Hallowed heroes

by dr460n h34rt

why me?

“From my lips to Celestia’s ears let it be heard...”

***time: approx. 3:45 pm.***
***location: eastern housing dist. #486***
***status: bruising on face, cracked rib***

“By the goddesses!” exclaimed Jinx, “what happened to you?”
“Ehm… i… fell?” replied Dragoon in a guilty manner, “what of it?”
“Bull… Shit.” said Jinx, “You got into a fight with Vex again didn't you?”
“uh...” Dragoon paused. hanging his head he said, “Yes, i got into another fight with Vex; but this time, it was for good reason-”
“BULL!” shouted Jinx, “why are you constantly getting into fights? You’ve been acting like this since father died. wh-”
Dragoon punched Jinx in the face, hard, and sent him sprawling to the floor. with his hoof to Jinx’s throat and venom in his voice Dragoon said, “NEVER, bring up dad, EVER! or i swear, i... will... KiLL YOU!” with those final words, Dragoon lifted his hoof and brought it down on Jinx’s face, breaking his nose, then he added, ”you know very well what happened to the last pony who brought him up, don’t you?”
“yes.” Jinx said, matter-of-factly, “i do; you sent him to the hospital.”
“with four broken ribs and a broken leg.” stated Dragoon, “i won’t be as lenient with you; you will be in the morgue, with all of your ribs broken, a leg missing, and your skull cracked open.”
Jinx cringed at the thought saying “My lips are sealed brother,” and with that, they continued their day.
***time: approx. 5:00 pm.***
***location: eastern housing dist. park***
***status: healthy***

“Just give me time; i will bring you riches divine; please don’t kill me; i am still useful to thee…”
Those words have haunted Dragoon for years since his mother's death. as he mulled over the thought, he said, to no one in particular, “Why me?”
‘Do not worry about that.’
Dragoon jumped up in surprise, “what the fu-”
‘i’m going to have to stop you there,’ said the voice, ‘i am King Sombra, and i have a job for you.’
“i’m listening.” stated Dragoon in a bored tone, “what do you need me to do?”
‘kill Vex, then bring me her heart,’ stated King Sombra’s disembodied voice flatly, ‘and you will be rewarded in kind.’
“But...” said Dragoon, “i... can’t, kill her.”
‘Do you want to know what happened to your parents?’ asked Sombra, ‘Because i could tell you.’
“m-my parents?” asked Dragoon with sadness in his voice, “You killed them, didn’t you?”
‘n-no i-’
“DiDN’T YOU?!”
Just then, Vex walked by,“Kid, you scare me sometimes,” she said flatly, “who were you talking to?”
“None of your f*ing business,” shot Dragoon, then in a calmer tone he asked, “why do you ask?”
“Because i care.” said Vex with a tone of sympathy in her voice.
Dragoon’s face lit up at the thought, and he asked, “really now?”
“yes.” Vex stated matter-of-factly, “i do care.” then her voice took on a sultry tone, and she said, “come with me.”
***time: approx. 9:00 pm.***
***location: eastern housing dist. #486***
***status: high spirits***

When Dragoon returned home that evening, he was in very good spirits, “evenin’ Jinx,” said Dragoon, “Have a good day at work?”
“Umm, yeah i guess.” said a confused Jinx, “What’s got you in such a good mood?”
“Me and Vex made up,” said Dragoon mischievously, “apparently, we have a lot in common.”
“Like what?” Jinx asked, none-the-wiser, “You both like beating other people when they bring up sensitive topics?”
"Well, at least you made up." Said Jinx, "i would be very mad if you and she got into another argument"
“well, that isn’t the case.” said a pony from the corner of the room, “i saw them going to Vex’s place.”
“And you are?” asked Dragoon, “Wait a second, i think i’ve seen you before.”
“You should very well know me by now,” stated the pony flatly, “i’m the guard pony who keeps breaking up your fights.”
“Drake?” asked Dragoon, “well…shit. i thought i was going to get away with it.”
“Get away with what?” asked an angry Jinx, “What did you get into this time?”
“He was doing… things, with Vex” said Drake, “Last i saw, Dragoon was leaving Vex’s house with a look of childish glee on his face.”
Dragoon was blushing during Drake’s explanation, then he hung his head and said, “i-it’s true, Vex and I were doing… things, at her place. the punishment is up to you brother.”
“Well, while i am pissed at you for doing such a thing… wait, WHAT?!” exclaimed Jinx, “N-no arguments, you’re just going to let me punish you?”
“i believe it was already blatantly clear when he hung his head.” said Drake, “i’m actually very surprised myself.”
“Ehm… i actually don’t know how to punish you.” said Jinx, “i guess i’ll leave you to Drake.”
“Umm… yeah, sure.” said Dragoon, “Sooo, what should i do Drake?”
“i think we should go.” said Drake, “i’m going to be late for my shift.”
***time: approx. 11:45 pm.***
***location: eastern barracks #48 ***
***status: focused***

At the barracks, Dragoon and Drake were playing a game of chess when the captain of the guard burst through the door…
“Drake, we need you at the front gate immediately!”
“What is it now?” asked Drake, irritated.
“it’s your brother, he’s returned.” said the captain solemnly.
As the captain, Drake, and Dragoon left the barracks, it happened; the air raid sirens started their eerie wail, warning the ponies below of their possible doom, then several large Vertibucks landed in the nearby field.
“What the hell Boone?!” shouted Drake over the roar of the vertibuck’s engines, “At least make an effort to warn us before you land”
“Well ahm sorry fer tryin’ t’ surprise ya.” said Boone, “Excuse me.” there was a warbling hiss of static then boone said, “Mom did always like you more than i. But that aside, who’s your buddy there?”
“M-me?”Dragoon asked, “i’m Dragoon, pleased to meet you.”
“Pleased t’ meet you too.” said Boone, “i hear you’ve been naughty.”
“Ehm…” Dragoon was blushing fiercely, “i-i was… with… Vex.”
“Hmm… Vex.” said Boone thoughtfully, “Kaos’ daughter?”
“Welp, good luck explaining it to him!” exclaimed Boone.
“He’s right behind me isn’t he?”asked Dragoon.
“Yes i am, and you’d do well to explain this immediately,” said a large, muscular, crimson stallion, “or you’re in for a world of pain.”
“i sat at the park; listening to haunted words; haunted enough to silence the birds; i was told; by a being so bold; to kill your daughter; we argued over my parent’s slaughter; then she came up and brought me out of my stupor; she sympathizes with me sir; i know i am telling you this in such a blur; but we went to her house; played cat and mouse; and did… things; whate'er bell this rings; please tell me; for i have little choice; i must follow the voice; the voice of Sombra; lord of this city; in times of old.”
“Sombra; Sombra; lord? HA! he is dead; dead in a hole; in a hole far off of the coast of the crystal empire; you expect me to believe such farcity? ;well i do; i believe you; it is true; he has been whispering to my daughter too; so i ask of you; protect her; do not let her come under any harm.”
“i will do my best; this is no jest.”

Footnote: LevelUp!
new perk: Vexing defense: you gain a 5% boost to damage resistance.