by Alien Bronco

The Best Laid Plans

Octavia slinked out of bed. It was so comfortable… so feathery. The cellist felt like she was literally trapped in a bed-bear hug. She crawled over the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

“My sweet Celestia!” It was almost as if the past week and a half had hit her in the face like a ton of bricks. Octavia looked terrible. She had a small cut just below her cheek and her fur was matted nearly all over her back from laying in bed for so long. The cellist had a bandage wrapped around her chest and her hair was messy and out of place. She removed the bandage to reveal a red gash and a small area of shaved fur. She turned on her shower and began brushing her hair while waiting for the room to steam.

“I’ve spent my entire life inside, staying completely safe. I spend a week with Vinyl and I get stabbed and find I’m a homosexual. Huh.” The cellist checked the temperature of the water and slowly got into it, letting the water drip down her coat and mane for a bit. She grabbed the body wash and began scrubbing to work the mats out of her fur. After a few minutes of scrubbing her fur regain its same familiar grey shine.

She grabbed the shampoo and began scrubbing her raven colored hair down. After a good fifteen minutes of scrubbing her hair looked presine once again. She stopped the flow of water stepped daintily out of the shower. The room had been filled with steam at the point that it was nearly unseeable. The cellist grabbed a towel and dried off till she was at a comfortably warm level of dampness. She spent a solid five minutes tying her bowtie back around her neck. It was hard to tie it considering the fact that she was an earth pony. Once she finished her morning process she stared at herself in the mirror. “Much better!” She took a clean pink bandage, one that matched the color of her cutie mark, and wrapped it around the scar on her chest. Stepping out of the bathroom she saw who she wanted to see most in the world.

“Hey there, come here often? I did miss you while I was hospitalized. Come here!” Octavia trotted forward and wrapped her hooves around the neck of her one true love. She picked up the bow laying on the stand next to her cello and began to play. She didn’t have a particular song in mind. No sheet music, no pattern to rhythmically fall into. Instead she played with her heart.

The song was slow; It started as a simple high note drawn out and fading into another high note, this one being a little bit lower toned. Octavia cracked a wicked smile as she dragged the bow across her strings once more, creating a note just a little bit lower than her previous one. Now this is where the fun begins. The master cellist began rapidly pumping her bow back and forth across the strings, changing the tone with every swipe. The notes the earth pony was creating were low and forceful, demanding and fast-paced. She kept the process going for a bit before she began to slide her hoof, the one rested on the neck creating the tone, up and down along the cello. This caused a rapid change of notes happening all in a single drag of her bow. She reached a high note and held it out as long as she could. Panting Octavia opened her eyes and noticed a very suprised Beauty Brass standing in the doorway.

“WHAT THE LUNA WAS THAT?” Octavia gave a sheepish smile before placing her cello comfortably back onto her stand.

“I am terribly sorry Beauty, I just played what I felt like playing. I guess I was trying to get back into the swing of things…”

“NO, DON’T APOLOGIZE! IT WAS ACTUALLY QUITE SWEET! LIKE ROCK AND ROLL WITH A CELLO!” Beauty gestured over to the stairs. “BREAKFAST IS READY. BY THE WAY, THE ROOMS ARE SOUNDPROOF. JUST CLOSE YOUR DOOR!” Octavia removed her hooves from her ears. She could still hear Beauty when they were plugged, she was just dulled to a mild roar.

“Ok, expect me down in a few. I need to polish my cello!” Octavia gave Beauty a smirk and walked over to her cello. She began scrubbing it vigorously with a linen cloth to remove the dust that had collected on it. Once she could see her reflection she nodded her head and exited her room, shutting her door with a loud thump.


“She’s a mane-iac, MANE-iac, on the floor.” Vinyl sang and swung her hips in a rhythmic motion as she scrubbed the floors of the night club she was staying in. Neon told her she didn’t have to clean, but she insisted. She might as well do something for him; he was staying in his dressing room for Celestia’s sake!

Neon and Vinyl had been through a lot together. Other than the stallions from college that were most likely still behind bars, he was the only one that knew Vinyl batted for her own team. They met when Vinyl was in high school. Neon had called her backstage expecting to get a little alone time with an over energetic fan; Instead he found this DJ was different, unique in a way. She showed emotion in an industry that was built of lust. Her songs were revolutionary. Unfortunately most ponies couldn’t see that; They were too focused on finding a nice plump pair of swaying hips to mount, a rather disgusting dance really. Two ponies rubbing their most intimate parts together when they don’t even know each others names.

Together they made Pony Rock Anthem, the biggest EDM hit ever. After that Neon pulled a few strings and got Vinyl into his old college. Vinyl decided to go against her better judgement; she kept meeting Neon weakly and learn more about what Neon did. If the older DJ did anything well, it was maintaining a flow behind the tables. He could keep ponies interested for hours by fluctuating the pace of songs, giving time to rest and for strangers to mingle. He was demanded by nearly every club in Manehatten. Although he was so popular, it was rare to see him perform anywhere. He never felt a good vibe from clubs; They were all too showy. That was why he decided to build his own club, his domain.

“And she’s dancing like she’s never danced BEFOOOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEEE!”

“VINYL SHUT THE TARTUS UP!” Neon dragged himself out of his office as Vinyl shot around, dropping the broom in her magical grasp.

“Sorry...it’s a good song!” Vinyl picked the broom back up to finish the job she was doing. Neon’s door that led into his apartment above the club re-opened. A canary colored pegasus emerged from the ajar door. She had a long, flowing, multicolored mane of teal and and baby blue. It was wild, messy, and long. She looked clean though, unlike most party goers. She gave Neon a quick peck on the cheek and flew speedily out of the doors.

“So, still at it I see? Please tell me you at least ask their name’s now.” Vinyl smirked at Neon as she lowered her headphones to her neck and placed the mop in its sudsy abode.

“Well, I’m not always a sleazy scumbag! Her name is Misty Fly. And fyi we’ve been dating for nearly a year.” Neon gave a confident smirk and walked over to the bar. He poured two tall glass of water and floated one over to Vinyl.

“You… settling down? No way!”

“Yeah, she’s a wonderbolt. We met last year when they were on tour. She’s… just amazing!” Neon exhaled as if he was a teenaged pony obsessing over a celebrity crush.

“Woah there, Equestria to Neon! I’m headed to the market, want anything?”

“Nah I’m good, thanks though. Just don’t get stabbed!” Vinyl winced.

“Ohh Neon, so meta…” Vinyl grabbed a small pair of saddlebags and slung it around her back before trotting out of the club door, down the hallway, and into the sunny streets.


“Where are you headed Octavia?” Harpo flipped another pancake off his griddle and onto the plate stacked high with warm, fluffy disks of syrupy goodness. He poured more batter onto his pan and redirected his attention back towards the cellest adorning a pair of saddlebags.

“I am headed out to the market, would you like anything?”

“Sure, can you grab some more butter? I used most of it.” Harpo removed a few bits from the grocery jar and placed it onto the kitchen counter.

“Certainly, I will be back in just a few minutes.” Octavia picked up her bits and put them into her saddlebag. She trotted out the door keeping a brisk pace to keep her promise. She cantered behind her house and into the raising sun that covered the winding path to the market. The market was one of Octavia’s favorite places to go. It was filled with stands, some thrown together with wood, others cleverly crafted with metal and magic. Most vendors set up stands instead of buying shops because there was really no monetary gain from owning a shop, just more expenses. She passed fruit and vegetable stands until she reached her favorite stand of all. ‘Prestine Notes Music Emporium’; a fine establishment. It was made of metal and had different musical notes cut out. Behind the counter was a case full of different instruments to choose from, and on the counter was different necessities like guitar picks and music sheets.

The cellist was making her normal run through the market, stopping first at the music stand and buying some sheets designed for writing music. She had a certain melody stuck in her head she needed to get down. Her next stop was the rickety looking wooden cherry stand. One left! How lucky. After she went over to the dairy stand and got a few sticks of butter. Delicious butter. She then decided to go get some celery, which happened to be in the completely opposite direction from what she was traveling. Celery was delicious… why wouldn’t you eat celery? Its nutritious, flavorful, and green! She passed by a dispute between two ponies at the music stand she had just visited. Wait…

“No, buck you! What do you mean you don’t sell to ponies ‘like me’!” Yep… thats definatly Vinyl…

“I mean, there are plenty more respectable and… straight ponies I can sell to.”

“Buck you!”

Time to intervene. “I am terribly sorry but what is happening here.” Octavia pushed her way through the crowd and stood in between Vinyl and the shop owner.

“Oh, Tavi!”

“Oh, Octavia!” The two said in unison.

“Octavia, you know this uncouth street varment?”

“Tavi, you know this sexist store pervert?”

Octavia was lost. “Can someone explain what is happening!” Vinyl and the shopkeeper stepped back and both opened their mouths to speak. After exchanging a glance Vinyl let the shopkeeper go first.

“This street trash was attempting to buy supplies from my establishment. I will not have it! Not NOW, not EVER. My supplies are for the finest musicians, like you madam. Not… whatever she does.”

“Wow. Just wow. Okay Vinyl, your side if you will.”

“I just wanted some sheets for my gig tonight. I wanted to make a new wub but this dick called me a lesbian and refused to give me any shit.”

“Okay Vinyl, calm down. Prestine, mind explaining why you called her a lesbian?” Octavia redirected her attention at the store owner.

“Because, well, look at her! So uncouth, so unladylike. Completely unlike you milady.”

“Such flattery. You mean to tell me you called her a lesbian because she is… uncouth? Simply ridiculous. Now, sell my dear friend Vinyl some supplies so we can all go our separate ways please?”

“I am terribly sorry but I can not do that. And it’s not because she is uncouth, it’s because they are uncouth.”

“Then I am terribly sorry but I will no longer be coming to your stand for musical supplies. Good day, Prestine Pitch.”

“But Octavia, I-”

“I said good day!” Octavia turned to Vinyl and tilted her head slightly to signal to the DJ that she was making her escape. Octavia trotted and Vinyl fell in behind her, a huge smile on her face. Vinyl turned back to the shop keep who looked dumbfounded at the scene that just unfolded. Vinyl stuck her tongue out at the defeated shop owner and continued after her marefriend.

“So Tavi… that was hot!”

“Vinyl! Watch yourself, we are in public.”

Vinyl began mocking Octavia’s accent very crudely “Well I say! I am a prude! Vinyl, Vinyl? Where is that insufferable pig? VINYL! I NEED YOU TO REMOVE THE STICK FROM MY RUMP!”

“Vinyl shut up!” Octavia stopped moving suddenly. “Wait, where are we going?”

“To the clothes shop! We need to get you some more suitable clothes for my gig tonight.”

“Oh yes, when and where is your performance? I forgot to ask last night.”

“Its in Neon’s club… You don’t know where that is do you?”

“No idea”

“Ok then.” Vinyl pondered how she was going to get Octavia to the club. “Why don’t we just get you some clothes and you can go home and we can hang out there for a bit, then we can go over to the club and I can show you how everything works! Then the party can start.”

“That actually sounds… quite wonderful. So what does one wear to a ‘club’?”

“Well, mesh, socks, saddlebags, tassels, tight pants, or panties… those work too.” Octavia stopped her trot towards the clothing store and stared at Vinyl.

“You said this was a club correct? Is that code for orgy?”

“Only if your down babe.” Vinyl stepped back from Octavias jab with her hoof. “Ha! You’re becoming too predictable!”

“And you to agile. I will have to find a new way to attack you.”

“Tavi… maybe you should get some help.”

“That was a rather abusive thing to say, wasn’t it?”

“Yep! Here we are.”

“You must be joking… right?” The two mares stood facing a store that was covered in glowing red with neon lights. There were a few mannequins placed in rather provocative positions facing out of the window. The mannequins were colored a milky white and all wore different articles of clothing, designed to direct the attention of an observer straight to the models plot and cutie mark. They were sporting everything from leather socks to latex bodysuits covered in zippers.

“Nope, this is the place! Come on!” Vinyl grabbed the hoof of the of her marefriend and dragged her inside of the shop. “So what do you want?”

“To leave?” Octavia’s tone was almost pleading.

“No way! Now… how bout some latex?”

“Celestia help me…”


Vinyl and Octavia were trotting towards Octavias home discussing the attire they had just purchased. They made sure to get Octavia a saddle that's strap covered nearly up her wound so she could cover her bandage. The less people asking about the traumatic experience, the better.

“Are you sure you didn’t want anything more revealing?”

“Vinyl, we’re naked like… all day! What does some socks and a saddle add?”

“I don’t know! It just makes it more fun! Shows off the curves… adds a level of mystery to the whole thing.”

“What thing? Whats more fun?”

“Really Tavi?”

“You know what, forget I asked.”

They arrived on the Musical Mansions front step and knocked on the door. After a few minutes of waiting they decided just to barge in.

“I am quite glad no one is home, I will not have to explain the saddle to them…”

“Or the socks!”

“Or the socks…”

They pair walked up the stairs in the middle of the living room and entered the cellists sleeping quarters..

“This is it Vinyl, ma maison! What are your thoughts?” Vinyl trotted over the bed and hopped on it.

“Tavi… this bed is… orgasmic! Can I live here?”

“The beds are quite nice… fluffy! Now, how about explaining what I have gotten myself into tonight!”

“Sure thing! Come, take a seat!” Vinyl patted the bed next to her and waited for the cellest. After a short period of though the cellist decided she wouldn’t mind a bit of cuddling right now. Octavia trotted onto the bed and closed the space between her and her marefriend. She placed her muzzle in the crook of Vinyl’s neck. Vinyl tensed up at the contact but soon relaxed into it. It felt good, felt right. They sat there for a while in complete silence just enjoying the close proximity they couldn’t otherwise share. Octavia, still rested in the crook of Vinyl’s neck, broke the silence.

“You never told me what a club’s like.” Vinyl giggled at the warm air brushing against her neck.

“Oh yeah.. Sorry. I got kinda distracted. It’s… well… Imagine a tight space with a bunch of ponies jumping up in down to the sound of wubs. Add complete darkness and flashing lights. Now add a sexy mare up on stage spinning records. That’s a club.”

“Sounds… Atrocious. Except for the sexy mare of course.”

“Some times its a stallion.”

“Back to being atrocious.”

“Oh, Tavi… You know what?”

“Whats that?”

“I finally feel happy. Its been so long since I felt like this.” Octavia felt a damp feeling running down the top of her head. “I… I normally don’t show emotion. I just want to make people happy, you know? But with you… with you I feel like no matter what I do I’m safe. I…” Vinyl choked up, unable to continue her speech. Octavia lifted her head and looked at Vinyl. Her glasses were off and her eyes were bloodshot. The only thing that seemed out of place was the smile on her face. Octavia wrapped her forelegs around Vinyl and squeezed her tight.

“Vinyl… I keep asking myself why do I like you. Why have I fallen for a mare, let alone a DJ. It’s because you're different. Most ponies expect me to be this high class musician with no blemish on her record. A clean slate that’s ready with a cello in a moments notice. But not you. No matter how I act you still look at me the same as you did a moment ago. And that’s what makes you so special. You make me feel special.”

Octavia stared Vinyl in the eyes for a moment before quickly closing the gap between them. She placed her lips gently against her partners and poured all of her passion into her marefriend. She was certain of one thing now, this felt proper. Octavia pulled away for a moment.

“Vinyl, it hasn’t been long but… I think I love you.” Vinyl wrapped her forelegs around her the cellist and gave her a peck on the neck.

“I love you to Tavi.” Their lips met once again, this time as Vinyl being the aggressor. She rolled on top of the cellist and forced her forelegs against the bed. They stayed locked like this for a few moments before Octavia felt a poke on her lips. She opened her mouth to allow the invader access. Vinl swirled her tongue with Octavias, like an intricate dance between lovers.

Vinyl began to bite at the cellists lower lip, causing a moan of lust to escape. The DJ started kissing down the Cellists cheek until she reached her neck and slowly added pressure to it, swirling her tongue as she inhaled. Wait… was that the door?

“My word, what is going on here!?!”

“Oh my!” Octavia threw Vinyl into the air and she landed beside the bed with a loud thud.

“Owwwww Tavi!”

“Octavia! Explain yourself!” Harpo looked furious, almost betrayed.

“Why must I explain myself? Is it really so bad? I love Vinyl, she loves me. Why is it so wrong?”

“Because your both mares! I mean, next we will have intermarriage between donkeys and ponies! It’s preposterous!” Harpo stomped out of the room as Octavia got up from her bed.

“Vinyl are you ok? I’m sorry about this. Don’t worry please… We’ll… I don’t know.” Octavia helped Vinyl off of the ground.

“Ow ow ow my leg!” Vinyl jerked her left foreleg off of the ground.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah… go talk. I’ll be down in a second.” Octavia hesitated before giving her marefriend a kiss on the check and galloped out the door.

She trotted out the door and down the stairs. Harpo was explaining what he saw to the other two musicians that were unpacking goods they bought at the market. The room became quiet as Octavia walked in.

“Octavia… we need to have a talk.” Vinyl trotted down the stairs still limping from her landing. “She needs to be there to.” Harpo finished. Octavia sighed and cantered over to the couch.

“Since when are you the boss of me?” Vinyl protested.

“Since I can now have you arrested, or worse.” Vinyl’s ears flattened at this. The Jockey had experience the ‘or worse’ and never wanted it to happen again. She followed Octavia and rested on the couch next to her. The other musicians continued their talk before the three trotted into the living room with Vinyl and Octavia. Octavia wrapped her tail around Vinyls, which caused a small smile from the terrified DJ. No matter what happened now, no matter what the other musicians decided to do, it would be The DJ and the Cellist until the bitter end.