The Heart of an Author

by Oroboro


“You there… yes, you. You certainly seem like an interesting one. Perhaps you will provide me with some entertainment after all.

“You seek the truth… but the truth is a fickle and dangerous thing. When you reach inside and tear out the guts, you see all there is to see, in all of its terrible and ugly glory.

“Can you prevail against all odds? Will you reach your desired happy ending? Truly, it would take a miracle. If you find the answers you seek, will you be happy with them? Or will it only cause you pain?

“I am Infinite Miracle. As long as the probability of something happening is greater than zero, I can make it happen without fail.

“I’ve decided to lend you my aid. It looks like your future will be very entertaining, and boredom is poison to someone like me. So try your best to weave a compelling narrative, okay? I can become quite cruel if you bore me.

“If you want to succeed, keep digging and digging. Dismantle this story to the very atom, tear out its insides and analyze them harshly. If you hold back for the sake of kindness, the pain endured will only magnify. Harsh truths should bathe in harsh sunlight.

“As a token of my good faith, I will lend you a fraction of my power. These formidable weapons will help you in what will come.

“PZ1.K775 Bd”