AAG - That's Some Service!

by NachoTheBrony

Subject: Opening next week

Date: 2035/04/07 1001EST
From: Tiberius Swartz, Director of Franchise, The Ritz Charlton Hotel Company Equestria <t.swartz@ritz_charlton.co.eq>
To: “Group: Corporate Board of Directors”
Subject: Opening next week

At this point, there isn't a lot more to talk about: due to the uncanny efficiency of pony labourers, the hotel was completely finished three weeks ago and we are currently doing nothing but in-depth training of the various servers and supervisors.

About reservations: as expected, with weekday reservations averaging 50% occupation, rising to 80% on weekends, and fluctuating between 95 and 100% over the coming summer holidays. The only remarkable detail is that we have a solid 100% occupation on day passes for our spa, going from the very day of opening to well after the summer holidays. I just hope that this peculiar behaviour doesn't have to do with 'you know what'.

Anyway, we know to expect most of you to visit during the inauguration. Be prepared for hard cider, as that's the local equivalent of champagne.