Hallowed heroes

by dr460n h34rt


“see, the night blooms; blooms within me"

“i’m sorry Lilith” said a voice in the back of Lilith’s head, “This torture will end for both of us.”
“No, mommy. NO!” shouted Lilith, “Please, don’t go!” she woke in a cold sweat, “Why do i keep having that dream?”
My old nightmare; it gives me such a scare; i sing for thee a lullaby; that you may not dream these dreams; these dreams of a corrupted land; a land of fear; a land of pain; a land that may ne’er bring you grief again.

***time: [unknown]***
***location: project valeron HQ, eastern hospice***
***status: massive spinal damage, possible psychological damage***

Pain… all i could feel was an intense pain. i tried to struggle, but found i couldn’t move. i tried to call out, but found i had no voice. i tried to look around, but found i had no sight. i thought to myself, ‘Am i dead?’ and i remembered, i had agreed to get some biometrics, and this was part of the procedure. as i lay there, i couldn’t help but remember mom, the beautiful zebra who used to be.
To my son; i always knew you were the one; the one to find who killed me; so i give unto thee; an ability; to see the truth within somebody; i hope you find who killed me.

***time: [unknown]***
***location: project valeron HQ, eastern hospice***
***status: massive spinal damage, possible psychological damage***
***equipment: new biometrics present***

i awoke to find i had a series of tubes and wires protruding from my back, so i decided not to struggle.
“You’ve taken to your new biometrics well.”said somepony from my right, “i certainly hope there was no permanent damage.”
“Who...”i croaked, unable to find my voice.
“Well, arent you straight to the point.” said the doctor, “i’m Mellow, nice to finally meet you.”
“W… water.” i said, draining much of my already little energy.
“OH! Yes! Of course!” exclaimed mellow, then she flew off and got me some water. when she returned she placed a bucket in front of me, “Here, drink up.”
i lapped up every last drop of water in the bucket before me, “Thanks.”i finally said, after catching my breath, “i needed that. Also, what did you mean by ‘finally meet me?’”
“Well… i heard you were a spy, working directly with celestia and luna, and i really wanted to meet the pony behind the mask, so i started following you on some of your jobs.”
“Wait, wait, hold on,” i said, “you mean to tell me that you’re the one who almost ruined seven of my contracts?!”
“i…i…i” Mellow choked on her next words, “i-i’m sorry. i…i…didn’t, know, they…were that important.” she broke out into a fit of sobs and moans, “i DiDN’T KNOW!” she wailed, “i’M SORRY!”
i admit, that was very harsh, so i said, “it’s okay, you're just a fan who wanted to see ‘Zebra Bane’ do his work, theres nothing wrong with that.” i saw her pull a knife from her lab coat and cut a large gash into her foreleg.
“i’m sorry, Dragoon.” Mellow said as i watched her life drain away, “i didn’t mean to do what i did. i’m…sorry.” that last word was barely a whisper as she fell into a cold slumber, never to reawaken.

New perk: [quest perk] mother’s gift: you can see the ‘truth’ behind an individual’s eyes when engaged in dialogue.

***time: 6:00 am.***
***location: project valeron HQ, eastern hospice***
***status: possible psychological damage***
***equipment: new biometrics present***

When i awoke the next morning, i found i was in a hospital bed.
“Oh, well look who’s awake.” said a familiar voice from my left, “you gave me quite a scare last night.” i knew it! she wasn’t really dead.
“Mellow, is it?” i asked, “Do you carry a knife in your left coat pocket?”
“W-why yes! i do carry a knife in my left coat pocket.” Mellow responded, “how did you know?”
“Ehm…just a hunch, i guess.” i said, “You mind helpin’ me up?”
“Oh! certainly!” she responded enthusiastically, “But it’ll take some time before you can leave.”
“Why so?” i asked, “i’m notorious for my quick recovery time, so i’ll be able to leave in as little as a week!”
“No, i don’t think so.” said Mellow, “We had to remove your spine for some of the biometrics.”
“YOU WHAT?!?!” i exclaimed, collapsing onto the floor, “What the hell kind of biometrics require the removal of my spine?!” just then the door to my hospital room whooshed open.
“The stealth matrix” stated Drake flatly, “You were chosen as the test subject of ‘Project Valeron,’ a program dedicated to helping destroy the zebra menace.”
“yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that they removed my f*ing spine!” i exclaimed as I stood up, “i mean, seriously, what kind of idiot would agree to such a procedure?”
“You.” responded Drake, still with a flat tone, “You agreed to such a procedure.”
“i…” i couldn’t find the right words to provide a good argument, “Y…You put them up to this, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, thats him alright” said Vex from the doorway, “you do know that it’s almost impossible to intimidate Drake, don’t you?”
“Guh…” i collapsed to the floor again, “D-did you have to wear that?” i finally asked after catching my breath.
“Yes, i did have to wear this.” said Vex, a seductive tone in her voice, “i just wanted to greet my coltfriend in a ‘nice’ way.” she pounced on me, planting kisses up and down my neck, “come on, don’t you want to have some fun?” she asked after the fifth kiss, “i’ll let you lead this time.”
i was shaken by that hallucination, enough so, that i scared Vex.
“What’s wrong love?” asked Vex, a little shaken as well, “i was just excited to see you, that’s all.”
“i… i’m sorry.” i said, “i’ve just been having hallucinations recently.”
“Like what?” asked Mellow, “i am intrigued.”
“Well...” i said, “Last night, i could have sworn you had killed yourself Mellow.”
“Really now?” asked Vex, “what did you see just now?”
“Ehm...” i said, embarrassed, “Y-you jumped on me, and started loving all over me, saying that we should go to your place and ‘have fun.’”
“OH!” exclaimed Mellow, blushing, “i…i was under the impression your biometrics were malfunctioning.”
“Oh, well then, do you want to go and ‘have fun?’” asked Vex huskily, “‘cause i’d be more than willing to please you.”
“ACK!” i collapsed on the floor again, “N-n-n-n-no, please, n-not right now”

***time: 8:00 am.***
***location: eastern housing dist. #486***
***status: healthy***
***equipment: new biometrics present***

i woke up at home, in a cold sweat.
“Good morning sunshine!” exclaimed Mellow, wait Mellow?
“H-how did you get here?” i asked, out of breath, “A-and why am i so tired?”
“i came with Vex and Drake to take care of you until you’re able to start training...”
“...And you’re tired from the ‘fun’ you had last night with Mellow and i.” said Vex, “You can go for quite a while before ‘giving up.’”
“N-no, i refuse to believe that!” i exclaimed. Vex gave me a stern look, so i said, “S-so, Y-you, me, a-and Mellow, did…” the words died on my lips as Mellow brought me into a passionate kiss.
“NO!” i shouted, “why do i keep having those hallucinations?!”
“What was it this time?” asked Mellow, “Was it related to me?” i saw her turn her head slightly to her left then blush. Wait, to her left? i looked down and blushed fiercely, “C-cause i can tell it had something to do with ‘fun.’” Oh, dear.
i turned to my right, only to see Vex gawking at my…blessing, drooling as well, “i-it was one of those hallucinations again. Vex? VEX!”
“Huh, what?” said Vex as she was broken from her stupor, “i…i…i’m sorry Dragoon, i was just captivated by your ranting in your sleep, as well as whatever that last hallucination was about” she blushed lightly, “so, what was this one about, that that happened?” she motioned toward the ‘mound’ as she said this.
“Ehm...” i said, “You, Mellow, and i, had ‘fun.’” While i was saying that, i somehow started blushing even more than i already was, “i-it’s just a hallucination.”
“Yeah, but...” said Vex.
“...we could make it a reality.” stated Mellow, finishing Vex’s thoughts.
i thought to myself, ‘i’m in really deep now arent i?’

Footnote: Level Up!
New perk: Ladies man: when talking to one or both of two, certain individuals, you will get special dialogue options.