Six Word Stories

by Dustin Lange

Rainbow Dash (Dustin Lange)

Rainbow Dash

Now that Rainbow thought about it, she led a fulfilling life. She joined the Wonderbolts and traveled around the world performing for ponies, griffins, zebras, and minotaurs alike.

She slowly moved her way up through the ranks of the Wonderbolts until she was captain, and she stayed there for fifteen years. Spitfire only made it twelve years as captain. Rainbow was very proud to be able to say she out lasted The Great Spitfire.

After every show, she would go out and meet her fans and sign autographs for them. At the time, she thought they were all her friends, something that might have been true at one time, but not anymore.

Once she retired, she stopped getting fan mail and the paparazzi slowly stopped chasing her, (Not like they could keep up with her anyways.) Eventually, her name was lost to other, younger Wonderbolts. Scootaloo, for example.

After all that time in the spotlight, she thought it would be nice to be able to have some time to herself for a change. She could finial do the really important things, like taking naps at two in the afternoon, or pranking ponies with Pinkie Pie again.

But all of those things were in the past now, and would never return.

Everypony needs to settle down at some point in their lives, it just took longer for Rainbow than most. And now that she was lying in a hospital bed, she was regretting ever settling down.

She was going to miss Pinkie's little snort she gave after pranking somepony. The one thing she was going to miss the most from Pinkie though, was her parties. Pinkie can throw one hell of a party.

She was going to miss her best cheering section she ever had, that section being Fluttershy.

After all of the competitions she had with Applejack, there was still no winner. No matter what they did, they would always tie. She would miss that as well.

Even though she hated standing still and dresses both with a burning passion, she would still miss the time spent with Rarity modeling for a new dress she was making. Those were relaxing times though, and relaxing was one thing Rainbow loved to do no matter what time of the day - or night it was.

Rainbow was even going to miss studying with Twilight. All of that studying helped her in her career as a Wonderbolt, and for that, she could never pay Twilight back what she felt she owed her.

Once here friends were in the room, she really started to realize how much she loved all of them, and how much she was going to miss them.

There was not a single dry eye in the room when Rainbow left them. But they all knew that she died the way she wanted to.

The last words Rainbow spoke before slipping into her eternal rest were, "Loyal friends stay to the end."