by FlutterSparkle96

Chapter 2: BSBFF

Friendship is not complete without unity. You can be the nicest ponies in Equestria, but without unity, you will never be friends ~ Spike the First

The scorched, soot covered ground crunched beneath his feet. The land of Boardor had a certain luster to Dissension. It had been two years since he had first set foot in this abysmal, volcanic place of malevolence. The sheik shine of his black coat had all but disappeared, replaced by soot and dust. The hill he was standing on overlook a large excavation site. In it, hundreds of vicious boars worked like slaves, mining and digging until they literally dropped dead. The site was amusing yet extraordinarily testing of Dissension. His patience was running out.
A lone boar weakly and nervously walked up to him. "Master," he whimpered, "Tunnels six and seven have reached bedrock." Dissension's gaze focused on the cowering beast.
"And?" he asked.
"Neither tunnel found the element." the boar whimpered. Before the creature could continue his report, the now furious Dissension slammed his hoof into the boars face shattering a tusk and losing many teeth.
"Horrendum Doloris!" He cursed. The beast thrashed and squealed in pain as the curse took hold. "You continue to fail me swine!" He spat. "And this has been one time to many." A sudden fear overcame the boar.
"Master, please, have mercy!" he pleaded but his fate had already been decided.
"Decido!" He screamed. There was a flash of red smoke and the beast squealed. A moment later the smoke cleared and the limp body of the boar appeared, dead. "How much longer must I wait!" He yelled. His voice reverberated off the mountains towards the site below. "All this pain for one cursed stone!" His anger exploded. He hated that pink alicorn. It was because of Cadence that he was in this God forsaken place in the world. He may have had the pleasure of extinguishing her life but she had had the last laugh. The element was gone and he had no clue of where it was. "When I find that element Cadence," He called to the sky, "I will destroy everything you ever loved!" He turned and looked towards the setting sun, the direction of Equestria. "Starting with your family."


A day off. One of the rarest days Night Spell ever got. A day to do whatever she wanted. She could go to the busy streets of the shopping district, or spend her day dosing in the gardens. She could head off to Drakes peak just a few miles outside of town and visit Spike. Night Spell yawned as she got out of bed. She had slept late, but no one pounded on her door telling her she was late for her teachings. She smiled and stretched. She walked into the wash room and looked in the mirror. She had slept well, that's for sure as her hair had become an entangled mess.
"Adduc, dignissim," she called. The doors to the vanity under the sink opened and out of it flew an elegant brush. After struggling for ten minutes with her hair she gives up. She looked in the mirror again, nothing had changed. The bed head hadn’t come out at all. "This is hopeless, I can't go out like this." She complained. Then she remembered what she had learned the day prior. "Of course! The rejuvenation spell repairs damage!" She exclaimed. She looked in the mirror and focused on the rats’ nest of her mane. She flicked her horn and cast, "Recreantur," The spell bounce off the mirror as Night Spell had expected and hit her. As if a tiny needle was undoing a seam, the knots began to untangle and her split ends mended back to normal. A refreshing scent of lavender and lilac filled the room as Night Spell's shimmering mane finished being mended. The spell had more than worked. Her mane had stylized it's self into an intricate French braid. After a few minutes of gawking in the mirror at the result of the spell, Night Spell heard a knock at her door. It was light and fast.
"Nighty?" a little voice called from beyond the door. Night Spell smiled and opened it. Behind the door were the huge eyes of Twilight's daughter Star Glimmer. Night Spell knelt down and hugged the little filly.
"What are you doing over here without your mother?" she asked. Star Glimmer wasn't allowed to wander the castle alone and she knew it. The filly picked at the floor.
"I just wanted to say hi..." she whimpered. Night Spell smiled. She had meant well. She only wanted to be with the closest thing to a sister she had.
"Let's get you back to your mom." Night Spell said as she ushered her down the hall.
"Wait!" Star Glimmer called out. Night Spell turned around and looked questioningly at the little unicorn. "Can you show me a trick first?" Night Spell giggled. Star Glimmer loved watching her practice spells. Especially when it involved her being levitated or changed color.
"All right," she agreed, "But then we have to get you back to your mother." Star Glimmer nodded.
"Do the floaty one!" the filly exclaimed jumping up and down. Night Spell smiled and focused on Star Glimmer.
Levata" she commanded. A lavender aura surrounded the giddy foal and lifted her into the air. Star Glimmer's eyes grew wide with excitement.
"I'm flying!" she squealed. Night Spell couldn't help but smile. The sight of the laughing filly brought happiness to her heart. "Catch me! Catch me!" She called. Night Spell maneuvered her over her head and released Star Glimmer from the spell. Night Spell spread her hooves and caught her in her arms. "Yay!" Star Glimmer squealed. "Again! Again!"
"But we have to get you back to your mother." Night Spell tried to explain but the little filly wouldn't listen. It seemed like Star Glimmer was determined not to go with her. Then she got an idea. "Alright fine. One more." She conceded. Star Glimmer beamed with pride, happy that she had gotten what she wanted. "Hop on my back." Night Spell said. Star Glimmer lifted an eyebrow but hopped on. Night Spell smirked. She had fallen right into her trap. She focused on the throne room of the castle and an image of it appeared in her head. She concentrated all her power into her horn and commanded, "Lanuae Magicae" As if she was being sucked through a straw, her body was stretched, twisted and pulled as the ground around her swirled until they landed at their destination, the throne room. An astonished Twilight stood before her as the last remnants of the spell dissipated away.
“That was so cool!” Star Glimmer squealed. Then she realized where Night Spell had taken her. “Aw man! Nighty you stinker,” Night Spell smirked. She had beaten her at her own game.
“Now, now Star Glimmer,” Twilight cautioned. The now crabby filly stuck her tongue out at Night Spell. She raised an eyebrow at her and Star Glimmer went pale. She apologized immediately and returned to Twilight. “Thank you for bringing her back to me. I was just starting to get a little worried,” It was often that Star Glimmer would run off on her own and even more often that she would end up in trouble.
“Not a problem, Princess,” Night Spell replied.
“Say I heard that the Ponytones are in town today at Joe’s coffee and donut shop,” Twilight informed her. “Why not head over there and pop in for a visit?” Music, a cup of coffee and a donut sounded like a wonderful way to start the day. She nodded in agreement and headed out ready to start her day off.