” Twilight looked to Rose in concern “Do you want some aspirin to help you Rose?” Rose shook her head up and down in response. Twilight put her plate down and went into the bathroom.

Where she opened her medicine cabinet with her magic and retrieved the aspirin. Twilight read the instructions “Foals: 1 tablet every 3 hours do not exceed 3 tablets per day.”

Twilight closed the medicine cabinet and trots out of the bathroom and makes her way back into the lounge, where Rose was. Twilight looked at Rose and said “Don’t worry, just let me get a glass of water so you can take this.” Twilight trotted into the kitchen to get some water for Rose she opened a cupboard and retrieved a glass, Rose screamed out in pain, causing Twilight to drop the glass with a smash, Twilight rushed over to Rose.

“Rose, what’s the matter!? Where does it hurt!?” Twilight asked. “ Mummy, my head hurts!” Rose screamed as the pain was getting to much for her to handle.
Twilight closed her eyes as her horn lit with a lavender glow, the glow then slowly moved over the filly as Twilight scanned Rose. No! Magic build-up! She doesn’t know how to control her magic! Twilight picked up Roses magic book, “101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians“ and began to read through it. “Ah Hah!, found it!” Anatomy of the horn and Avoiding Magic Build up.

Magical power is gathered and expelled (When a unicorn’s magic has built up) constantly via a passive process controlled by the horns Arcanii, a gland which sits near the tip of the horn and controls magic within and without of a unicorn. Below the Arcanii gland is the mana sack which holds that unicorn’s internal magic. The amount it can hold is determined by the unicorns knowledge, hormones, and genetic traits. This capacity can be increased through dedicated training, wrapped around the inside of the horn are millions of nerves which are a part of the Thalamus Monoceros gland, which runs up and down the center of the horn. It controls the other parts of the horn and causes sensitivity in the horn during arousal and temporarily stopping magic use so as to stop the unicorn from hurting their partner.

Magic build up and dealing with it
Magic build up occurs, when a unicorn doesn’t perform magic enough (as the Arcanii overflow expulsion isn’t enough to stop this alone) other cases of magic build up can be caused by an increase in the unicorn’s ability to absorb magic, to reduce the build up, the unicorn in question must use their magic or have another unicorn syphon off their magic. The only case when magic build up will not occur is when a unicorn’s magic is sealed.

Twilight flicks back to the first couple of pages to find out how to properly explain how to control magic to a foal.

Controlling magic is the most basic skill every unicorn must learn.
to do so the unicorn must focus and sense the subtle activity of their mind, which differs from the daily mental activities in which the mind engages in. It often feels as though an invisible hoof is gently massaging the frontal lobes. This activity is the Arcanii gland gathering mana from the surrounding environment. This is magic, In order to use this magic, the unicorn must have a target in mind during casting. Which can be targeted via sight or sensing the surroundings, using their horn (although few unicorns are able to do this and even fewer can reach out over long distances) the unicorn will know they have targeted an object, when their vision zooms in on the object. after which their vision zooms back out after the target has been grabbed by or affected by the unicorns magic.

Twilight shut the book and rushed over to “Rose, listen to me! Can you feel your horn!? It should feel like there is something on your forehead and you should be able to feel it's weight. Can you feel that Rose?” asked Twilight as she held Rose in her forelegs. “I think so, Mummy.” Rose replied hesitantly.

“ Okay, I want you to close your eyes, focus on your horn! Imagine the magic, inside you as a syrup. “ Rose nodded as Twilight continued. “Then imagine that syrup flowing through your horn like a faucet!” Twilight instructed. Rose did as she was told. “Now open your eyes, can you pick an object you want and then focus on that item?” Rose nodded.

“Mommy my eyes went funny! what’s happening!?“ Rose panicked. Gently caressing Rose, Twilight replied “That is you locking onto that object, that is normal. Now try to pick it up reach out with your mind” Rose shook as she tried to do what Twilight had explained.

Trying to pick up her book, that Twilight had set down on the table. Rose felt the pain subside a little inside her head. At first it was a struggle, but she finally managed to lift it. However the pain returned, catching Rose off guard and with another scream Rose expelled a lot of magic in all directions! all the library books came off their shelves and levitated all over the place!

Roses eyes burned as they glowed white, magic flowing everywhere. while this was occurring Twilight found herself lifted up in the air with Rose. Twilight almost lost her balance and fell, as she was pulled along for the ride.

“Rose, sweetie it’s okay!” Twilight shouted so she could be heard above the loud thrum of the magic which Rose was producing as she stroked Rose’s face to try and calm her down.

After a while of Twilight gently stroking Rose, suddenly, The magic stopped and an exhausted Rose fell on the floor with Twilight. Rose then collapsed into Twilight’s arms and looks up at Twilight.

Rose saw her Mummy smiling gently at her. “The pain is gone Mummy.” Rose smiled weakly as Twilight embraced her tiny body tighter. “ Rose, when you feel your head hurt, and even before that remember what I told you and use your magic, or try to use your magic to lift and move things instead of with your hooves.”

Rose tilted her head, confused as to why she would want to do what her Mummy was telling her after a couple of seconds she decides that it would be best to listen, as she didn’t want to be in pain anymore and so replied “Okay, Mummy.” She then snuggled into Twilight’s chest. as she did so Twilight pulled her close nuzzling Rose and draping her head over Rose’s. Inside Twilight felt something, as she held the little filly, almost as if this was the most right thing in the world. She couldn’t explain why she felt this way. One thing was certain she must protect Rose.


Back at the castle Princess Luna was alone in the castle archives. Open on a lectern in front of her, Princess Luna had a copy of Coats and Flowers: A mares guide to finding the right flower. While Luna read the book her mind drifted back to her conversation with Celestia. “Dearest Luna, first you must find a flower of the same color as your coat and when you have acquired it make sure to keep it safe and fresh, second you must spend time with Twilight invite her to dinners or plays. She does not seem to remember your little drunken foray together over 7 years ago.” Celestia giggled. “Wilst thou stop? Wherefore doth thou getteth thy saucy attitude?” Luna replied

“It has been a long time, you forget that I have always been the prankster, dear Sister.” Celestia gave Luna a mischievous grin. To which Luna rolled her eyes in exasperation “Why dost thou mocketh me,? Is it not hard enough that we must deal with this overly elaborate courtship ritual? In the past we simply picked from our subjects the one most suitable for us and declared unto them of our desire for them. Now we must go through all this pretension just to show our love.” Luna huffed as she replied.

“Oh Luna, you are not the only one who has to do this; everypony does, even I have had to. Perhaps, if you thought of this in a different light. Remember when you used to travel out into the everfree forest to hunt, how you would prepare before you pursued your targets, well think of dating like a subtle hunt where your prey is the one you love and all this needless complication is your preparation for a safe hunt. though the ending is much more enjoyable and less bloody.”

Luna gave Celestia a long-suffering look and with a sigh replied “We shall take that under advisement Sister. Though, perhaps a less morbid metaphor would have been more apt for your example.”

Luna shook her head, dispelling the memory. Returning to her book and after she had flipped a through a couple of pages with her magic, she noticed a flower that had matched her coat, Media Nocte hyacintho rosaceae or midnight blue rose in modern equestrian. Luna lowered her head. “Rose …”


After the rather hectic breakfast, Rose was looking forward to school, and to seeing her new friends, Sweetie belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom. The three fillies had been very friendly to her, despite what she had heard from Cheerilee after class yesterday, regarding the three. Cheerilee had warned her that they had a track record for causing trouble.

The other foals tended to stay away from me, though it doesn’t seem like it’s to be mean. Some of the colts go out of their way to help me, like getting me pillows or snacks.

There is this one filly that chooses to glare at me everytime she sees me. I don’t know why but Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. All tell me that Diamond Tiara is a bully that always giving them trouble, about them not having cutie marks yet.

Rose turned her head to look at her flank.Cheerilee had told the class yesterday about cutie marks. I wonder what my cutie mark will be. What is my special talent? I think Mommy wants me to follow in her hoofsteps, but I don’t know if I even like magic. It seems so hard, everytime I try to move something I just end up destroying it, even after my first success, when my head was hurting. Mommy says that I shouldn’t worry too much and just to keep practicing. Mommy, told me of the time when she was trying to get into Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns and had accidently turned her mommy and daddy into a cactus and a palm tree, whatever those things are.


Spike opened his door to his bedroom, “Twilight, what time is it?” Spike asked
“Time to get up” Twilight responded matter of factly.

“Rose it’s time to go to school, finish up your salad and get ready!”