The Princess Marks

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

The Princess Marks, Part 3

“The Princess Marks, Part 3”
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Meanwhile night had fallen, the two princesses were completely unaware of what had been transpiring. Their rooms were far enough away from the throne room that the sounds of battle never reached them. Celestia was asleep in her room. Luna on the other hand, had only take a short nap. She spent most of her time awake pondering the events of the day. She walked over to her vanity and looked in the mirror. Her hair was a royal mess. The young princess looked down at her brush. Using her magic she lifted it and began brushing her thick mane of long soft blue hair. As the brush pulled along her locks she began to think of her sister. Luna had been so mean to her and said such harsh things. Luna’s teal green eyes began to fill with tears. How could she have said such untrue things? She let out a deep sigh.

Setting down her brush, Luna decided it was time to go see her sister. Looking to a nearby wall she noticed the hour was getting late. She could hardly believe that no royal servants or let alone her parents had come to check on her for what must have been hours. This filled her with a sense of unease. Bulking up her courage Luna walked over and opened her door. Looking outside, she gazed down one side of the hall and then the other. All she saw was an empty lit corridor. The crackling of the burning torches was the only sound to be heard. Scratching her head she crept over to Celestia’s door. She knocked several times and asked, “Celestia, are you there?” There was no answer. Again Luna knocked. This time she knocked harder and asked again, “Celestia, sis are you there?”

Inside her room Celestia stirred form her slumber. Her ears perked up when she recognized Luna’s voice and noticed the knocking. “Luna?” She questioned softly. “Luna is that you?” She called out loudly.

“Yes Tia, it’s me!”

Celestia quickly rose to her hooves and walked over to the door. She opened it and sure enough Luna was on the other side. “Luna, why are you here? I thought you hated me?” Celestia inquired curiously.

Tears filled Luna’s eyes as she hugged her sister. “I’m so sorry Tia! I never meant any of those nasty things I said. Please forgive me!” Wailed the younger sibling.

Tears formed in Celestia’s eyes too as she returned her sister’s hug. “Awww Luna, it’s okay. I forgive you and I’m sorry too my dear sister,” Celestia spoke running her hoof along Luna’s back. It was then that the elder sister noticed her sibling was unescorted. “Luna why are you alone?”

“That’s the other reason I came. Has anyone checked on you in awhile?” Luna asked now becoming wide-eyed.

“Now that you mention it. I’ve not seen anyone since our dinner was brought to us,” Celestia remarked placing a hoof on her chin.

“Same here. And listen, the castle isn’t normally this quiet,” remarked the purple alicorn.

Celestia paused and took a long listen. “You’re right Luna. This is puzzling. Tell you what. Let’s got to the throne room. Mother and father are most likely there. Maybe they know what’s going on around here,” noted the elder sister.

“Good thinking Tia. Let’s go.” Together Princess Luna and Princess Celestia set off for the throne room. As they walked the path seemed to grow more and more eerie. Luna moved closer to her sister. Celestia smiled. She was so glad that her sister wasn’t mad at her anymore. A short time passed and the sisters emerged in the throne room. They encountered a mostly empty room. All they saw were what appeared to be three statues. “That’s odd. I don’t remember there being any statues of palace guards in here before,” Celestia commented scratching the back of her head.

Luna looked over and saw the third statue. “Whoa, Tia check this out. This one looks like Starswirl the Bearded,” Luna said walking around the statue examining it curiously.

Her big sister looked it over as well placing a hoof on her chin. “You’re right Luna. It does look just like Starswirl.”

“That’s because it is Starswirl…or rather me,” a voice spoke.

“Tia did that statue just talk?” Luna asked fearfully standing even closer to her sister.

“I don’t know. But it sounded like our magic teacher,” Celestia remarked concisely.

“That’s because it is me. An evil magic turned me to stone along with those poor castle guards,” said the petrified unicorn.

“How can you be talking?” Asked Luna her eyes now filling with intrigue.

“Uh…well being me certainly has its privileges. Besides you don’t create over 200 spells and not have some that come in handy in times like these,” he declared boastfully. Were the wizard not stone he would almost certainly have been grinning after a remark like that.

“What happened here?” Asked Celestia.

“I happened here!” Called out a sinister voice from amid the shadows.

“Huh,” gasped Celestia, “Who’s there?” Luna’s eyes widened as she joined her sister in searching for the owner of the creepy voice.

“Right here!” Called out Grelgin stepping into the light. “You’re parents thought they had defeated me in the Everfree Forest. Had the fools taken me seriously they’d have wised up to my plan from the start. I let myself get captured. It’s the oldest trick in the book!”

“Why you!” Growled Celestia leering at him.

“That’s right show me your angry face. Ha-ha! You can join your parents in the dungeon!” He remarked.

“You’re lying!” Shouted Luna. “No way my mom and dad would lose to a meany like you!”

Starswirl’s voice resounded, “I’m afraid it’s true little one. Now princesses run! Run away from him! And beware his Gargoyle Curse!”

“Gargoyle Curse?” Questioned Celestia.

“Why yes little princess. It allows me to turn my enemies to stone. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!” Cackled the heartless villain.

“Come on Luna! Run!” Shouted her sister.

“Right behind ya!” She clamored. The two raced toward the throne room door.

“Oh goodie, I love playing “Cat and Mouse”!” Remarked Grelgin pursuing them. “You can run my little ponies, but you can’t hide! I will find you!” He called out menacingly. The throne room was quite large. There was no easy avenue of escape for them. Looking up Celestia spied a long tapestry.

“Luna grab the other end!” Called out Celestia. Luna took the other end. Together they pulled the tapestry down just as Grelgin ran right into it, quickly becoming entangled.

“Blast you little brats!” Growled Grelgin.

The two sisters ran out of the throne room as quickly as they could. “What are we going to do Celestia?” Asked Luna as they ran down a long corridor.

The elder princess gave it some thought then it hit her. “Back to my room Luna. There’s a book I want to check quick,” she replied.

“You wanna read at a time like this?”

“No, but I think I may have an idea.”

“Okay then Tia, I trust you!” Luna replied as they continued galloping toward their rooms.

They entered Celestia’s room and made their way to her desk. “Now where is it,” Celestia spoke searching frantically. “Aha! There it is,” she said picking up a book which, read, “Vile Monsters and Demons – Junior Edition.”

“That’s the book?” Asked Luna skeptically.

“Yes,” Celestia responded opening it. Quickly she flipped the pages searching for a particular section. “Here we go!” She announced pointing to specific section.

Luna read the section title, “Gargoyle’s and their known weaknesses.”

Celestia smiled as she said, “Starswirl had me reading up on them as part of my studies. According to this book gargoyles are vulnerable to sunlight.”

Luna looked out the bedroom window. “There’s only one problem Tia. It’s the middle of the night. Dawn is hours away,” Luna remarked grimly.

Still Celestia smiled. “You remember what Starswirl said. We may be gifted like the unicorns of old.”

“Yeah so, how’s that help?”

“Simple Luna. We lower the moon and raise the sun ourselves,” answered her big sister.

Luna’s eyes widened. Looking at her big sister she asked, “How are we going to do that? We’d need the right spell and time to practice wouldn’t we?”

“Good point. Maybe we could find the right spell in Starswirl’s study,” suggested Celestia.

“Ah right you are my dear princess,” a familiar friendly voice sounded about the room.

“Starswirl? Is that you?” Asked Luna looking around knowing she probably wouldn’t find anypony.

“Why yes it is me. I’m so glad I created this Telepathy spell. Anyway, did I hear right. Have you two come up with a plan to stop that fiend Grelgin?” He asked.

“We have!” Declared Celestia feeling quite confident. “If Luna and I can somehow lower the moon and raise the sun, its light will help us defeat that monster.”

“Hmmm, good plan. Now it just so happens I have a book with the spells you need on the desk in my study. Go there and get the book. The rest I leave in your more than capable hooves. Good luck my dear ponies,” Starswirl said as his voice faded.

“Did you hear that sister?” Asked Celestia.

“Sure did Tia! Let’s go!” Luna enthusiastically replied.

The two princess ponies made their way cautiously to Starswirl the Bearded’s study. Upon arriving they quickly entered and searched for his desk. His study was quite large. Inside they found large wooden tables covered with potions, magical talismans that were glowing, scrolls of parchment, shelf after shelf teaming with books, tomes, scrolls and miscellaneous items commonly found in a wizard’s study. In the far corner they discovered his desk. It was made of a sturdy chestnut stained oak. The surface was covered with scrolls of parchment, and a series of books. There was also a quill and ink well resting at the desk’s head.

“Which of these books is it?” Asked Luna checking the four books. “Wait! I think I found it.” The purple alicorn held up a book titled, “Advanced Magic of Equestria”.

“Luna this is it!” Celestia gleefully asserted. Taking the book she opened it and scoured the table of contents hunting for the correct section. Once she found it the elder sister quickly turned to the correct page. Running her right hoof over the page she hunted for the right spell. “This is it!” She gasped. “How to raise and lower the sun and the moon.”

Luna joined Celestia in reading the directions for casting the spells and what all was involved in doing so. “Gee these spells don’t sound too complicated. But are you really sure we can do it Tia?” Luna asked trying to hide her lingering doubt.

Celestia offered her sister a heartwarming smile and responded, “We can. Besides dear sister, don’t you believe in miracles?”

“Of course I do,” she replied smiling back at her sister. The feeling of doubt began to ebb from Luna’s mind.

“Hmm now where should we go to cast these spells?” Celestia wondered.

The younger princess gave the matter some thought. Then her face lit up. “I’ve got it! The observation tower! It’s the tallest tower in the castle!” Luna expressed excitedly.

The smile on Celestia’s face grew. “Luna you’re a genius! That’s the perfect place. But time is short. So I think it’s high time we exercised our wings and flew!” The pearl white alicorn declared.

“Right behind ya sis!” Replied Luna unfolding her wings proudly. The two made their way out of the study and exited the corridor by a nearby door. The two sisters took to the air and flew to the skyrocketing observation tower. At the top was a spacious balcony. This made it the perfect place to put their plan into motion. Luna landed gracefully as always. Looking back she saw her sister come in for a landing. This time Celestia made a rather elegant landing herself. “Nice landing Tia.”

“Thank you Luna. I told you I’d get the hang of this whole flying business!” The older sister replied. “Now let’s get to work.” The two poured over the required spells contained with the book. “Okay Luna go on now. Lower the moon.”

Luna swallowed hard and took a deep breath. This was still going to be quite a monumental task for her. She moved close to the balcony guide-rail. The moon was still overhead casting down its gentle glow over the castle. The little alicorn closed her eyes and concentrated. Her horn began to glow with blue magical power. “Errrgh, uggh,” she grunted giving it her all. A soft blue glow began to envelop the moon.

“Come on Luna! You can do it! I know you can! Give it everything you have little sister!” Called Celestia providing all the moral support she could muster.

The little princess continued to grunt and groan. The encouraging words from her sister helped immensely. Suddenly she felt a power blossom within her. It was like a great weight pushing down had been removed. The light on her horn tripled in intensity. The glow encompassing the celestial body shined brighter. Finally it began sinking slowly toward the horizon. At first it only move a tiny bit, but as Luna focused she began to feel almost like the moon was gripped in her hooves. She began to imagine herself pushing the great heavenly body down using nothing but her hooves. “Come on! I can do it! I know I can!” Cried Luna unrelenting to any negativity trying to impede her.

A look of shear delight formed on the elder alicorn’s face. The moon was now descending at a much quicker rate. “That’s it Luna! You’re doing it! Keep it up!” Cheered Celestia. The moon started to sink below the horizon. Celestia knew it was time for her to do her part.

“Is it down?” Asked Luna opening a single eye to check. To her delight the moon was now below the horizon. She had succeeded. “I did it!” Her mouth dropped open with shear delight. “Wow!”

“You did wonderful little sister! Now it’s my turn!” Celestia walked to the balcony edge. She closed her eyes and began to focus. The alicorn filled her mind with thoughts of the sun. The warmth of its golden light, the brilliant shine it always gave off. Even the happy feeling she received every time she gazed upon it. Magic began to shine as a bright pink light formed along her horn.

“Go on Celestia! You can do it! My big sister can do anything!” Declared Luna cheering on her big sis.

Even with her eyes closed, Celestia smiled from Luna’s kind words. If her sister believed in her, then there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish. The warm loving sensation she got from her sister surrounded her with what reminded her of pure sunlight. Celestia could almost feel a radiating heat flowing around her. That was when she realized it was coming from within her. Like her sister, Celestia had awakened her inner power. The princess took a deep breath and focused even harder. “Harrrgh, grrrrr!” She grunted channeling even more power to her horn.

Luna looked to the horizon. Again her face lit up. A wide smattering of fiery orange, red and yellow colors began to burn on the horizon. Moments later a bright unmistakable light rolled up from the dawn. Followed immediately by the golden orb. The sun had begun to rise into the sky. “That’s it Celestia! That’s it! You’re doing it big sis!” Cried Luna full of joy flailing her hooves.

The sun ascended higher and higher into the air illuminating the sky to its beautiful shade of blue. Celestia knew she was succeeding because she could feel the warmth of the sun pouring over her. Opening her eyes she beheld the majestic sight of the life-giving sun. The two princesses had done it. The moon was set and the sun now held its place in the sky. “We did it Luna!” Exclaimed Celestia.

“We sure did! Now let’s go find Grelgin and end this!

“Right. He’s probably still in the throne room. It’d be the best place to start our search!”

“Let’s go!” Shouted Luna as the two sisters returned to the air bound for the throne room.

Meanwhile, Grelgin was still patrolling the castle halls. He was growing very angry. There was no sign of the two princesses. He scratched his head wondering where he could check next. “Blast it! Where are those two little brats!” He bellowed.

“Right here!” Announced Celestia. The gargoyle turned back and saw them both standing proudly in the doorway. He grinned with glee. “At last! Now we can end this little charade.” Grelgin formed spheres of dark pink energy in his hands. “Time you died!” He called out tossing the projectiles at them. Spreading their wings, the two alicorns flew to safety. The energy blast smacked into the floor creating two small holes.

“There’s no need to drag this out any further!” Declared Celestia a fierce look of determination gleaming in her eyes.

“You’re right Celestia! You distract him. I’ll do the rest!” Remarked Luna flying toward the covered windows of the throne room.

Celestia flew right for Grelgin. His eyes widen from surprise. “And what are you going to do. Attack me? That’s rich!” He cackled. She landed skidding to a halt before the vile fiend. Celestia turned around and bucked him hard with her back legs. “Raaaaaaghhh!” Shouted Grelgin as he flew across the room. He smacked into a nearby pillar causing it to crack slightly. He rose to his feet and clutched the back of his head. “That hurt!” He groused. Turning his sight to Celestia he wasn’t even trying to hide his rage. “That does it!” Grelgin declared unfurling his wings. “This time you…are…finished…Gargoyle…” But he was interrupted.

“Hey stupid! Over here!” Shouted Luna opening the curtains to a large throne room window. Sunlight immediately came beaming into the room.

Grelgin’s red eyes widened. “What!? It cannot be! The sun shouldn’t be up yet!” He remarked in fear. He quickly ran from the light toward the nearest shadow he could find.

“Oh no! You’re not getting away that easily!” Roared Luna tired of deal with this demon. She began opening all the curtains to every single window in the throne room. Celestia went to the other side and did the same. Daylight began filling the chamber leaving very few shadows and dark places behind.

Grelgin continued to run from the sunlight. “No get it away from me!” He wailed no longer sounding mighty. The gargoyle wasn’t paying attention to where he was running. His course took him right to the balcony. Emerging in the full light of day his body began to burn. “Arrgh! Nooo!!” His momentum kept him from stopping in time. Grelgin toppled over the balcony’s edge and began falling to the ground below. Luna and Celestia followed closely behind him and looked over side. As he fell his body burst into flames and quickly popped like a firework. Ash from his charred remains sprinkled down to the grassy courtyard below. It was finally over…Grelgin had been beaten.

The two sisters turned around dropped down on their flanks and let out a deep sigh. “It’s over Luna! We did it!” Celestia declared.

“Yeah, we did. Didn’t we big sis,” gasped Luna feeling like she’d just run a marathon.

The two rested for a moment before standing. Then the sisters walked into the throne room. There were just in time to see Starswirl and the two guards return to normal. With Grelgin beaten his Gargoyle Curse was lifted.

“Oh I say…what?” Uttered Starswirl feeling somewhat disoriented. Looking at his hooves he looked around. “Oh I’m no longer stone,” he added. Looking up he saw the two princesses enter. “My dear ponies. I take it you succeeded.”

“Why yes master Starswirl we did,” Replied Celestia being polite as always.

“We showed that creep who was boss!” Luna declared proudly stomping her right hoof on the floor.

“So what happened to him?” Looking around Starswirl noticed the sun was up. “I see you set the moon and raised the sun.”

“Yep. The sun made him burst into flames. Though I thought it was just supposed to weaken him,” Luna noted feeling a little puzzled.

Starswirl smiled. “Ah my dear Luna. Not all gargoyles are created equally. In fact I doubt Grelgin was originally a gargoyle in the first place. He may have once been a stallion or some other creature. It was Ghastaloom’s dark power that made him turn into that evil beast. Though it seemed that was the path Grelgin wanted. Anyway, splendid job you two!” He said congratulating them.

“We were just doing our duty as princesses of Canterlot,” Celestia said.

“That’s right we…what?” Luna gasped. A bright pink glow emerged on Celestia’s flanks. It took the form of a sun with curved beams. The light faded revealing a golden sun. “Tia! Look at your flank! Is that…is that what I think it is?” Luna asked incredulously.

Celestia turned to get a look at her side. Her mouth dropped open as she looked at Starswirl and Luna. “I got my cutie mark?” She asked in disbelief. Her eyes were then pulled to Luna. A bright purple light formed on her flanks. It began taking the shape of a crescent moon accompanied by three starts in small patch of night sky. The light faded revealing her newly formed cutie mark. “Oh my gosh Luna! Look at you!” Gasped Celestia.

Luna looked at her side and noticed the distinct mark. Her face lit up nearly bright as the sun. “I got my cutie mark too!” She exclaimed loudly.

“Oh my word dear children! This is indeed a most momentous day! Your parents will be so proud! Oh no! They’re still in the dungeon,” clamored the wizard.

“Not anymore!” Called the king. He and the queen had entered the throne room accompanied by the guards that had been turned to stone. “When the guards turned back to normal they freed us.”

“Well this day keeps getting better and better!” Declared Starswirl smiling with glee.

Then the king and queen walked up to their daughters and promptly hugged them. “My dear girls,” said the king. “You’ve done Canterlot proud!”

Their mother was so happy she had tears in her eyes. “My sweet little babies,” she cried. “I’m so glad you’re safe!”

“Mom please you’re embarrassing us,” whined Luna. Celestia just giggled. Then Luna said, “Oh mom look! Look!” She pointed to her flank and then to her sisters. “We got our cutie marks!”

Their father and mother both saw the distinguished marks. “Oh I’m so proud of you two!” Called their mother hugging them both again.

“Wow! That’s great you two. So tell me how did you manage to beat Grelgin?” Asked the king.

Luna leaned up against her father. “It’s a long story daddy! Now let me tell you!” Began Luna.

“Oh boy here we go!” Said Starswirl. He leaned over to the king and said, “You know there’s going to be no living with them after this…don’t you?”

The king playfully brushed him away and said, “Balderdash. Was I any different when I earned my cutie mark?”

“You’ve got a point there! Regardless this is certainly a time to celebrate! Perhaps a party is in order,” suggested the wizard.

“Good, good, as my trusted aid and advisor, why don’t you see to the preparations. Now if you’ll excuse me, my daughters have a story to tell me,” said the kindly monarch sitting down with his girls eager to hear their tale.

“You’re gonna love it father!” Said Celestia overflowing with excitement. The king smiled happily.

“I’ll start! There I was in my room…” Luna began.


“And now you know how Princess Luna and I earned our cutie marks,” explained Celestia concluding the story. There was an audible silence throughout the throne room following the princess’s words. Apple Bloom was sitting silent and wide-eyed. Sweetie Belle was literally smiling practically from ear to ear. And Scootaloo’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

Twilight Sparkle giggled softly placing a hoof over her mouth as she observed their priceless expressions. “I think you got them good princess,” Twilight remarked.

Luna smiled as she looked at the three cutie mark seekers. “It is quite a tale. Seems it always takes me by surprise,” the younger princess expressed.

Celestia joined her sister in smiling and let out a heart-warming chuckle. “How long has it been since we last regaled someone with this story?” She asked her sister.

Princess Luna placed a hoof on her chin and thought for a moment. Her eyes widened with shock as she answered, “The last time we share this was…over 1,000 years ago! Before my transformation and banishment.”

“Wow that was a long time ago,” Twilight responded. “Sounds like the experience brought you both really close together.”

“It did,” replied Celestia. “That’s why Luna’s descension took me so by surprise.”

Sensing her sister sudden anxiety, Luna did the one thing she felt best. She hugged her big sister and said, “I’m still so sorry about that.”

Celestia hugged Luna back. “Have no fear little sister. It wasn’t your fault. A dark force possessed you and preyed on your negative emotions. I’m just glad you’re back to normal and that we can rule together!”

“Awwwww!” Asserted Sweetie Belle. “That’s so sweet.”

The two princesses giggled. The youngest looked at Sweetie Belle. “So I see one of you is finally able to talk again. My sister and I were wondering how you enjoyed the story.” Explained Luna chuckling softly.

“I loved it!” Answered Sweetie Bell. “You two remind me of my sister and me. We’ve had our ups and downs. That’s for sure.”

“Yep, but like me and Applejack, you two managed to stick together through a really tough time,” Apple Bloom declared smiling happily.

The others all turned their eyes on Scootaloo. The young orange pegasus tilted her head up at the two princesses. Her mouth began to tremble as she exclaimed, “THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!” She dashed over to Celestia and said, “What a story! It had everything! Action, adventure, an evil monster, magic, a wizard, and that trip to the Everfree Forest! You two have led quite a life!”

Everyone laughed politely at Scootaloo’s abundant enthusiasm. Princess Celestia smiled thoughtfully at the young pony. “I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I hope it’s helped you and your friends find a new source of inspiration,” the pearl white alicorn conveyed.

“Oh you bet it has! Right guys?” Scootaloo asked looking to her fellow crusaders.

Apple Bloom nodded and added, “Oh yeah! That was quite a story! I can’t wait to tell my sister about it! Boy howdy!”

“I know I feel that anything is possible now!” Commented Sweetie Belle still all smiles.

“I’m glad to hear you say that. Just remember – weather you earn your cutie marks today or a couple years from now, as long as you have friends anything is possible!” Declared Celestia proudly.

Scootaloo smiled taking a long look at her two friends. “You know something princess. You’re right. This Cutie Mark Crusade wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have these two great friends,” she asserted temporarily forgetting she’s not one for mushiness.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom both hugged their friend together. “Aww Scootaloo it’s so nice having you as our friend too!” She professed closing her eyes and smiling.

“Sweetie Belle’s right Scootaloo. Together I just know we’ll get our cutie marks and make everyone proud!” Avowed Apple Bloom a newfound inspiration bubbling over in her voice.

Twilight Sparkle smiled proudly. She had done it. The Cutie Mark Crusaders regained their edge and now they could go back to working on earning their cutie marks. “So girls it looks like this story did just as I said it would,” said Twilight still smiling.

“You sure are Twilight! That was such a great story! I fell like I can do anything now!” Exclaimed Scootaloo holding up her hooves in a display of might.

“Dar tootin’, “Replied Apple Bloom.

The three young ponies ran up to the princesses. “Thank Princess Celestia! Thank you Princess Luna!” They all said excitedly in unison.

“You are most welcome my little ponies,” said Celestia lowering her head still smiling as well.

Princess Luna opened her wings proudly and replied, “Glad we could help some of our young subjects. You three so remind me of Celestia and myself when we were your age.”

Twilight Sparkle and three Cutie Mark Crusaders waved good-bye to their beloved princesses as they left the castle. The four of them made they way to the train station. Following the train ride home, they arrived back in Ponyville where their little adventure had started. Twilight stood with them on the same arch bridge as before. “So have you three got any new plans now that you heard that story?” The lavender unicorn asked.

“Nah, not right now,” answered Scootaloo.

“Really?” Questioned Twilight blinking her eyes in confusion.

“She’s right,” added Apple Bloom.

“Yeah,” chimed Sweetie Belle.

“I don’t understand,” spoke Twilight.

“It’s simple,” began Scootaloo looking up at the unicorn. “Luna and Celestia’s story made us all realize something. Anything can happen, especially when you least expect it. So rather than waste the rest of this beautiful day agonizing over our cutie marks…I think we’re just going to go play! Right guys?”

“That sound delightful!” Said Sweetie Belle almost sounding like Rarity.

“Land sakes! Let’s go to the tree house and decide what fun games to play!” Suggested Apple Bloom.

“Race you slow pokes there!” Declared Scootaloo.

“You’re on!” Added Apple Bloom as she and Scootaloo took off down the road.

“Thanks again Twilight!” Sweetie Belle said kindly giving Twilight a big hug.

“Oh you’re very welcome!” Twilight replied jubilantly. “Now why don’t you go join your friends!”

She nodded then ran after Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. “Hey guys wait for me!” Sweetie Belle called after them.

Twilight Sparkle wore a big smile on her face as she walked to the sweet shop. There inside all her friends were gathered. “Hi every pony!” Asserted Twilight happy to see her friends.

“Hey there, sugar cube! We were wondering if you’d make it on time,” said Applejack.

“You know me…I always have time for my friends!” She remarked.

“So what were ya doing?” Asked Pinkie Pie.

“Oh just helping some young ones share the magic of friendship!” Twilight explained still smiling.