Sonic Boom

by Wuten

The Morning After (Arc 2 Start!)

Sonic Boom
Arc 2
Chapter 1 - The Morning After

Ah, morning… your least favorite time of day.
To reiterate: you are Anonymous, the only human living in Equestria, and it’s been that way for two years, as of yesterday. Rainbow Dash is your bro-turned-girlfriend, and the two of you just had the wildest night last night. The musk is still in the air from your post-coital bliss the night before.
And you couldn’t be happier with the situation. The only thing making it terrible? The sun. The fucking sun in your eyes is what woke you up.
Tiredly reaching a hand up, you block out the sun while your other hand rubs the crust out of your eyes. Feels good, man. Feels reeeeal good. You let out a long yawn, a few strands of hair getting caught in your mouth in the process.
Wait, these aren’t your hairs; they’re too colorful. Looking down, you see Rainbow Dash, curled up on your chest with the most adorable sleeping face you’ve ever seen.
“Thanks Celestia, for waking me up this early,” you mutter, smiling at the sun in the window. “Also, fuck you, for waking me up this early.” You flip your hand up into a middle finger towards the sun, and you swear you can feel the temperature on your hand rise a few degrees before you pull it back to you.
Dash stirs on your chest slightly, curling a bit tighter against you. You smile, lifting your head up and leaning it to hers, planting a small kiss on her nose. “Morning, Dashie,” you whisper softly, wrapping your arms around her soft body.
She stirs once more, and this time those beautiful magenta eyes open to meet yours. “Heh… morning Anon,” she mutters groggily, standing up on all fours and stretching a bit, before slumping back down on your chest, her eyes staring back into yours. “How’d ya sleep?”
“Like I haven’t in years,” you say, smiling and tilting your head up to hers in a small kiss, this time on the lips instead.
“Same here,” she mutters into the kiss, before breaking it after a few seconds, flapping her wings and floating in the air above you. “Well, c’mon! Breakfast isn’t gonna make itself, y’know,” she teases, giving you a playful wink before flying off into the kitchen.
“Heh, always full of energy, even in the morning…”
Sitting up, you grab a pair of pants to slip on, and then step up off the sofa and into the kitchen behind her. “So, what’d ya want?” you ask, turning the corner into the kitchen.
“What’d ya have?” she teases, mocking your choice of words. You sounded kind of like Applejack just then, you realize.
“Hm… I could cook a few eggs if you want. Ever had some?”
She raises an eyebrow briefly, before shaking her head. “Nope. Never had ‘em before.”
Fuck yeah. Time to show her how much being a bachelor has helped your cooking skills.
Grinning, you walk over to the counter and pull out a skillet and your carton of eggs. “Stand back and watch, Rainbow,” you say, pulling two eggs out of the carton and cracking them into the skillet, flipping on your stove. It wasn’t much compared to what you had on Earth, you admit, but hey. It worked, and that’s what’s important.
She’s watching you intently now, hovering just behind your shoulder as you fry up the eggs. You decide to entertain her a bit, to show off a little as you cook. Hopefully you can pull it off…
They look solid enough now, so you flip the eggs up into the air with the skillet, and successfully manage to catch them. Fuck yeah, cooking like one of those pro chefs you saw on those television shows. Rainbow’s eyes widen in astonishment, before chuckling a bit and floating over to sit back down in her seat at the table.
After about two minutes the eggs are fully cooked, so you reach into a cabinet and pull out two plates, putting one egg on each plate. “Alright, here ya go,” you say, setting one plate down in front of her and another down for yourself. She hesitates for a few moments, before taking a small bite out of it.
Her eyes go wide and a grin curls across her lips. She loves it.
With what you can only describe as the speed of Kenyans, she digs into the eggs, slurping up as much of the egg yolk as possible before licking her lips clean. “Wh-whoa, those are awesome!” she shivers a bit from the taste, and smiles at you. “Where’d you learn to make something like this?”
“Living on your own isn’t all bad,” you smirk, taking a bite in a much calmer manner. “Gives you a chance to experiment with different foods and spices.”
Holy shit, this is good… you really outdid yourself this time, Anon.
“So, what’re your plans for today, huh?” Rainbow asks as you take another bite.
You swallow quickly before responding. “Well, I was planning on heading up to the general store later today to pick up a few things… that was actually the last of the eggs, unfortunately,” you chuckle a bit, relaxing in your chair as you finish your egg. “I really need to remember to head there more often, especially in the middle of winter…” you sigh.
“Hey,” Rainbow says, floating up out of her seat and coming around next to you, wrapping her forehooves around your neck, nuzzling into your hair. “Thanks for breakfast this morning, Anon. That was amazing,” she whispers.
“Hey, no problem,” you smile, turning your head to place a soft kiss on her cheek. “I’m just glad tha—”
A knock at the door interrupts your little moment.
She smiles down at you, floating from the embrace. “I’ll get it,” she says, giggling a bit before floating over to the front door, while you move to start collecting and cleaning the dishes in the sink.
“What are you two doing here?” you hear Rainbow’s voice erupt from the other room.
“Howdy there, Rainbow. We, um… we have somethin’ t’ give ya, to make up fer all the stuff we’ve put y’all through,” you hear one of the voices say, albeit a bit hesitantly.
“What’re you talking about?”
“Listen, sugarcube. We’re both real sorry ‘bout all that’s been goin’ on.”
Weird, Applejack already apologized to you, and when she says “we”, does she mean…
“So, we’ve brought you a lil’ somethin’ as a peace gift,” Applejack says with a bit more confidence, and you hear the sound of shuffling bags before it stops.
“What is it?” Rainbow asks, and you hear the confusion and surprise in her voice.
“Accordin’ to Fluttershy here, it’s a transformin’ potion from Zecora,” Applejack says, and you nearly drop the plate you’re cleaning as those words reach your ears.
Did such a thing really exist? Could it even work?
Setting the plate down, you slip up to the corner of the wall in the kitchen, listening in and peeking out every so often.
“What’s it do?” Rainbow asks while eyeing the vial of strange liquid. Applejack hoofs it to her, and she gets an even closer look.
“It’s really something,” Fluttershy speaks up for the first time. “It lets you turn into the species of whatever you want. All it takes is adding one hair from the species into the potion, and then you drink it, and voila!” she exclaims, albeit still a bit quietly given her usual tone of voice.
It kind of makes sense… but still, you’re a bit suspicious of it.
“How long does it last?” you ask, rounding the corner and walking over, towering above them while leaning against the doorframe.
“Zecora told Fluttershy it’d only last about a half a day, before wearing off,” Applejack looks up at you.
Definitely suspicious now.
You know for a fact that Applejack wouldn’t lie, but… what if it was the only truth she knew?
Rainbow turns to look at you and smiles. “So… what you’re saying is, if I drink this, I could be a human too?”
“Hold on,” you turn to Fluttershy. “What kinds of other effects can we expect from this, Fluttershy?” you ask, eyeing her closely for any signs that she isn’t telling the truth.
“Zecora didn’t tell me about any other effects that could happen,” Fluttershy cowers a bit under your intense gaze.
…Doesn’t look like she’s lying.
“Alright… let’s get this over with.”
You reach up to your head and pluck out a single strand of hair. “You’re absolutely sure about this, Rainbow?” you ask, holding the hair up to her.
She nods and opens the vial with her teeth, holding the vial of liquid up to you. “Yeah. It’ll be a bit weird getting used to walking around on two feet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get the hang of it easily within the first hour,” she grins excitedly as you drop the hair into the vial, the liquid fizzling and dissolving the hair on contact.
Suddenly, you’re even less sure about this.
“Bottoms up!” Rainbow teases, downing the entire potion in one go. She recoils a bit at the taste, but swallows it all.
The three of you eye her intently, waiting to see the effects of the potion taking place…