En Taro, Equestria

by Saacsa

Princesses, Explanations, and Infections

As the blue orb sped towards me, I assumed it to be a majeek attack. So, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of and dodged it, just in time to duck under a yellow bolt from the alabaster Alicorn.

“You take Sunbutt, I got Lunarass!” I yelled to Ty. I received a cry of rage from both of the winged Unicorns as they fired again, trying, and miserably failing, to hit us. Finally, I reached the one I was suppose to attack, who was on her hindhooves. Smart girl, matching your opponents advantages like that.

How does she balance without toes, though? Eh, fuck it. I'm gonna go with majeek.

She shot out her left armored hoof to intercept my face. I sidestepped inside her guard and tried to sweep under her legs, but was countered when she slammed her hoof down in front of my foot, stopping it dead. She smirked and threw her right hoof into my jaw with a rather painful uppercut. It wasn’t meant for anything besides showing off.

Cocky cobalt cunt.

I put my own guard up, willing the skilled Alicorn to come at me. She lurched forward, charging me with her horn. I did a quick, twisting sidestep and tried to bring my elbow down on the back of her neck, but she teleported out of the way, causing me to stumble. I felt an armored hoof strike my ass, throwing my already stumbling body on the ground. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment at her chuckle and growled as I hopped back to my feet. I turned a 180 on my heel to see her charging me.

“Fool me once, shame on you…” I muttered, attempting to roundhouse her. She teleported out of the way and right into my trap. “Fool me twice…” I followed through, planting my foot to the ground as she appeared in front of me. When she opened her eyes, I shut them right back with a hard kick to the jaw. She cried out in pain and stumbled back, glaring up at me with a smirk.

“You’re skilled. I like that.” She spoke, wiping a drop of blood from her muzzle. “We’ll have to do this again some time.” She added before charging me again.

She must be crazy!

I judged the time for when I’d need to roundhouse, but was caught off guard when she boosted forward with her wings. I barely had time to dodge the impaling horn, but it still managed to rip my clothing. I thought I heard an overdramatic gasp in the background, but I was too intuned into the fight to care too much. Still, I silently cursed at the loss of my nice tux, though I carried on regardlessly with a hard kick to her underside. She grunted in pain and surprise. Probably due to the fact that I got another hit on her. Then I planted my heel into the ground and threw my weight behind my fist for a massive sucker-punch to the jaw. It was meant to shatter the thing, but only caused her to fly back in surprise. She wiped some more of the blood from her lips with her hoof, then let out a small chuckle.

“Oh, you are a fun one.” She was about to strike again, but a wave of purple spread through the room, followed by Twilight’s voice yelling,

“STOP!” My opponent stopped and looked over my shoulder, raising her eyebrow. I did not take my eyes off of the blue Alicorn.

“Can we please be reasonable and go five minutes without trying to kill somepony?!” She asked in exasperation. I sighed, lowering my guard and extended my hand to my previous opponent. She redirected her raised eyebrow to me, increasing the look of confusion upon her features.

“I’d like to get at least a half assed explanation on my new home before I go around kicking everyone’s asses.” I urged. She frowned slightly, then smirked. She extended her hoof and allowed me to grasp it, but I was put off by a similar application of grip for the appendage. I shook off the disturbance, narrowing it down to just some more damn majeek. I heard Twilight sigh in relief, and plop down on her couch.

“Tom.” I said, pumping the blue Alicorns hoof.

“Luna.” She responded with a similar pump.

I can really get use to this one. Once you get past the battle-craziness, of course.

I looked over to Ty and saw he was shaking the hoof of his opponent as well, though she looked a little more worse for wear than her counterpart.

“Ty.” He said, sporting half of a smirk.

“Celestia.” The white Alicorn scowled. "Twilight, I know you said these aliens were volitile, but all of you seem alright."

"Yes," Luna broke in, "The only danger they seem to pose is when threatened. If it wasn't an emergency, please tone down the urgency in your letters. I'd like to avoid instances like these." She passively scolded. Twilight had the decency to look ashamed, at least.

"Sorry, Princesses, and sorry Tom, Ty." She bowed her head towards each of us respectively.

“Now, let’s get this going as a diplomatic negotiation.” Luna said, going to what I can only describe as a royal composure.

“I don’t think ‘diplomat’ would be a good title for us.” Ty said with a mirthless laugh. Celestia frowned.

“And why is that?” She asked. Well, more of demanded.

“Princess, you may want to look at this.” Twilight said timely, levitating the same scroll she had been writing on when we had explained ourselves. Celestia took the scroll, unraveling it and walking closer to Luna so she could read it too. Or to get away from Ty. Probably both. As they read, their frowns slowly deepened. As I was wondering what exactly Twilight had written about us, a single thought crossed through my mind.

Ty just kicked a princesses ass. And I just sucker-punched one. Well shit. This isn’t going to end well. When the two finished reading, they looked up at us.

“This explains a lot, but it still doesn’t explain one thing.” Celestia said.

“Indeed, how’re you two immune to magic?” Luna asked.

“We’re immune?” I asked, getting a nod from them in response.

“That’s kickass!” Ty exclaimed.

“You mean you don’t recall using a spell to make yourselves invulnerable to our magic?” Twilight asked.

“We didn’t have magic on our planet. Well, not magic like yours, anyway.” I explained.

“It could’ve been that weird orange flash.” Ty offered.

“Orange flash?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, it’s what got us here.” I explained farther.

“Sister, could it have been Unicorn magic?” Luna asked Celestia.

“Not likely. I do not sense any on them." She responded. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie all three stepped forward.

"Princess Luna..." Twilight began, but was immediately overtaken by Rainbow.

"What's the deal with the Protoss and the Zerg?" She demanded. Twilight flashed her a look of urgency, but Dash ignored it. Luna, for her part, looked shocked for all of two seconds, before adopting a scolding look.

"Now is hardly the time for video game gossip, Rainbow Dash."

"It's not a game anymore." I commented, "The Protoss were the ones that wasted our planet before they sent us here." Both Alicorns froze at that, while Rainbow looked half proud that she'd been justified, and the other half still worried about what was to come.

"Luna..." Celestia casted a sidelong look at her sister, whos' head sunk.

"This... Can't be right. Tell me, humans, everything you know of the Protoss and Zerg." Luna demanded. I really wasn't keen on being an ass this time, I could understand where she was coming from. I mean, you make a game, then suddenly find out it's reality? That's shocking enough to make me hold back my smart ass mouth.

"I dunno, Tom, she doesn't seem to know what the magic word is." But not enough for Ty, apparently My palm reached my face almost as fast as Charlie's hoof reached the back of Ty's head. Almost.

"Princess Luna," My newly bodied friend coughed, "I may be your best lead on this. But first," She turned to face four confused, multicolored mares, one dopey pink pony, and one softly smiling yellow one. "I must apologize to my friends. I'm sure you've all been wondering how I know Tom and Ty. They are my best friends." Dead silence. Fluttershy politely coughed, snapping the other girls from their shock.

"But dear," Rarity finally said something, "You only just met them. Not to sound rude, but haven't we been your friends longer? Even if by only a few days."

"I've known them since we were all kids. My real name is Charlie, and I am a United Earth Directorate Wraith Pilot. I'm sorry I lied to everyone. I know being scared of the nut house is no excuse-" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pinkie shudder, then heard her mutter something along the lines of 'It sounds like a pretty good excuse to me.' "So, I won't offer anything except an apology." The group was silent for a moment, but Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie both walked over to hug her warmly.

"Well, sugarcube, Ah'm not a big fan ah bein lied ta." Applejack started sternly, but then her voice softened, "But Ah can understand where yer comin' from. You were in a bad situation, and ya made do with what ya had."

"Yeah," Twilight smiled, "One day we can warm up some cocoa and you can tell us all about what happened." The rest of the girls flocked over to join the group hug. Well awe, that's adorable as fuck.

"This is very touching, and I hate to be the one to break it up, but this is very urgent." Luna softly urged. Our chocolaty friend turned back to face the Alicorns, breaking away from her new friends.

"Yes, you're right." Charlie sniffed, wiping a tear that had surfaced. "I, unlike those two," She very disrespectfully nodded back at us, "have actually read the field reports from the Brood War campaign." Luna only got paler, while
holding up a hoof to quiet Charlie.

"The fact that you know that term alone means the worst." The lunar princess sighed mournfully. "You took control of the Overmind, but it could not last. Just as us ponies did in my virtual reality."

Jeez, I thought it was dead silent before.

"It means we need to shore up our defenses and keep vigilant until the beasts rear their ugly heads.” Celestia commented, “In the meantime, we’d like to know more about you.” She directed her gaze to us.

“What would you like to know?” I asked, leaning back into the cushion and putting my hands behind my head.

“What are your intentions in Equestria?” Celestia asked warily.

“Hopefully, to make a life here, and help with the oncoming war.” I answered.

“Even though you are…” Luna searched for the right word.

“Different?” I offered, getting a nod in response.

“Hey now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ty chuckled, bringing his fingers to bare, “I’d hate to lose these babies.” I caught a sideways glance from Charlie directed at him.

“Another thing about us humans, if we absolutely have to, we adapt and evolve to our new habitats.” I said.

“I can’t help but feel there's more to this story. Why are you meeting here with one of the dangerous aliens who destroyed your planet?” Luna pondered.

I sighed, “You are correct. I didn’t want to cause pandemonium, but-”

Pondemonium.” Ty joked.

“I can no-” I stopped, finally registering what Ty had said, and deadpanned to his laughing form. “No… Just… Just no.” I looked back over to Luna. “I can no longer hide anything. Apparently, Charlie, Ty, and I here are suppose to save your planet, as cliche as it sounds. A dark prelate named Zeratul came to me in a dream with a prophecy, as... uh, cliche as it sounds. He also saved Ty, Charlie, and I from some pretty gruesome fates, so I'm pretty chill with him." Luna was shocked once more, but soon adopted a look of giddiness, of all things. I glanced to Celestia to catch the hint of a smile on her face, only adding to my mounting confusion.

“That, dear sister, is one character I'm glad you created.” Celestia giggled.

"I don't deny that it will be... nice to meet him. Though, this Zeratul will not be one of my creation. That, I think, adds to the wonder of this." Luna finished. Celestia opened her mouth to speak again, but cut herself off when the two Alicorn’s horns’ glowed white, causing them to get panicked looks.

“Luna, we must return to Canterlot at once.” She said. Luna hesitated slightly, glancing back to us with concern before nodding.

“Yes, we must.” She said before they both ‘ported out.

“Well, that was strange.” Ty commented.

“Indeed. So, what now?” I asked everyone there. Pinkie answered immediately.

“We throw you a super-duper-luper-kuper-juber magical ‘Welcome To Ponyville/Equestria Make Yourselves At Home While You Wait For Some Alien To Tell You How To Save Our Apparently Doomed Planet’ party! :D” She exclaimed in one breath.

How in Sam hell…

“Don’t worry about it, sugar-cube. Down that path lies madness.” Applejack warned upon seeing my face. I shook my head and locked that memory in the dungeon.

“Pinkie, you might want to leave most of that out of the banner.” Twilight cautiously suggested.

“Okie-Dokie-Lokie! What should I leave?”

“How about just ‘Welcome To Ponyville’, darling? It shouldn’t cause TOO much panic.” Rarity threw in.

“How much panic are we going to cause?” Ty asked.

“It shouldn’t be that much, considering how use to strange things these ponies have gotten.” Charlie said, finally breaking her silence. "Well, at least in Ponyville, anyways." She added.

“Cool.” I said, causing more silence.

“So… What now?” Ty wondered.

“Well, you’ll need a place to stay…” Twilight trailed off.

“Where did Charlie live when she got here?” I asked, much too quickly for my own liking. Ty must’ve noticed because he smirked.

“Uh, at mah house, sugar-cube.” Awkwardness leaked from AJ’s voice. She must’ve caught my slip too. I blushed and decided not to mention it again. Ever.

“Do you mind if we crash there?” And Ty saves my ass yet again.

“Yer lucky we’ve got so many spare rooms in tha farmhouse.” Applejack said, “Though, harvest is coming up tha day after tomorrow, and Ah would might appreciate some help.”

“I’ve got some farming experience from back home, and I know Ty does.” I gestured to the smiling man beside me. “Besides, we couldn’t just freeload like that.” That cause all of them but Twilight to smile.

“At least we know you aren’t evil…” Fluttershy said.

“Or if you are, you can definitely hide it.” Rainbow said, crossing her hooves.
“Ohtheycouldn’tbeevilcauseiftheywereeviltheywouldhavealreadyattackedandwe’dbedeadand-!” Pinkie’s grammar defying stunt was ground to a halt by Twilight unceremoniously shoving a hoof in her mouth

That should have broken teeth... NO... No. Madness.

“On a different subject, darling, now that I see these creatures are sapient, their fashion sense is so… Extraordinary! Quite magnificent, if I do say so myself.” Rarity said.

“Cool, you can slobber over Ty later, but for now we should probably go get settled in at AJ’s.” I said, getting a hearty laugh from Applejack and Rainbow Dash, a look from Ty, and a incredulous huff from Rarity that followed a blush.

“A lady does not drool over stallions.” She said, her nose held high.

“Whatever you say, diamondbutt.” I idly commented.

"What is with you and these 'butts'? What even is a butt?" She demanded, getting a nicker/cough from Charlie.

"Its, uh, one of our words for flank." She half smirked at Rarity's now flushed face. I started walking to the door and purposefully ignored her indignant harrumphs.

“Wait!” Twilight shouted. Oh god, here we go. “One of you can stay here.” I looked back at her sheepish grin, then deadpanned over to Ty, who was currently giving me ‘the look’, then my gaze went to a smirking Charlie. I looked back to Twilight and jerked my head at Ty, who paled.

“Sorry, Twilight. We just got to a new planet. We gotta stick together.” I said. As much as I would have loved to throw Ty under the bus, what I said was true. He breathed a sigh of relief as Twilight’s face fell.

“Well Ah hope you two don’t mind being close. Ah only have one room left.” Applejack said, causing both me and Ty to grimace.

“Is it at least a bunk-bed?” I asked.

“A wut?” I sighed, then shrugged.

“We had to share beds before when we were younger. We’re not strangers to it, so we’ll be fine.”

“No homo, though.” Ty quickly added.

“Well yeah. You may have the ladies all hanging off your arm, but you just ugly.” I laughed, inciting more laughter from my new companions.

“But I bet I get more-”

“Ty!” Charlie cut him off, “There’s a time and a place for everything, dude.” She deadpanned. He just shrugged.

“Y’all two seem pretty keen on that shruggin’.” Applejack said. To that, we both grinned and shrugged again, getting a facehoof in response.

“So,” I clapped my hands together, “New place, huh? How about we go get settled?” I said with a warm smile, getting one from Applejack herself. "At least til the aliens get here." And it falls right back down. God, I'm an ass.

“Ah reckon so.” She said and turned tail towards the door. We both followed her out into the town, getting more stares. I was tempted to snap and slap a bitch, but I quickly realized that the lack of nicotine was kicking in and that would have been a very bad idea. So I pulled out my trusty dip can and began to pack it. Loudly. And to the Skyrim theme. Gotta have a little class, after all. Ty took the incentive and did the same. Mid-pack, I stopped.

“Oh my god if they don’t have tobacco here I’m going to be so pissed.” I said, getting Ty to freeze as well.

“I might have to lock myself up for a few days to make sure I don’t accidentally kill anyone.” He said, then continued to pack, “But I figure with our rather country host, we’ll have no problem finding some.” We both pinched our respective dips, me wintergreen and him straight, for anyone who happens to care, and popped them in our lips, sighing in relief.

“What’s that fancy stuff y’all got there?” Applejack asked, falling back beside us. Of course, we both groaned.

“Fuuuuck, you guys don’t have tobacco here, do you?” I asked.

“To-what-now?” She asked in response, getting Ty and I both to hang our heads.

“It’s a plant that you can turn into a multitude of things. Dip, Cigarettes, or Chew, are the three mostly used by industry for money. All three are highly addictive, but they have a calming effect. If you go too long without it, you began to get angered easily. Fortunately, I just get snappy and a little shaky. Unfortunately, Ty here gets psychopathic.” I said, rather melancholic.

“That’s not good.” Applejack stated obviously.

“No, it’s not.” I said, rubbing the bridge of my nose. “Well, we need to break our bad habits at some point. Might as well be on our new cleanly slated planet.”

“Relatively clean, anyway. Y’all did just knock Dashie and me around. Not ta mention tha Princesses too.” Buzz Killington pointed out.

“Speaking of which, how did you handle your princess?” I asked Ty, to which he simply chuckled.

“She was really strong, but she didn’t know how to fight. I got hit once or twice, but they were just glancing blows. In other words, I kicked her ass. You?” He asked.

“Mine was more difficult. She shared her sisters strength, for the most part. But she enjoyed the fight, wanting to make it last. She never really used many killing blows, but she managed to knock me on my ass a few times. Embarrassing, but if I had a little more time I could’ve taken her.” I shrugged, getting Applejack to pass us a sly grin.

“Iffin' y'all weren't immune ta magic, ya wouldn't be here right now." Knowing it would irk her, Ty and I shrugged again. She shook her head and said, "Jus' bein' honest, is all."

"Yeah, you're probably right." I nodded sagely, expelling the accumulated dip spit onto the ground. Applejack recoiled at that, the look of horror etched into her features.

“The chemicals in the dip don’t agree with us,” I said, Ty punctuating my statement with a spit, “We’ll puke if we swallow it.”

“Uh-huh…” AJ slowly answered, unsure of our lip cookies.

“Be glad we don’t smoke. Ty use to. It leaves you with an ungodly stench and devastates your lungs.” I said, jerking my thumb to the fellow in question.

“Yeah, I had to quit so the high altitude combined with my asthma would actually let me breathe.” He said.

“Yer asthma ain’t gonna be a problem, is it?” Applejack asked hesitantly.

“Nah,” Ty shook his head, “It’s not bad enough for me to need an inhaler.”

“I think she meant if it was contagious.” I said at her frown.

“Well no. You mean ponies don’t have asthma?” He asked, clearly shocked.

“Nope.” Applejack stated.

“Well shit.” He kicked some dust up and spat again. "Don't worry, it's genetic." We fell back into silence as we continued our trek down the old dirt road, breaking it with the occasional spit. The scenery was truly outstanding. There were grey trees lining our path, all lightly rustling their naked branches at the small, bone chilling breeze that caressed my skin. The birds were small and colorful, chirping their pretty little tones in the late Autumn air as a nearby brook babbled its own tune. Peace seemed to reign in this new world. For now, at least. Finally, we came up a hill and peered over it. Beyond was the biggest apple orchard in existence.

Holy mother of Johnny Appleseed.

“Bro…” Ty paused, his jaw slack in awe, “Apples.” He stated in simple wonder, gazing down upon the divine, red orbs. Applejack laughed and slapped me on the back, causing me to do the worst possible thing in existence.

I swallowed my entire dip.


Luna and Celestia reappeared in the castle, walking briskly towards the hall that split in two and led to their respective guards’ barracks.

“Luna, meet me with your highest ranking general in the war room.” Celestia said, not even breaking stride as she made the trip to her guards.

“Stone Kiss… I pray we make it in time.” Luna muttered grimly before disappearing and reappearing in her guards barracks, causing a respectful silence to settle.

“Night Stride, step forth.” She ordered. A small Thestral sporting a smirk confidently strode to her princess.

“Yes, mi’lady?” She bowed.

“Something has happened to the general of the Crystal Empire. Celestia and Solar Flare are going to discuss what will happen next with us.” Luna informed, causing her guardians to adopt serious looks. Most of them knew Stone Kiss as a kindly, yet stern, Day Guard whom had helped them get through the changes of coming back out of hiding when the Night Guard’s princess had come back. They were highly grateful to him and would do nearly anything to help the grisly stallion if they could.

“Is there anything we can do, mi’lady?” One of the other guards, Dark Sage, rumbled.

"Not yet, Sage. But fear not, after I meet with my sister, we should be off to assist him.” Luna responded, causing the Thestral to grunt in frustration.

“I am sorry, mi’lady. I speak for us all when I say he’s helped us many times, and we’d like to repay the favor.” He said.

“I understand.” She said and turned towards to the door, “Come, Night Stride. Everypony else, prepare for the worst, because it is coming. I suggest you all go and get a copy of Ponycraft for your personal computers.” With that, Luna teleported Night Stride and herself to the throne room. She walked over to her throne and lightly pressed her hoof to the center of the moon. The moon pressed in, turning clockwise with her hoof and grinding gears together. Soon, a large slab was pulled back from the center of the throne room to reveal a spiral staircase leading downward.

"What did you mean by that last comment, Princess?" Night Stride asked, following her princess. Curiosity was masked by her sense of duty as they descended down the torchlit depths.

"The game I know you love, is a reality." Luna paused to look back at her elite guard. "I met three aliens in Ponyville, their planet was destroyed by the Protoss. I assume a renegade faction. I'll tell you more at the debriefing in the Crystal Empire, for now, let's get to Celestia." Eventually, they made it to a large, oaken door. Luna lit her horn up, illuminating a small hole on the side of the entrance. She gently slid the appendage in and shot off a magic bolt into the slot. The door slowly creaked open, allowing the Princess and her general to enter the large room. Solar Flare and Celestia were already there, saving them from waiting longer than need be.

“Sister, are you aware of the situation?” Luna asked as they stepped up to the dusty map table.

"I know as much as you do, Luna, likely less.” Celestia answered, clearing the thick layer of dust from the old table. “We know Stone Kiss is in trouble. We also know him and his guard were stationed outside of the Crystal Empire.” Celestia said, informing the two previously ignorant ponies of the situation. Luna's blood froze at the returning memory of the generals letter.

“Celestia, I’m afraid the Zerg may already be on the surface of Equis." Her voice trembled lightly.

“How do you know?” Celestia’s voice was determined not to believe the statement, and her guards looked one part horrified, and the other confused. Luna opened her personal hammerspace and withdrew a scroll from the aether.

“Stone Kiss sent me a letter this morning. I did not think of it as relevant until now.” Luna said, floating the thing to Celestia. The alabaster Alicorn took the scroll and read through it, a frown slowly spreading across her features. "I only recently put two and two together."

“You should have told me of this as soon as you received it.” Celestia said, her voice only slightly changing, but Luna could tell it was a scold.

“You’re correct, sister. I am sorry.”

“I'm glad we understand each other. Now, I believe immediate assistance must be sent to the Crystal Empire. Solar Flare, rally the Solar Royal Guard and get them ready for a long trip. We shall meet you there.” Celestia ordered.

“Night Stride, you do the same with my Lunar Guardians.” Luna said with a soft smile.

“Yes, mi’lady.” They both respectively said and bowed before making their way back to their own barracks. They were likely full of questions, however they were trained to wrangle their curiosity. Celestia let out a sigh and sagged her body.

“Luna… I don’t understand..? What could the Great Ones possibly achieve in coming back?” She said, her voice hollow. Luna draped a wing over Celestia’s back in an attempt to comfort her.

“I don’t know, sister, I don’t know…”


“Where are you?”

“Who are you?”

“What are you?”

“What are you becoming?”

“What have you become?”

“What have you lost?”

“What will you lose?”

“Who will you lose?”

Questions. Incessant, nagging questions. Never halting. Never stopping. Just the same maddening whispers constantly repeating themselves over and over and over.

“Who are you?”

“What are you?”

“Where are you?”

Inside Stone Kiss, he was screaming, but nopony could hear him. If he could use his horn, he could kill himself. If he could use his hooves, he could run away. If he could use his voice, he could talk and be some sort of company for himself. He could yell for help, but nopony would help him. He just couldn’t see how he could go on like this. But as it was, the former general of the Crystal Empire could only suffer the onslaught of question after question.

“What are you?”

“Who are you?”

He could answer none. The stifling hate that permeated his cage made the creep around the chrysalis thrive. The Sunken Colonies and Spore Crawlers on said creep had their spines and fungus glands enlarged for more power. Stone Kiss was thinking, the only thing he could do in the tartarus-hole that he now resided in.

“Where are you?”

Each thought fed his pit of rage.

“What will you lose?”

He thought of his family. His wife whom he would never hold again, his colt he would never see again, his filly he would never be able to tuck into bed again.

“What have you lost?”

A single tear slipped from his clenched eyes, then they snapped open, revealing a bright yellow glow with smokey tendrils escaping them. He let out a primal roar, the only sound to ever be emitted inside a chrysalis, and moved.

For my colt. He slammed his hoof against the side of the chrysalis.

“Who will you lose?”

For my filly. He repeated the process with his other hoof.

“Can you save them?”

For my… He reared his head back.

“Can you save yourself?”

Wife! He slammed his horn into the embryo, causing it to burst and spew him out onto the creep. The general struggled to his newly chitinous hindhooves in the regenerative goo, forming a bipedal standpoint, and released another roar, one that was interrupted by a spike plunging through his recently plated chest. He staggered for a moment, moving his spiked hoof to his chest and lightly poking the tentacle to test if it was real or not. When it made contact, his eyes narrowed.

I will not die here. Not like this. He closed his eyes and concentrated all of his ability into his horn. His will, his anger, his sorrow, his pain; all of it flowed into the jagged appendage. He slowly began to rise from the ground, but never noticed that even one hoof had left it. He snapped his eyes back open as they flooded with a sickly green power; tendrils of energy seeped out from his body.

Over every place the power snaked, creep withered and writhed as it was obliterated. The green cloud of death spread three meters in every direction, killing anything and everything it touched, then slammed back into Stone Kiss’s infected body. His floating form curled into a ball before throwing his limbs out into the shape of a star and letting the burning power explode forth, demolishing everything in sight. The smoking ground was left with the stench of burnt flesh and rotten death. Slowly, Stone Kiss was lowered back onto the glassy surface. As he looked out upon the death and destruction, his eyes widened and a single, final question came to his mind.

What have I become..?


"Interesting..." The lone form of Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, sat upon her throne of bones. She laughed menacingly to herself as she stroked a chittering Zergling. "I think you'll be a fun toy.


“Large burst of psionic power emanating from the planet Equis. Class Eleven. Immediate renavigation recommended.” The adjutant's robotic voice warned the entire ship. Jim Raynor’s head snapped up and he began a swift jog to the bridge, Matt following closely behind, as they had returned from the Armory some time ago.

“Jimmy, what are you doing?” Matt asked worriedly. Raynor ignored the smaller captain and began to question the adjutant.

“Is it Kerrigan?” He asked.

“Identity ‘Queen of Blade’s’, not relevant.” Jim scoffed, moving to the frontal console.

“Matt, is there any way we can get there faster?” Jim demanded.

“No sir. We’re moving at light speed’s terminal velocity.” Matt informed, inciting Jim to slam his fist on the metal, then grimace in pain.

“Can we get rid of some useless scraps?” Jim asked, making Matt chuckle.

“Unless you want to throw those useless Medivacs out, no.” The younger man smirked.

“Hey!” Swann’s voice came over a speaker, “Don’t you talk about our Medi-Bessies like that!” The small bit of comic relief allowed Jim to calm down. Chuckling and shaking his head, he turned back to the female robot.

“Adjutant. Keep course steady. Is there anything else you know about this psionic disturbance?” He asked.

“It appears to be… Invalid information banks.”

“Seriously? Give me something useful!”

“Negative.” The grisly veteran ground his teeth.

“Jim, calm down.” Matt said, getting Jimmy to take a deep breath before walking over towards the console and pressed a button. Swann’s large face appeared on the bridge.

“Yeah, Cowboy?”

“Swann, prepare our forces for the worst.” Jim said fiercely, causing his pudgy friend to smirk.

“You got it, Hotshot.”