Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

CHapter 5

After eating, Celestia and the children started walking down the hall again. Genievieve, Jamie, Ryan, and Dominic started playing leap frog in the hall. Their clothes were covered in chicken and dumplings as well as the popsicles they had for desert. During the time they had eaten, Angelina had woken up and Celestia's trusted assistent, Rebekah Chaser, had taken her to the kitchen after Kailie said they were in there eating. Angelina had decided to stay as close as she could to the solar monarch, whether it was holding her dress or holding Celestia's hand. Celestia was leading them to the royal clothes designers, Kamryn Charmer and Morgan Nova, to get the children a new wardrobe. As they were walking, Celestia heard faint sound of yelling, as well as laughing and whooping.

"I WIN AGAIN! SUCK IT ANDREW!" a voice yelled, with a laugh running behind it

"Shut up! Or do I need to impale your skull with my sword?" a voice replied, anger clearly lacing his voice

Coming around the curve of the hall Celestia saw that it was two of her guards who were walking the hall. Noah Tumbler and Andrew Twister, were glaring at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter, holding on to each other for support. Realzing Princess Celestia was walking down the hall, they quickly snapped to attention struggling to stifle their chuckles. Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, and Jamie walked up beside the Princess and Angelina, their eyes looking at every little detail.

"I'm Jamie. Who are you?" asked Jamie, before pushing his glasses

"Who are we? WHO ARE WE?" said Noah, leaning closly into Jamie's face before looking at Andrew, "Who are we?"

"Guards idiot!" said Andrew pushing Noah

"Ah yes! We are guards! Royal guards in fact! In service to her royal highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria!" Noah dramatically puffed his chest out only for Andrew to hit him in the stomach, causing Noah to double over.

"How many times are you going to fall for that?", asked Andrew, pulling Noah up to his height before adressing the children, "My name's Andrew Twister, and the guy who's trying not to heave up his lunch is Noah Tumbler. Now I have a question, who are you?"

"I'm Genievieve! But Seth called me Genny so you can too! I have a twin brother his name is Dominic!" Genievieve said, her hand waving wildly as she spoke.

"I'm her brother!!" exclaimed Dominic, jumping up and down as he smiled.

"I'm Ryan, and you've met Jamie." Ryan said, camly as Jamie waved frantically.

"Umm I'm angelina" said Angelina softly as she hid behind the princess, her hand firmly grasping the solar monarch hand.

Noah's eye's widened as he thought about their names, "Wait, aren't these the kid who are gonna be the Princess's n-!" Noah was cut off as Andrew slapped a hand over his mouth as the princess lightly shook her head.

"Noah, Andrew, do you know where Kamryn and Morgan are? I've been looking for them." Celestia looked between the two guards, as she adjusted her grip on Angelina's small hand

"Kam and Mo?" asked Noah, looking at Andrew, "They told us they were headed to lunch before they went to get some fabric for a project you had them doing. Oh, Kamryn said four outfits where completed and in the dressing room but the fifth needed something."

"Did they say when they'd be back?"

Andrew nodded, "In an hour or two, depending on the crowd at the store. Morgan said to have them try on the clothes that where there and they'd get the last outfit figured out."

"Thank you Andrew, Noah."

"No problem Princess!" they said simultaneously, as they saluted.

"Wow! They made these for us?" asked Genievieve, as she looked at her new clothes and shoes. She had a light purple headband with a big black flower on it, in her just brushed shoulder length hair. She had on black ballet flats that had small diamonds decorating the top of the shoe. She had on tight fitting black caprices that came just below her knees and a light purple tank top tucked into them. Over her tank top she had a black blazer, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. On her left wrist was a small band that said Genievieve and a larger black and purple zebra print band.

Ryan looked at his outfit tugging on his green plaid shirt. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up 1/4 of the way, exposing the band on his right arm the said Ryan and his green watch. He had on a loose fitting pair of black jeans and a pair of black sneakers. His hair had been brushed so it set down on his head.

Jamie's hair stood up all over his head as he bounced up and down. He had on an orange short sleeve button down shirt and dark grey jeans with orange stitching. His feet were clad with bright orange high tops that had grey laces. On his right arm he had a band that said Jamie in big orange letters.

Dominic looked at himself in the mirror, admiring his new clothes. His purple hair had been bushed up so it stood up in the front. He had on a black blazer like his sister only the sleeves where rolled up 1/4 of the way exposing his band that said Dominic. He had on black jeans like Ryan's and black converse. His purple short sleeved shirt was tucked into his pants that had a black belt holding them up.

Celestia had just finished brushing Angelina's hair that reached the middle of her back. Angelina had on a nave blue short sleeve shirt that was tucked into her waist high flower print shorts. The shorts had a thin navy blue belt that matched her shirt. On her left wrist was a band, like the others, that said Angelina in sky blue letters. On her feet where navy blue flats with a little bow on the toe. She had a big blue flower decorating her hair to finish the look.

"Well, of course." said Celestia, as Angelina grasped her hand again, "Your my guests and I wanted everything to be perfect."

"Hey, " said Ryan, looking at a symbol on his shirt, "What's this?" Ryan walked over to the Princess and held up his shirt.

A replica of Celestia's cutie mark was there in green along with the first letter of each child's name. Since Ryan's favorite color was green the symbol was green as well. Angelina looked at her belt to see the same symbol in blue, so did Dominic only his and his sister's were purple. Jamie walked over having found the symbol, in orange, on his shoelaces.Before Celestia could answer, the door to the design studio opened revealing Kamryn and Morgan who had handfuls of bags.

"Princess!" said Morgan before she and Kamryn bowed slightly, "Please tell me Andrew and Noah told you which outf......" She trailed off as she saw the clothes the children where wearing

"Well I guess they didn't" said Kamryn, flatly, "Tell me you told them the big news, Princess!"

"What news?" asked Jamie, looking between the Princess and the two ladies in the doorway


Celestia looked down at the children before sighing, "Remember when I first came to the orphanage and you all knew I was coming to adopt someone?"

Genievieve and her friends looked away as they blushed at being caught before she replied, "Yes."

"Do you want to know why I spend so much time with you?"

"Because you like us!" said Jamie, smiling

Celestia chuckled, "Yes that's one of the big reasons. The biggest reason is because a few weeks ago, I decided to adopt all of you as my nieces and nephews. All of the papers have gone through, but I decided not to tell you because I wanted to get the know you all better."

Angelina slipped her hand out of Celestia's before standing next to her friends, Ryan just looked at the Princess, anger in his little brown eyes. Celestia was confused, didn't they want to be adopted? She made sure to keep them all together. Why did they look upset?

"If this is a joke, its not very funny." said Ryan, folding his arms and glaring at the Solar monarch

"I promise you Ryan, I'm not joking. I'll even prove it to you." Celestia walked in between Kamryn and Morgan and lead the children down a hallway to a door.

On the door was the same symbol as the one on there clothes. Celestia pushed the door open revealing a large room with five beds. Each one had a golden headboard with each child's name inscribed in it. Two bed had purple sheets and comfertors, one had blue, another was covered in green and finally there was one in orange. Each child's eyes doubled in size before running to their new beds.

"Look at the toys!" yelled Jamie, running over to the over flowing toy chest

Celestia smiled as she watched the children run around and exclaim about what they had found. While she was distracted, Angelina grabbed Celestia's hand again.

Ryan walked over with a sheepish grin, "I'm sorry. It's just people have joked with us on that before and then not taken any of us."

Genievieve hugged Celestia's leg, "So this makes you our Aunt now! Do we get to go to day court? Oh Oh Oh can we see the garden? Ohhhh How about Night Court can we go to Night court? Oh Oh Oh! Do we get to hang out with you all day??"

Celestia laughed as she brushed Genievieve's bangs out of her eyes, "We can do all of those things except for Night court. You need your sleep after all. You still will go to school as well, just not the one your in now."

Dominic hugged Celestia's other leg, "What school? Is it close to here? Are you gonna walk us to school? Can the guards walk with us too? Are we gonna get new bags?"

Celestia ran her other hand through Dominic's hair, "Well from what I've heard you are some gifted children so you'll be going to my school of gifted children. It's very close to here. I'll walk you to school if you want. Yes of course the guards have to walk with you, your very important. Well, of course you'll get new bags as well as clothes."

"You finally told them." said a voice.

Celestia turned around to see GraceLynn, Jesse, Wyatt and Grant standing in the doorway, each wearing a smile. The children, with the exception of Angelina who didn't want to let go of Celestia's hand, ran over to tell the guards what they learned.

GraceLynn laughed, "Yeah! We already know! Congratulations on becoming part of the Royal Family!", she looked at Wyatt, "Who had the win?"

"Uhhh, Jesse." said Wyatt, as he felt around for his wallet.

"YES! PAY UP!!!" Jesse jumped in the air, flapping his wings for extra height as the rest of the guards, with a grumble, paid him what they owed him, "I'm RICH! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Nice clothes! Wait, aren't those the coronation clothes?" asked Grant, looking at Princess Celestia who shook her head, "I guess not."

"Your gonna walk with us to school!" said Jamie, grabbing GraceLynn's hand, as she laughed

"We know!" chuckled GraceLynn, "Now, I recall Day court starts in twenty minutes and you all wanted to go so I suggest you let us go so we can open the gates!"

The children ran back to their new aunt, nearly knocking the Solar Monarch over. The guards gave a quick salute before heading to the gates. Celestia walked over to a large chair before sitting down and beckoning the children to come. Grabbing a brush, Celestia brushed through their hair and straightened their clothes.

"We can't have you all going to your very first day court looking sloppy." said Celestia, as she straightened Genievieve's headband.

"Wow! How long is Day court?" asked Genievieve, brushing her bangs out of her eyes.

"Oh roughly two maybe three hours."

"That's a long time."

"Well," said Celestia, standing up and smoothing her dress, "If you get restless or tired, I'm sure we can cut court short."

Angelina grasped Celestia's hand, "Are you going to tell everyone that you've adopted us?"

Celestia smiled at Angelina as she lead the children to the throne room, "That'll be the first thing we do." Celestia picked Angelina up letting her rest on her left side, before grabbing Ryan's hand.

Ryan, startled as the Princess interlocked her fingers with his, ran to catch up with his aunt, "What if they don't like us?"

Celestia looked down at Ryan and gave a warm smile, "If they don't then they have to deal with me. Trust me, no one will debate with a decision made by me."

As the entered the throne room, Celestia guided Ryan to the top step, on one side of the throne, before releasing his hand. She set Angelina on the other side of the step before guiding Genievieve and Dominic down one step. She sat Genievieve in front of Ryan and Dominic in front of Angelina. Finally Celestia led Jamie to sit on the bottom step, directly infront of the foot of the throne. Walking up the steps, Celestia sat down on her throne before fixing her crown. Looking at Grant and GraceLynn, who were positioned to open the door, she nodded.

"Open the doors." stated Celestia, as the guards started to pull the door open, grunting as they opened the large gold and white wooden doors, "Here we go."