The Child of Technology

by White Dragon

Chapter 7: The Event That Led To This Other Event

The Child of Technology

By: White Dragon



Chapter 7: The Event That Led To This Other Event

(Techs POV)

        “Don't hate me cause I'm funny
 Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
 You should hate me cause I'm better than you”


“I only want to party
 I only want to play it cool
 'm beholden to seeing this through”


“I could trot around your little pony head
Spreading white lies and whispers
I'm gonna tell you about your fickle pony friends
Your rage is so hot, it blisters”

“I have your attention now, it's futile to flee
You're Elements of Harmony are worthless to me
So please--you can't beat me, just fire away
I'll shrug it off and live to laugh another day”

“My hatred and wisdom are a thousand years old
Millennia trapped in stone and desolate cold
Your princess couldn't save you. You have no hope
You're hanging yourself, I'm just providing the rope.”

        “DISCORD! STAP!”

“Oh hello Tech, how are you?” I sigh as I put my head in my hands.

“Oh just great Dis, and how are you?” I ask.

“I wasn’t as STONED as I was last time.” I quickly summon up a Baaa-dum-tssss, and Discord bursts out laughing and I just give a small chuckle.

“So im guessing you didn’t unthaw me just to chat?” Discord asked with a raised eyebrow.

        “Luna saw a glimpse of the future last night I think, so I want to know... what you did to her?” I ask with murder in my voice. Discord does a tiny gulp that stops at the stone line.

        “I my dear Tech, have done nothing, to her or anyone else for that matter, since you started sucking my chaos away,” Discord says with an angry scowl.

        “Oh, thats right I gave that spell to Celestia.” I say while cleaning my nails. I look back at Discord, with his jaw physically on the ground. Discord then starts swearing with many profanities, both pony and a few I think that he made up.  “So Discord you have done nothing?”

        “That is correct my dear Tech,” he says with sarcasm. I get up a stretch my legs a bit when I have a brilliant idea.

“Oh Discord I have the BEST idea!” Discord looks at me with a tilt of his head. I quickly punch his chest as a little blue square pops out.

“OW! That hurt…” Discord's eyes open wide. “That hurt?”  Discord looks down at his body and gives out a large gasp and cheers. He starts to dance and moonwalks up walls that are not there.

“Well… not completely free,” I say as I hold up the blue jello looking cube. Discord looks closely at the cube and his eyes grow wide and scared.

“Is-s that my heart?!?!” He shouts. I give him a nod and give the cube a little squeeze as he crashes to the ground crying in pain. I ease my grip on the heart as he stands back up wheezing, he snaps his talons to try to get his heart back but when it doesn’t appear in his hand he looks at me with a growl. “How. And. Why.” He asks with a snarl.

        I look him straight in the eye and tell him in the most serious tone I can, “Magics.” he sighs and does a facepaw. “But in all honesty I enchanted it so you couldn’t take it back.” Discord sighs,

        “And the Why?”

        “I want you to reform.” Discord stands there for a few moments and bursts out laughing, while I stand there still as can be with a serious look on my face.

        “Oh, you're so serious!” says the cackling like mad Discord, as he stood up and pinched my cheeks. I gave him a bored look and give a little squeezed the heart containing cube. He just stands there, with sweat running down his face. I squeeze the the cube a tad harder and he falls to the ground gasping in pain. I sigh as I stop squeezing and motion for him to follow me.

 The Next Morning

( Celestia’s Thoughts/  P.O.V)

        “I am telling you Celestia, Tech did not come back to our room last night,” Luna worriedly said, “I am worried about him.” Celestia just looked at her little sister with a sigh. She was glad that Luna had found someone to share her life with, but wished it to be some other creature, or more preferably a pony. Now she was by no means a speciesists, she was happy that her little ponies found someone to share their life with. She just found other species relationships odd, but she would do nothing about it. After all her special talent was not love, that was Cadences job.

        But she would be happy for her sister. All those years trapped on the moon by her, she deserved to have happiness. But for herself… she only deserved loneliness. She had done so much wrong in her life, that it far outweighed the good. Sealing Tech in stone, sealing her little sister into the moon for a thousand years, falling into her grief, letting the council take over and started a war with the Griffin Lands.

The war was one of the worst times of her life. With the ponies losing they called upon her to help them win. She was still in a daze as she stepped out of her cabin on her airship as she looked down on the battlefield as she saw the might of the Griffin Armies approaching. Them being over 10,000 strong against a tiny force of just over 4,000. She became angry for numerous reason, her ponies dying and suffering, the council, this war. She walked and stood at the helm of the airship slowly calling upon the sun and the moon. The Griffins on the ground were terrified as the sun was slowly covered by the moon. She floated down from the ship still in the sky as it turned around and left, per her orders. Her mane and tail slowly lost most of its colors except for red and orange.

They started to flicker as they moved like flames surrounding her as the rocks around her melted to lava, the sand turned to glass and the earth crumbled to dust. The griffins five miles away could feel the heat change if only slightly. The flames started to recede as they surrounded her, covering her as flames, just as hot as the sun. The ground started to shake at the amount of power she was outputting. There was a white flash as she walked away. The ponies at the post that was preparing for war look after the flash had happened. The moon moved out of the way of the sun and they stood there slack jawed. All they could see was her walking towards them, no Griffin Armies, no hills, no clouds… the ground itself  had turned to glass. After that incident the Griffin Empire quickly surrendered, with almost no troops to fight, they gave in.

The ponies were happy that this had happened and praised her more and more, it made her feel sick inside. The ponies were shocked when she named every member on the council that supported the war, traitor, and had them executed for treason against the crown. After that no pony questioned her authority.

(3rd Person POV)

As Celestia and Luna walked into the Royal dining room, they stopped in shock at what they saw. Thereon a cloud made of cotton candy sat Discord. Discord turned and gave Celestia and Luna a sinister smile as he poofed out of existence. Celestia felt another fur covered body, wrap around her as Discord lowered his head in front of her face.

“Hello… Sun-Butt,” Discord mocked. Celestia glared at Discord, Luna looked around for Tech wondering where he was.

“Discord, how are you free?” Celestia asked worried about the answer. Discord sighed and got off Celestia as he walked over to the table and sat down making a glass of chocolate milk appear. After drinking the glass, he set the chocolate milk on the table and sighed.

“Despite what you may think, I am on a very tight leash at the moment,”  Discord stood, and faced towards them as he parted his fur to show them the hole going through his chest. “I have your colt/boyfriend to thank for this, it regulates my magic as well I only have enough for small tasks, like summoning cotton candy clouds, and chocolate milk.”

“Discord! Waffles are done!” Tech shouts from the kitchen, Luna gave an angry glare towards the doorway that leads to the kitchen, as she starts walking towards the doorway, she looks back at her sister,

“Let me discuss this with my boyfriend.” As Luna heads towards the kitchen, Celestia gave a silent pray for Tech.

(In the kitchen)

As Luna marched to the kitchen, Tech got a feeling of dread wash over him. When Luna walked into the kitchen she saw, Tech at the stove wearing loose baggy shorts and an apron. Luna’s blush steadily got redder, she was thankful for her dark blue coat. Luna then remembered what she came into the kitchen for as she walked up behind Tech. As she charged a simply freezing spell. The next event happened quite fast as Luna fired the spell, Tech turned around with one of the chrome pans as it reflected the spell back at Luna.

Resulting in Luna being frozen as Tech, gave a grin as he set down the waffles on a plate on a trolley and a pitcher of orange juice and pushed it out a door as he put a hand on Luna’s horn and teleported them both.

(In the Royal Dining Room)

        As the trolley rolled in the dining room Discord went over to it, and grabbed a stack of chocolate waffles and sat down at the table as he summoned a glass of chocolate milk. As he started eating Celestia gave him an odd look as she grabbed the food and the pitcher of orange juice and sat across from him. As she situated herself and poured a glass of orange juice an awkward silence settled over them.

“So… anything new in Equestria?” Discord asked after taking a drink of chocolate milk.

Celestia stared at him for a few second before sighing, she looked at the draconequus, “not as much as you may think,” she said while giving him a level glare. Discord gave a small frown and rested his head in his paw and claw. The silence continued before Discord lifted his head up and pushed his chocolate milk away. Celestia's glare turned to shock for a brief moment before she put her guard up. Discord traced lazy lines over the gold table with his claw as the sun rose and beamed through the windows making the table sparkle a tad.

“I… I am sorry you know,” Discord whispered, head still resting in his paw. Celestia’s glare softened, as she remembered the fun times that she, Luna and Discord had shared as kids. It was quite an interesting time as the nation of Equestria was just starting. Celestia’s glare came back if only slightly as she remembered what had happened to the three of them.

“What happened to you? You were the nicest person we knew then you, leave for a year, and you turn into a tyrant!” Celestia questioned while she shouted at Discord. He tensed while his claws dug into table after a moment they relaxed. Discord gave her a sad frown,

“Celestia what is the difference between you and me?” Discord asked her while taking a sip of chocolate milk. Celestia gained a thoughtful expression on her face as she thought about it,

“We look different, we have different tastes, your funny and I am a bit stingy, you prefer chocolate milk and I like orange juice,” Celestia named off a few different things, but not the one Discord was looking for.

“That is a few but you missed two, we are both different species, and the fact that you and your sister are divine, I am a monster,” Discord said with a sad frown, and he glared into her eyes,

“Celestia, I couldn’t stand the glares, hateful words, and… the beatings.”