One born without love

by CeresBane


It had been nearing a full year since the loss of the hold upon the capital. Warmistress Trixie the 68th had vanished from the siege of Canterlot after holding it for a full six months. Only slivers of information returned to the Lunar capital, mainly from a collective deserters and borderland scouts who barely escaped with their lives. For a time much of the high council believed her to be killed or had abandoned the fight based upon the phase the battle had taken.

Upon the six month mark of the siege Twilight had learned Lunarian warcraft and began cutting off supply lines from the republic to Trixie's warhost. Her other forces that were pinning down the imperial cities were quickly dispatched, as Trixie was too busy dispelling the millennia's worth of enchantments that surrounded the old capital of Canterlot. And although, the commanders Trixie assigned to each city were the best the republic could offer, but only Trixie could ever hope to match Twilight in warcraft.

With each freed city, Twilight's warhost gathered more bodies for the inevitable counter offensive. And with each new addition to the imperial army, Trixie suffered severe losses, with no means to counter herself unless she abandons any hope of finally ending the war. And with much of the main Lunar military out into imperial soil, the defences of the Lunar republic were prey to Twilight Sparkle's forces. With the forces Twilight had gathered to war, she needed only a mere fraction to fully surround Trixie and the remainder to form a rather powerful invasion force.

For Trixie it was her darkest hour. I would never have hated her for falling to cowardice, like the court thought she did. She had done the very best she could, but was dealt an unfair hand to deal with. However this was Trixie the 68th. A pony famous for her boundless tenacity. I knew for a fact that she would never abandon her ponies and her republic. She would much sooner die than do that.

But somehow I knew she was alive by merit of believing as hard as I could.

Something happened to her in Canterlot and I was adamant to know. It was a gamble but I believed Trixie was out there, alive, waiting to rescued from whatever fate she befell upon. At first several recon forces were sent to Canterlot to investigate what had transpired.

Very few returned with all that could be given was confirmation of an absolute slaughter of Trixie's forces.

A few months past. And I was leading the defense the republic, running Twilight's forces in circles and harassing them constantly, through a series of daring rearguards and hit and run tactics. Many were lost but eventually Twilight relented when she realised she was outclassed in combat when I ever walked the field to meet her.

For every attempt she tried to slaughter my ponies, I was there to defend them myself. For every clever trick she thought to counter my raids and ambushes, I was there in the front to defend whomever I could so that they may try again another day. I came to death so many times as thousands of ponies swarmed with such berserker intent to kill me. But I was not alone, my ponies were beside me and were there for me as I was there for them.

I wasn't much of a pony of particular mastery over the craft of war, nor was I particularly strong as match the best warriors of the empire. But I drew attention Twilight's power and by the immense power of a queen I made short work of her sorceries. I wasn't exactly subtle or masterful as Trixie. But by the sheer force of being whom I am, I crushed whatever elaborate magic Twilight attempted with a single overpowering will to protect.

When Twilight realised the fruitlessness of her efforts to invade an invisible republic with no village or city or town to call its own. She retreated, as to preserve her forces for another approach at a later date. As she knew she was never going to break the stalemate playing into Lunar hooves.

In my impetuous I rushed after her. Any good leader should have counted her winnings and losses and retreated back to bolster the defences even more, preparing for Twilight's inevitable retaliation. But beyond the border was Trixie and I wanted so badly to find her and if possible, bring her some kind of peace.

Little did I know. Trixie had returned on the day I crossed the border. She had returned in a bad way I was told. Fighting to stay alive so that she would see me one more time.

But by the time I was driven away from the empire with my tail between my legs, Trixie had been long gone.

Leaving only you behind to remember her by.