Six Word Stories

by Dustin Lange

Twilight (Dustin Lange)


It was a dark, overcast morning in Ponyville when Twilight woke. Perfect for the way she was feeling.

She was laying in her bed remembering all the good times she had with her friends, wishing things could go back to the way they were. She could think and wish all she wanted, but nothing could change the past, something she knew all too well.

She almost called out for Spike to start brewing her morning tea, but stopped herself; Spike wasn't there.

Drawing in a long breath and holding it in for a second, she had to reassure herself she wasn't going to cry... not again, anyway.

Once she got a hold of herself and knew she could hold it together, she got up and made her way to her bathroom. She wanted to look presentable, after all.

She turned on the shower and got in. The water was ice cold but she didn't even flinch, her body was already numb from the pain she had experienced.

As the water slowly warmed, so too did her body. Her muscles relaxed with the warm water running through her coat and mane. The stress visibly washed off of her body and mind, allowing her to think a little more clearly.

With her mind clear, all of the memories came flooding back to her in an instant and she collapsed, unable to handle what she was remembering.

Without so much as moving her face out of the relentless pounding of the water, or holding her head where a bruise was already forming, she began to cry. She cried from all of the pain the memories brought. She cried from the pain of not being able to make any more memories with those she cared for the most.

She just laid there, unmoving, and not caring about anything else for almost a full hour. Once the water lost its warmth, she decided to get out and continue her day as best as she could.

After drying off, brushing her mane and teeth, and covering the bruise on her head with a little bit of makeup, she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. She decided on something simple for breakfast; pancakes and her usual morning tea.

She took the pancakes and tea to the dining area and sat at the end of the table. For almost a full minuet, Twilight stared into nothing, not even thinking. She came out of her stupor with a small shake of her head. Stabbing her fork into the top pancake and drinking all of her tea in one breath, she stood up and walked to the kitchen door.

Twilight looked around the room from the kitchen doorway and spotted a few books lying around. Spike was supposed to clean up before it happened, but he never got the chance.

After placing the books back on the shelves, she sat down on the couch in front of the fire place and stared into the fire. She sat there all day, waiting for someone - anyone - to come through the library door. Someone she could talk to... someone who was a friend.

Once the fire was nothing more but ash and embers, Twilight got up from her spot. She didn't go anywhere; she just stood there for a while, not knowing what to do.

She thought about Celestia for a moment, and got an idea. She should write a friendship report.

Walking over to her study, she found parchment, an ink well and a quill, and started a hoof-written letter.

Dear Princess Celestia

Today, I learned about what it is like to not have friends, and how hard it is.

Without friends, your life is boring and meaningless.

There is no laughter to brighten your day up, no one to show how loyal and honest you can be, and no one to be kind and generous to.

You have no one there to help you through the hard times, and no one to share the few good times you might have with.

Today, magic is dead.

Goodbye, my friends...