The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite)

by xd77


Princess Cadance and Shining Armor had generated enough power for love, so much power that they floated up in the air and surrounded the room in a flash of light, Chrysalis turned around and saw what was about to happen, the five elements of harmony had watched happily as Shining Armor and Cadance's love for each other gave them power, but as for Twilight, who had quickly remembered all the pressure that they had put on her at the practice rehearsal earlier, was not so happy.

Cadance and Shining Armor's love had created a shockwave of love, causing a wave to blast Chrysalis and her changeling army out of Canterlot and off to parts unknown with her screaming in defeat as she went off with her changelings, the blast from their love had also managed to free Princess Celestia from her cocoon prison, which Chrysalis had trapped her in.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." she said getting back up on her feet, she then turned to Twilight who had her back turned from them and approached her.

"You have a real wedding to put together." she said, but her response was the sound of sobs, then silence.

"Twilight is everything okay?" she asked her placing a hoof on her back, she kept sobbing, the next one who saw her sad and approached her was Shining Armor.

"You all right Twiley?" he asked, the next one was Applejack.

"You okay, sugarcube, we've got a real wedding to do." she said, finally Twilight snapped.

"A REAL WEDDING?!, IS THAT ALL YOU IDIOTS CAN THINK ABOUT????!!!!!!!!!" her scream of anger echoed in the room, there was soon immediate silence, they had never seen Twilight this angry.

"Twilight, what's your problem?" Rainbow Dash asked

"You all are my problem, can you not see what has just happened, we nearly lost Canterlot to a group of monsters that wanted our love, and they nearly got all of Equestria, and still all you care about is the damn wedding?!"

"Twilight, calm down." Celestia said kneeling her head down to Twilight, but Twilight turned and slapped her face, causing her to step back from her.

"Why are you out here, instead of back in that cocoon?!" she snapped

"Twilight I...."

"Glue it you son of a bitch!" There were shocking gasps from everypony in the room, including Celestia, she was cussed at by her own student, plus back talked, Twilight continued on.

"This is what I was trying to warn you about at the practice rehearsal, I was trying to warn you, and what did I get as a response?!......"

"You can forget about being my best mare, in fact, if I were you, I wouldn't even show up to the wedding at all."

"Come on ya'll, let's go check on the princess."

"You have a lot to think about."

The first one to speak up from her outbursts was Applejack, "Well, maybe, if ya' had just come in here with proof that she was evil, we would've believed ya'." she said.

Rainbow Dash backed her up, "Yeah you just barged in here acting all loopy, plus you were acting like a filly!

Twilight's rage grew, "So you just decided to use that as an excuse to dump me, or did you all just decide to take evil's side, and check on that black hag?!" she then turned to Celestia, who had her head hung low in disappointment.

"And I'm really beginning to think that one around here that has a lot to 'think about' is you, because do you know what happened after you left me in here all alone?"

"No." she said.

"She trapped me in the caverns below Canterlot." her eyes were now moist and teary again, plus were bloodshot from her anger, "I was so...embarrassed....(sob)...and frightened, plus the imposter told me.....that.....I was never going to be found!"

Everypony was again in shock, they had never known that.

"I could've died down there, if I hadn't found Cadance and escaped with her." she said trying to calm herself down, but she just couldn't, she turned to Celestia.

"Why did you reject me Celestia?!" she snapped

"Twilight, I was disappointed, you were acting childish, Applejack is right, if you had just come in here with proof, we would've believed you."

Then in a fit of anger, Twilight pounded her hooves on the floor, the vibration from it was so hard that it caused a window to crack hard.

"I know I NEEDED proof, and I KNOW I was acting irrational, but does that really excuse the fact that we were facing the threat of an attack?!, Did that excuse the fact that nopony thought to carry out ANY checks for the behavior of Cadance?! or Shining?!, Didn't any of you bother to think it could've better been safe than sorry?!, Or were you all just too blind to your own ignorance and stupidity because materialism is more important than friendship?!

Rainbow Dash had just about had enough of her rage, "Twilight shut up, you're acting like a filly again, we need to get back to doing the wedding."

Twilight's rage mode had now reached the boiler,"So help me everypony, I am going to get through to you, and if this is the only way, then so be it!" she said lighting up her horn and starting to shoot blasts of magic, first she shot down the beautiful curtains that were hanging on top of the windows causing them to fall off, and the beautiful plants that stood in between the curtains fell off and shattered making the plants and dirt scatter all over, then she looked up at the ceiling and shot down the chandelier and curtains around it, causing the chandelier to plummet to the ground and shatter, but everypony backed away before getting crushed.

"Twilight!" Cadance screamed at her, but Twilight didn't listen.

"Twilight stop!" Celestia said, but Twilight just kept on going, her final destruction target was the arch that stood on the stage, the one with the bells on them, with one shot of her magic, the arch toppled down onto the stage and broke in half, causing the bells that were on it to snap off and land in front of Shining Armor.

After she had finished, her body was now boiling red with fury, her face stained from tears, but was still crying, Celestia approached to try to once again reason with her, but Twilight backed away, for she had already known the truth.

"I'm sorry Celestia, but I quit, I'm no longer your student, goodbye!" she said storming out of the room and leaving behind a group of ponies and a now ex-teacher inside a now destroyed wedding room.