Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

Chapter Four

"GIVE ME MY PHONE!!" GraceLynn yelled, glaring at Grant, who was standing on the other side of the long dining room table

"Ohhhh, Hello there?" said Grant as he flipped throught GraceLynn's messages, "Who's this Willie guy?"

"NONE OF YOUR FAUST DAMN BUSINESS!" GraceLynn lunged across the table causing Grant to take two steps back

"Ooo Are you dating him?" Grant looked up at Gracelynn, mischive shinning in his eyes

"No! He's just a friend!" GraceLynn pulled herself off of the table

"Riiiiiight, cause friends call you stuff like 'baby' right?"

"GRANT!" GraceLynn started to chase Grant around the table, her armor clanking with each step.

"ITS MY PHONE NOW!!!" Grant yelled, cackling as he ran around the table away from Gracelynn.

Grant tripped over his own boots and fell face first onto the floor with a loud CRASH!. GraceLynn's phone slipped through his finger tips before hitting the floor. The door opened causing Grant to look up slowly as he rubbed his nose. Looking up he saw, a long white skirt and four pairs of small converse next to it.

Well, damn. thought Grant before hopping to his feet and bowing at the waist. GraceLynn walked next to him before mimicking his motion.

Grabbing her phone off of the floor, GraceLynn growled in Grant's ear, "If you ever do that again, I will personally break you in half and feed your remains to wild animals. Are we clear?"

Grant cracked a small smile before responding, "Like looking through a crystal chalice."

Leaning back up, Grant and GraceLynn put on a smile as though nothing had happened. GraceLynn slid her phone into her pocket, before bending down to the children's height. Jamie, finally unable to control his pent up energy, jumped on GraceLynn knocking her over. GraceLynn, getting over her shock of being tackled, grabbed hold of Jamie before jumping to her feet.

"Pfft. And you didn't do weights in high school!" scoffed Grant as GraceLynn set Jamie on her shoulders

"I didn't. Didn't even do it during training, yet I'm still stronger than you!" GraceLynn stuck her tounge out a Grant before making sure Jamies hands were ontop of her head before adressing Jamie, "So? How was the castle so far?"

"ITS SO BIG!!! And nice and BIG! ITS AWESOME!!!" Jamie waved his hands above his head causing him to tip back, luckily Gracelynn leaned forward preventing him from falling

"That's awesome! How about the rest of you?" Before any of the children could answer they heard a loud BANG accompanied with a loud yell and some swearing.

"Andddddd That's our cue Grace." said Grant, looking at the door before sighing

"Mmmhmm." said GraceLynn, taking Jamie off of her shoulders, "Seth, Leslee, and Kailie. That's my guess."

"Swap Kailie with Dan and I totally agree." Grant walked towards the door with GraceLynn in tow.

"Or its Nathaniel." GraceLynn looked at Grant before reaching for the door knob.

Right before GraceLynn's fingertips brushed the metal the door flew open, revealing a very angry looking Daniel. He looked at GraceLynn and then Grant before sighing.

"What's wrong Lone Trombone?" asked GraceLynn, using the name she had given Daniel in Band during their first year of highschool

"Can I go home?" asked Daniel, before hanging his head and leaning against the door post. His normally very orderly blonde hair was sticking up in the front giving him a faux hawk. He had taken off his white chef jacket leaving him in his black dress pants and a green t-shirt. They hung loosely on his lanky frame, so much so he had to use a brown leather belt with a big golden buckle that had his families insignia on it, to hold his pants up.

He looked considerably thin compared to Grant and GraceLynn, who looked bigger than they actually are, in their gold and white armor. (Oh Hey look! I never told you what GraceLynn and Grant look like weeeeel! Here we go!)

GraceLynn stood at least a head shorter than Daniel. She was on the slim side, considering she and Grant had the same size appetite. Meaning they could finish ten pizzas each in under ten minutes. Her long black hair hung out from under her helmet almost reaching her waist. Her brown eyes could shine when she was happy, or be the most terrifying thing you would ever see.

Grant was half a head taller than GraceLynn and half a head shorter than Daniel. The tips of his curly black hair was the only thing visible with his helmet on. His eyes were a unique mix of blue and green. His wire frame glasses sat close to his eyes, the thickness clearly visible that he was nearly blind. He was lanky as well, kind of like Daniel.

Celestia watched their little conversation, their closeness showed that they had known each other for a good time. Her magenta eyes focused on how GraceLynn and Grant offered Daniel words of encouragement. GraceLynn made a trombone appear in her magic before handing it to Daniel. Daniel licked his lips before playing a few glissando's on the trombone to release his stress. He played them out, as loud as he could without making it sound bladdy. Handing the trombone back to GraceLynn, Daniel dissapeared back into the kitchen. GraceLynn shook her head before making the trombone dissapear.

"HAVE FUN LONE TROMBONE!!" yelled GraceLynn before turning her back towards the door.

"He really needs to bring his bone to work." said Grant, shaking his armor clad head softly.

"Why did he do that?" asked Genievieve, looking intently at the two guards.

"Do what?" GraceLynn's eyes mimicked her confusion at Genievieve's question

"Play on that music thing?"

"Ohh!" Grant smiled as he laughed softly, "Dan has done that since we started working here. It keeps him calm. Usually Grace supplies him with the trombone."

"That's right!" GraceLynn put Genievieve on her shoulder's causing the small girl to giggle.

Grant followed GraceLynn's example and grabbed Ryan before putting him on his shoulders. Ryan set his hand's ontop of Grant's head before yawning. Grant tapped GraceLynn on her shoulder before running around the long table.

"Really Grant?" asked GraceLynn, as she rolled her eyes at Grant's antics, "What are we? Six?"

"YESH! IN OVERSIZED ARMOR!!" Grant's hands started to glow a soft blue aura, causing GraceLynn's eyes to widen in horror.

"Grant FOR THE LOVE OF EQUESTRIA! DON'T DO IT!" GraceLynn cringed as she felt the soft blue aura envelope her. She felt her bones compact and shrink as well as the armor become extremely heavy. She screwed her eyes shut as the weight of Genievieve and the armor became unbearable. She let out a high pitched cry before falling on her face.

She opened her eyes, taking note that her hands were still the same size as normal, and her helmet wasn't in her eyes. She heard a giggling on her back and looked up to see Genievieve. She looked at Grant who had walked over, sweat covering his face. He gazed down at her before reaching his hand out to help GraceLynn up.

"What did you do?" asked GraceLynn, before moving Genievieve off of her back.

"I dunno. I saw it in a book. What did it say??" Grant stroked his invisible beard, "Huh can't remember! Anyway! I thought I could do it. Like when I made Wyatt fly! MAGIC STICK!!"

"Oh yeah he tooooootally flew. Five feet before crashing on you head!" Genievieve smirked at Grants displeased face

"Hey! It woulda worked. If he wasn't so gosh darn heavy." Grant pouted, folding his arms across his chest with a jump causing poor Ryan to bounce up before grabbing onto Grant's helmet, "Sorry Little Man! Forgot you were up there."

Wyatt opened the door that lead from the Kitchen to the dining room, with his helmet in his right hand. His black hair was standing up around the bandage running around his forehead under his bangs that were less the two centimeters from his eyes. Shaking his head he closed the door behind him. Realizing the Princess, was there he bowed deeply at the waist. Raising up he heard a yell come from the kitchen.

"JESSE! IF YOU AND SETH ARE GOING TO FIGHT WITH YOUR DRUMSTICKS GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!" Daniel yelled before Jesse and Seth came crashing through the door and falling on Wyatt, knocking him over.

Scrambling to his feet, Jesse bowed at the waist before knocking Seth off,who had himself firmly latched onto Jesse's leg. Seth, now laying on his back at the edge of Celestia's dress, looked at the princess and smiled, his overgrown blonde hair obscuring his light blue eyes. Celestia returned Seth's smile, as she was used to his lack of bowing and childish antics.

Seth Cresent was one of the most fun chefs you could meet. He was young at heart and his big light blue eyes and blonde hair making him look young in the face. He was just one inch shorter than Daniel, standing at 6'4". He still had on his white cooking jacket and his blue gym shorts under it. Celestia had learned early on that Seth didn't bow, he just smiled or nodded.

Jumping to his feet, Seth pointed a drumstick at Jesse before reaching over and grabbing Jesse's helmet and setting it on Dominic's head with a warm smile. Seth poked Dominic's nose causing the small boy to giggle.

"Hey! Do you want to see what we made for you guys to eat? Its really good! Its this soupy stuff! I think Dan said it was chicken dumplings. Or did he say beef?" Seth scratched his chin in thought, "No he said chicken! ANYWHO! COME ON!!! Jesse grab Genny!" Seth Lifted Dominic onto his shoulders as he made car noises and ran back towards the kitchen.

Jesse ran up behind Genievieve, wrapped his arms around her middle before walking towards the kitchen, "C'mon Genny! Lets go eat!" Genievieve giggled and squealed as she was taken to the kitchen.

GraceLynn set Jamie on her shoulders before running towards the kitchen. Jamie yelled and laughed as he bounced up and down as GraceLynn's armor clanked with each step. Grant spun around once with Ryan still on his shoulders before bounding towards the kitchen, leaving Celestia and Wyatt alone. Wyatt wiped his eyes before opening the door to the kitchen.

"Wyatt." Celestia said, causing Wyatt to stop walking and turn towards her

"Yes Princess?" said Wyatt, pushing his bangs down only for them to bounce back up

"Why did all of you choose to work in the castle? If you don't mind me asking."

Wyatt laughed a little before answering, "It was GraceLynn's idea. She thought it would be fun if we worked together since we got along kinda well in high school. She talked everyone into it and thus we work here. To us its just a continuation of high school. We act the same, talk the same, everything the same as we did in high school."

"LOOK OUT!!" GraceLynn, Grant, Jesse, and Seth yelled as the rolled into the dining room.

"Ohhhh." Moaned GraceLynn rubbing her head

"And that's why you have helmets!" said Seth, before kicking his feet, "LETS DO IT AGAIN!!"

"NO!" GraceLynn, Jesse, and Grant yelled before flicking Seth's ear

Hearing giggles and chuckles GraceLynn, Jesse, Grant, and Seth looked to the door. Genievieve, Jamie, Ryan, and Dominic were laughing at them as they ate. GraceLynn started laughing, hard. Her whole body shook as she laughed causing her armor to creak. Grant joined in followed by Jesse then Seth. GraceLynn and Seth were kicking there feet as they laughed. Celestia chuckled into her hand while Wyatt glared at his friends before laughing with his friends. Daniel stood in the door frame behind the children, shaking his head and smiling. Celestia looked around, now that these children were here, the castle will never be the same.