My Little Lucifer

by pinkshadow369

Chapter 5 jail break

[Violence should never be the answer is what most people would say. Sometimes you don't have a choice.] A look inside Lucifer's head

“What was that?” Lucifer asked out loud as he found himself in a small room with a small wall in it. “Did I just get shot by a rainbow? How does that even work?” He let out a sigh at being in this confusing situation. But then got over it as he had even more questions.

“Am I in a confession booth?” He stood up to find out he was indeed in a confession booth. And behind him was a door. Which by now he realized is a bad thing to see. “Looks like I figured it out” he said as he looked at his body to find once again he was human.
He walked through the door to find himself in the middle of mass at the Vatican church. Right in the middle of the first prayer he ever learned.

“Our father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us of our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen.” He walked up to the isle and took a seat in the front row that was marked for reserve. He began to look at his surroundings and find out it was a special dream he was in. He was reliving a memory.

He would get dreams like this from time to time. But they were indeed rare because of how perfect the dream was. Because there, next to the priest performing mass, was a very familiar altar boy. It was him when he was only fifteen years old. This was one of the few good memories he had. The ones he had at the Vatican. And he didn't even like these memories. He tolerated them at best. He listened to the performance and could recall everything the priest said. He had a good memory like that. What he did not remember was the whisper in his ear.

“Lucifer.” He sat upright and turned around to find the voice. But instead found a lack of voices. The entire church was now empty. Even the priest and younger version of himself were gone. And he was pissed.

“I'm tired of these games. Show yourself.” Silence was his response as the front door to the church suddenly opened. He knew where this was going. He walked out of the church and was now standing at the front entrance to the Vatican. He looked around and saw the familiar buildings. But not a single sight of anyone around.

“Damn it show yourself!” He screamed out. He was tired of the games. All he wanted was an answer. And he got one. Because at that very moment, a ray of light beamed down on him. It did not burn his body, nor sting his eyes. It felt warm, and encasing. As if though his entire body was in a blanket. He looked up to where the source of the light was coming from. And there he saw, on top if the church, the source. A cross. And a whisper.

“Be cautious Lucifer. He is coming for you.” The voice said in the first serious tone he's ever heard from it.

“It’s the devil isn’t it?” He asked the voice.

“Yes. Before warned Lucifer. He has sent Omen after you. And so have I.” He was puzzled at this. He's heard of several bad omens, but never a person called omen.

“Who’s Omen? He demanded. But he got no answer as the light disappeared and he was once again all alone. Defeated, he let out a sigh as he sat down on the pavement. But soon he heard something that got his attention.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He heard in the distance.

“Is that a crow?” He asked himself. He stood back up to see that no one was there. But he quickly heard it again. Only this time it was louder.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He began looking around frantically to find the source of the noise. He looked left, right, behind, and in front of himself. But saw nothing. But it was still there. As the noise was sounding closer to himself now.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He twist and he turned in multiple directions to find that dammed bird. And then he finally saw it. Sitting on a bench near the entrance to the church was a pitch black crow with glowing red eyes. Wasting no time, he blasted it with a ball of fire. But that did nothing to it. Instead there was more noise.

“Caw, caw, caw.” He looked behind to see two more crows near the entrance to the church. He shot at them like he did the previous bird, with previous results. Nothing happened. He frantically looked in all directions only to see hundreds of crows wherever he looked. And they were all making that same noise. Only this time they continued after three.

“Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw.” He laid himself down and covered his ears to drown out the awful noise. After several minutes that felt like several lifetimes, the noise finally stopped. He was relieved. He put his hands down and looked up. Only to see his new feathery friend stare into his eyes. His eyes were as red as the pits of fire that give light in the darkest parts of hell. And it was staring into his black, emotionless eyes. They stayed like this for several minutes. Neither one moving nor making a sound. Until the crow put its beak as close to him as possible. And made the loudest noise he's ever heard before.

“Cawww!” He closed his eyes and covered his ears to clear the violent noise. It boomed in his head to the point where blood could be seen dripping from his ears. He looked back up to see the crow was gone and he was in total darkness. And it was than he knew what just happened.

“Omen!” He said as he once again stood up. That was over, and now he was ready to start another nightmare. Because at that point another door appeared in front of him. He reached for the handle, ready to start his next nightmare, so he could finally wake up. And face the biggest nightmare of all. Life.

“Wake up!” He felt wet all of a sudden. And then he felt cold. “I said wake up.” He looked up to see a white unicorn stallion in a golden armor chest plate holding an empty bucket and spear. “You were screaming in your sleep the whole night. I'd say it was about time to wake you up.” He paid the stallion no mind as he looked at his new surroundings. He was in a cell. It had a bed which was much too small for him. A simple toilet. And an entrance made of iron bars. This was a bad place to be in.

“Where am I?” He asked the guard.

“Canterlot dungeon. For attacking the residents of Ponyville, the elements of harmony, and Princess Twilight Sparkle.” And with that the guard turned around to resume his post. He was not happy about this. It was an insult.

"What makes you think that this prison can hold me?" He asked angrily. The guard snorted in amusement.

"Well seeing as how this room is magic proof, and you’re no longer an alicorn, I'd say we have nothing to worry about." And with that he turned around to continue his job. Lucifer however didn’t even try to pay attention. Because he knew that this was a time for reflection. He's been in this new world for four days now. He saved a mother and daughter. Attacked a town. Got publicly defeated by six mares, and a...thing. And then was thrown in jail.

“Damn, I fucked up.” He sat upright and found a strange feeling. He was cold. Not just because he was wet. But because he was hairless. He was once again human. And naked. He quickly wrapped himself in the blanket that was on his bed and began to concentrate.

“The link has been severed again.” He looked at his wrist and legs. The shackles were still there. He sighed at this sight. But found relief as he found his necklace. “I think I get it now. No connection means I'm no longer a pony. And that means he sent Omen after me. Probably to fix that.” He concentrated up some clothes to warm up. He was now wearing a simple black pair of pants, a punisher t-shirt, A zip up hoodie with a pentagram on the back, and a simple pair of Nike sneakers. He was now dressed to impress and ready to take on the world.

“No more hiding. If I still have these shackles on, it means something. Which means Omen will find me.” He walked up to the bars and firmly put his hands on two bars. “Better not keep my audience waiting.” And with the use of his soul he was able to easily pry open the bars and scare the living shit out of the guard. The guard used his magic to levitate the spear to attack him. He easily grabbed it out of the air and broke it in two with his knee, and threw the pieces in both directions.
The guard turned around to buck him, but instead found his legs to be grabbed by Lucifer as he twirled the guard off the ground, into the air, and slammed against the wall. He stumbled to get back up. As soon as he found his balance he was grabbed by the muzzle and slammed back into the wall.

“I will stop yo-you.” The guard said woozily. Lucifer’s response to this was violent. Very violent. He grabbed his horn and with a quick flick of his wrist snapped it off. The guard screamed in pain and almost immediately passed out.

“Pathetic. He thinks that was pain? If there all like this breaking out of here will be a fool’s errand.” He then looked at the horn fragment in his hand. “Looks like I have a souvenir. I should start a collection.” He stood there still starring at it for a few seconds before he dropped the horn next to the unconscious guard. He looked across the room to find that he was in a long hallway. He began walking down to the end of the hallway. There he found a staircase leading upstairs.
He climbed casually as if nothing had happened. Once at the top he saw he was in another hallway with more cells. All of the cells were empty. Figures in an entire dungeon he'd be the only one there. He began walking down the hall and arrived at a door. He pressed his ear against it to hear any noise. After a couple of seconds he heard the sound of two ponies.

“Got any sevens?”

“Go fish.” The voices belonged to stallions.

“Most likely guards.” He thought. He gently opened the door to get a peek at them. He was correct as he saw two guards sitting at a small circular wooden table playing go fish. But something was off about them. They both looked exactly alike. They shared the same white coat and armor. They were both pegasi. And stranger than that they looked just like the first guard he knocked out.

“Are-are they clones?” He asked himself in a low whisper. For him this was a strange sight. But then again, being sent to a whole new planet, one should expect to see strange things. Once deciding not to waste any more time he sprinted to the closest guard who had his back turned to him. His friend shouted as he grabbed the closest guard and slammed him through the wooden table. The second guard began to run to the door. Only for Lucifer to grab him with his telekinesis and send him flying into his outstretched arm causing his whole body to twirl around and promptly fall down from the close-line. By now the second guard was stumbling to get back up. But he would not allow this.

He quickly ran up and kicked the guard into the wall. He turned around to see the second guard up and charging at him with a spear he never saw him with. Failing to see the guard sooner he was hit. But thanks to fast reflexes he pushed the spear down, and instead of getting impaled in the stomach, he was only stabbed in the upper part of his leg right above the knee. He pushed him back with his powers into a wall. He quickly grabbed a chair and broke it against the guards face. Luckily for him he was wearing a helmet. He quickly turned around to see if the previous guard was up. He was not. He lay against the wall passed out. The same as his friend who got hit with the chair. Looking at his wound he let out a sigh.

“Can't believe I let myself get stabbed. It's been too long since I've had a real fight.” He began concentrating for a minute and used his soul to heal his minor wound. And with that he walked out the door. He was once again in a hallway. Only this time it was different. Instead of the walls and floor being made out of stone, it was made of fine marble and had carpet rugs. He was out of the dungeon, and into the castle.

He looked left, there was hallway and some doors. He looked right, there was more hallway and more doors. He chose right and began walking. He walked in relative silence until he heard a scream come from behind him. He turned around to see a maid holding a feather duster standing in complete shock.

“You-you-you’re the prisoner.” She stepped back and dropped the feather duster. Now that he was paying attention to her he noticed she had a brown coat with a gray mane. She turned to run away but quickly lost her footing and fell. She cried in pain as she did so.
“My knee!” She attempted to stand but quickly fell down. She began to sob in either pain or fear. Most likely both. He walked up to her and she closed her eyes in fear. “Please don't hurt me.” She still had her eyes closed and got no answer. She stayed there for a few minutes until she felt a strange feeling. She looked up and saw that he was kneeling over her and that she was glowing black. She was utterly speechless as he stood up and offered her a hand. She hesitantly took it with her hoof and stood up.
She immediately winced on instinct once she remembered her knee. But to her confusion found out her knee was completely healed. As she stopped looking, she turned to look at him, to see him walking down the hallway leaving her behind. She looked puzzled as she let the words fall out her muzzle.

“Th-thanks?” He continued his walk. Feeling more confident now that he had some good karma on his side. And began making a series of lefts and rights. One right turn however was particularly bad, as he stumbled upon a group of five guards marching through the hall, and directly into him.

Only inches apart, a total standoff, no one moving an inch. Until he delivered a quick roundhouse kick to the closest guard. His foot smacked him in the right side of the head and caused him to slam into the wall with the left side of his head. That first guard was instantly knocked out. As soon as he delivered that kick though, the spears were flying. Literally, the guards were all unicorns and had their spears in the spell causing them to float and attack him. Lucky for him though, these guards were terrible with their weapons. Instead of attack all at once, or in a well-timed sequence, they simply attacked whenever. And they only lunged with the spears.

All he had to do was jump back quickly to avoid getting impaled. After many successful dodges, he was far enough from the guards to use his other powers since they stood their ground. He quickly used his fire powers to cover his entire body, creating a make shift fire armor. Due to the intense heat the wood from the spears quickly burned to ash, causing the spearheads to fall limp. He then immediately put out the fire as he charged the four guards.

What he didn't expect was to be drop kicked by one of the guards who jumped off another's guards back in a leap frog jump. The guard quickly turned around and punch him, causing him to stumble back. By the time he regained his balance he was dealing with three pairs of hooves attacking him all from the front.
Luckily for him the hallway was small and they couldn't get to his sides or try to flank him. Hoof after hoof after hoof assaulted him as he blocked, dodged, and countered as quickly as he could. But dealing with six pairs of hooves at this particular situation proved difficult even for him.

“Time to end this.” He thought as he jumped backwards giving himself some room. He quickly summoned up two riot shields, one for each arm. And with that he charged at the wall of guards. With it he bashed right through them thanks to the flexibility of the riot shield. The three guards all lost their balance and fell. Giving him the chance to knock each one out with a precise blow to the back of the head.

One by one by one he knocked them out. By the time he was done there was only one guard left. The one who stayed behind this entire time and did nothing. Lucifer quickly got rid of the shields and walked towards the guard. He was trembling. Lucifer took a knee to get on eye level with him, and whispered in his ear.

“Boo!” The guard shouted and fell on his back. Lucifer only shook his head in disappointment. He used his powers to bring the guard back to his feet.

“Please don't hurt me. I'm just the trainee.” He began trembling again. Much to Lucifer’s annoyance.

“You’re pathetic. You give the title of guard a disgrace. I attack your home, and your fellow guards. And you do nothing but cower and beg for your own safety.” He summoned up a silver dagger in his hand causing the guard to nearly faint. “There's only one way to redeem yourself.” He put the dagger into the guard’s hooves much to his confusion. “Kill me.” He told the guard. The guard looked at the dagger and asked in a frightened voice.

“What do you mean?” Lucifer violently grabbed the guard and picked him up so that they were at eye level.

“It means kill me! I've attacked your home and your fellow guard. I'm a monster from another world. A source of evil and hate. You failed your guards and now you must pay. Kill me.” He dropped the guard who landed on his hooves. He starred into his eyes and saw hate. But behind that was sadness.

“I can't kill anypony. We-we don't do that here.” He was trying his best to get out of this situation. But Lucifer would not allow that.

“What if I killed your friends? They'd have died and you could've saved them. Or at the very least get revenge. The only way to repay them for your mistake is with blood. The blood of the person that started everything, me. Now don't make me repeat myself. Because I'll only say it once more. Kill me.” The guard had tears form in his eyes.

“I-I can't do it. I can't kill anypony.” Lucifer was furious.

“I told you to kill me!” He roared in anger.

“I can't!” Replied the panicking guard.

“Kill me!”

“No!” The guard dropped the dagger and fell to his hooves and began crying. “Please, please don't make me kill anypony. I can't.” He sobbed out. Lucifer only shook his head in disappointment.

“You’re a disgrace.” And with that he walked away, leaving the broken guard to himself as he began to hyperventilate. He walked through the halls trying to find an exit of some kind. But all he found was rooms either empty, or with a maid. But after a while he found a much bigger door. And behind it voices.

“But Princess, what are we going to do about him. He's a creature we've never even seen before. He must be studied.” He remembered that voice. It was the voice of the purple alicorn that helped shoot that rainbow after him. He continued to listen.

“I understand Twilight. And while normally I would agree, I cannot allow study until we know he isn't dangerous to be around.” This new voice was much more regal than any voice he's ever heard before. So he knew instantly it was the Princess.

“Twilight, so that's her name.” He thought to himself. He continued to listen.

“I understand as well. But I believe it wasn't his fault. He saved Derpy and her daughter. He even fixed Derpy's eye. I don't know why he attacked at Ponyville, but I believe it wasn't his fault. And I have evidence to support my claim. Right before he attacked he transformed when he appeared to be angry. That’s when he attacked. I think he may have a serious problem.”

“And I agree with you Twilight. You know I would not allow anypony that is innocent to sit in the dungeon. I just need to make sure he is safe to be around before any studies are allowed.” This caught his attention in a bad way.

“Studies? They think they can treat me like some fucking lab animal. I don't think so.” He opened the doors and walked into what appeared to be the main hall of the castle. He knew it was a castle because of the size and the fact it was ruled by a Princess. He was greeted by a series of gasp as he made his way to the front door, ready to leave. Only to be stopped by a swarm of guards.
He was only ten feet from the door and was completely surrounded by guards. There spears were all drawn and trapping him in a circle. He furrowed his brow and let out an annoyed sigh as he turned around to address the Princess. Said Princess in question was an alicorn of much larger size. In fact, she was only a few inches shorter than himself. She had a white coat and a light rainbow mane moving in a nonexistent breeze. But what stuck out was her cutie mark. It was a sun.

“Makes sense I suppose. After all she moves the sun apparently.” He remembered reading all about her and her sister Luna in the magazine at the hospital. “I suggest you tell your guards to stand down. Otherwise I won't be held responsible for what I do to them.” She looked at him sternly as she gave the order.

“Guards, stand down.” The guards did as they were instructed and backed away, but still had their spears ready in case anything happened. He grinned as he spoke.

“Thank you. Now if you don't mind I have someone to meet.” He began walking towards the door but was stopped as the guards took a stance in front of it. He turned around to see that she was sitting on a throne. Standing next to her were the six mares responsible for him being here.

“Lucifer, tell me how you escaped. That cell was filled with wards that should cancel all forms of magic.” Upon the end of that question he saw Twilight get a glimmer in her eye.

“You ponies should really take notes. I've already told this story twice and I'm sick of telling it.” She looked at him sternly, but before she could speak she was interrupted by the cyan Pegasus.

“Who do you think you are? You can't talk to Princess Celestia like that. Apologize.” He clenched his teeth at this.

“Why don't you try to make me you rain bowed mined, big mouthed, lesbo looking bitch!” He said threateningly with a great deal of anger in his voice. All the others gasped at the insult as she flew up to his face and starred him in the eyes as she spoke.

“What did you just call me?” But before he could respond she was encased in a golden aura and put back where she previously was.

“That's enough rainbow dash. I'll take care of it.” She then turned her attention to the six mares. “In fact, I'll handle this alone. Leave and wait for me to call for you.” Immediately Twilight and the rest gasped.

“Princess, why I completely trust your judgment. Don't you think it be wise for us to be here in case we need to use the elements?” Rarity asked with a look of concern that matched the rest.

“Please, do as I say and go. I assure you everything will be fine. I just need to talk to him in private.” The six mares all hesitantly nodded their heads as they slowly made their way to the same door he came through.
“What did they do to get me back to my original body?” He asked as soon as the door shut. She looked at him with an unreadable face as she spoke.

“They used the elements of harmony. A very powerful magical artifact that only they can use to defeat evil. And considering you are now in your original form. I hope that you are now willing to comply and help us figure out how you got here.” His face turned sour at this.

“I already no why I'm here. And besides, I could've sworn I heard something about studying me as if though I was a common animal.” He took a step closer causing the guards to ready there spears as he spoke with hate. “And if you think I'll allow that, you’re dead wrong.” He starred her in the eyes as he said this. Neither one of them blinking or speaking for several seconds, until she smiled as she spoke.

“I assure you, we did not mean study you like an animal. I would not allow any being, or creature to be used as some sort of experiment. Twilight was merely fascinated about learning and studying an entirely new species.” This did not make him feel any better.

“She will study nothing. I prefer my privacy.” She lost her smile at this as she spoke with a more serious tone.

“I understand that. But from what I've heard you are a very powerful threat who is highly unstable. And from what I've seen you managed to prove it as you broke free of the dungeon and came here just to escape. Which reminds me, you never did answer my question.”

“And what makes you think you have the right to an answer?” She was about to speak but was interrupted by the door bursting open revealing an agitated Rainbow Dash.

“Princess! He attacked the guards!” Celestia looked at him with much more seriousness.

“What did you do!?” She demanded fiercely. He only stepped closer to the throne as he spoke.

“I used my power to fight my way out of prison. I have somewhere to be and I'd prefer to get my punishment over with.” She rose from her thrown as she used a wing to push Rainbow Dash behind her.

“I cannot allow you to leave unaccompanied. Now please, calm down and finish this discussion with me.” She said sternly.

“And I don't take orders from you.” He said angrily as he began to walk towards the door.

“Guards!” She ordered out. The guards once again surrounded him with their spears. “I’m trying to be reasonable with you. Just talk to me and I assure you nothing bad will happen to you.” She said with authority and care. But he would have none of this as he turned around to address her.

“You should worry about yourself. Because this is your last chance. Call off your guards or I'll be forced to do it for you.” He said as menacingly as possible. She did not appreciate this tone as she spoke with more conviction.

“I will not allow any of my subjects to be harmed by you. Stand down and come to your senses. Or else I'll be forced to send you back to the dungeon myself.” He only grinned at this as he clenched his fist and spoke with hate.

“Then it looks like you've failed your people.” He slammed his foot down and with the use of his powers, he caused an upward thrust of air as he slammed down his foot, causing him to back flip over the guards. They turned around just in time to see him thrust both hands forward causing a massive force to send all the guards flying back. She however was unfazed, as well as Rainbow Dash who she protected by her wings. She whispered into Rainbow Dash's ear as she spoke softly.

“I want you to leave now and retrieve the elements of harmony. Don't worry about me I'll be fine.” And with that she gave her a gentle push towards the door. She looked at Celestia nervously and then toward him. She was frightened. But quickly found false courage as she flew out the door.

“Don't worry, I'm sure the Princess will be fine. She can take him no problem.” Those were her last thoughts as she flew through the hallways to find her friends. With Rainbow Dash gone, Celestia could finally address him now.

“It looks like you leave me no choice. If violence is the only way to get through to you, then so be it.” And with that he jumped into the air to attack her. But what he didn't know was how fast she was. For as soon as he was within distance, she quickly turned around and bucked him directly in the chest causing him to be sent flying upwards.

By the time he looked up in the middle of his flight, she was already above him. She kicked down with her legs directly into his stomach, causing him to fly down. He recovered as he landed on his feet and looked up to see her about to slam directly on top of him. He quickly jumped away to see her make impact with the floor. He could see cracks in all directions her hooves made contact with. And at that moment, he knew this would be one hell of a fight.

He jumped back and she did the same. Her horn was glowing a bright yellow. It was as if it was encased in the rays of the sun itself. He formed fire in his hands and held it, because he was holding the physical form of his anger. It was time for a fire fight. He threw a blast of fire at her, but nothing happened as she cast a spell to encase herself in a small purple shield. He continued his long range assault for several minutes. She was also attacking as she threw blast of magical energy at him.

It was an exchange of hits, each one equal in force. He could dodge them easily enough but he was making little progress on damaging the shield. She began charging her horn causing it to glow brighter. He knew that this meant to take cover. He ran behind the throne and began concentrating. She fired a massive ball of energy at her throne, causing it to explode and leave behind a veil of steam. She waited with her guard raised and her shield fully charged.

What she saw blew clear past the steam directly toward her at incredible speeds. It was a metallic cylinder with a cone on its top. She pushed her magic into her shield ready to defend herself. What she didn't expect was the massive explosion that completely crushed her shield, effectively stunning her for a split second and covered her in smoke. She flapped her wings back and sent herself into the air to escape the smoke before it could fill her lungs. Her ears were ringing to loudly and affectively deafening her. She flapped her wings sending a gust of wind to clear the smoke. She expected to see him inside of it ready for a sneak attack, but when it was gone she saw nothing. Before she could look any further direction, she was sent flying down as she was hit hard by him as he used both hands to slam down on her head. Due to experience, she softened her fall as she used her wings to land on her back and thrust her hooves forward. That strategy worked perfectly. Because he followed up with that attack and came flying down to perform a second attack, just as she predicted. What he received was four hooves hitting him in the chest causing him to fly directly over her head, and back to where he previously was during the fire fight. She stood up as she saw him also already standing. He was holding his chest in pain as he starred daggers at her. Seeing as how her enemy was hurt, she was ready to take the offensive. She flared her wings and lowered her head, ready to impale him with her horn.

“She's going to stab me! I need to change tactics.” He thought to himself. He darted his eyes quickly to find salvation, and found calmness as he formed his plan. “She'd never endanger her people.” He grinned evilly in his mind as he prepared for her attack. In a flash, she began her next attack. But what she didn't expect was him to run at her as well. But before she could strike, he dived underneath her, narrowly avoiding a fatal strike. As she reached the throne, she stopped and quickly turned around.
Only to see him give an evil grin as he burst through the door and out of the castle. He was elated in a wicked way. Once he got the open environment he'd have the advantage. That happiness was instantly destroyed as he ran out the castle and saw no town for him to use. He was on a giant mountain.

“Which means, I'm gonna have to jump off a fucking cliff to get to town. That's just fantastic.” He thought bitterly to himself. He made his way to the cliff by sprinting at his full ability. When he reached the edge, he was rewarded by the sight of a massive town, his new battlefield.